Happy Monday

Happy Monday to YOU! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! We definitely did. Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but we had a busy fun day! We slept late (until almost 10:00…SERIOUSLY!) and so we got a late start to our day. But let me back up to Saturday night. Remember, we went to Moonshine and then to a comedy club with my mom and Jim. We had so much fun! We laughed a lot!! We didn’t get home and into bed until close to 1:00a.m hence the reason we slept so late on Sunday. We needed it! Here are some pics:

Me and my hottie hubby!

My mom and stepdad Jim...is this not the cutest picture, ever??

Sorry it's blurry we were having a hard time taking a self portrait with steady hands. Too much wine? haha!

My workout this morning was a tough one! I started with 20 minutes of a random (I have a bum knee HIIT) workout:

  • 15% incline @ 4.0 (2 minutes)
  • 1 % incline @ 6.5 (2 minutes)
  • 3.5% incline @ 3.5 (1 minute)

Then it was onto weights. And holy heck I am going to be one sore girl tomorrow. Here you go:

  • Dumbbell Chest Press (15 reps)
  • Dumbbell Flys (15 reps)
  • UFC’s: 30 reps (no weight)
  • Front Kicks: 15 reps each leg (no weight)
  • Skull Crushers (15 reps)
  • Narrow Presses (15 reps)
  • V-Tucks: 30 reps (no weights)
  • Bicycles: 30 reps (no weights)
  • Dumbbell Hammer Presses (15 reps)
  • Reverse Dumbbell Presses (15 reps)
  • Sissy Squats (15 reps each leg)
  • Front Dumbbell Lunges (15 reps each leg)
  • Triceps Kickbacks (15 reps)
  • Nose Crushers (15 reps)
  • Ab Hold (3o seconds)
  • Windshield Wipers (30 reps)
  • Renegade Push-Ups (30 reps)
  • Dumbbell Flys (15 reps)
  • UFC’s (30 reps)
  • Jump Squats (15 reps)
  • Narrow Presses (15 reps)
  • Reverse Posterior RaisesΒ  (15 reps)
  • Dumbbell Twists (3o reps)
  • Single Leg Jackknives ( 15 reps)

I know this looks like a lot but once you get moving it flows! This entire workout took me about 75 minutes. (not including the 20 minute HIIT) This was a workout from Jackie Warner. Girlfriend is TOUGH! πŸ™‚

Dinner last night was another fun one! I will admit that I do subscribe to the Hungry Girl newsletter. Although I usually don’t make a lot of her recipes because they do call for a lot of fake ingredients but I actually made a hungry girl recipe last night using REAL stuff and it was really good! I like hungry girl’s concepts and ideas and I think that usually you can take her recipes, make substitutions, and still come out with some healthy dishes.

Hungry Girl Sloppy Joes (with some Kelly changes)

  • 1 lb. raw extra-lean ground turkey (I used lean ground beef 98/2)
  • 5 small hamburger buns (I used gluten-free Udi bread instead of buns)
  • 1/2 cup chopped onions
  • 1/2 cup chopped red bell peppers
  • 1 cup canned tomato sauce
  • 3/4 cup canned no-salt-added tomato sauce
  • 2 tbsp. tomato paste
  • 1 1/2 tbsp. Splenda No Calorie Sweetener (I omitted this completely)
  • 1 tbsp. red wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp. dry steak seasoning blend
  • dash salt

Spray a large pan with nonstick spray, and bring to medium-high heat. Add turkey to the pan. Spread the meat around in the pan to break it up a bit.

In a small dish, combineΒ salt and steak seasoning. Sprinkle this mixture over the meat, and continue to stir meat in the pan. Once the meat has browned, reduce heat to medium. Add onions, peppers, Worcestershire sauce and vinegar to the pan. Stir, and then continue to cook for 5 minutes. Add tomato sauces and paste to the pan and stir well. Reduce heat to low, and cook the mixture for an additional 5 minutes.

Toast the buns, if desired. Put 1/5th of the mixture on each bottom bun, and then finish off with tops of the buns.

MAKES 5 SERVINGS:Β  Calories: 271, Fat: 3g, Sodium: 835mg, Carbs: 32g, Fiber: 3g, Sugars: 8g, Protein: 31g

Sloppy Kelly's! haha!

Do you ever make Hungry Girl recipes?

How do you feel about Hungry Girl?


48 Responses

  1. You guys are so cute!
    Sometimes I think Hungry Girl has great stuff, but so much of it is ‘fake food.’

  2. I am a little scared of Hungry Girl’s desserts, but I think she has some good entree recipes.

  3. Love the picture of your mom and stepdad!

    I also subscribe to Hungry Girl. She’s got some great ideas, but I agree with you that she uses way too many fake foods. I have adapted some of her recipes to omit the chemical-laden ingredients and they have turned out great!

  4. I completely agree about Hungry Girl – I own two of the cookbooks, but I don’t think I’ve made a single recipe. The Sloppy Kelly’s look great! I would use beef too – turkey is just not the same.

    Great strength training workout! You will be sore tomorrow!!

  5. The sloppy joes look good. I don’t make them because I’m a klutz and I fear getting that all over my white rug. I know, I’m like a grandmother.

  6. Happy Monday, Kelly!! It sounds like you had a great weekend– I’m so glad!

  7. I really like some of Hungry Girl’s ideas. She relies a little heavily, I think, on artificial sweeteners, but there are some really good ideas too. I have her cookbook and pick and choose. I like the Sloppy Joes you made:)

  8. Sounds like you guys had a fantastic Sat and that totally justifies sleeping in on Sun. We had a super late night Sat ourselves. I was only able to sleep in until 8:30 though. I wish I could have slept longer b/c I totally needed it. Sounds like a great workout!

  9. That pic of you and Keith is so cute πŸ™‚

    Hungry Girl is ‘okay’. She used a ton of fake stuff which I’m not a huge fan of…. She has made quite the career for herself though.

  10. I also subscribe to Hungry Girl, but I too, have trouble with all the fake ingredients she uses and some of the endorsements they make. I understand that she’s trying to give lower fat/calorie options to busy mom’s, but I was just thinking earlier this morning as I read today’s email, that I wish she would focus a bit more on whole foods and not use so many processed ingredients in her recipes.

    That being said, this recipe looks pretty good and I might give it a try!

  11. i’ve never subscribed to hungry girl, but probably won’t now that i know she uses fake ingredients. not that i don’t have my share of splenda or diet coke from time to time, but when it comes to cooking and baking i like to use the real deal πŸ™‚

  12. Holy hell that’s a lot of exercises! I usually only do about 8 or 9 different exercises when I weightlift. Did you get bored?

  13. I’ve subscribed to her for a few years now and have her first cookbook.

    I never use the cookbook anymore, everything i’ve made from it was a miss. Really disappointing and I will not use some of the ingredients she promotes.

    I do however, like when she has new products, product reviews, or new recipe ideas on her newsletter. Every so often, i’ll bookmark one to make. Even then, I modify it, but I really do that with most recipes, lol!

  14. Ok, I have many comments to make!!! πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a photo of your husband before. You two look great together!

    2. If I’m not sure what all of those moves are from the Jackie Warner workout, can you recommend a good place to look them up?

    3. I agree with you on Hungry Girl. I generally don’t like her, but I do get her newsletter because – like you – I beileve that her recipes can easily be adapted to use more whole, unprocessed foods.

    • Oh my hubby is all over the blog…he is a cutie!!! haha!!! As for Jackie Warner the workouts came from her book This Is Why Your Fat. It is a great book that talks a lot about hormones and the hormone connection in our bodies. I definitely recommend it. I got it off amazon for like $15.

  15. HOLY $H!T!! That seems like a lot of strength exercises. YOU GO GIRL!!

    I have read only a bit of hungry girl, but agree on the multitude of fake foods.

  16. I typically don’t like HG recipes but I DO like her concepts! Just too fake for me! This recipe looks yummy though!! I’m keeping this to try!

  17. Great workout, I love Jackie – even if she is a hard a**. Supah cute pics. Glad y’all had fun. You look so much like your mama.

    Sloppy Joes are friggin amazing. You need to slap a slice of cheese on those, stat!

  18. My sister got me the Hungry Girl cookbook for Christmas, I’ve made some of the recipes. I like how they are easy and geared for one.

  19. Man, I’m tired just looking at that workout! I’ve heard Jackie’s show is coming back to Bravo! I’ve missed it!

  20. I love Hungry Girl!! I’ve met her twice and think she’s a sweetheart with a great mission. Those sloppy joes look awesome!!

  21. I just saw one of your comments that the workout is from her book, that I am picking up at the library today (along with The Host!). I can’t wait to do it!!! THat’s a whole lot of lifting, but that’s my style. I love the sore feeling after that.

    I almost posted about a hungry girl recipe today too. I think it will be up tomorrow.

  22. I am not a fan of hungry girl, I removed her from my email-I just didn’t like how she use a lot of “fake” food or fat free stuff, i think those taste horrible and you eat more than you do!
    I am trying to eat like the Europeans-all natural and full fat and you know what? I end up eating a lot less because I am not so hungry after eating a little bit fat, rather than being starving because of lack of fat to fill me up longer.
    Seeing all of the chemicals in processed food, made me stop buying food with ingredients I have no idea what it is or cannot pronounce, and now make everything from scratch-from homemade pasta to stews/soup to cookies to marshmellow to ice cream and popiscles! It’s a lot easier to do that than people think.

  23. That looks like a great workout! Do you do that in the gym or at your house?

    • I did that workout at my house. We have an entire home gym here. We actually train 6 people out of house so we have a fully functional home gym. πŸ™‚

  24. Your hubby is really cute!

    I agree about HG – I subscribe for some strange reason but never make or buy anything she suggests!

  25. Wow that workout is AMAZING.

    I despise hungry girl. I think it is way too focused on calories instead of eating real, healthy food.

  26. I love the pictures- you two are adorable & the one of your mom & step dad is soooo cute- they look so happy together πŸ˜€
    That workout is INTENSE- holy SMOKES! I’m totally saving it– hope you don’t mind. I love those kind of crazy things.
    Hope the knee is feeling a bit better.
    I subscribe to Hungry Girl too & I actually like the recipes a lot- usually. Sounds like a bunch of people are too fond of them though.

  27. HOLY crap workout …and is the Treadmill running??! Take care girl.

  28. That workout is awesome. I missed mine today, but will definitely be making up for it later this week! The sloppy joes sound delicious! I have mixed feelings about Hungry Girl. I think she has the right idea, but she uses too many non natural short cuts for my taste. I have never tried anything of hers though.

  29. You’re right- the weights workout looks intense! Glad to hear it was a great weekend- and remember- there’s no such thing as too much wine! :p

  30. Aww, your fam is the cutest! Sloppy joes sound GOOD. Haven’t had one in forever. I have never tried a Hungry Girl recipe…don’t know enough to judge!

  31. You are a weight lifting phenom! I’m just trying to skate by with my barely-there strength routine. That is some intense stuff – way to go!

    Your sloppy joes look fab! When I began losing weight, I lived by Hungry Girl – splenda, sugar free, low fat, no fat diet foods. I don’t use much of her recipes anymore, but I do think she gives some good ideas so I check out the website every once in awhile. She also has good info about new products and restaurants options, etc.

  32. Wow! what a workout. good for you!
    Those sloppy joes look awesome. will have to try them.
    Her website sounds like a good one. I will check it out.
    I took your advice about the magnesium deficiency I may have and got a mag. suppl. to add to water. I will let you know. Have any other tips?
    Love all the advice and info you give us everyday.
    Have a great week πŸ™‚

    • Oh good! Keep me posted on the magnesium supplement! I will definitely be interested to hear!

      As far as hungry girl goes…use her recipes with caution. I use them more for ideas than for the catual recipes. She uses a lot of fake ingredients and sometimes I find that the more fake stuff you eat the less satisfied you are which will eventually lead to a binge/

  33. oh i love the pics of you out and about! thanks for sharing and thanks for sharing your sloppy joes! have a great day!

  34. if you haven’t seen it yet, eat drink run wrote a post about Hungry Girl a few weeks ago that cracked me up – http://eatdrinkrun.wordpress.com/2010/07/15/cranky-girl-drinks/
    Pretty much describes how I feel about her too, but it seems we’re all still getting the newsletter…which leads me to believe ALL of her disciples are actually girls just like us who just swipe her recipes and then make healthier, BETTER variations of them…or, we can hope. πŸ˜‰

  35. love comedy shows! haven’t been in too long πŸ˜‰ great pics of you all, too!

    mixed feelings about HG. especially about splenda. but i see how her trips and tricks can jump start weight loss for people. i’ve evolved to enjoy more unprocessed stuff, though, but it’s good to know somethings in a pinch!

  36. I used to LOVE hungrygirl, I was basically obsessed. Then I stopped eating processed foods and realized I didn’t like the fake stuff anymore. I agree with you though, her recipes are good with substitutions.

  37. awesome workout, love that HIIT !

  38. […] weight workout. Today was a cardio day. Love me some cardio. I started with the a 30 minute HIIT from yesterday and then did the […]

  39. You and your hubby are so beautiful and glow-y looking! What a pretty couple πŸ™‚

  40. […] I might cry) slow pace. (6.7 on the treadmill) then I followed up with 20 minutes of HIIT from Monday. I know I need to not be so hard on myself but I feel like such a baby…my workouts suck. Okay […]

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