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The fabulous Nancy tagged me to do a “10 random facts” about myself and tag 5 others. Her facts were so good that I knew the pressure was on to come up with some interesting stuff. Well here goes nothing:

1. I have loved Keith since I was 15! I know many of you know this story but for my new readers, there you have it. Keith is 11 years older than me and when I was 15, skinny, brace-faced, and gorgeous (rrriiiggghhhttt) I was smitten! Finally at the age of 25 I married him! 🙂 Something to be said for persistance huh?

2. I still sleep with a teddy bear. Yes I do! My mom bought me this white teddy bear when I was in 6th grade. I remember it was from Victoria’s Secret. There was some promotion like buy X amount of dollars worth and get the bear for $10. It was around the holidays and my mom got me one. I still sleep with it to this day! Keith jokes that if I could only take one item from my home that would be it. He’s right! haha!

3. I never once snuck out of my house. I hear stories from people all the time about their crazy youth. Sneaking out, beer, drugs, parties, etc. Well I can honestly say that I never once snuck out of my house, I was always home by my curfew, I didn’t even try my first beer until my freshman year of college and I wasn’t a wild child. Right mom? Feel free to leave a comment verifying this! 🙂

4. I love TV Marathons. I do. I admit…I can easily get sucked into those Saturday and Sunday afternoon marathons. Case in point yesterday I totally got sucked into I Shouldn’t Be Alive.  Keith and I had it on all day and we totally go into it. In fact, that is how we got into Top Chef. It iced over in Austin about 4 years ago and we were stuck inside. We watched an entire season on Top Chef that day!

5. I have a girl crush. I know you all know my extreme love for Peyton Manning but I also have a girl crush. Guesses anyone? (Allena I know YOU know!) Keri Russell. I have seriously loved her since Felicity and I will admit that I will buy any magazine I see with her picture on it! In fact I own all 4 seasons of Felicity on DVD and I have no shame in admitting that I regularly bust out Felicity Marathons!

6. I don’t really like sweet potatoes. Gasp! I know. I really like the skin of a sweet potato but I am not much for the pulp. I can’t exactly put my finger on it but it just doesn’t speak to me. I would much prefer a regular potato. Food blogger blasphemy, I know. Please don’t hate!

7.  I have always secretly wanted to be blond. Le Sigh…I have very DARK brown hair so I don’t ever see this being a reality for me. But a girl can dream! 😉

8. I’ll take a Lexus! My dream car is a Lexus IS 250…gorgeous! Keith keeps me telling me…one of these days! hehe!

9. I hate to bake! I am not a baker. I hate to measure and be precise and baking just takes too much science for me. I like to just throw things together…maybe I am just not patient enough. But I am really not one of those people who enjoys baking. Now I DO like me some raw cookie, cake, brownie, etc. batter! In fact I have seriously made cookie dough with absolutely zero intention of actually making cookies! What? You don’t do that?

10. Fender Bender Queen! Yup, I started driving when I was 17 (12 years ago) and in those 12 years I have managed to be in 10 minor car accidents. (or that is at least all the ones I can actually remember!) But in my defense 2 of those were not my fault…meaning 80% of them were! OOPS!!!

Now I am suppoed to “tag” five other bloggers. I always hate doing this because I can’t choose just 5 of you!! So how about you all just leave me a comment telling me one interesting fact about you!! Make ’em good! 🙂


51 Responses

  1. Um…I stil sleep with a blanket. And my husband, 36, sleeps with a teddy bear. I always wonder if we will still do that when we have kids someday?

  2. oh i slept with my “soft pillow” up until last year when my husband told me it was probably full of germs and i should throw it out! i cried for hours… 😦

  3. OMG I should re-do mine! There are so many facts that you said that I wanted to say. I wanted to be a blondey for as long as I can remember… I always loved that color hair on .. .anyone.

    I also tried to be left handed as a kid – I could never make myself do that, lol..

  4. I have a girl crush too, I absoultely LOVE Jamie Eason. I also have a think for Kristin Davis

    I was a good girl in HS too, apparently we are in a small club 😉

  5. I love TV marathons, I get sucked in soooo easily!!!!!!

    One Sunday night I spent the whole night watching Gene Simmons Family Jewels….lol

  6. You don’t like sweet potatoes? Shame on you!

  7. Haha…I love Felicity too! Since you love to cook and I love to bake, we could really have some fun in the kitchen!

  8. I love it that you and Keith have such a cool history! So sweet 🙂

    And oh my gosh, you KNOW I love Keri Russell! My friend who lives in Brooklyn actually sees her biking around sometimes!

  9. I love Felicity as well. She’s so darn cute and just smart in that show.

    and keri russell is truly comfortable in her own skin–which is always hot 🙂

  10. I was such a good girl, too! My parents weren’t scary, but for some reason, I just didn’t break the rules…and I still my blankie! Maybe the two go hand-in-hand?! LOL.

    Random fact about me: I am the queen of song lyrics. Give me a drink and a microphone and I can sing karaoke all night long. Like, I’ve gotten laryngitis from hours of singing….if you can even call it that!

  11. I love these posts and what a wonderful story about your hubbie. Meant to be and you knew it at such a young age!

  12. Fun facts you gave! I also still sleep with a teddy bear and never snuck out of the house! I was always a good kid, I need to ask my parents their secret so I can use it on my kids.

    Two random facts about me: one of my legs is longer than the other and I love being left handed!

  13. I can relate to so many of these! I’ve never snuck out of the house, LOVE TV marathons, have many girl crushes (namely, Natalie Portman and Ellen Degeneres), hate to bake and don’t love sweet potatos 🙂

  14. I HATE sweet potatoes…just somethin’ about ’em. Yick, yick, yick!

  15. I hate mint and pistachio ice cream. Is that a random fact?

  16. Don’t worry, I never snuck out either. I think only people do that in the movies. And I’m a huge TV marathon fan, too. Any time I can watch a series without commercials, I do.

  17. Hee, hee. I love Payton Manning too! My hubby doesn’t know that’s why the colts are my fav!

    I loved your weekend pictures! I get the hungry girl emails too, but you’re right about a lot of fake ingredients. Once in a while though I come across one I really like!

  18. LOVE learning more about you! I totally get sucked into TV marathons and I CANNOT BELIEVE you guys watch “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”!! I thought I was the only one. And, I hate you for wanting blonde hair. I’ve spent my entire life trying to get people to see that brunettes are better 😉

  19. I never snuck out either, but I did sneak people (um..boyfriend) in a few times. Scandalous! 🙂 TV marathons rock! Jensen and I spent the better part of one day watching a show about loggers. Seriously?! Loggers?! Yep, and I was totally into it.

    Random facts about me: 1. I am addicted to chewing gum. If I’m not actually eating something, I am chewing gum. 2. The very first thing I do every morning is brush my teeth. Before coffee, before breakfast, before ANYTHING! Straight from bed to the toothbrush. I sucked my thumb until I was int he 4th grade. No judging. OR laughing 🙂

  20. Oh my gosh, this is too funny – I just posted about my Manning love affair a few minutes ago! I’ll fight ya for him 😉

    • I have a very stong candle for Peyton!! haha! I am obessed! I have serveral jersy’s and Peyton Manning bear, a Colts beanie, a Colts hat…haha…yes obessed! Thankfully my husband is a very good sport about it!

  21. I’m glad you vegged out to a marathon yesterday. Thats what your sundays are for.

    I had my tongue pierced in high school. I got black out wasted in 8th grade behind Stop and Shop in the center of my town and an ambulance had to come. Not my prettiest moment. I WAS a wild child.

  22. I think I posted this on my blog once, but I still sleep with a blanket. Not just any blanket, but my tiger blanket that I got when I was eight.

    Also, I have never been tanning.

  23. I still sleep with a blanket too!!!

  24. Okay so I still sleep with a teddy bear when I am sleeping in my bed at my parents house. I got mine from my mom when I was in 4th grade when my dog passed away and still have it! I love it!
    Andddddd I would love to have a Lexus too….someday I suppose hahaha! Thanks for the welcome back too Kelly! Have a great night!

  25. this was so much fun getting to know you. I still sleep with a teddy bear. I would love to have a lexus…in pink lol


  26. I love tv marathons! It’s shocking how hours can pass so quickly!

    I’m not a sweet potato fan either!!

  27. ugh, i’m a horrible driver too. me in a car is a pitiful thing.

  28. I love learning more about you. I have a couple in common with you – the hate of baking (although I love to eat sweets,) it is to tedious and detailed. I also love Lexus’. I just got my Lexus RX 350 last week. Now with a baby, we went with the SUV type. The IS is really sharp though. I always wanted to have one in the driveway as a surpise with a big red bow on it – like on the Lexus Christmas commercials. 😉

  29. Ive never snuck out either! Ok – thats not entirely true. Once I did (for a boy) but I refused to leave the front lawn. I was far too scared of getting in trouble.

  30. I love these things 🙂 If you were a good girl I was the bad one, haha!!

    Something about me, I have a super memory and remember even the smallest details after many years. If I go somewhere I just need to see the map once and I will find my way. My hubs says that I have a GPS in my head 🙂

  31. hahahaah I still sleep with a teddy bear too! (acutally3) I always have them in my bed…it creates some drama when I sleep at my BF’s because I always like to hold onto something, so I just use a pillow when I am there, he thinks its so strange, but its toatally normal for me!

    I like to bake, im just not any good at it LOL

  32. I already feel like I know you so much better! One fact about me, and I can kinda relate to you, is that I’ve been with my husband since I was 17 and I’m a year older than he is. Almost 6 years later, we married!

  33. LOL – a blond? Seriously. I just can’t even picture it. Let’s see, I hate flying and start to have panic attacks days before a flight. This means I am already freaking out about flying on Friday. I will be going to the doctor for meds today!

  34. […] post on Lisa’s blog where she gave us some insight into who she really is.  Then there was Kelly’s post on 10 random facts about her.  I’m giving credit where credit is due so maybe I can give […]

  35. I’ve been following you for a while, but I didn’t know you were only 15 when you fell in love with Keith! It’s kind of like Natalie Portman in Beautiful Girls! hehe. Did he like your right away? Or did he wait a few years to make a move so he wouldn’t feel like a creeper? (Not that Keith would ever, under any circumstance BE a creeper, but you know what I mean.)

    Hrm…my interesting fact. Well…you already know I’m a triplet. (No, not identical. Brother and sister.) What else? Well, the way you feel about sweet potatoes is the way I feel about brussel sprouts. I have tried, but I just can’t get down with that texture!

    • Haha!! I told Keith year’s later that I crushed on him forever. But since we were family friends it was easy to see eachother throughout the years. He literally got to see me grow up and once I was about 20/21 he was finally interested!!! haha! But he made me finish college before dating him…he said it was important for me to have my college experience and not regret anything later by dating an older guy long distance. I think that was super smart now even if at the time I wasn’t exactly thrilled!!! haha!

  36. what a fun post! i love to find commonalities and also be reminded how not-alike we all are! i.e.1) my husband asked me to be his girlfriend in the 8th grade. i never dated anyone else. 2) i don’t love watching tv 3) i LOVE to bake 4) i’ve never wanted blonde hair! 5) i have a “blankie” too but it only comes out when i’m really sad or really sick. 6) i’d take a bosch bread mixer over a lexus any day 🙂

    random things 1) i’m a horrible picker, i pick and pick at myself 2) i bite my nails 3) my boobs are fake 🙂 4) there’s a lot more … lol

  37. Fender bender queen. LOL!

    Baking sucks, but homemade whole weat bread is YUMMY. But yeah, it’s over rated big time….

    Lexus, good choice.

    Blonde…….. most guys are secretly “suckers” for brunettes so don’t sweat it! Society may disagree but trust me, it’s true!!

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