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Eat Locally With the Seasons

Foods You Think are Healthy but AREN’T!

Get Outside and Eat!

Weight Loss That Is Fat Loss

Health in Your City

Fast Food Rules

Our Body: The Universe Within

Road Tripping

Bring Family Dinners Back

Burn Those Calories

Make Peace With Yourself


2 Responses

  1. Hi! I am so glad I found your blog…I am looking to become certified in some field of nutrition and fitness so that I can write articles while going to school for my Bachelors in Exercise Science. You said that you have a certificate from AASDN, and I was wondering if you would recommend it?? I have found a few other places that have certifications as well, and am just trying to find the best one. I also would like to write for the Examiner, on top of a bunch of other places!!

    Thanks so much for your time and I love your blog!! I am looking forward to all your other posts!

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