I have entered into a partnership with OpenSky! What is OpenSky, you ask?? The company is an  e-commerce store that connects consumers to experts and the products they love and use. In my store, you’ll find my favorite products for cooking and for exercise, like the TRX Training System or Calphalon cookware.

  You can visit my store to learn more about an item and purchase it, if you choose to do so. Open Sky is commiteed to customer service and everything is guaranteed for up to 1 year for a full refund! Now how is that for guaranteed happiness?!

 My Open Sky store isn’t about making money– although I do get a commission on items sold– it’s more about sharing information to you about the products I use and making it easy to access, all in one place. 

Go Shop My Store!! 



5 Responses

  1. How can one get their own OpenSky store?

  2. Great site and some great shopping tips. Stop by my site for some other ideas too.

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