My Day In Pictures

The pain medicine has worn off...holy batman! All kidding aside kids this is the worst pain I have ever been in.

About 2 hours later. Can you see my eyes...the pain meds are kicking in. It makes me loopy!

Pain medicine in full effect...I can officially say this situation sucks!


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  1. lol…at least your finding ways to keep yourself occupied…tired of daytime tv yet?

  2. Thank goodness for the meds! Keep your chin up sweetie!

  3. Hang in there girl! At least the surgery parts over, now u just need to relax and heal!!

  4. Aw, you poor thing! Hang in there! The pain will be much less tomorrow and improve each day. The pain within the first couple of days of surgery is the worst, but don’t be shy with the meds for now or the pain will get you.

    So glad the surgery went well though!

  5. Pain meds are a girl’s best friend right now! Embrace them. Glad you are on the road to recovery.

  6. You poor thing! Everyday it will get better.. you hang in there and get as much rest as possible! ~ Take Care!

  7. I don’t know how you’re blogging through this. Hard core. I am sorry it’s so rough, but just think the end result is worth it. Get lots of rest. Hopefully you can catch up on some movies?!

    Sending good thoughts your way!

  8. Thinking of you!!! Hope the pain meds do their job to the fullest! 😀 xoxo

  9. Wishing you less pain.

  10. Lovely photos Kelly 😉

  11. lovin that last picture!

  12. Well – you still look good!! Pictures are easier than words for you too now I imagine! Take it all in stride Kelly…all in stride…if you could bust out all those miles before – your capable of anything…there’s a reason for this.

    And remember – it could always be worse. Always…I know that’s not much constellation, but think of what you have. Don’t exhaust yourself and take care of yourself 🙂

  13. Pain meds are a wonderful thing!

  14. Ohh Kel! Glad the surgery went well. If it means anything at all, you look totally cute all loopy like that. Your hair looks fab! 🙂

  15. You crack me up, girl. Sorry you’re in pain, but I’m glad you’ve got some good meds!

  16. LOVE the pain meds pictures. Wish I would have snapped a few of those from my last surgery. Started to halliucinate the bedroom was a jungle full of jungle animals. Yes, my surgeon lowered the dose after my husband made a phonecall. It was fun while it lasted! Feel better soon!

  17. Oh no! I have been gone so long, I didn’t know you hurt yourself. Hope you feel better soon.

  18. KELLY! Oh my gosh! You poor peanut! Get to feeling better soon 😦

  19. Pain meds make a world of difference. I’m sorry you’re hurting girl!

  20. 😦

    I hope the pain lessens soon. Is it supposed to?

  21. Hang in there. You’re on the other side of the surgery so it has to get better from here.

  22. Hang in there, girl. It WILL get better. But, you’re 100% allowed to say this totally sucks in the meantime. Thinking of you!

  23. I’m thinking of you! feel better soon!

  24. I hope the pain lessens Kelly! I’m thinking about you!

  25. You are kind of looking like Bethenny Frankel in these pics. I am currently obsessed with that show:)

    Pain meds + blogging = things I’ll tune in for.

  26. Oh my God Kel – just had to say I tried typing with one hand – and it’s SO HARD AND TIME-CONSUMING! Bah.

    Now I see why people go and spend a day in wheelchairs and stuff…

    And you do look like Bethanny Frankel!

  27. ahhh sorry love! stay strong- you are so positive in such a painful situation 😦 bah! & i second or third hte comments about oyu looking liek bethanny! weird

  28. At least you look cute even when you’re in pain!

  29. at least you look happy!

  30. AW! And, holy cow, I can’t believe you are blogging right after surgery! Hope the pain subsides!!!

    Until then, ice cream works wonders!

  31. Hang in there! I hope you feel better soon

  32. oh girl! you are too funny. hang in there. you’ll be up and kicking ass in no time 🙂

  33. Great article, thanks for sharing this. I have subscribed to your RSS feed and am looking forward to reading more from you.
    Keep up the good work and don’t stop posting please.

  34. awww kelly! feel better!

  35. Kelly!! I am so glad your hand injury has not affected your picture taking! Haha 🙂

    My favorite picture is the last one. Hang in there, lady!

  36. Hang in there and I hope you feel better soon!

  37. Glad the surgery went well. Hang in there!! I hope the pain will ease up soon!

  38. Glad things went OK with the surgery and I hope that you feel better soon…Take care! xoxo

  39. MISS YOU!!!! 🙂

  40. I can’t quite tell which finger you’re holding up in that last picture…I’m going to take the liberty of assuming it’s the middle one!

    Hope you are feeling better and not going crazy!

  41. hilarious photos!

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