Thanks to everyone for the great compliments you gave our workout and office space this morning. Many of you commented on liking the color of our office! THANKS! I really like bold colors and thankfully Keith just goes with the flow! Here are some pictures when we first bought our house and were painting: 

The best home painter in the world!






So moving on…did anyone see the USA/Algeria World Cup game this morning. It was INTENSE! I was seriously screaming at the TV! I am SO happy! The USA had so many flipping chances and finally, in the end, they DID IT!!! They didn’t quit AND they won their group! GO BOYS!!! You rock! 


Are you watching the World Cup?

34 Responses

  1. o===========<() PWEEEEEEEEP!

  2. Let’s just say I started jumping up and down…and realized I was alone…but yes, amazing in overtime!

  3. TOO CUTE. 🙂 soccer bores me, but that pain job doesn’t. 🙂 i ❤ keith & your love!

  4. Am I watching! YES! WE taped today’s game to watch tonight even though we know the outcome.

  5. The room looks great! I just caught up 🙂 I am jealous of your space!!!

    I am not a soccer lover, and I hate fair-weather fans so nope, not watching 🙂

    “I love Kelly” – AWW!

  6. no i am not watching. great pic though!

  7. OMG Landon is my other husband. No joke. I wish I could play half as good as he does!! I adore those boys, they should be really proud of what they have accomplished. I cant wait for their saturday game!

  8. 🙂 The I Love Kelly made me smile. Mike spray painted I Love Ape in our garage…sorry to the guy who bought our old house.

    I love the color!

    I saw Adam Vinatieri the other day. He’s not Peyton but it was cool.

  9. I was actually busy at work and missed the action. My plan was to watch online ESPN3. Go USA!!

  10. I like that paint color. Good work!

  11. Lol I haven’t watched a world cup game yet! I did watch an epic tennis match today though 😉

    • No joke that tennis match was off the hook CRAZY! After 9 hours it is 59-59 and they have to play again tomorrow…INSANE! It was a great sports day!!! 🙂

  12. Haha..I wasn’t watching it at work, but GO USA!!

  13. OMG! I’m not even a soccer fan, but I was watching that game and it was insane! I can’t believe how many goals were missed before they got that one at the very end! It’s been a crazy time for team USA this year. I hope they do well in their next game!

  14. That paint color is very nice! I am a total soccer fan. I couldn’t watch the match this morning. But I was keeping a constant eye on the score. I am so happy USA made it through!!!GO USA!!

  15. I didn’t watch the game but my bf told me they scored last minute. Go USA!

    Soooo cute, “I love kelly” – I love kelly too!! 🙂

  16. OMG I saw that final shot live when I was on the elliptical at the gym…how awesome!!!

    The “I love Kelly” on the wall is so sweet 🙂

    Love your blog!

  17. Love the color. I wasn’t watching but apparently all of my friends on FB were bc every single status was about the game!

  18. I love the color! We love greens here too! I like bold, but not bright. We are not sports people here unless we go to the event! Enjoy your evening!

  19. Absolutely love that color! xo

  20. Congrats on finishing up your workout room and office space! I just looked at your previous post and they look great!

    I have world cup fever too! I was glued to the TV all morning/afternoon because both of my teams were playing (US, of course…and Germany)…and both won!! I’m just glad they don’t have to play each other in the next round!

  21. Oh yes I watched as I was running my 5 miles at the gym. Great second half! USA is my third team to win, sorry there are two others that I want to win first 😉

  22. It is not soccer, it is football (well at least in the rest of the world!!!) yes we watch it in our house but support the Dutch team or the English team!! Go Netherlands!!!!!!!!!

  23. I was on the treadmill and actually leaped in the air when they scored! I had to quick grab onto the sides so I didn’t fall off!

  24. I WISH I were watching the World Cup. I caught some of it this morning and yesterday am while on the elliptical. This stupid conference is killing me!

  25. Wahoo – GO USA!!

  26. U-S-A!!!!!!!

  27. That game was AMAZING. THey could turn that into a movie. I am a huge soccer fan (it’s actually the ONLY sport I enjoy watching). My brother and I had tickets to the final game in Berlin 4 years ago. I am a German fan all the way but it was definitely nice to see the USA boys pull through in that nail-biter!

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