Give Me A Wednesday Wink!

Happy Wednesday guys! This morning has started out quite well. My workout is over: 6 mile run (8:35/pace)  followed by the Insanity workout. (Yes, I started Insanity…today is day 2…day 1 was good but it was only the fit-test…so I will keep you posted! But I can already tell this is NO JOKE!)

So, guess what?! Our office is D-O-N-E! Yes…you read that right! DONE! I didn’t take any before pictures but imagine 2 desks, 2 bookcases, 1 file cabinet and a TV all crammed into the office and then all the exercise equipment in the loft space. Got the mental image? Good…here are the after pictures:

The Loft

Left half of the office

The Right Side of the office

And we have the TRX system hanging on the office door!

So all-in-all we have quite the workout space in our casa! We love it though and wouldn’t have it any other way! Now I just need a stairmaster and a pool and I am good to go! Keith is currently rolling his eyes! 🙂 My favorite is the treadmill, obviously but after that I love the bike trainer! Oh and we are going to go flat screen shopping this weekend to mount in the loft. YAY! Then it will be perfect!

Do you have a home gym? Would you want one?


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  1. Ahhh I want a home gym. I’d exercise so much more if I had one, but we’ve neither the money nor the space!

    Yours looks lovely. 😛

  2. I don’t have one, but we talk about it especially since we have this room with nothing in it right now!

  3. That’s an awesome space! I’d love to have a home gym but more than that I’d love to have a house. So, I guess I need to work on the first!

  4. The gym and office look great! Such a good feeling to get projects done!

    I have a home gym (sort of). It is split between two different parts of the basement because I have too much.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your thoughts on Insanity. I just finished it a week ago and you are right – it is NO JOKE!!! Incredibly intense especially the 2nd month but I absolutely LOVED it!!!

  5. Good job with the run. I guess you’re feeling stronger and stronger??? I have what I call a mini-gym. I posted about it a few months back. It’s a small spare room, but there really isn’t much space so I can’t really do my cardio in there (not step anyway). But it works for weights. Wish I had the space for all the cardio equipment you have!!! Nice.

  6. Woo Hoo for Insanity! I am on week 2! It is a killer!! It is challenging for me because A) I am NOT a workout at home by my lonesome person – i would rather have a fitness class and B) I am NOT the cardio queen! I would rather swing, press and snatch my Kettlebell!

    However my summer schedule with the kids at home does not allow me to get to my gym for classes and I have always notoriously gained weight during the summer while most are losing it and take it off during the winter when I have a set schedule! Insanity is my tool this summer to make sure I do not pack the pounds back on!! I think it will also be good for me because it is a total change from my normal workout and I think it’s really good to throw the old body a curve ball every so often to mix it up!!

    Oh – I also love that you have the TRX straps at home!! LOVE them! I can’t have them at home ’cause I’m sure my boys would manage to hang each other on them! LOL….

  7. It looks awesome! We don’t have one – just a treadmill, but I think eventually we will!

  8. What an awesome space!!! You are going to LOVE that!

    We have a treadmill that we got at a garage sale for 100 bucks, but that’s about it, other than hand weights, etc. It’s not much, but it’s a lifesaver in winter!

  9. It looks great!! And NO I don’t have a home gym 😦 I would love to have with a pool and sauna and a room for me to dance ( + the gym) 🙂

  10. I’m glad Insanity finally made it’s way to you! Have fun!

  11. I LOVE my home gym!!!! I have 2 rooms designated for it. I still need to put my ab tower together.

  12. I am JEALOUS!!! I never thought I would want a home gym until I started working full-time. Since it takes me 10-15 minutes to get to the gym, going there means I have to get up 30 minutes earlier. I’d love to get 30 more minutes of sleep and instead just work out at home!

  13. Who owns the road bike? Sweet. I love the color of the walls!

  14. I would love my own home gym! how cool!

    Yours looks great, you have everything you need! 🙂

  15. Maybe you could start charging for people to use your workout space… a little extra cash flow never hurt anyone… 😉

    Awesome space! Looks great!

    • Haha…we DO train people out of house! I have 1 client who comes twice a week and Keith has a husband and wife who come twice a week. We definitely don’t mind the extra cash flow…trust me! 🙂

  16. i’m in love with the wall color of the office!! my favorite! i don’t think i’d use a gym in my house, honestly. i’d get bored with it.

  17. We are slowly building up our home gym. We have the weights, bench and a great ab/pull up contraption. I vant a treadmill uber bad.

    Your space looks perfect, applause. Great arrangement and you have everything you need!

  18. So cool! I’d love to have a treadmill, an elliptical, and a good set of weights

  19. Awesome spot!
    I don’t know if I’d call what I have a “home gym” but I do have a treadmill, some free weights, some resistance bands, and a balance ball thrown down in my basement that I use 🙂
    Seeing your space makes me want to organize mine a little better now!

  20. It looks great!! Yall sure have been hard at work!! Don’t you love that feeling of having it done and organized?!! 🙂

    We don’t have a home gym. I’d love one, but unless we stumble upon a lot of money I’ll probably never have one. I do have dumbells, a yoga mat, and some resistance bands, but what I’d really love is a treadmill and an elliptical.

  21. It looks awesome!! I would love to have an exercise room!! Maybe one day.

  22. I’m jealous of all that fancy equipment! I don’t have a home gym – or a home! Haha! I’m ok with running and the gym for now, but when I move out and have my own kids I’d love to invest in some equipment to make at-home workouts more convenient.

  23. Want one! I want at least a treadmill or elliptical in our loft. I have free weights up there, but just some 3, 5, and 8 pounders and a stability ball. Need more stuff! 🙂

  24. Wow, awesome!! Definitely not room in our NYC apt for a at-home gym

  25. You gym is probably close to the size of my house! 🙂

    What did you think of Insanity?!? And way to make it even more insane by running 8 miles first – take that Shaun T!

  26. LOVE your home gym!!!! We have a loft in our townhouse and use it as our home gym too. It has a treadmill, a bowflex thingie (that we’re gonna get rid of since we don’t use it as much as the free weights and the barbell we have), a pull-up tower, a step, resistance bands, and lots of workout DVDs. I use that coupled with my gym membership and outdoor workouts and I’m a happy camper. I owe Heather (Where’s the Beach) some pics of my home gym since she posted hers recently – and now that you have too, I’m definitely due to post mine!

  27. LOVE the office set-up! i’m so jealous…i have to work on our office this weekend 🙂

    i would love to have a home gym…as of right now we only have room for a full set of handweights (3-20 lbs), a 20-lb bar, bands, and a stability ball!

  28. I seem to workout better if I GO somewhere. I have free weights, yoga stuff, medicine ball and the big ab/core ball that I rarely use at home. I’d rather go to the gym or swim, run etc. I also do most of my exercising in the summer outside- hiking and biking.

  29. I would love to have a home gym!

    However, living in a tiny apartment in the city means no room for a gym, boo:(

  30. Congratulations on getting that job done! I don’t have a workout room, but I wish I did. I am not a fan of the treadmill, but we have one. I am just not a good runner. There is an art there that I just don’t have. I am glad you are feeling better with your workouts! Have a great Wednesday!

  31. ive totally heard about those bands that go over the door- but ive never seen them in person or a pic vefore- thats too cool!!!

  32. It looks AMAAAZING! I’m so jealous. My kitchen is the size of a shoebox, so no, I don’t have a gym at home 🙂 But I took care of my friend’s dog the other week and her apt had a gym in it which I fully took advantage of. I like going to a gym because I feel like I’m more motivated with all the different machine options and classes and other people around. However, a gym at home would be great for the days I need to do something quick or just don’t feel like people around other people!

  33. It looks fantastic! Your hard work really paid off! I don’t have a home gym, but I do have a good bit of random gym equipment. The couch tends to win when I”m home, so I do much better going to the gym!

  34. Wink.

    I’m enjoying the next couple of weeks off. Its world cup this month, my race is done so it’s beer and pie for me for a few days. Then I’ll get back into…. 🙂

    Nice pad!

  35. Wow that looks great! You should charge people to use it ;). My parents have quite a bit of equipment that they don’t use, so I put it to good use now that I’m living with them. I strength train way less when I’m not here because I actually have to drag my butt to the gym (oh and pay for it too). When I move in the fall I will get a gym pass so I can continue strength training (and the Mayo Clinic has an incredible fitness area!). I prefer to run outside though.

  36. Your office and gym look great 🙂

    We have a gym in the basement which is nice in the summer because its nice and cool down there but in the winter it takes a bit to get use to. We also have a pool which we can use 5 months out of the year if we are lucky and DD just got a trampoline…..hey that is a good workout….maybe I should start using it 😉

    What I would really love is an indoor pool… dream!

  37. I would love, love, love a home gym! I would have nowhere to put it right now unfortunately, but maybe some day! Be careful with insanity I heard it was really rough on the knees!

  38. Wow- it looks GREAT Kelly 😀
    I have a treadmill @ home as well- & a few other things- like a stability ball, some weights & some DVDs. I usually work out @ the gym…but sometimes I enjoy being @ home & catching up on my DVR-ed shows. 🙂

  39. Looks great, darling – and you totally deserve the pool!

  40. […] 2010 by Kelly Thanks to everyone for the great compliments you gave our workout and office space this morning. Many of you commented on liking the color of our office! THANKS! I really like bold colors and […]

  41. Great looking office/workout space!

    PS Wednesdays are my favs.

  42. DUDE, that’s awesome Kelly!! I promise I’d work out every single day if I had a sweet home gym like yours!!

  43. Very useful information to help your back feel better while sitting all day. Thanks for sharing.

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