3 For Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Sheesh today is going to be a busy day! I can already feel it! I just finished up another 6 mile run followed by Insanity. Note to Shaun T: I am so impressed that you can actually talk to me while performing the most extreme exercises I have ever seen. I feel like I could cry and you are just smiling in my face telling me to follow you. I am coming, I promise, but if I am not right on your heels please don’t worry. πŸ™‚

I am fueling up and heading to Yoga in a few hours. Hot yoga…yes…I might be insane. But then the light at the end of the tunnel is PT at 12:00. Ah…PT…how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Dinner last night was actually an experiment! While shopping at Sprouts yesterday I picked up a gluten-free black olive pesto mix!

According to theΒ package directions….you just added 2 Tbsp. of olive oil or 4 Tbsp. water (if you want it to remain fat-free) toss with cooked pasta and serve! I added shredded chicken breasts, mixed Italian style veggiesΒ and some parmesan cheese on top of gluten-free angel hair and we had a meal people! This was very good and definite re-buy!

This was obviously Keith's monster plate! ha!

I finished the night off with Top Chef! Are you watching? Who do you like?

If not, tell me what TV show you are addicted to these days?


47 Responses

  1. You are my hero! A 6 mile run and then Insanity followed by hot yoga? Amazing!!!

  2. I’m watching! I think I like Kenny, Angelo is the worst!!

  3. You have an active day on your hands for sure!! Have a great time at hot yoga…I haven’t been in months, and I miss it!

  4. i had to watch my boyfriend, Bobby Flay throwdown last night. He made chicken tikka masala and now I want it! I do enjoy Top Chef, though…I’ll probably catch the rerun soon.

  5. LOL – Love the note to Shaun T. Does he have a website???? You need to post that πŸ˜‰ During the summer I actually indulge in Big Brother. The rest of the time, I like some of the Monday and Wednesday Comedies and then Food Network of course (though I’m getting tired of all the challenges). Happy Thursday!

  6. Hot yoga? Insane!

    I haven’t gotten to episode two yet bit it is on the agenda for tonight or tomorrow?

  7. I love Top Chef and we wathc it of course (my hubs is top chef as well). The last season we saw in this side of world was season 4 and I was so sad that the Finnish hunk Stefan didin’t win πŸ˜‰ Which season are they airing now??

  8. How can go do all that AND do Insanity????

  9. No Top Chef for me. I never got into it. I’m not a fan of reality TV. These days, I watch no TV…not until the fall, when I’ll be all about Fringe. And even then things won’t be the same without Lost. Yes, I’m still missing it.

  10. I am going to watch Top Chef now…on hulu, thanks for the reminder lady! I have an hour break so this will be amazing! I need to watch more to have a favorite!

    Awesome workouts today lady!

  11. I’m rooting for Tim, only b/c he owns a restaurant in my town!!!

  12. A run then Insanity?! You are a freaking machine.

  13. I don’t think I’m at the “favorites” part yet, but I’ve loved the challenges they’ve had so far!

  14. Shhh DVR’d Top Chef. I am addicted to Tosh.0 it’s a comedian that has a weekly show on Comedy Central. Just the mindless relief I’m looking for.

  15. ooh i’ve never seen a pesto mix, that’s cool!

    i haven’t watched that show! i suck, i just watch golden girls every night!

  16. You wear me out just reading about your workouts!

    Dinner looks so good! I’ll have to look for that seasoning packet, sounds great!!

  17. OMG- 6 miles + INSANITY?! YOU GO GIRL!!! Goodness- I feel tired just thinking about that.
    I love the side of avocado – on Keith’s plate- great idea. My addition shows are all of the Housewives…it’s a bad addiction- LOL!

  18. I’ve been trying to decide if I want to try Insanity. It seems pretty intense though.

    That dinner sounds awesome – I love pesto. Its good on almost everything.

    • I am not going to lie…it is intense and hard. It is like nothing I have ever done before. There were times when I had to fight back tears. But I am a freak and I do love it after it is over! πŸ™‚

  19. oh, that mix sounds good! i think i know what i’m picking up at sprouts this weekend πŸ™‚ and i love that you can make it fat-free too…i love pesto, and it’s full of healthy fats, but at the same time sometimes i just want something lighter!

    • Exactly!!! The mix has 40 calories per serving and if you want to add olive oil it calls for 2 Tbsps or 4 Tbsp of water. The entire package only serves 2 so it is perfect for me and the hubs! I hope you find it!

  20. Haven’t gotten into Top Chef yet, but I’m sure I probably would – I just have no idea when it’s on?!?
    All the shows I’m usually “addicted” to are on a little summer vacay – but I had previously been totally addicted to Modern Family & Cougar Town…SO funny! πŸ™‚

    Oh, and I was actually debating on buying a mix like that at the store last week – good to know that they’re a winner!

  21. Enjoy yoga and PT!! You are radiating positive vibes, dear!

    I’ve never seen Top Chef, and I can’t get into TV at all lately. I might catch Bones or House every great once in a while. I can go weeks without TV.

  22. Hey Kell! Must feel good now that you’re really mixing up your workouts regularly. Your knees are probably thankful for it. Not into Top Chef. My only show this summer is Losing It with Jillian. SO good.

  23. Your workouts always make me feel like a giant slacker. I think after 6 miles there would be no way to talk myself into hot yoga.

  24. I love that you do Insanity! I am a bit Shaun T obsessed. Haven’t watched this week’s Top Chef yet, probably will watch tonight – but I am obsessed with that too! Can’t pick a fave yet, but couldn’t believe Angelo. I mean, you think you’re going to win EVERY challenge, really?! He did get a start on it, though… xxSAS

    • I don’t really like Angelo…he is too cocky in that “I think I am hot and everyone wants me” kinda way. But no doubt that everything he has made looks flipping yumtastic!

  25. Black olive pesto! Yumyumyum! I bought a gluten-free alfredo mix the other day and it was delicious!

    You are one active lady! Go you! I hope hot yoga is fun!

  26. I love Top Chef…I am totally addicted. Plus I think Padma is so pretty that I just like to watch the show to see her!

    • Oh my gosh…I LOVE Padma. I think she is awesome. I saw an interview with her on her stuggles to stay slim while still being the host of Top Chef. She was SO honest in saying that she works at it. That she doesn’t eat whetever she wants and she works really hard for her body. I love HONEST celebrities. The ones who claim to never workout and eat cheeseburgers all the time annoy me! Oh and I will admit that I have kind of have a monster crush on Tom! haha!

  27. I reeaaallly want to watch Top Chef as it’s in DC this season but we don’t have cable anymore!! Bummer…I think I’ll have to watch online πŸ™‚

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  28. sometimes thats exactly what i want, a quick skillet meal! takes the whole thought out of what to make!!

    btw im addicted to hot yoga!! enjoy ur class ❀


  29. Ok I’m gonna go out on a limb here and call you super-duper crazy – 6 mile run and THEN insanity and THEN hot yoga? I am uber impressed. From one crazy to another. πŸ˜‰ And I definitely am dying to try Insanity after reading so much about it from other bloggers and now you’re at it too. Maybe it’ll be my challenge, post-half marathon?? Hmmm.

  30. I am so impressed that you are doing Insanity. I mean, it just sounds so hard!

  31. a run THEN Insanity?!?! wowwza…be carfeul you are not overtraining! i hope its not month 2 workouts then your 6 mile run!

    never seen top chef but heard great things about it!

  32. Not wathching Tope Chef but totally into So You Think You Can Dance. I’m not embarassed to admit it πŸ™‚

    That pesto is awesome! I used it a while back on carba nada with fresh tomatoes and chicken breast. Yum!

  33. you are a workout phenom for sure πŸ™‚

  34. If only I liked olives…

    Shaun and I had a date this am too. I was pondering the same thoughts as I was dripping sweat from the 15 solid min of Pure Cardio. He did say he was scared before he started…bu then he laughed. Be afraid, be very afraid!

  35. Oh my gosh, Top Chef is my FAVORITE show (even though I’m not a foodie and can’t cook to save my life, haha), but I’ve been missing it so far this season. Hopefully I will catch the reruns soon. Does anyone else watch The Next Food Network Star? That’s not quite as good, but still entertaining!


  36. I don’t watch much tv, but I was really into Parenthood. I heard it got picked up for a second season. Yay.

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