Ask Me Friday!

Thanks to everyone who submitted anonymous questions via¬†my ASK ME! page. This was the last week for questions so I hope everyone enjoyed it! ūüôā I did have a problem with Springform¬†this week though and I kept getting errors when trying to review my questions. So if for some¬†reason your question was not answered I am SO sorry. They estimated that 4 questions were lost. It was a bad technology week for me! Don’t even get me started on the blackberry! ūüė¶ But if it was a question you really wanted an answer to then just shoot me an email! With that, happy Friday everyone…enjoy your night!¬†

Question: Do you aim for a certain amount of calories a day? 

I don’t count calories but I just aim to go to bed happy and not hungry. I do wear a heart rate monitor when I work out so that I can see on days when I have REALLY long runs how much I need to eat to make up for that deficit. For example a 14 mile run usually burns me about 1100-1200 calories and I need to make that up! So on those days I aim for calorie dense foods…avacados, nuts, nut butters mostly. But usually I like to listen to my body’s clues when it comes to calories. If I don’t eat enough at the end of the day I will notice that my hands and feet are REALLY cold and then usually I tend to dream about food. Crazy? Maybe…but it is really just my body talking to me and I am getting better about listening. I have been known to wake up at 2:00a.m. and go eat! I hate to feel hungry and I don’t think anyone should.¬†

Question: I am getting married in a few months and I am worried about my husband’s bachelor party. Did Keith have a bachelor party that involved a strip club? Did you care?¬†

Keith did have a bachelor party that took place at a strip club. Honestly, it didn’t bother me at all. I am NOT a fan of strip clubs but I also know that they seem to be a “right of passage” for bachelor parties. I rolled with it. I trust Keith, I love Keith and I knew he wouldn’t do anything irresponsible¬†or wreckless. He just isn’t that guy. If I were you, I would just not worry about it. Let him go and have a fun night with his boys and you go and have an equally fun night with your girls! He loves YOU and a strip club¬†bachelor party won’t¬†change that. ūüôā¬†

¬†Question: I was wondering if you have always been as athletic as you are now? If not, what was your “path”? I know you’re a personal trainer¬†and everything, but running like 10 miles in the morning is quite insane! How long did it take you to be able to run as much? I love running and do lots of other sports, but I have the feeling my progress is so slow (I’m training for a half-marathon). Thanks!¬†

I have been running my entire life. I think my first track meet was when I was around the age of 6! haha! (To see a picture go here) I grew up running track because it was the only thing I was good at and I was quite speedy! In middle school and high school I was a sprinter. I ran the 200 and 400 m dash and I ran the 1600 meter relay. I also was a high jumper. Once high school started I moved to doing track year-round. I did Cross Country in the fall (to build endurance) then club indoor track in the winter, school spring track and then club summer track. I maintained that for 4 years and it was intense. Once college rolled around I was BURNED OUT! I was offered some college scholarships but I turned them down. After college I was ready to get back into running and I started out slow! I couldn’t even run 3 miles without stopping. I just built up my mileage and started running some 5K’s and then I decided I want to run a 1/2 marathon and a marathon. I followed training schedules for both…to see them go here. It just took a lot of dedication and a lot of heart! ūüôā¬†

Question: I have cellulite on the backs of my legs, do you think running can get rid of it? I LOVE running. Hate weights. I do try to do a bit, about 2 full body workouts a week but my true love is running. I just started seriously adding miles the last two months and I hoping this will help…what do you think?¬†

Running will definitely help but in order to build lean muscle mass (LMM) and replace fat you really need to lift weights. I don’t think running alone is going to do it but a combination of running and weight lifting will be ideal to lower your body fat and build up that LMM. I also tend to be in the camp that cellulite is genetic and sometimes even the most fit athlete will still have it. Keep me posted…¬†

Question: you have a serious six-pack in the picture with your husband! Do you always have one even tho you mainly just run? 

Oh goodness…that is so sweet. Thank you. I am not the best at doing strictly ab work. But I do try to incorporate functional ab/core exercises into everything I do. Like I tend to sit on a stability ball instead of a chair when working at my desk, I always keep my abs tight and engaged when lifting weights (I really focus on it) and I also keep my abs tight when I run. When I do ab exercises…I do a lot of planks and hovers…but I could definitely do more. Mostly my abs come from running.

Question: You have mentioed before that cereal is a trigger food for you. It is for me too and so I was wondering how do you beat the craving or do you just give in?

Cereal IS a big trigger for me. I can easily eat an entire box in one sitting. But for me, it isn’t usually a trigger unless I eat it. What I mean is that Keith likes cereal and we definitely have it in our house. I have no issues with it being in the house. It is when I say I am going to eat just one bowl and inevitably that usually turns into 3 or 4. I don’t know what it is about cereal…it just seems like it takes a lot to fill me up. But I have learned that if I refuse to let myself have cereal I WILL go nuts. So on those days when I want it…I just give in to temptation and go for it. Sometimes I can eat 1 bowl and be totally fine…other days I eat 3 or 4. But I just move on…I don’t do it¬†very often¬†and I refuse to feel guilty about it. Refuse!

Question: I love your wedding pictures and your dress. How did you know it was “the dress” and how much were you willing to spend? I am getting married soon and haven’t been able to commit to a dress yet.¬†

I LOVED my wedding dress too! Thank you so much! I actually had another dress picked out and when I went back to try it on one last time and make the purchase my mom spotted the one I got in the window. Apparently it was new and had just come in. I tried it on and thought…this is it! My mom agreed that it was perfect! And we got it! Ha! My dress was actually quite inexpensive but that was something I wasn’t willing to spend thousands of dollars on. I had a $1000 limit and the dress, shoes and alterations total ran me about that. You will find your dress…don’t worry! ūüôā¬†

Question: Do you like candy? If so what is your favorite? 

I am not as much of a candy freak as my husband. I typically tend to crave the salty things…chips, pretzels, etc. But my favorite is the combination of both. I can put down a pound of chocolate covered pretzels¬†in no time! YUM!! But as for candy I really like Hot Tamales (my usual movie candy) and my favorite candy bar is, hands down, a TWIX!¬†

Question: Do you have a tattoo? Does Keith? 

No, I do not have a tattoo. I always wanted one but I couldn’t ever think of anything I liked enough to have permanently¬†put on my body. Keith has 1 tattoo. He has his fraternity¬†emblem (Sigma Nu) on his ankle. I think it is cute! ūüôā

Question: Do you drink alcohol?

Very rarely. I do enjoy a nice glass of red wine every now and then….usually when I am with my mom or out to dinner. Keith and I will sometimes split a margarita or drink a beer now and then but for the most part we aren’t big drinkers. No real reason….just a personal choice.

Question: I am new to your blog and am loving it! Could I please have the recipe for the meal you had last night (3-4-10) of chicken spaghetti? It looks yummy! Or are your recipes listed somewhere on your site? Thanks a bunch.

Dinner last night¬†was really yum! All I did was brown ground chicken in a nonstick skillet. Then I added a jar of spaghetti sauce and about 2 cups of a frozen mixed vegetable blend. I served it over gluten-free penne pasta noodles from our favorite GF pasta company, Tinkayda. Also all my recipes are listed under the tab, ‘How I EAT’ on the top of my blog! Happy cooking and thanks for following!! ūüôā

Question: Are you always so happy and if so can I have some of your happy drugs?

Thanks!! I definitely have my moments but for the most part I AM happy. I think being happy is a choice and I try really hard to choose to be happy everyday. With that said, I also think that your happiness is also affected by your circumstances. And right now, I am in a REALLY good place! I love my job, I love my husband, I am running great and winter is OVER!!! haha!! Plus…I really like to smile! I figure if I am going to have wrinkles in my older years I want them to come from smiling not frowning!

Happy Friday everyone!!! Enjoy the rest of your Day!


Ask Me Friday!

Thanks to everyone who submitted anonymous questions via my new ASK ME! Page. I am going to be answering all the questions every Friday so keep them coming!!       

Question: What do you consider to be your most annoying habit?   

I would say my lack of self confidence. I tend to doubt myself A LOT! It completely surprises me when people say they are inspired by me or that they admire me. The first thing I think is, Why? I am just really bad about giving myself any credit and I tend to consider myself a failure if I am not “perfect”…I am working on it…with a lot of supportive help from the hubs.¬†¬†¬†

Question: Do you and Keith have any pets?   

We do! We have a very old dog named, Kodi. He is actually Keith’s dog and he is 14!!¬†¬†¬†


Question: How long have you and Keith been married?   

We will have been married 4 years on April 30th! I can’t believe it has been 4 years!! WOW! But I have enjoyed every minute of it! ūüôā¬†¬†¬†

I just LOVED our wedding cake! I wish we still had some…although it would probably be quite freezer burned after 4 years!


Question: You reference your mom’s cooking a lot, do you have a favorite mom recipe?¬†¬†¬†

My mom is a GREAT cook! She has so many great dishes it is definitely hard to just choose one. Um…I guess if I HAD to pick I would chose her shrimp creole (although she does make a mean King Ranch Chicken). This past January we went to the beach and she made it for us! Isn’t is it pretty?¬†¬†¬†


Question: What is the one kitchen accessory you can’t live without?¬†¬†¬†

Ooh…I am going to go with my toaster oven. I know that sounds crazy but it is a lifesaver! I don’t use the microwave a whole lot and this is so much better for reheating things or cooking for just me and Keith. We have a Black and Decker
TRO651. (Picture below)   

Our Toaster Oven

 Question: What type of running shoes do you wear? Do you run and workout inthe same shoes?   

¬†I wear Kswiss. I like two different styles: the Kanejo¬†and the K-Ona. The K-Ona are lighter and so I typically like those for my races and the Kanejo’s¬†are typically what I use on my cross training days. Both are awesome! I do NOT wear the same shoes I run in to lift weights or do cross training. So I have like 4 or 5 pairs of shoes all the time. I have my Kswiss¬†Kanejos for running and then another pair for cross-training and weight lifting. This extends the life of your shoes and I think it is important to keep your running shoes as truly running shoes…that way you can see the patterns of your foot strike and get a good idea of your stride pattern.¬†¬†¬†


Question: Here’s a question from some of the ladies in our body pump class. It seems as though all of us want to increase our weight during the squat track. However, it just adds more pressure on our back and we end up with a sore lower back. Not from the back track! Is there any postitioning tips you can give us? Our instructor just said not to use as much weight. But we all feel like the weight we are using is too easy. What do you or your husband think?¬†¬†¬†

When doing any kind of squat movement your stance and posture are the MOST IMPORTANT. I think you can add more weight as long as when you do you still maintain proper form and technique. Really focus on the following things:   

  • Keeping the ¬†core tight and locked in. Always!
  • Sitting WAY back into the squat. Pretend you are sitting onto a chair that isn’t there. The more ridiculous it feels the more right it is! Really push that booty back!
  • Make sure your knees are at a 90 degree angle. You should always be able to see your toes. If you can’t then your knees are too far forward.
  • Push through the heels. You should be able to lift your toes in your shoes while squatting.
  • Control the squat descent and don’t just drop into it.

Hope these help…and keep me posted!¬†¬†¬†

Question: Do you always take a rest day? What are yours thoughts on overtraining? I want to push myself but am afraid of going to far…¬†¬†¬†

Yes! I always take Sundays completely 100% off. I sleep late, relax and eat! I have found that my body works really well with one day of complete rest. That doesn’t mean I don’t do anything…but I don’t do any form of traditional exercise. For me, Sundays are a natural rest day. But I have friends who take a rest day every 10th day and that works for them. Personally I think rest days are important and beneficial. I think once you find a pattern that works for you and your body you need to honor it and do what is best for you! My advice would be to experiment with different intervals. Some people need a rest day every 3 days, some every 6, some every 10…just play around with it and see what makes you feel the best and allows you to have optimal performance.¬†¬†¬†

Question: Two questions, do you do your long runs on the treadmill or only outside? Also do you ever workout with kettlebells?  

I do my long runs both places depending on 2 things: the weather and the time. First I need to say that I HAVE to do my run first thing in the morning. That is just how I roll. So, if the weather is pretty and I can run after it gets light out (around 6:30 – 7:00am) then I definitely prefer to be outside. But if the weather is gross and if I need to run early (like around 5:00 – 5:30am) then I stick to the treadmill. With that said I have never run longer than 14 miles on a treadmill. Anything longer than that…I just suck it up and go outside!¬†¬†

As for kettlebells…yes I have done them and HOLY WOW they are a sick workout! Oh my gosh I have never been more sore than after a kettlebell workout. Keith is an awesome instructor and his classes are hardcore! Keith loves kettlebells so we have a set at the house and we take them with us on vacations…haha!¬†¬†

Question: Do you do core work/abs? Everyday? What typically?  

I don’t do specific core work everyday but I do try to get in core workouts at least 2-3 times a week. But I also always try to engage my core when I am doing other things. When I run I keep my core pulled in, when I lift weights I make sure the abs are tight and alot¬†times when I am working at my desk I will sit on a stability ball instead of a chair. This forces me to have good posture AND it engages the stomach and back muscles! When I do core work I do a lot of planks/hovers¬†and more functional exercises with medicine balls versis traditional sit ups or crunches.¬†¬†

Question: Do you strength-train?  

It is no secret that I HATE lifting weights but I know it is important. I have started doing Body Pump twice a week as a way to get my weight lifting in. Truthfully this is the only way I will do it. (Yes…even though my husband is a personal trainer and I am also certified…crazy I know! haha!)¬†¬†

Question: What do you think of soy products? Seems like a lot of controversial research.  

I agree that there is a lot of controversial research regarding soy. But this is true for almost everything on the market (diary, organic foods,¬†kombucha, teas, caffeine, etc…) ¬†I treat soy like I treat everything else…everything in moderation. I don’t eat it all the time…maybe like 2 or 3 times a month. But honestly, I found that cutting out soy really helped with my digestion. About a year ago I was eating it like 2 or 3 times a week and once I cut back things go a lot more smoothly…shall we say! ūüôā So as a personal choice I don’t eat it a lot.¬†¬†

Question: Two things Рwhat taco shells did you use in last nights dinner and when and why did you choose to eat gluten free? 
 The taco shells are blue-corn shells from a company called Garden of Eatin and they are both gluten-free and organic.  


 As for going gluten-free. I do not have Celiac disease but I do think I have a gluten sensitivity. I do not have very good digestive system and I always noticed a slight bloat in my lower abs. So I removed gluten (about a year ago) and here is everything that got better almost immediately:  

  • My skin cleared up! I have never had acne but I always thought my skin was a little dull and after removing gluten my complextion brightened and I NEVER get pimples anymore!
  • I used to always get canker sores inside my mouth and I just thought it was normal. Since removing gluten I haven’t had them. Whenever I do go off the wagon and have a gluten-fest I will immediately get a canker sore.
  • I had lines (ridges) on my teeth and nails…remove gluten…ridges gone!
  • I have more regular bowl movements. This might be TMI but I used to only have a bowel movement about once a week and now I have 3 or 4. (still not great but getting better)

With that said, I am only about 90% gluten-free but it has changed my life! And now that America is becoming more health savvy there are a lot of gluten-free options and resturaunt menus now available!  

Question: What is your favorite run distance and have you always been this fast? 

Oh too sweet…I am blushing! My favorite distance is without a doubt the half marathon. I love it. To me, it is the perfect distance to really push yourself and also allows for some slight error. Meaning if you get stuck behind a slow pack, have a bad start¬†or stop to grab water you still have time to make up lost time. As for my speed…I ran competitively in high school as a sprinter but didn’t have much endurance or long distance speed. That has taken a lot of training and work to get to where I am today. But I love it and sometimes wish I could afford a professional coach…just to see where that could lead me. But then I fear the “fun” of running would be lost. I don’t know…it is something Keith and I often talk about.¬†

Great questions this week! Thanks to everyone and keep them coming! With that, have a GREAT Friday night everyone!!

Ask Me!

Thanks to everyone who submitted anonymous questions via my new ASK ME! Page. I am going to be answering all the questions every Friday so keep them coming!!     

But first, I need to say THANKS to all your supportive comments regarding my Water Class¬†this morning. It was AWESOME! Let’s just say that running under water is flipping hard!! But it felt so good on my joints and especially my hip flexors! Your range of motion is a lot further in water and it felt so good to extend my legs and not feel any pressure! I am totally hooked and will be doing this every Friday for sure! If you have an opportunity to take a Water Fitness Class…DO IT!¬†

¬†Okay onto the questions….¬†

Question: What is your favorite book?     

Oh man, this is a HARD question! My favorite book of all time would probably be To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I have read that book over and over a million times! My copy is a paperback and it is totally torn and falling apart. I just love the story. I feel like it is a classic that everyone needs to read at least once in their life.    


Question: Did you grow up eating healthy?    

Yes! My parents were fantastic about cooking healthy meals for my brother and me. They really proved that eating healthy did not have to be¬†gourmet¬†or difficult. Sometimes it was as simple as baked chicken legs with a side of green beans and corn. We always had a protein and either two vegetables or a vegetable with a starch (rice, pasta, potato, etc.) and we always had to try what was on the plate. We also¬†always also got dessert if we finished dinner. I remember eating a lot of frozen yogurt as a kiddo! I loved the banana split flavor!! ūüôā Yum! My parents really did feed us healthy but we also got to enjoy plenty of kid treats!! I think the idea of a healthy balance was always present. Not necessarily spoken but definitely displayed through my parents actions. But, I think one of my favorite unhealthy kid treats was poptarts!¬†¬†¬†¬†


Question: how tall are you & how much do you weigh?  

I am 5’6″ and I weigh around 115. Everyone has their feel great weight and this is mine but by no means does that mean that it should be someone else’s feel great weight. When it comes to weight, I think you should find a number that works for you both from a performance standpoint and a sustainability standpoint. I perform really well at 115 and it is a weight that I can sustain without feeling deprived in any way.¬†¬†

Question: Is it hard for you knowing that Keith is a personal trainer and works with a lot of women on an up-close basis?    

I get this question A LOT because 90% of Keith’s clients are women. I have traditionally always been a very jealous girlfriend but not with Keith. It is funny because it was like as soon as we got together I had complete faith and trust in him! I just never worried about it. Keith has this infectious personality and everyone loves him! People are constantly coming up to me and saying they have a “crush on my husband!” And honestly all I can think is, ME TOO! He is a fantastic man but what makes him so special is that he is so devoted to me and he never makes me guess¬†where his heart is for one iota of a second.¬†¬†¬†¬†


Question: Do bloggers ever worry about stalkers or just creepy internet people? I think if I were a blogger, I’d worry a little about that…¬†¬†¬†¬†

I don’t really worry about it too much. I don’t ever post my home address or anything like that. And typically if people ask me specific questions about where I work or what area I live in I respond privately via email rather than in the comments section for everyone to see. I think there is probably always a risk but so far I haven’t had any problems!¬†¬†¬†¬†

Question: Do you take any vitamins/supplements to aid in muscle recovery or to help with muscle lethargy?    

The supplements I take on a daily basis are a basic multi-vitamin and Omega 3 fatty acids. That’s it. Sometimes if my joints start to flare up I will take glucosamine¬†for a few days. But typically that is all I do. Sometimes after strenuous workouts I will take a protein shake and I really like the recovery¬†powder made by Luna. But mostly I try to get my nurtrients from real and whole foods.¬†¬†¬†

Question: It seems that you and your entire family are in the Texas area. Where does the obsession with Peyton Manning and the Colts come from? Shouldn’t you be more of a Tony Romo fan?¬†¬†¬†

I get this question a lot too! I honestly don’t know where my obession¬†for the Colts came from. I think I just always liked Tony Dungy. I thought he was such a class act and the Colts organization was the same way. I am really into biographies and I read a few books on the history of the Colts (starting out in Baltimore) and then I read Tony Dungy’s¬†book and that led me to read Archie Manning’s (Peyton’s Dad) book and it just started from there. I love the new coach, Jim Caldwell, and have really started to follow all the players. My obessesion¬†for Peyton came from 2 things: First I think he is SMOKIN HOT (haha) and second, he is just so talented! He is one of the (if not THE) smartest QB’s ever and I just love watching him run his offense. It is really an amazing thing to watch as he figures out the defense and adjusts the play at the line of scrimmage. So I have turned into a HUGE fan! I am NOT a Tony Romo fan AT ALL! I grew up loving the Cowboys (and my husband lives and breathes by the Cowboy’s season) but for some reason they just don’t hold the kind of clout that the Colts do in “Kelly’s World”.¬†¬†¬†


¬†Question: I just found out that baby #2 is on its way. I’m probably only a month or so along. What I was wondering is if there are any ab exercises that I can do while I’m pregnant. Once I’m at the point where I can’t lay flat on my back.¬†¬†¬†

Generally you CAN¬†continue doing crunches/sit-ups up to about your 4th month; usually somewhere between 16 and 20 weeks is when you should stop doing “normal” crunches/sit ups. At this point you need to elevate your body when working out. You don’t want to do anything flat on your back after this point because the weight of your uterus will compress your vena cava which will cause your blood pressure to drop! So just be sure and elevate your back either with a pillow underneath your hips or by using a stability ball and you can still continue to do crunches and sit ups. Building a strong core during pregnancy is still important because it will make your labor easier.¬†¬†¬†

What workout and running schedule did you follow when you ran a 1:30 half? How many miles were you logging a week? Where you lifting weights or doing any other cardio at the time?   

I wasn’t following any special training program. Before I ran my first half I followed this¬†schedule. I just did my own thing that typically involved 5 days of running with 1 day in the middle of cross training (typically Wednesday or Thursday). I logged between 50 and 60 miles a week (which is A LOT…don’t feel like you would need to do that in order to run a half…I am just a runner and I tend to go overboard! haha!) I tried to get weights in once a week on my cross training day but self admittedly was not great at sticking to that. I am trying to work on that now and am doing Body Pump twice a week to get the weights in! (It IS important). I also always force myself to run negative splits…meaning in every training run I would progressively get faster so that I could simulate that in the actual race at the finish line. And lastly…PACE GROUPS! Never underestimate the value of a pacer or a pace group. That way you don’t have to think about it! I had a pacer when I ran my 1:30…it helped so much and I am not sure I could have done it without him!¬†¬†¬†




You Asked…I Answered!

Thanks to everyone who submitted anonymous questions via my new ASK ME! Page. I am going to be answering all the questions every Friday so keep them coming!! 

Question: How did you and Keith meet? 

I have actually known Keith my ENTIRE life. He is older than me by 11 years so when I say Keith has known me my entire life I am literally serious! Keith’s family and my family are old¬†friends and I grew up seeing Keith at various events (Thanksgiving, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, etc…) throughout the years. I had a MONSTER crush on Keith when I was 15. I mean MONSTER! Now remember he was 26 and I was just this bratty, skinny legged, brace faced 8th grader! (What’s not to love…haha!) It obviously wasn’t until I was in college (maybe my sophomore year…so I was¬†19 or 20 years old) that we started talking via AOL Instant Message (haha..remember that?!?) and forming a friendship that wasn’t based around family/friend get-togethers. About¬†a year and half after I graduated from college we officially started dating (July 3, 2004) and got engaged one year (to the day…July 3, 2005) later and then got married about 9 months after that on April 30, 2006. Here is a picture from our 10-day Hawaiian Honeymoon in MAUI!¬†

Hawaiian Honeymoon

Question: What has been the hardest thing you’ve had to overcome in your life?¬†

This was a tough question for me because it forces you to think about all the things in your life that have shaped you to be¬†who you are today. I would have to say that for me it was my parent’s divorce. They got divorced later in my life. I was a sophomore in college when it all went down. But let me back-up, I¬†had the BEST childhood ever! I mean really. It was my mom, my Dad, me and my younger brother, Josh. We were such a tight foursome! We had family dinners every night, went on family vacations, had family game night. Neither¬† me nor Josh were very rebellious¬†kids and we had the best parents! All of our friends would always say we were the “perfect family.” My parents were cool and even in high school all our friends (and boyfriends/girlfriends) loved my parents. It was really nice and made those formative years really GREAT for me and my brother. I guess what was so hard about my parents eventual divorce was that I didn’t see it coming and it really rocked my world to the core. It made me question a lot of things and led me to make decisions that probably weren’t the best for me. But fast forward to now and things are FINE! My mom is happily remarried to my stepdad, Jim, and I love him so much! And my Dad is happily dating a woman, Jann, who I absolutely adore!! So all is well today….but it took a lot to get me and my entire family to this point! I will post a picture of me and my adorable brother:¬†

Me and my bro, Josh!

Question: What is your favorite “unhealthy, go all out” meal?¬†

Haha…love this question. I am going to go with Chinese Food, baby! And I not talking about gourmet Chinese. I mean greasy spoon chinese!! My¬†favorite Chinese meal would be either¬†cashew chicken or orange peel shrimp. I am not a fried rice lover so I would want just plain brown rice with lots of sodium laden soy sauce. Plus a cup of hot and sour soup! Oh…and I can’t forget the fried eggroll (with the red sweet and sour sauce for dipping)¬†and the fortune cookie!! I am in heaven just thinking about all of it!¬†

Cashew Chicken Goodness

 Question: Do you live near your family? 

Thankfully, YES! We all live in Austin, Texas. My brother lives here too! He is actually in graduate school at St. Edwards University here getting his MBA! (Woot! Woot! Go BRO!) Keith is from Dallas, Texas (about 3 hours north)¬†and almost all his family lives there (except for one sister who also lives in Austin) and when we got engaged I made it clear that he was moving here!! haha! Thankfully he wanted to move to Austin and was more than willing to come down! I am extremely close with my family…I talk to my mom and my dad both every single day. And I talk to my brother all the time too. I would miserable if I were very far away!¬†


¬†Thanks for all the great questions! Keep them coming and every Friday I will answer more of them! Like I said all the submissions are 100% anonymous so ask anything you want to know! ūüôā ASK ME!