About » Me and my husband, Keith

Me and my husband, Keith

Me and my husband, Keith

Keith is a fitness trainer and is an avid mountain biker! I love being able to share a healthy lifestyle with my husband!

5 Responses

  1. Being able to share your passions is what it’s all about. You both look very healthy and happy together!

  2. I had to come say hi because I swear, I am always posting after you on all sorts of blogs. Great blog! I’m hoping you can inspire me to get my ass in gear and start running again. Oh, and I’d totally do the donut justification even though I’d be buying them for myself.

  3. Hey, Kelly –

    I just came across your blog and I LOVE it!! You’re doing a great job here. Keep up the good work! I think I’ll have to add you to my “Blog Crushes” on my page 🙂 Just a cute way of saying blog inspriations!

    • Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the nice compliment!! I am heading you way right now! 3…2…1…be there in a sec! 🙂

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