TO MY MAMA! I wanted to make this post really meaningful but with one hand I am limited…so I guess short, sweet and simple is all I can do.

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you.

Birthday Girl!

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  1. Oh, Happy Birthday to her! I bet it means even more under the circumstances! I hope you are doing ok! Keep your chin up and try to have a good weekend!

  2. Happy birthday, Kelly’s mom!

  3. Aw, happy birthday Kelly’s Mama! She is beautiful!

  4. Your mom is GORGEOUS!!! happy birthday to her 🙂


    I hope you’re doing ok…good luck on Monday, take care.

  5. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mama! I’ve been thinking about you Kelly! Hope you’re doing okay

  6. You have a beautiful mom! Happy Birthday to her!

  7. Happy birthday to your lovely mom (and happy Saturday to you sweetie).

  8. So that’s why your a beauty! Happy B-Day! And short, simple and sweet is the best way to say anythin !

    I used to write English papers back in University (1rst level required classes hah!) – and I used to think my papers/essays were crap because I didn’t get all deep and analytical…but the Prof always gave me the highest marks – said I was clear and to the point. See – my short-sightedness has some benefits! 🙂

    Also – are you of Italian descent? You and your famiy got that (beautiful) Italian look…?

  9. Happy Birthday to your mom!! 🙂

  10. Happy bday mom! Your family seem so cute…just like you 🙂

  11. Happy Bday to your beautiful mama!

    Ok my friend..I am just catchng up on your life and I am sobbing right now FOR YOU.

    “. Emotionally I am scared. I guess it is just hard to accept that less than 3 months ago I was running 15 miles with ease and now I have a bum knee and no use of my left arm. I am just floored at how quickly things can change. It is truly humbling.”

    YES that is totally normal, and anything less than that would make you some sort of saint or whatever…you are going thru some major life shit and I never want you to take another minute of your precious hands and type me a comment again. Girl. You have better things to do w/ your hands than leave one handed comments. I can only imagine how hard LIFE is from cooking to driving to grocery shopping to opening the mail.

    I have had surgery, many of them, on diff parts of my body and i can say that after surgery, one is truly humbled by the loss of the physical capabilities we used to have and take for granted. I am so sorry, Kelly. Omg. I am just sending you healing vibes and good energy and if there’s anything I can do, tell keith to write me an email!!!


  12. Happy birthday Kelly’s Mom!

    Hang in there!!


    You’ve got good genes Kelly 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday to your mama!!!

    Hang in there!!!

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