Good afternoon everyone! Sorry for skipping out on my morning post but usually Sundays aren’t extremely high traffic days for this ole blog and I wanted everyone to get a chance to see my review for entry #1 of the recipe contest! Recipe 2 will come at some point this week! 🙂

So I have always admired Anna and her challenges. If you are unfamiliar, she usually picks one thing and challenges herself for one month while chronicling her journey on her blog. This month she is going raw! GOOD-LUCK ANNA! But it got me thinking a few weeks ago that I needed some kind of a goal. I don’t do well when I am “aimless” per say and that is how I have felt ever since this knee injury. Just sort of aimless. I never really had to put much thought into my workouts before…I just woke up and ran. Simple, end of story. Now I am trying to be creative and find new things to do. I have been doing weights and some running and elliptical and swimming. But I have decided that while it is nice to add spice to my life I do better and feel better on a solid workout plan! So I have decided to nix running altogether (COLLECTIVE GASP) and take some time away. It is scary but necessary I believe. I have decided to embark on a new challenge (just call me Anna) and commit to P90X for the next 90 days. I am also going to following a combination eating plan. I am going to create a Kelly plan that mixes the eating plan out of Jackie Warner’s book, This is Why You’re Fat, and the P90X eating plan. I am excited!

Yesterday I had to take my “before” pictures, do the fit test and then I started full force today with day 1 workout! I am excited and really anxious to see how this all works out in the end! 🙂 Regardless, it just feels good to be on a plan, working towards a goal and not just aimlessly being there. I know my way of thinking doesn’t work for everyone but it works for me! So let’s bring it on!

  • Day 1: Chest & Back followed by Ab Ripper X. I have one word: WOW! That’s it. That’s all. Just WOW.

Have you done P90X or know anyone who has?


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  1. I have never done P90X. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

  2. Hi Kelly, I have done P90X twice (last year), and actually just started it again today, but am going to do the lean program and mix in some Insanity. I love P90X! Insanity – not so much. It is really a turbo aerobic plan and I lost muscle and flexibility on it and also aggravated old injuries. To each their own!

    If you want max benefit from P90X, the diet plan they have is best. It is very high in protein though. We followed it once through to the T, and by far got the best results then. But, that diet isn’t easy or very sustainable for me, so I”m letting it slide on the very high protein. Just an FYI though that the BEST results are with that high protein plan. Good luck, I can’t wait to read more on how you like it!

  3. I do some of the P90X workouts from time to time. My favorites are the plyo and the yoga. Awesome workouts!

  4. Good for you! I think it is great that you are taking this time to shake things up for yourself. I can’t wait to read your adventures with the diet and exercise plan!

  5. Awww, thanks for the shout out, Kelly!!

    I am really interested to see how you like the P90x challenge…those workouts look so intense!! But you’ll rock it, for sure. 🙂

  6. The bf expressed some interest in P90x, maybe after my half marathon i’ll check it out.

  7. I’ve done P90X but not for the strict 90 days, I usually just do it when I can’t get to the gym, and I want to do a good workout dvd at home. Ab ripper x is a great quick ab work out! I also like the Yoga one! 🙂

  8. oh my…that’s quite the challenge! can’t wait to hear about the results…you’re such a rockstar!

  9. what a challenge! I’ve always wanted to try P90x but have felt a little intimidated. Looking forward to following you on it 🙂 I know you’ll do great!

  10. Woohoo – good luck. I’ve known a few people who’ve done it and really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  11. I think this will be great for you! It’s completely opposite of running and will expand your horizons! I love it.

  12. I haven’t done P90x and probably never will unless some nice person decided to loan me the DVDs. I think it’s a great challenge for you, though-get your focus off the running business 🙂

  13. I want to try P90X, but I can’t do at-home workouts. I think it’s because I’m in a small apartment and don’t have a designated workout area, and I just can’t exercise in my living room. I’m hoping next time we move, we can have a finished basement, or a garage, or an extra room, or SOMEPLACE where I can create a little workout space.

  14. My husband’s in the process of doing it. I’d love to but for my knee injury it’d be a bad idea. There’s a lot of jumping, squatting, lunging, etc. It’s intense but I have a feeling you’ll rock it.

  15. Impressive challenge! I’m sure you’ll rock it. P90X seems like serious business so I admire anyone who will dedicate themselves to that.

  16. YEAH!!! I love it I love it I love it!!!!

    I’m interested in your Kelly plan – what’s the difference bwtween the two? I read the P90X one a long time ago….

    I’ve already got my Insanity/P90X plan written up for when I finish Insanity. I’m an addict! 😀

  17. I’m right there with you on goals. I’ve been thinking about putting something together. I’m interested to see how you like P90X.

  18. You’ve joined the dark side, jk. I think it’s great that you have a set goal, I can’t wait to hear all 90 days of it. People are certainly buzzing about P90x, and it will be great to see how fabulously fit you get along the way!

  19. Wow nixing running? I think I might have to do that with the direction that I’m heading. I’ll be posting about that soon, but anyway, good luck with the P90X! A guy I went to high school with started doing that and lost 12lbs in 2 1/2 weeks. Sheesh!

  20. You can incorporate P90X with Insanity too! Good luck!

  21. P90X rocks. Love love love it. Wait till you get to the one with 8 different kinds of pushups. That ones my favorite!!

  22. I’ve heard so much about this program. You are so much more ambitious than I …that is for sure. I’ve heard about Jackie Warner before too and seen her book – what makes her “plan” or book different than others??

    • I also think it’s a great idea you are taking time away from running. I bet you’ll come back way stronger. Is there any cardio in the plan/or that you plan on doing?

  23. So cool Kelly! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the p90x program!

  24. I did P90X but didn’t follow the diet plan. I actually lost about 5 pounds and definitely got stronger but I didn’t see any huge change in my body.

    The Chest and Back is the hardest workout, imo. All those pushups!

  25. I get bored so need to shake up my routine

  26. NICE! i am doing p90x right now too! not so strict…I just use the weights workous because I like them and they are challenging! I did chest and back today too (well monday, I guess thats what you are supposed to do!) haha those military push ups and diamond push ups SUCK!

  27. Proud of you for taking the break your body needs and switching it up. I think you’ll like P90. Good for you on the eating plans too. I wish I had more self-constraint like you!!

  28. Will you elaborate on the “Kelly” eating plan you are going to follow? I would love to hear more about it!

  29. I have P90X (did Back and Biceps today) but I don’t do the whole “program” if you will. I just use the DVDs and mix them in with all my other BeachBody workouts and Cathe DVDs, plus running and yoga. And the P90X yoga I have to say, is the best Yoga-on-DVD I’ve ever experienced!
    Have fun you will LOVE It!!!! 😉

  30. Like Kelly, and a few others I have P90X, but don’t the the whole “program” thing. I use it here and there to mix up my strength training. Today I did the Yoga X. As hard as the $15-a-class hot power yoga I did at my studio all winter. I have to say, I’m impressed with the workouts.

  31. I’ve been dying to try P90X but haven’t been able to get my hands on it!

  32. […] as I mentioned yesterday, I HATE to be aimless when it comes to working out so I started the awesome 90 day P90X challenge. […]

  33. I am back!!! Vacations were great and now I am slowly adjusting to work and other things that keep me busy.

    Sorry to hear you are not running now 😦 Please let me know what the doc says about your knee.

  34. I started it but I found the time commitment was more than I could dedicate. I am doing good to run 3-4 miles 3-4 times a week. I don’t have a good scheduled time to go exercise right now since I am still nursing my youngest son. I feed him on-demand and his morning and evening feed times fluctuate and these are the times I would go exercise since I have both kids during the day.

    From what I could tell the few weeks I managed to do it, I really liked it. I will definitely try it again when the baby is not so demanding. It is by far the most challenging at-home workout I have ever tried.

  35. […] yesterday many of you wanted to know what the “Kelly” eating plan is. Well let me share! (it […]

  36. I did it last year, after half season. I did it for the 90 days between my last half and when full training started….

    I liked it alright and still try to do the ABs and Plyo (those were my favs), but the workout just wasn’t enough legs for me.

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