A New Day. A New Attitude.

Happy Thursday everyone! Well it is a NEW DAY and I am here with a NEW ATTITUDE! I can’t say that I won’t get frustrated, upset or down in the coming months but I can promise you that I am going to try! I am not going to stop blogging! After the enormous support I got from this amazing community these last 2 days I feel more renewed than ever. You all helped give me a little confidence back and helped me to remember that I am more than what I gave myself credit for. So thank you for bringing sunshine into my life these last few days. I sincerely am touched by each and every one of you who chimed in. And I found some lurkers! Don’t be shy…comment! I love to meet readers! 😉

So let’s talk about what the future holds. I am currently looking for a new Physical Therapist. The doctor I was seeing did not work out. Let’s just leave it at that. But before I find another PT, I am going to officially get an MRI on my knee so that I can know 100% EXACTLY what is going on down there! BUT…I can’t get one until after August 1st. Why? Our insurance year starts on 8/1/2010 and Keith and I both think it would be smarter to wait until the new year so that whatever we have to pay out-of-pocket for the MRI goes towards our yearly deductible. There is not point in having in now and have it apply towards this year’s deductible when there are only 2 weeks left in our year. Make sense? But first thing in August I will have one and definitely let you know. From there I will have my primary care doctor recommend an orthopedic PT for me.

In the meantime I am just going to do what I can, stop when it hurts, try to smile and ICE a lot! Today I was able to handle 6 miles at a slow pace. I was on the treadmill and kept it at 6.5 the whole time. The knee feels good and I just have to keep telling myself that at least I can work out..at least I can work out…at least I can work out! 🙂

Dinner last night was actually very simple but very good! I was craving a big old salad. So big old salad I did! I had spinach, egg, bell pepper, cucumber and blueberries. I topped that with a Quorn “chicken” patty and I was H-A-P-P-Y!

Aint it pretty?

I might be eating this again real soon!

Do you find yourself craving salads in the summer?

In the health world, do you like tomatoes? I LOVE THEM! In fact I can eat them like apples! so here are a few tomato tips: when buying, look for firm, deeply colored and blemish-free tomatoes that feel heavy for their size. Store stem-side down at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. And whatever you do, don’t put them in the fridge: cold turns the flesh mushy and drains tomatoes of flavor. Buy only what you’ll use within a few days.

Do you like tomatoes?

Keith HATES them…more for me!


42 Responses

  1. Eh… don’t really like tomatoes, but I will eat them in a BLT. Does that count?

  2. Sounds like a good plan. I am not running right now because of pregnancy-related pains, but I can use the elliptical. So my mantra is the same: “at least I can workout!”

  3. I LOVE tomatoes! You know I am a salad girl! My husband asked me the other day if I could not eat everything on a salad. Seriously, I thought that was how it was supposed to be eaten! Your dinner looks yummy! Good for you keeping your chin up. You have such a great attitude. I am going to do the same today. I want it to be a good day. I hope yours is great Kelly!

  4. Great attitude. I love love love tomatoes. Whenever I eat out I always ask for side of tomatoes. Yum.

  5. So glad you’re feeling a bit better today. Hopefully your future new PT can whip you into running shape!

    And a huge yes for tomatoes–unless we’re at a restaurant and they’re pink and watery. Then, yuck.

  6. Love quorn products. I love salads all the time. I am not a big fan of tomatoes actually. The smaller they are, the more I can handle them. I HATE those big juicy ones. ICK.

  7. Waiting the two weeks definitely makes sense– I hope you can find a doctor you like!!

  8. I’m in the Keith camp, I hate tomatoes…. But I will eat them if needed (or pick them out and give them to Charlotte who does like them) Glad you haven’t given up blogging I always enjoy reading 🙂 XO

  9. I heart tomatoes! Especially the ones from my garden 🙂

  10. I recently got use to the taste. Fresh farm tomatoes are outta this world. I love your salad. I like to throw a Morningstar patty on mine, so friggin yummy.

    Hope your PT search goes well, you deserve the best!

  11. So happy you’re not going to stop blogging! Good luck with the MRI and finding a new doc!

  12. i don’t really love salads…i know, it’s crazy, but still! and i only like raw tomatoes on burgers and sandwiches, otherwise they have to be cooked. or in salsa 🙂

  13. I never used to eat tomatoes, but I do now. I love things with a tomato based sauce or broth and I enjoy cherry or grape tomatoes. Big, juicy tomatoes are reserved for recipes and stuff like that.

    Love the new attitude! It’s so important to take charge of your health and not stay with a professional if they don’t seem aligned with your thoughts. Good luck finding a new PT.

  14. ha ha… I just had salad twice yesterday. And loved it both times- so refreshing!

  15. I love tomatoes. I noticed that you got your tomato information from weightwatchers.com. http://www.weightwatchers.com/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=76821&sc=3021

  16. Haha! Your slow pace is my fast pace 😦 Someday I will get faster I’m sure of it!

    Love your tomato tips. I never refrigerate them, but I didn’t know the tip about storing them stem side down. You are always full of great info!

  17. Yeah ditto hey? 6.5 is my “not really uncomfortable but fast” pace too, haha.

    I don’t mind tomatoes… I can rarely use mushrooms (like canned) in our meals because Scott can’t stand them lol… again – more for me, right?

  18. I used to HATE tomatoes, but I think that was because I would only get cherry ones. I don’t mind them (and even like them) when they are sliced, I just don’t like biting into them

  19. August 1st will get here before you know it! just two weeks!

    I looove tomatoes, but Sean hates them. He picks them out of the everything like they are poison.

  20. I love tomatoes….I need to try storing them your way!

    Glad you’re going to continue blogging….your positive attitude about everything is great! August 1 will be here soon and hopefully then you will have some answers!

  21. My favorite thing to eat in the summer is a nice big salad! They’re so good.

    I didn’t know not to store tomatoes in the fridge. No wonder they keep going bad so fast.

  22. I love tomatoes! It’s my favorite summer time treat. And salads are all I want in the summer 🙂 I’m loving a goat cheese, strawberry, tomato, and spinach salad that i’ve been making lately.

  23. UGH I HATE tomatoes!!!

    Sounds like a great plan for you knee! Definitely a good idea to get with a doctor & PT you like. And 6 miles may not seem like much to you, but that’s a GOOD distance- especially with an injury!!

  24. I love tomatoes. LOVE. I eat cherry tomatoes like candy and I slice up big ones, put them on a plate and drizzle with balsamic for snacks. I eat at least one tomato daily.

    I’m trying to educate the world about not storing them in the fridge…thanks for helping!

  25. This post makes me so happy! 🙂 Glad to see you’re cheering up!!

    The only way I’ll eat tomatoes is if they’re cooked or in ketchup form. I hate raw tomatoes, blech. I’ve never been able to understand how my mom and grandma can eat tomato sandwiches in the summer, yuck!

  26. welcome back my dear. glad you’re feeling renewed—the was a fast rebound.

    I’m big into tomato paste these days. yummm

  27. Yes, I like them anyway!

  28. I LOVE grape tomatoes right now. I have been eating them like skittles 😉

    I am still so glad you are going to keep blogging! If you ever need any support or want to talk about anything, do not hesitate to email me 🙂

  29. Yeah get a referral from an Ortho surgeon. Everyone is human though and diagnoses are tricky…but I thought your rehab before seemed pretty aggressive. LOVE tomatoes!

  30. No tomatoes for me but the salad looks delish. So glad you’re feeling a bit better today. Xoxo.

  31. I meant to comment yesterday and I forgot. I didn’t realize you might stop blogging but I’m glad you’re not! At first, I came across your blog a few times but actually thought that I wouldn’t be able to relate to a marathon runner (running 4 miles is a big deal for me!) I kept coming back because you were such an interesting person and posted such interesting information! 🙂

    Yes, tomatoes are yum. Sometimes I just slice them up and eat them with salad dressing! Thanks for the tips on finding and storing them… I’m pretty sure I have some mushy tomatoes in my fridge now. 😦

  32. i used to HATE tomatomes because when i was 10 I threw up on an airplane and swore it was from the tomatoes I ate earilier, so I never ate them again….now I LOVe them! i started eatingthem again about 5 years ago and dont know how I stayed away from them for so long!!!

    glad you are feelign better! you sound a gazillion times better!!!

  33. I normally crave salads like crazy in the summer, but not when pregnant. When pregnant I always crave really hearty, heavy meals. Great, huh? LOL

  34. so glad to hear you are feeling better. its all about mindset. i go through it all the time. you are such a positive person though!! stay that way. it helps the rest of us. haha 🙂

    i LOOOOOVE tomatoes. especially grape tomatoes. i can eat a whole container.

  35. We both love tomatoes! Its one of the healthy things Dan craves (although then he puts them on a white bread sandwich with 10 lbs of salt and mayo)

    I don’t really crave salads much, especially eating out, because they don’t tend to keep me full. At home though, sometimes I get on a kick, i’ll do them at home and make them more filling with more lean protein,

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