5 Biggest Health Myths

Hey guys…okay I apologize in advance is this article offends anyone but I thought it was worth posting. It is called 5 Biggest Health Myths That You Haven’t Heard Before.

5 Biggest Health Myths That You Haven’t Heard Before

by Kavan Wolfe

Here are five fitness myths that are doing serious damage in western society:

5. Walking is the Best Exercise

Best in what sense? Lowest impact? No, that’s swimming. Most enjoyable? No, that’s sex. Can do it anywhere? No, you can’t do it in a car, and almost anywhere you can walk you can also run. So what gives?

Sure, walking is great when you’re 80 years old, and you have to start somewhere if you’re so completely out of shape that a light jog will give you heart attack. However, there’s no reason that most people cannot or ought not to be doing something more intense.

4. Skinny = Healthy

Healthy means you have the stamina to run 10 or 15 kilometers, the strength to lift your body weight, and the flexibility to bend over and put your hands flat on the floor with your knees locked. This has nothing to do with whether your ribs protrude from your skin. Unfortunately, in a society where obesity is so prevalent, people have begun confusing the anorexic physique with the olympic physique.

3. Lifting Weights will Add Bulk

The way the magazines tell it, half an hour in the gym twice a week will turn you into Hercules. This is laughable. The average man is incapable of gaining more than about 5 pounds of muscle in a year without steroids, hormone injections, creatine and colon-stretching amounts of protein. The average woman can expect even more limited results. Making it sound like bulking up is the natural effective of lifting some 10 pound dumbbells is a horrific insult to every diehard trainee out there. You don’t accidentally put on muscle. You have to well work for it. Besides, you’ll be amazed at what swapping 5 pounds of fat for muscle will do for your looks.

2. Weight Loss Diet Plans

It’s not that any particular diet plan is bullshit, it’s that they’re ALL bullshit. If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. The laws of physics make it so. Whether you eat carbs or protein or fat, whether you go over or under your weight watcher’s points, whether you eat Jenny Craig certified food or chili dogs, it’s all irrelevant. All that matters is Calories In – Calories Burned = Calorie Deficit. For every 3500 calorie deficit, you’ll lose at least one pound, not counting water.

This is not to say that all combinations of food are equally healthy, just that if you burn more than you eat, you will lose weight no matter what you eat.

1. That’s Not Food You’re Eating

Much of what’s eaten in the modern, industrialized diet is not food, but synthetic, food-like substances. If it comes in a package and has ingredients you don’t recognize, it’s synthetic. White flour and anything containing it is synthetic. Corn syrup is synthetic. White rice is synthetic. White sugar is synthetic. Most cheese is synthetic. Frozen dinners are definitely synthetic. And you can bet that anything you eat at a fast food restaurant will also be synthetic. So are all sodas and much of the sugar-water that masquerades as fruit juice.

Many of these synthetic non-foods are devoid in nutrition and packed with salt, sugar and fat. If you want to be healthier, try eating real foods! You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel, how much more energy you’ll have and how much easier sleep will come.

Real foods include:

  • Fruits, vegetables and their juices (with no added sugar or preservatives)
  • free-range, organic meats, fish and eggs
  • Milk and natural cheese
  • Organic, all-natural whole-grain breads and pastas
  • Pepper, chilies, rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic, marjoram, basil, oregano, cloves, coriander, parsley, cumin, turmeric, mustard, bay leaves, tarragon, fennel, etc.

Flavoring real foods with spices and herbs will produce far healthier, tastier dishes that the fat, sugar and salt infused factory-food that oozes from supermarket shelves.

What do you think of this article?


40 Responses

  1. Love it! Thumbs up 🙂

  2. Agree TOTALLY with all your points above except #1. Though I don’t necessarily think walking is the BEST exercise, I still think it’s a nice alternative for folks who can’t run. And there are plenty ‘o folks younger than 80 who can’t – usually because of knee problems or other injuries. That said, there is biking, swimming (as you mentioned) and plenty of other activities if walking isn’t your thing. And for folks who stray away from intense workouts of any kind, walking is better than nothing at all!

  3. Love it. So freaking true. My biggest peeve is for women to say they can’t lift weights b/c they’ll bulk up. It takes so much strict dedication to truly bulk up like figure competitors. I lift really heavy and always make a point to ask if I look bulky 😉

    And I hate that the word diet is associated with weight loss not a lifestyle. I have a vegetarian diet, but I’m not dieting.

  4. I think the first one is rubbish but I think the rest of it is pretty good. Part of the reason that the whole Mediterannean is healthier than the U.S. is the emphasis on walking everywhere. It’s like it’s a lost art.

    • I know. I wish I lived in a state where walking was more common. I feel like people on the East coast walk everywhere. I mean not having a car is not that big of a deal. Sigh…in Texas…there is no walking anywhere…we drive. And everyone…I mean everyone has a car from 16 on it seems. I do live in a healthy city but we just have so much land that nothing is really set up in condusive way to walk everywhere. And public transportation (i.e. Subways are non-existent). In fact the first time I was ever even on a Subway system was in Paris. I had to actually leave the country! haha!

  5. I thought that was a great article! It is amazing how much our society skews peoples views on whats healthy.

  6. I agree with everything except number 1. Of course you can’t call anything the “best exercise” because it all depends on how you define it. But I have heard that walking is the exercise people do most consistently.

  7. Interesting article….full of valid points. I feel like it’s a little hard on walking, though. Walking may not be the BEST exercise, but it sure it important. In my opinion, it’s most important to point out that western society is not driven to eat REAL foods. Eating foods that nourish our bodies make a huge difference in our health.

  8. Definitely agree with #4! Proper nutrition and a good amount of activity = healthy. It is not always determined by the # on the scale!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  9. Oh Kelly, I want to send that around to so many people I know. I agree entirely and always have such a hard time when people insist they are healthier because they weigh X or they are eating less of this, but eating more of totally synthetic crap. Thanks for this post!

  10. I love it. LOVE it.

    Most enjoyable? No, that’s sex.

    I giggled… cause it’s true…

    • I know…it made me laugh too. This guy is pretty…um…hysterical in my opinion. But I know not everyone shares my sense of humor so I was a td nervous about posting it! 🙂

  11. I like it! pretty good article. I wasn’t offended by the walking thing, but when I read the comments, I realized why it could be taken in an offensive way…I agree that the reason why people in other parts of the world are slimmer is because they walk everywhere-but I think those people also eat healthier, too. Also, my parents and I were on a walking regime way back in the day, and we all lost weight walking. It’s my Mom’s only form of exercise, and it never fails her. My Dad and I have branched off, wayyy off, but I still enjoy a good walking workout on various inclines and speeds on the treadmill–and even outdoors. I see lots of walkers who don’t vary speed, time, distance, inclines, though…and I do think that’s pretty pointless if you’re looking for results 😉

    • No I agree…I think walking is extremely important and often overrated form of exercise. I don’t really agree with point number 1 but I am not offended by it either!

  12. I disagree with #1. I think you should get your heart rate up, but walking at a certain incline and speed can really work your heart and your muscles.

  13. agree with all of them but the first! certainly there are better more intense ways of exercising–but walking has so many benefits! keeps you active, good on the joints, relaxing!

    and for people who arent up to a certain physical fitness level–then walking is perfect for them!

  14. Great points! Number 4 is a BIG one for me. It reminds me of that commercial where the beautiful older lady gets out of the limo and they say she’s 60 years old and a size 6, and the she faints on the red carpet, and they say her cholesterol is 250. It just goes to show that being skinny certainly does not equal healthy.

  15. I agree whole-heartedly with the article, and am into the tough love writing style too! Where’d you find it?

    As for #1, and I know I will be unpopular for saying this, but I think it is spot on. Yes, walking is exercise, but is it the best? Absolutely not. Especially since most people walk at a pace that is doing nothing to benefit them healthwise. I guess it does depend on your goals, but still, not the best by any means.

    For #4 – I would add too that there is more to being healthy than losing weight.

    For #3- If bulking were easy or lifting made you bulk up, I’d be huge. But I’m the opposite of huge and I lift weights, heavy, for 90 -180 min a week.

    • Ah the powers of google…haha! I was just random googling one day because I had about a 10 minute gap between client and bam…I found this little gem!

  16. I am in love with this article I wish everyone could read it!!

    Dana xo

  17. I agree with everything, but the walking kind of gets to me. I know I have gotten in some great and challenging workouts walking. I agree that there should be variety and intensity involved for fitness progress, but that doesn’t mean walking shouldn’t be involved and will do nothing for you.

  18. Love it!!

    “It’s not that any particular diet plan is bullshit, it’s that they’re ALL bullshit. ”

    I dont think I’ve ever agreed with something more in my life.

    • Me too! I also liked how he pointed out that skinny does not equal healthy. I mean when I see runway models with their coller bones and back bones protruding I don’t think oh look how healthy she is! I think wow…that girl is going to have a heart attack at any minute.

  19. Love it! I think I have said what #1 (5) says too people hundreds of times.. you want to lower your cholesterol? Lower your blood pressure? Lose weight? Sleep better?

    The answer is not in a pill (I work in a pharmacy, they really hate me saying this).

    Eat real food, that you prepare at home. You will consume far less salt, sugar, fat than you do in prepackaged heat and eat meals.

  20. I am not so much offended by number 1 as I am appalled. It is offensive to those who can ONLY walk. And to those who simply enjoy walking. Some people would give anything to just be able to walk…those in wheelchairs, injured, sick, etc…but I KNOW I KNOW – I’m “reading” too much into it and need to chill out…hah 😉

  21. Possibly one of the best articles I’ve ever read. I don’t think that #1 was saying that it wasn’t a good exercise, especially for those who can’t do more – but it did point out that swimming was even less impact and I have to say, I started that way because I was having trouble with walking!

    If the folks on TBL can run and are larger than I am, I suppose that I can do. I just haven’t wanted to push it that hard.

  22. Love it! Very true! Half of these my mum believes! You can tell she has been brainwashed by magazines..

  23. […] of, if you missed it you should really go check out the article I posted yesterday afternoon about The 5 Biggest Health Myths. It is pretty hysterical in it’s own way. But today…let’s talk about fruit! It is […]

  24. “Most enjoyable? No, that’s sex.”
    You kill me, this made me smile at seven in the morning which is a respectable thing.

    I agree with this post and wish that everybody I knew could take a glimpse. I strength train 3x weekly, eat all-organic, and, gasp, somehow manage NOT to resemble a tank, nor do I ever feel deprived because I didn’t allow myself a preservative-loaded bite of boxed narsty from the store. You’re too right girl! Keep up the great reads

  25. Ha! That’s hilarious. I esp love the part about fake food. I see so many girls on “diets” eating lean cuisine meals and it makes me so sad for them. In addition to not having ANY nutrients, they’re also packed with salt. Icknasty.

    It’s just really sad when people are so clueless about health and nutrition that they need their portions controlled for them by way of cardboard frozen dinners and point systems. Life is so much more rewarding and fulfilling when you’re not always just looking for the easy way out. Sigh.

    Okay, got up on my soapbox for a minute there. I feel better now! 🙂

  26. I didn’t even finish it before I HAD to comment! I agree completely with this article! I hate when I see girls ribs sticking out! GROSS! Yea, my ribs used to stick out of my skin…when I was 11! then I started becoming a woman! Alright I was just going to say wow got on my soapbox for a minute there and I just saw Marie apparently did too! 🙂 Great article Kelly, thanks for sharing it! It makes me feel better about the good choices I strive to make! Have a great day!

  27. I like the article, but I also like to walk. Why? Because it’s low impact and it’s easier on my joints.

  28. Interesting. I enjoyed the walking myth the most. Maybe it’s considered “the best” because it’s the cheapest and “easiest” and therefore more likely to be done on a regular basis??

  29. I love #4!!!! I might weigh 200+ pounds, but I can run 8 miles, lift a lot, and more than touch my toes. Great info!!!

  30. i LOVE reading about health myths. you come up with the best links, i love it 🙂 thanks! #4 and #3 are my favorites.

  31. Very fun myths Kelly!

    Yeah, I too highly disagree with #1, on many levels. But, can certainly respect sex being more fun!

  32. By #1 I meant the firs tone, about walking 🙂

  33. So very true…thanks for sharing.

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