Happy Friday everyone! Can you believe it is already here? Seriously, this week flew! Not complainin’ just sayin’. Last night I caught some of Keith’s stomach bug…boo! I was not feeling great! So this morning I tried to keep it low key. I ran 6 miles at 8:48/pace followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical. I feel…eh…okay. The run was great but my tummy is a little queasy.

Okay here is your Friday health news! Let’s talk vitamins and skin care!! I am going to be 30 in April (Lord help me) and so I have become super sensitive to wrinkles. Keith thinks it is hilarious but I can’t help it. Call it vanity, whatever, I care!

VITAMIN A: vitamin A is an important antioxidant vitamin, which helps to repair, rejuvenate, recover and strengthen the damaged skin cells. It has the wonderful quality of imparting suppleness to your skin through increased skin hydration. Vitamin A can be obtained from the consumption of foods like carrots, spinach, mango, Eggs, milk, etc.

VITAMIN E: vitamin E is an important antioxidant vitamin, with great healing and skin renewal qualities which are very helpful in combating damage caused to the body due to free radicals. Vitamin E can be obtained from the consumption of foods like mango, spinach, broccoli, or from the consumption of nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, etc. Peanut butter and safflower oil, are other very good sources of vitamin E.

VITAMIN C: considered as an important kind of antioxidant vitamin, Vitamin C helps in collagen absorption as well as in boosting the immunity levels of the body. Most importantly, vitamin C assists in healing damaged skin. Vitamin C can be obtained from the consumption of citrus fruits like Oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, etc. Vitamin C can also be obtained from vegetables like lettuce, spinach, green peppers, tomatoes or even cabbage.

VITAMIN D: considered as an important antioxidant vitamin, Vitamin D helps combat free radicals as well as plays a very significant role in skin pigmentation. Vitamin D can be obtained directly from exposure to sunlight or from the consumption of fools like salmon, tuna, milk, cheese, fortified rice, etc.

VITAMIN B: considered as an antioxidant mineral, Vitamin B1 improves blood circulation and also helps in combating free radicals, and in flushing away the toxins from our bodies. While vitamin B6 boosts your immune system, vitamin B2 controls sebum secretions and clears acne. Vitamin B can be obtained from the consumption of whole grains and foods such as milk, eggs, oatmeal, whole wheat bran, wheat germ, brown rice (whole), etc

ZINC: considered as an antioxidant mineral, Zinc helps combat free radicals, boosts your immune system, clears acne and also aids in the healing process, in addition to providing several other benefits. Zinc can be obtained from the consumption of foods such as cereals, nuts, seeds, milk and other dairy products, beans, lentils, etc.

Eating a healthy diet, which includes loads of fresh fruits and vegetables, automatically ensures that your body is being supplied with the skin vitamins that it requires to keep your skin glowing with good health. You can obtain these skin vitamins either through a healthy diet or through the use of nutritional supplements. These skin vitamins are known to make your skin firmer and bestow your skin with good health and youthfulness, as well as erase the signs of aging. Dietary intake of these nutrients is much better and more effective than using anti wrinkle creams and wrinkle erasing serums, that are loaded with skin vitamins. Plus it is much more tasty!!! 🙂 For more info, go here.

Are you eating the right foods for your skin?

Are you as nervous about wrinkles as I am?


48 Responses

  1. I am very nervous about wrinkles! I tanned when I was younger but have since tried staying out of the sun as much as I can.

  2. I am nervous! My grandma and mom both have amazing skin. Barely any wrinkles at all. My skin is a lot dryer than theirs is though so I’m sure I’ll wrinkle more.

  3. i’m actually not nervous about wrinkles at all…weird, right? i guess i just see my mom and how gorgeous she is, wrinkles and all, and figure i don’t have anything to worry about. the thing is, she has taken really great care of her skin, and that’s probably why they’re not super visible 🙂

  4. I hate wrinkles and all the other changes age brings to body 😦 I fight them with healthy lifestyle, lot’s of sleep, exercise, good food and fun things to do. I eat very little sugar and I think that’s good for my skin. 🙂

    I have had a terribly week so I am happy it’s soon over…

  5. I hope I got my grandmother’s genes for skin. Even in her 80’s she in not that wrinkled. I am very nervous about wrinkles. I want to have good skin. I work hard at it mostly through what I eat. LOTS of fruits and vegetables.

  6. I too am desperately trying to prevent wrinkles before they start. I eat a healthy diet but I also use anti-wrinkle creams. Really, nothing beats a retinol cream for wrinkle prevention.

  7. I love how your low key workout is harder than my regular one that I did this morning! he he he

  8. Meh. I’m not nervous about wrinkles. Aging is natural and everyone goes through it. Who cares? Look at Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep and Diance Keaton. They have wrinkles and look amazing!

  9. Oh no, not good with the stomach bug. Ick. Oh girl I am all kinds of freaked out about wrinkles!

  10. Definitely Vitamin E! They need to come out with those in a yummy, gummy chewy form.

    Even with a stomach bug, you clock some miles. Take it easy today:)

  11. I started using one of those age repair moisturizers last year. I’m 32.

  12. My mom doesnt care at all about what she eats and the vitamins she is missing, but she is obsessed with hiding her wrinkles. She gets Botox all the time…I try and tell her their is an easier and cheaper way, but she wont listen!

  13. I already have those little wrinkles at the corner of my eyes when I smile. Bugs the crap out of me!

  14. My mom got me started on eye creams and a retinol when I was young so I’m starting wrinkle prevention early!

  15. I envy people with clear skin. Glowing skin is the picture of health to me. I’ve had my share of skin troubles, which are finally under control. I try to eat a balanced diet and keep it in check. I’m not really concerned about aging, though…there’s wisdom in wrinkles!

  16. I started getting wrinkles at 19. Thanks so much tanning salon.
    I’m glad to know that so many of the foods I eat are good for my skin! That’s a relief.

  17. My husband is more nervous about wrinkles than I am. Not sure what that says about us, but, whatever.

    It looks like I do eat foods that are healthy for my skin! I think the key is to eat a wide variety of fruits and veggies and you’ll get what you need! I try to get my vitamins and minerals through food rather than supplements.

  18. I use sunscreen all year round and take my vitiamins.

  19. I’m sure I’ll get wrinkles, but I’m not worried about it. I look at my mom and grandma who both have them and I think they are both beautiful women. Their wrinkles add character! 🙂

  20. 30 is only 2 months away for me and I’m not thrilled. I’ll let ya know how it goes 🙂

  21. No wrinkles here 😉

  22. I’m not concerned about wrinkles because I know I can get Botox! Haha…jk. Actually I’d never do that! It creeps me out!

    I include a lot of variety in my diet, so I think I’m getting the recommended vitamins and minerals. But I’m sure I’ll be a wrinkly lady anyways!

  23. Don’t feel bad, I’m 24 and already fretting about wrinkles (a little bit). AND I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to retinol (it makes my face break into hives) so I always use lots and lots of sunscreen. From what you wrote about fighting wrinkles from the inside, it seems that I’m pretty on track!

  24. Um, you are crazy – running on a queasy stomach?? I could never! But I hope you do feel better, in all seriousness. Hang in there girl!

    • Thanks! I am feeling better today as the day goes on. I think I am on the mend. Must have been a 24 hour thing! Keith’s was…so not fun!

  25. Your low-key running is like my dream goal. I love it

  26. I already have fairly noticeable lines in my forehead because I guess I’m very expressive with my face so at this point I don’t really care about wrinkles. Maybe I will when I’m older but I eat well and take care of my skin so hopefully that won’t be too much of an issue. 😛

    Mad props for running 6 miles on a queasy stomach!

  27. def nervous abotu wrinkles! in college i used to tan all the time! i hope it doesnt catch up with me!

  28. These are great tips! I’m only a few weeks away from 22 but I already have fine lines around my eyes (they’ve been there since I was nine or ten…gee, thanks, genetics…). I’m always interested to hear how to keep them from becoming deeper. Right now I don’t mind them since they’re mostly crinkles from laughing and I can think of many worse things to have, but it’s hard not to fret.

    Kudos on hanging in there during the 6 miler though!

  29. I hope you are feeling better!

    I’m not terribly worried about wrinkles, but I’m sure I will freak about them at some point!

  30. I’m not nervoud about them, but I probably should be. I was and am a sun lover! I wear spf every day on my face and have for years, but those silly teenage and college years, I most definitely did not!

  31. i’m eating some of the right foods, but not enough. i wasn’t worried at ALL about wrinkles until i saw my bday pics from last weekend. holy mother, i have smile wrinkles by my eyes. are these crow’s feet? F!!! i blame the candle lighting…..f, aren’t you supposed to look hotter in candelight? ugh!!

  32. I am DEF nervous about rwrinkles, I am going to be 29 in 9 days, I am FREAKING out about wrinkles, haha…AHhh where did the time go!!?? I have been doing a lot in my vitamix to get all the great nutrients for my skin, and I have noticed my complexion has gotten better since I have been blending up all my veggies to ensure I get them all in!!!

  33. Yea I’m 5 years away from being 30, but I have definitely thought about wrinkles one time or another. But I if I end up anything like my mom, whom I happen to be a clone of, then I’ll be okay! 🙂

  34. I’m nervous, because I already can see fine lines and I’m 24! But honestly, I have dry skin and will probably have wrinkles before I want them. I try to eat right and use creams but I’m also trying to be okay with having wrinkles. Because honestly it’s natural and it’s not the worst thing in the world.

  35. Yes, I am FREAKING OUTTT about wrinkles! The big 3-0 is gonna be here before u know it! I actually have good skin compare to a lot of other people my age, but those forehead wrinkles seem to get just a little deeper each year. It’s not cool. At all.

  36. I am actually planning a post on diet and skin! lol get out of my brain woman! Mine isn’t vitamin focused so were good. Learned a lot from this post. I might have to bookmark it bc I am totally vain about skin! I think I am totally covered on all of it though bc I eat tons of fruits & veggies, take B vitamin supplements and lay out in the sun regularly. That about does it, doesn’t it? Also, I just read today that exercise is good for your skin too. I didn’t know that either but I believe it!

  37. Love the vitamin tidbits! I’m a tad worried about wrinkles but then again I eat a clean diet high in those vitasmins listed AND I’m naturally pale so I figure I’m not that bad off

  38. I’m nervous about wrinkles as im a beauty therapist, i want to look good as i get older! Then main thing you can do is eat right, drink lots of water, exercise and look after your skin; cleanse, moisturise and use spf daily! Also exfoliate a couple time a week! x

  39. Im going to be 30 in January so this is helpful!!

  40. […] after photo!  Obvious things in my healthy lifestyle change that caused this improvement would be eating fruits and veggies, drinking lots of water, getting 15 mins of sun everyday and 8 hours of sleep a night. But there […]

  41. I’m definitely nervous about wrinkles and extremely happy to see I’m eating the right foods for my sking-YAAAAY 😀 I’m turning 28 in September. I’ve been freaking about wrinkles since I was about 25…hahaha…

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