It’s A Dog World

Keith and I have a dog, Kodi. He is an old guy. He is 15 years old and Keith has had Kodi since he was 6 weeks old. Kodi suffers from really bad arthritis and we also think he is starting to develop doggie Alzheimers. But he has a FANTASTIC vet, Hilary’s husband, Jensen! Anyway, I know a lot of you out there have animals and I thought I would dedicate this post to the dogs! I mean they need healthy living too, right?

This is Kodi! Usually his hair is long but we shave him in the summer time because he gets so hot!

I saw an article in Real Simple (October 2009) about some common foods that can make your dog (or cat) sick. I had no idea that some of these foods were bad for animals:

1. Avocados
2. Macadamia nuts
3. Raw yeast, bread dough
4. Alcoholic drinks
5. Xylitol (sweetener most commonly found in sugarless gum)
6. Garlic
7. Onions
8. Raisins
9. Grapes
10. Chocolate

I knew about chocolate but that was it. Did you know about some of these doggie dangers?

Do you think your dog is smart? Well check out this list of the top 10 smartest dog breeds:

  1.  Border Collie: A workaholic, this breed is the world’s premier sheep herder, prized for its intelligence, extraordinary instinct, and working ability.
  2. Poodle: Exceptionally smart and active. Bred to retrieve things from the water. The miniature variety may have been used for truffle hunting.
  3. German Shepherd: The world’s leading police, guard, and military dog — and a loving family companion and herder.
  4. Golden Retriever: Intelligent and eager to please. Bred as a hunting companion; ideal as a guide and as assistance with search-and-rescue operations.
  5. Doberman Pinscher: Known for its stamina and speed. Bred to be a guardian and in demand as a police and war dog.
  6. Shetland Sheepdog: The “Sheltie” is essentially a miniature working Collie. A rough-coated, longhaired working breed that is keenly intelligent. Excels in herding.
  7. Labrador Retriever: An ideal sporting and family dog. Gentle and intelligent.
  8. Papillon: A happy, alert breed that isn’t shy or aggressive. Known as Dwarf Spaniels in the 16th and 17th centuries, they reach 8-11 inches high.
  9. Rottweiler: Robust and powerful, the breed is happiest with a job. Suitable as a police dog, herder, service dog, therapy dog, obedience competitor, and devoted companion.
  10. Australian Cattle Dog: Happiest doing a job like herding, obedience, or agility.

Do you have a smart dog?

What about doggie exercise? Is it as important as exercise for people? Absolutely!

Dog Exercise provides all of these benefits to your pup:

  • Helps to reduce or eliminate the common behavior problems, such as digging, excessive barking, chewing and hyperactivity
  • Helps to keep dogs healthy, agile and limber
  • Helps to reduce digestive problems and constipation
  • Helps timid or fearful dogs build confidence and trust
  • Helps dogs feel sleepy, rather than restless, at bedtime or when you’re relaxing
  • Helps to keep dogs’ weight under control

How does your dog get exercise?

Okay and lastly, tell me if you have a dog or any other pet! I want to know! Any funny pet stories to share? Those are always fun!


42 Responses

  1. My dog hates garlic and onions. Maybe he knows what’s good for him.
    I don’t think he’s very smart or energetic anymore. Now he likes to sleep and fart. It’s actually kind of cute 🙂

  2. I make doggy treats so I did know about those. We have one girl who’s super smart and it’s all we can do to stay ahead of her.

  3. I have two cats but can’t WAIT to get a dog after we move!!! I used to work at a vet, so I know about all kinds of things that are bad for animals, most people don’t know about the onions and grapes/raisins, and those are big ones! Great posts!

  4. Aww what a cutie!! I love my Little Bear..she’s a maltese/poodle mix 🙂 my hubby wants a rottweiler as soon as we get a house so he can feel “manly” haha

  5. Baxter and Ella say “thank you” for this post 🙂

  6. As a dog person I love this post 🙂 Still waiting for “my” puppy to be born… I knew about onion and xylitol. Did you know xylitol was invented in Finland, it comes originally from birch trees. It is super good for theet and even prevents little kids from getting ear infections.

  7. I knew about the chocolate, onions, grapes, and raisins, but not the others! We have a yorkie and he’s a very energetic little guy!

  8. I knew all of those poisonous no nos for dogs, but I think i have an advantage 🙂 At Jensen’s vet school they had a whole garden full of plants that were poisonous to animals and they had to learn to identify them and how to treat the animal if they ingested it. There were A LOT! Everytime we go plant shopping I’ll pick out something and he’ll say no, that could kill our dogs. Ok, I’ll pick something else 🙂

    • YEah that would be me too…I would pick something pretty before I ever thought about the health factors to my dog. Next time I go plant shopping I will have to get Jensen to tag along! 🙂

  9. No dogs here, just kitties. I love dogs, but they are a lot of work. I have kids now, so I try to minimize the other stuff. If I had land, I would have a German Shepherd. I just love them so much!

  10. My husband and I have two adorable pitbulls. Our male has serious food allergies and started developing tumors due to them earlier this year. We’ve found that salmon based dog food helps *a lot*.
    I had no idea about garlic! We’d researched it before and didn’t find anything really negative. Wow! Thanks for the info!
    My favorite stories about our dogs always revolve around taking them for walks at markets/parks where there are little kids. Our guys love babies and small children and it’s always so fun to see parents go from apprehensive to completely loving just by how our animals interact with their kids.
    Thanks for the puppy love!

  11. I didn’t know about the first three.

    Apparently my dog is on the smart list. That is a little questionable!

  12. I used to take my Britney running in the hills with me until he got too excited and tore his ACL. Yep! It can happen to dogs, too. As much as I love dogs as running companions, we have to remember their needs (or lack of self-control, too).

    I knew about most of these hidden dog dangers and in fact, had to to Walden to the ER when he ate a pack of my sugarless gum one time.

    Dogs are the best!! I couldn’t live without them (and I still miss my yellow lab, who brought me joy every day).

  13. I knew about grapes and chocolate, but the rest were new to me!

    I’m not a dog owner yet – will be once we buy a house with a yard! For now I’m perfectly happy with my new kitties. 🙂

  14. I knew about chocolate and grapes/raisins are especially bad. I’ve also heard pork, in general, is bad for animals…though pork in many of it’s forms isn’t really good for people either! I have my little LBD (little black dog), Molly and she’s 8. She’s becoming an old lady. She still loves to run around in the backyard and play ball, but she’s slowin’ down in her age.

  15. Interesting list of foods that harm dogs! I knew about the chocolate only. I love German Shepherds and had two growing up. One was a show dog that my parents actually showed, and the other had a more relaxed lifestyle of playing with kids. I personally don’t live with dogs anymore–they live with my parents. Both are mutts, one is a shepherd mix. They run all over the huge yard and have races with the neighbor’s dogs. Unfortunately, they only get walked around the neighborhood, since one is aggressive around other dogs.

    I also have two kitties and love them sooo much! They are easier to snuggle up with-they sit still!

  16. My dog is part border collie and lab so she is really smart!

    I walk Boomer all the time 🙂

    Boomer runs up the stairs to fart. It’s the funniest thing!

  17. Oh Noodle is not very smart, but that’s why I love her. haha.

    Also I seriously used to feed her raisins (she LOVES them) until of course I found out how horrible they are for dogs. Maybe her owner isn’t that smart either!! haha

  18. I have a golden retriever at home that lives with my parents. He is so laid back. Haha.

  19. Our vet gave us a list of foods (grapes is one of the newest additions).

    Obviously we have a smart dog (German Shepherd) who gets tons of exercise. Matt takes her for 3.5 miles every morning!

  20. Awww, Kodi is such a KUTIE! My childhood dog was Trippy (for triplets! haha). He was a sheltie, and yes he was ALWAYS running around in circles, herding imaginary animals. haha. He had arthritis too, and I always gave his little legs massages. I’m sure it didn’t help much at all, but for some reason I could TELL he felt loved when I did it. I know that sounds cheesy, but ack, I’m getting kind of teary just thinking about him!

  21. aww… Basil (my DACHSHUND) is not on the Smartest List… hmm… 🙂

    Kodi is SO CUTE. 🙂 I love that you posted about doggies + health, this is awesome. (Basil makes cameo appearances in many of my posts…)

    I’ve known chocolate for ever… just a few years ago learned about grapes – I used to feed my other dachshund (not here anymore – NOT because of grapes) grapes all the time!! well, not all the time, but sometimes?? I would bite them before I gave them to her, because (it was SO funny) she’d roll it around and not know what to do with it. heh. maybe I should have known?

    thanks for this post. 🙂 I would never give Basil alcohol, and many others either – just because I think of how small they are, and how onions or garlic could affect them… but avocados? I had no idea.

  22. Kodi is so cute!! I love his summer cut 🙂

    I actually didn’t know about any of those foods besides chocolate. I feel like my pup has probably eaten some of those things — he’s always scrounging for food in the kitchen! I need to keep this list in mind from now on.

    And according to the list, no, I don’t have a smart dog. But I actually think my puppy is pretty smart…he just has ADD so gets distracted easily, haha 😉

  23. very flattering hair cut. add peach pits to that list!!

  24. Ahhhhhh! I want a dog so badly!! Sorry to hear that Kodi is going through rough times 😦

  25. I knew chocolate was bad and I had heard potatoes was also bad but its not on the list, some of the others I was shocked to see.

    My dog is on the smart list, Doberman but at times I don’t think he is 😉

  26. Great DOG post!!! I have a Yorkiepoo who is about 1 and a half years old. i
    My dog is only half smart since he’s only half poodle!! Oddly enough that fits him perfectly!! There are times when he does something and I think, “I’ve got a really smart dog” and then other times where I think the opposite:)
    I guess the funniest thing my dog does is when I give him a bath, he likes to bite at the water coming out of the faucet. It’s is the funniest thing ever. Everyt ime he does it, I die laughing!!!

  27. awww old dogs warm my heart. Kodi is a doll—My Eddie is turning 5 this year and he is graying and so sweet. He loves walk and loves to go on jogs with me–10 minute jogs at least.

    I also have a mini daschund named Milla. Me and Sean got her together and shes been living at Seans parents—but now that me and Sean are getting a place in 2 weeks–she will live with me! AHHH YAY!

  28. I knew grapes were poisonous for dogs, and raisins too. Forgot about the others.

    Alfie’s a pretty smart pup. It’s incredible really. I’ve neverrrrrrrrrr had a smart dog before, I’m telling the honest truth! LOL

  29. haha, I knew before I read the list that my english bulldog would not be labeled as one of the smartest dogs. She tries to be clever, but she winds up doing something crazy. But that’s why I love her so much. Her breed is not intended for much exercise. She probably sleeps 18 hours out of the day (I’m not kidding) Therefore a simple walk around the block will put her out for the rest of the night.

  30. Aw, I love you did a post on our furry friends! I have a golden retriever (I’m sure you’ve seen him all over my blog) named Hunter. He is definitely my best friend, after the hubby of course! I can take him running for miles and if someone comes to the house, he’s still bursting with energy! Sometimes he is too smart for his own good though… he definitely has a mind of his own!

  31. What a cute dog. I’ll bet you love him to bits.

  32. A post for the pups! Love it! I am a total dog lover. Lucy is my baby! She loves going for long walks, but her favorite food is….Smartfood! Yes. She and my father share a little bit of the cheesy popcorn every night. She hears the bag and goes running for it. I try to tell her to go for the air-popped, but she’s not having it!

  33. I had a turtle in high school. I got it for my 16th bday and couldn’t decide what to name it. So I turned on the radio and said that I would name it after the next song that came on. It was “Desperado” by the Eagles. So yes, my turtle’s name was Desperado. It only lived a few weeks 😦

  34. I like to call my labradoodle (licorice), Super Licky! He is a pure 100% genius. lolol
    Now, my goldendoodle (Twix), uhhhh, not so much. He has issues. lol

  35. I’m sorry but abocados are NOT bad for dogs! It’s only the skin and leaves. The AVOCADO FRUIT FLESH IS VERY HEALTHY AND NUTRTIOUS for dogs. It has a many vitamins and helps keep your dog’s skin and coat looking great. And you know a dog is truly healthy on the inside when their outside looks it.

  36. I have a little zoo – two dogs, two cats, and fish to boot!
    One of our dogs is a 14month old samoyed with tons of energy so we make sure he gets out and runs every day. I take him for bike rides, go on walks, and take him to the dog park (loving the long summer evenings). My other dog is a bossy little corgi (as corgis tend to be) and keeps up with our sammy at the park so he gets quite a bit of exercise.

    I’ve always had dogs so was pretty familiar about food that’s bad for dogs, but once we got cats I started learning about what flowers are bad for cats – so no more lilies or tulips in this house.

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