“Little White Lie” Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I have kind of a lot of run through this morning so I guess we should get started! First workout…8 miles. I stayed inside today and treadmilled it. So my 8 miles went something like this:

  • miles 1-3 @ 6.8
  • miles 4-5 @ 6.9
  • miles 6-8 @ 7.0

It was good. I feel good. Well okay…that is kind of a little white lie. My knee has been acting up a lot more than usual since last week. I felt good last week  up until my 10 miler and then it started hurting and it just hasn’t stopped. I am a little nervous. It doesn’t hurt constantly. But it hurts when I start and then just sporadically throughout the run. I am icing like crazy and trying to be better about foam rolling and such. But let’s be honest…this aint good kids. Sigh! 😦

I am also participating in Evan’s push-up challenge. Is anyone else? So in following his schedule yesterday I completed 25 push ups in the following set throughout the day: 6,6,4,4,5. It was tough. No one has ever accused me of having good upper body strength but I am going to do 40 push ups in 40 days! MARK MY WORDS! 🙂 I am not even gonna lie and say I am not sore today…because um, yeah I am!

Dinner last night was nothing short of easy and simple. I made pasta with carba-nada pasta plus a package of shirataki noodles. I added some mushroom sauce, spinach and eggplant meatballs. It was easy, yummy and perfect!

Spaghetti MY way!

How many of you have ever had Nori? Nori is a form of seeweed and is usually used to roll sushi. Nori has a mild, nutty, salty-sweet taste. Best when roasted before using (pre-toasted nori is sold as “sushi nori”), wild nori is excellent crumbled into soups, grains, salads, pasta, and popcorn. Nori is also great as a table condiment either alone or with ginger. Nori, when sold in paper thin flat sheets, is used for wrapping sushi rolls or for cutting into strips to use in soup. Sea lettuce, “green nori” that resembles lettuce, is excellent in soups, salads, and in rice and noodle dishes.

Health Benefits: Nori is 28% protein, more than sunflower seeds, lentils or wheat germ. Of the sea vegetables, nori is one of the highest in vitamins B1, B2, B3,B6, B12 as well as vitamins A, C and E. It is also an excellent source of calcium, iron, manganese, fluoride, copper, and zinc.

I take Nori everyday. I have raw nori and I take 1 Tbsp. with water every morning with my vitamins. I have been doing this for about 3 years now and I don’t really notice a difference when I am taking it but when I go without it I can tell. I have taken mini breaks from Nori now and then and I always I feel more lethargic and I find that I don’t crave as healthy of foods when I stop taking it. It is a true superfood and to read more about Nori and its benefits go here.

Have you ever heard of Nori? Do you take it?


53 Responses

  1. Never taken nori, I didn’t even know you could! Sometimes I am clueless. 🙂 It sounds intriguing though!

  2. Ooh, I’ve never taken Nori, but now I’m intrigued. You know I love supplements 🙂

    Oh girl, I HOPE your knee is okay!!!!! I’ll be sending good thoughts your way 😦

  3. I have only eaten nori in sushi. Never as a supplement. I have been wanting to roll my own sushi for a while now. I should get on it with all the health benefits! Take it easy on that knee. I hope it feels better!

  4. I love nori in food but have never heard of it as a supplement!

    Sorry to hear about your knee 😦 Really hope it feels better soon.

  5. I’ve never had nori before except for in sushi! I had no idea it had such good health benefits…

    I hope the knee stops acting up soon! Doesn’t it know you need to get your run on? 🙂

  6. Oh no! Take care of that knee girl!!

  7. I have never heard of taking Nori as a supplement. I love it in sushi though.

    I hope your knee pain resolves itself. Be careful 🙂

  8. Aw, sorry to hear the knee isn’t behaving. At least you’re still in PT so maybe he can troubleshoot. The recovery process is slow going, which can be frustrating. Just think of all the progress you’ve made since you first injured yourself. You’ve come a long way, even though you’re feeling some pain now. Keep moving in the right direction and don’t get discouraged yet! You still have a long, long way to go for that.

  9. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your knee. I never think to use nori other than in sushi rolls. There are several seaweeds that are supposed to be fantastic for you and great tossed into Asian style dishes.

  10. Ack, I hope your sports medicine doctor can still help you with that. Perhaps you’re doing too many miles again? 😦

    Love it when you post your runs, and how fast you go on the treadmill. I have managed to maintain a pace of 6.5mph on the treadmill (I used to die in January at 5.5 for the longest time)… so glad that I’m getting better, hehe.

  11. Nori sounds like a person I need to meet, or keep in my cabinet:) That’s a great find.

    I’m sorry your knee is giving you a little grief. Outside magazine has a few good tips on talking yourself through pain and every time you feel a twinge, you count. Supposedly you’re training your brain to think differently on the pain. I’ll dig around for the article.

    In other news, research at Britain’s Keele University revealed that swearing can lessen pain. Take that pain to f* off.

    • I have heard that…hey whatever works right! So tomorrow when I am running and yelling expletives I am going to blame you! hehe!

  12. I have not heard of nori – I feel like I’m so out of the fitness/health loop! It sounds intriguing though!

  13. Woohoo! Glad you’re joining along. I found it doable in between commercials of Greys Anatomy. Haha. If only all exercise was that entertaining.

  14. I hope your knee starts feeling better! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you

  15. I’ve never taken nori – I have heard its good for you though.

    Push ups are HARD! I can do 10 and they’re pretty pathetic. I don’t think they even count because I only go halfway down.

  16. Love the info on nori – I am definitely going to look into that!

    I’m sorry to hear about your knee. Hopefully, Jeff will have some advice. I know if must be so hard to deal with this injury. Maybe the aggravating knee will fire you up for those push ups! Good luck with the challenge!

  17. Oh, hope your knee is going to be ok!!! Lot’s of love!!

  18. I don’t take Nori. Maybe I should start?

    Bummer about the knee. I hope that sucker calms down!

  19. Huh, gonna have to look into the Nori. Where do you get it?

    Kel, I’m so sorry about the knee. Keep doing the work (icing, rolling, resting when needed) and I’m confident it will all work out.

    • I order it from Jim (my stepdad). I will show it you this weekend when we go out (SO EXCITED) and I will give you a sample (enough for like a week) so you can take it and see what you think. Cool?

  20. So sorry about your knee. I hate to say it, but maybe you need more rest from running? Well, I’ll shut up b/c I know you are getting plenty of good advice from the experts. Take care of yourself!! 🙂

    I’ve heard of nori in regards to sushi, but never as a daily health supplement. But it sure does sound very healthy!

  21. i love nori. i eat them in strips regularly either flavored or just plain. i never knew they could be mixed with water and taken as a vitamin source. interesting.

  22. I actually LOVE nori, but never knew it came in supplement form. I like to buy the sheets sometimes and just eat them plain. i’m really weird like that.

  23. I didn’t know you could get nori in supplements, and I had no idea it was that good for you. I’m on the lookout for it now. Where do you get it?

    What did you think of the shiritaki noodles? Some people hate them, but I love em!

  24. So sorry about the knee! 😦 But good luck with the push-up challenge. I can barely do one. 😛

    I’m not a fan of the taste of seaweed. I should probably try it again but I’m one of those people who takes a while to get into the game haha.

  25. i do like nori, but never thought of it as “taking nori” 🙂 forget about some of the things i have in my cupboard…

    bummer about the knee 😦 i’m currently not running due to possibly tendinitis in my foot… NOT a happy camper.

  26. Knee pain can be so scary. But you’re a smart woman. I’m sure you’ll know when you might need to do more about it. ….Eggplant meatballs? How do I do that???

  27. i’m doing my own little push-up challenge, trying to get 25 consecutive. I’m at 11…haha. Baby steps.

    I love nori in sushi form, but didn’t know you could “take nori” – I just think it’s yummy!

  28. I’m scared of the Shirataki noodles! I bought some and have not used them.

    Way to go on the push-up challenge – that’s awesome! On my run days I do 25 push ups following the run and I can totally see the definition in my arms.

  29. Didn’t even know what that was but I’ve had in sushi!
    Way to go on the pushups — I’ve been doing more upper body work lately in the form of daily torture with Jillian DVDs — I can now do exactly 8 pushups. On a good day.

  30. Sorry about your knee, I feel your pain! My PT always told me not to do anything that hurts, so if it’s hurting while running maybe take a break? I know it sucks!

  31. Gah, I’ve never heard of doing that before. I was just thinking the other day that I needed to do something to up my energy levels as I’ve been so worn out lately. Hmmm…

    I hope your knee feels better soon!

  32. How did you like the shiritaki noodles? I had a hard time with the texture…

    • I find that Shiritaki noodles are either something you love or hate. I personally really like them and eat them all the time. But I know a lot of people out there hate the texture and the smell (I rinse mine REALLY well).

  33. I didn’t know you could take Nori as a supplement, I’ve always just had it with sushi! Interesting!

  34. Wow, you kept a good pace for 8 miles!

    Love nori, I have sheets upon sheets of it in the cupboard!

  35. I have heard of nori, but I haven’t tried it…unless it is in sushi?? I am slowly expanding my pantry, but theres no more room! I’ll have to look for it on my next trip to whole foods.

  36. Oh my goodness, I just want to stick my face into that bowl of noodles. YUM!! Ok, so I’m not the FASTEST runner in the world, but I am pretty darn good at pushups. After a quick run this am I did 3×12 w/ 60 sec rest in between. Not bad. I need to check out that challenge!

  37. I hope your knee is okay!

    I didn’t know that nori was something that you could take…sounds interesting!

  38. Sheesh, doing 10 correct push-ups is awesome for me. My upper body strength has always lacked. Being a ballerina all my life was a shoe in for strong legs. But I would definitely love to do at least 25 push-ups. That’s great for you, you’re on the right track!

  39. Thanks for introducing me to Evan’s blog – what a great challenge! I’ve been trying to think of ways to not abandon the exercise during our honeymoon next month, without taking up the extremely limited time we have, and the push up challenge sounds perfect! Also, it certainly won’t hurt to get some sexy arms in time for the big day…

    I love nori, but had no idea it was so nutritious! Honestly, the Japanese just excel at everything, don’t they? 😉 One of my favourite recipes involves drizzling a piece of white fish or chicken with rice vinegar, wrapping it in nori and steaming it. Delish!

  40. […] these noodles, what do you think of them? For another take on how to use these noodles, check out this recipe from Kelly, a fellow fake noodle […]

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