Stuck-In-The-Middle Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everybody! I hope everyone had a great day yesterday. I LOVED reading all your comments on whether or not you believe in soul mates. It was a very interesting question and a lot of your responses were very thought-provoking.

This morning has started off nicely. I did another run…I actually did the same thing I did yesterday: 8 miles and then 15 minutes on the elliptical. I have PT again today at noon and I am anxiously waiting for some groin treatment. Mine is T-I-G-H-T and although I know it is going to hurt like hell I have got to get those knots out. The life of a runner…wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Keith wanted meatloaf last night for dinner and honestly I was not feeling it. But I did make it for him (good wife, right?) and then what did I have? BREAKFAST! haha…how about a big bowl of oatmeal? Okay…meatloaf for the hubs (check) and oatmeal for the wife (check) two happy people (check check) 🙂

So, interesting tidbit of useless information: 69% of adult in the US would consider having cosmetic surgery. But what procedure they would choose may depend on where they live, according to a study done on, which compiled the most searched-for surgeries in cities across the country:

  • New York: Rinoplasty (AKA: Nose Job)
  • Miami: Breast Lift
  • Chicago: Lumineers
  • Dallas & Boston: Hair Transplant
  • Seattle: “Mommy Makeover” (AKA: Tummy Tuck)
  • Los Angeles: Botox

Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery (not for medical purposes?) If so, what would you choose?


62 Responses

  1. I love having breakfast for dinner!

    I seriously have no idea if I’d ever do cosmetic surgery. Probably not because I am a huge wimp and afraid to go under the knife.

  2. Breakfast for dinner is the best.

    I’m sure if you have read my blog you’ve seen my big confession on in regards to a boob job–so, yes, I would have cosmetic surgery b/c i’ve already had it once, BUT, I’m not sure I’m in the market for something else. I loved my results the first time around–I dont want to test anything :). So I’m good to go for a very long time.

  3. I’m kind of like Jessica– the pain alone would keep me away! I don’t know though…I’ll never say never, especially when I get to be much, much older.

  4. If I had money I would operate my eyelids, they hang almost over my eyes and that’s disturbing. Other than that I don’t think.

    I love meatloaf, can I come over and eat some left overs from last night?? 😉

  5. I would do botox. I’ve always wanted a mini abdominoplasty too. Just to get rid of the pooch. With that in mind my diet and workouts are 100% so i’m not taking the easy way out 😉 My stomach is only flat when i’m 105 lbs and VERY dehydrated. Even then there is a bit of jiggle.

  6. I have no idea if I would get plastic surgery.

    I think I’ll cross that bridge when I get there 😉

  7. Interesting that NY is nose jobs, I would have thought it would be face lifts for something. I don’t think I would get plastic surgery, but never say never right?

  8. You are such a running rockstar! I can only hope to run that mileage every week! So glad you’re feeling better and lacing ’em back up!

    I’ve never considered surgery and I don’t think I ever would. I don’t even like taking ibuprofen for a headache. I would never opt to go under the knife and take the risk of complications unless it was absolutely necessary to my life. I have flaws that bother me sometimes, but not enough to do anything about it!

  9. I would definitely get a boob job. Nothing huge, but would like to have a little more than what I’ve got now.

  10. Breakfast for dinner is my favorite! I think I like it so much because I always start my day with oatmeal!

    I would have to say no to plastic surgery for me now. I am not against it if it makes you feel better within reason. I don’t really agree with a total transformation where things look unnatural, but I don’t have a problem with it. After nursing two kids…can’t say I don’t need a little extra on the top half!

  11. I love breakfast for dinner. Sometimes I just want something simple.

    I don’t think I’ll ever get plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons. But I’d get it if I were a burn victim, etc.

  12. Nicely done on the run! Hope PT goes well and he gets the knots out. I think I might get botox – not really plastic surgery of course.

  13. In South Korea, it’s popular to get eyelid surgery… because Asians( as opposed to Americans or any of the ‘white people’ race <—- sorry, Im not being racist here… I just dont know how to describe the general populace) dont really have eyelids. This poses a major dilemma when putting on such makeup like eyeshadow and etc. So, I have considered this, but the recovery time is too long (i.e. a month or more) and you have to be prone more often than not,annnddd I'd better utilize my time in Korea to visit family and have fun:)

    • Interesting! I know you weren’t being racist or anything…no worries…I actually find that very interesting! I love fun facts like that! Thanks!

  14. I don’t think I’d ever do plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons. Perhaps if there were issues with pregnancy (extra skin like Kate Gosselin). However, I do have a broken nose that could be fixed at some point. But you can’t even tell. And it doesn’t bother me.

    Good luck at PT!

  15. I’d never be able to AFFORD plastic surger LOL…but I always wanted a nose job when I was young. I definitely NEED a boob job…but whatever, I’m over it now…it freaks me out really, like it doesn’t belong to me…and I would be scared to have my face cut up…although if it were something subtle…like Heid Klum’s nose…;)…meh. I’d rather have wrinkles then look like Catwoman…or Heidi Montag! Oye.

    But to each his own – I wouldn’t judge! Never say never hah!

  16. I’ve said this before, but I am so happy for you that you are running again. Keep it up!

    I wouldn’t get plastic surgery mostly because I am cheap. I also just don’t think about those things, honestly. That might put me in the minority, and it may make me sound vain, but I don’t know of anything that I’d want to change!

  17. I wouldn’t get any kind of cosmetic surgery. Unless getting a breast reduction counts. It was awkward being 11 and having bigger boobs than the teacher… o.O Oh, and they make running a drag. 😛 But even then I’m not very cool with going under the knife. I’d rather just deal with it than get cut open. It’s not like I’m deformed; I’m otherwise happy so it’s all good. And I don’t ever want any botox stuff. I don’t get why we’re so afraid to age nowadays. It’s what people do… Wrinkles happen!

  18. I would get a boob job…if I didn’t have to pay for it 🙂 I go back and forth almost daily (well, not daily. I don’t think about it that much) about whether or not I would actually go through with it, but I wouldn’t get anything big, just normal B or small C. The recovery time (and wasted vacation days that would use) and the cost are the only reasons I haven’t seriously considered it yet.

  19. I would never rule anything out. After kids I’ve heard a lot can head south and I’d like to keep things focused up north.

    And keep at those runs girl, dayum!

  20. First of all, it’s expensive! And secondly, I’m happy with by body and features. This is what God gave me, who am I to say something’s wrong with it! 🙂

  21. I am patrified of being put under.. and given my history of allergy reaction to anstesia meds there is no way I would consider plastic surgery.

  22. At 28, I don’t feel like it’s necessary for me to have plastic surgery. Never say never though.

    For me, there are alternatives to plastic surgery. I’m focusing now on losing weight and intuitive eating. I could easily go get some lipo, but I feel like doing this the “hard” way will give me an even better self image. Personally, my main goal is to feel amazing on the inside first. Then the rest will come naturally.

  23. I don’t think I would have cosmetic surgery. I’m too scared first of all. And second, its just not me.

  24. Right now, no I would not have it. But who knows, maybe as I get older I might??! I can’t see myself doing it- I’m terrified of any surgery..but I can’t predict what the future would hold.

  25. Good luck at PT!

  26. That is so crazy about the plastic surgery…however, I’m the same way! I wouldn’t get a tummy tuck right away (as I haven’t had kids yet) but what about a breast lift? I don’t want them to show even the slightest signs of sagging! 🙂

    My mom made a little sign for my roommie when she got married that said “Happy Wife Happy Life” you making Keith meatloaf reminded me of that!

  27. Plastic surgery is a gray-area for me. I see the reasons for it and against it. The vanity in me would want a more defined chin (I hate my profile!) and maybe some bigger ta-ta’s (damn running boobs), but I really think if I had the option, I’d still not do it.

    If a flat chest is my biggest problem, I think I have it pretty good…

  28. the ONLY thing i would ever consider (and even then i don’t think i would do it) would be a boob lift after having kiddos…not even implants, just a little somethin’ to perk ’em up 🙂

  29. i have such small little boobies & would love to have a bigger chest… BUT i am terrified of the surgery & many boob jobs have to be “updated” and don’t last forever – so more than one surgery definitely deters me. if i could magically take a (safe) pill and have bigger boobs you bet your booty i would!

  30. I’m so happy to see you running some great mileage again!! Haha I love when you say ‘life of a runner- wouldn’t trade it for anything’ 🙂

    I wouldn’t get plastic surgery. I wouldn’t mind actually having a chest that could fill out even a AA, but then I think if I ever had a daughter, what message would that send to her. I would want her to know that your body is perfect the way it is- it makes you you. (and that’s really what I believe, too)

    • Thanks Heather! It is true that I do think twice now before complaining because I have seen how easily running can be taken away. I don’t want to take it from granted anymore!!

  31. Right now, I would say no, but then again things might change in 15+ years and if I have kids!

  32. I love breakfast for dinner! And after having kids, I know that I would not be opposed to a breast lift. I don’t think I would ever actually get one, but breastfeeding just makes those things droop like no other. Not attractive. I prefer accomplishing things on my own first (like getting a flat stomach back through hard work), but some things I understand needing that extra help from.

  33. Kelly! Your comment this morning made my day, I just wanted you to know! Big smiles! I think you are the first to ever say they were going to tweet me! Thank you thank you thank you!! 🙂

  34. awww you are a good wife!

    nah… don’t think i want any surgery!

  35. I love breakfast for dinner!

    I don’t think I would get plastic surgery… but like everyone else is saying, never say never. I’m perfectly happy with the size of my boobs, I just wish they were perkier, and that’s what Victoria shares her secret for, right?

  36. Yum, meatloaf! Though not something I crave too much when it’s HOT outside. I’ve broken my nose a couple of times and I’ve wanted a nose job to get rid of the crooked bump (that apparently is mostly noticeable to me… isn’t that how it always works?).

  37. You are such a sweet wife. I’d consider getting plastic surgery if I thought it out 100% and didn’t have any doubts.

  38. Your dinner(s) look fab!
    I would do plastic surgery if there was absolutely NO RISK of complications..haha! That being said I probably never will, but wouldn’t mind a breast enhancement so that I could fit into shirts without having an extra padded bra underneath! I’m dreaming… 🙂

  39. You know, I have no idea if I would get plastic surgery…I guess I’ll have to see how well I age before I make that decision…

  40. OMG I need to get out of the office. Its 65 degrees out side, partly cloudy. Does it get any worse than that? (or better?). AHHHHHHHH! Wednesday please be done already!

    Good wife on the meat loaf!! My wife makes it for me and it ROCKS. I tend to love her more on that day! LOL 😛

  41. Hmmm I would consider it, sure. I’m not sure exactly what though, maybe a tummy tuck after a baby?

  42. If after I have all the babies I want to I want a tummy tuck or boob lift down the road, I would most definitely do it. BUT, that would only be if we were financially able to. If that money would take away at all from the well-being of my children, then NO WAY.

  43. I know this sounds weird, but I think I might want the hair transplant the most. (Only if it looked really good and natural, of course!) My hair has thinned a bit over the years, so it’s a sensitive subject for me. I feel like it’s not very common in women, which just makes me really self-conscious about it ALL the time!

  44. I would get a mommy make over, having two babies so close together really did a number on my tummy, and boobs. I am of course going to get my body in best shape possible before i look into it.

  45. I must say, I’m not surprised that a breast lift is hot in Miami…with all the bikinis!

    I personally wouldn’t have cosmetic surgery because I think insecurities should be fixed on the inside. But I’m def. not against other people who choose to do it! Your body, your life 😀

  46. Wheee for your running!! I’m glad you are pumping up that distance once again – you’re a rock star.

    As for plastic surgery, there are definitely things I would like to fix about my body, but I don’t think I’ll ever go that route. I always think about the character I will develop by living with and accepting physical/bodily insecurities – rather than just paying money to eliminate them.

  47. I wouldn’t have surgery just because. I understand having it if you were deformed in an accident, but other than that, I think you should learn to love what you’ve got! There’s no one else like you!!!

    Also, totally flaked on replying to your soulmate post. I agree with you 100%. I think we can find love in a variety of people, but it’s all about CHOOSING the one we actually want.

  48. Mommy makeover sounds good! There is like a 1 in 70 chance I would do that. 🙂

  49. If I could afford it, I would totally get a chest!

    Since I lost weight and even more so, since I started lifting weights, I have nothing, like less than an A 😦

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