Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday guys! How did Saturday shape up for you? First, I have to say that I was very sad to see our boys lose their World Cup game against Ghana yesterday! Boo! It definitely dampened our day for a little while! I also watched the Nike US Track & Field Championships and I got see Lolo Jones win the 100 meter hurdles…she is my favorite!! Love her! The meet was in Des Moines, Iowa, Lolo’s hometown, so I was even more excited for her to take gold! It was a sports day in our house!

Last night we made quesadillas!! YUM! The beauty of quesadillas is that each of us can add our own ingredients and make our own! Mine was a spin off of Jessica’s BBQ Chicken Quesadillas! I halved a whole wheat burrito sized tortilla (La Tortilla Factory brand) and stuffed it with sautéed mushroom, onion, chicken, low-fat cheddar and BBQ sauce. I sautéed it until crispy on both sides. Oh heaven! I was happy! 🙂

BBQ Chicken Quesadillas


Then Keith and I watched Valentine’s Day. It was a cute movie with a lot of stars. It was a fun watch when you don’t want to think too much! haha!

Today we are hoping to log some pool time at my Dad’s house. We are going to take Kodi over there to swim. For those of you who don’t know, Kodi is our dog. And he is OLD…15!!! This will probably be his last summer. 😦 So we are trying to take him to all his favorite activity spots!

Enjoy your Sunday guys!

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  1. Lol read my last tweet. I was totally planning on making those ‘dillas tonight!

  2. I agree that Valentine’s Day was a really fun but also sort of “mindless” film! LOVE Ashton. I’ll watch anything with him in i!

  3. i need to make those quesadillas soon…i love bbq in just about anything! i’m glad you’re having a good weekend sweetheart!!!

  4. Wow those quesadillas look absolutely fabulous! I must make them. Enjoy your sunday I am jealous of your pool time!


  5. We had quesadillas last week – love how custom they can be! Will definitely have to try bbq sauce next time! Enjoy your Sunday!!

  6. The quesadilla sounds delicious! I was wondering about that movie. I am kinda scared since most movies with a lot of stars aren’t really that good. Have fun at the pool! Enjoy your day!

  7. Mmm, that looks yummy!! Are there any Kodi pics on your blog? I’d love to see him! Enjoy the pool.

  8. Have fun at the pool! That was in the plans here, too- but it seems we’re getting a rainy Sunday instead… lame!!!

    BBQ chicken quesadillas are just awesome. I have no idea why, but I get serious cravings for bbq sauce. Especially now that it’s summer!

  9. While Valentine’s Day was not as good as Love Actually, I thought it was pretty cute. One of my favorites was Taylor Swift. She was HYSTERICAL!

  10. I always want to try Jessica’s recipes. I star them in my Google Reader, but never follow through. Great quesadilla! In college, my favorite piece of cooking equipment was my Quesadilla Maker! 😛

  11. I LOVE the La Tortilla tortillas! Those are the only ones I use…so good! Glad you liked it. 🙂

  12. I love meals that can be customized…yummy quesadilla! Have a great day with the pup. My dog freaks out whenever we sit by the pool and I go underwater. She paces, barks…but never jumps in! Dogs are funny little buggers.

  13. I should make those soon. I want a pool!

    And thanks for your kind comment on my blog…so sweet …and really surprising.

  14. Awww, have fun with Kodi. What type of dog is he?

    • He is a chow/Newfoundland mix…we have to shave him int he summer time because of the heat! And he sleeps on his bed with a box fan blowing on him…spoiled!

  15. Enjoy your Sunday swimming with your pup!

  16. Lot’s of love to Kodi 🙂

  17. Ooh, I’ve never tried a BBQ chicken quesadilla, but I love BBQ burritos! I’m guessing they taste pretty similar. 🙂

    I was super sad about the soccer game yesterday too! Ooooh well…We’ll redeem ourselves next time, right? Maybe? 😉

    Have a fun day at the pool!

  18. The game was such a bummer right 😦 They tried their hardest though…so that was good. I also saw a bit of the Track & Field championship- I always love watching that- reminds me of my high school days 😀
    Have a great Sunday & enjoy your time @ the pool!!

  19. Those quesadillas look fantastic, I think my dad would love them too!

  20. Happy Sunday girl!! Love quesadillas and love those tortillas. Most “healthy” tortillas fall apart and get crumbly. Those are perfect.

  21. Sometimes ya just need to watch movies that don’t require much mental output! 🙂 happy sunday!

  22. Have fun with your puppy at the pool!! I am just getting ready to take mine to the doggie park.

    Also, quesadillas are always a good idea.

  23. I was *thisclose* to renting that last night! I didn’t get it because I hadn’t heard anything about it, but damn, that was exactly the kind of movie I was in the mood for! Just got a huge box of old VHS movies and VCR (I know, what’s up 90s?!?) though – Big Lebowski, Princess Bride, Dumb and Dumber…I’m set with stupid funny movies for a while!

    • I LOVE Dumb and Dumber! haha…Keith and I have probably seen that movie at least 20 times! It is probably my favorite Jim Carrey movie!

  24. Sorry to hear about Kodi….our husky (Sheeba) dies last summer, she was 15 and it was hard. My daughter cried for her this morning actually, breaks my heart. But we still have our Doberman (Kobe) but he is DH dog, Sheeba was mine and what a sweetheart she was….sorry for the sad post, its one of those days!
    Glad you enjoyed the movie, its on my “to rent” list.
    Hope you had fun at the pool!

    • I am so sorry Bela. Losing a pet is hard and this is going to be hard on Keith when Kodi does pass away. He has had Kodi since he was a puppy (6 weeks old) so it is going to be hard. Kodi has arthiritis pretty badly and we have to carry him upstairs every night. 😦 Poor baby!

  25. Yummy looking quesadillas! They’re the same tortillas I use – aren’t they fab?!? 😀
    Valentine’s Day was a cute movie, but I agree, Love Actually was better!

  26. ugh, thats so sad. sounds like you’re making it a good summer for him.

  27. Awww that’s cute and sad about your dog. I love quesadillas!! Total bum about the USA. Hope you had a great day!

  28. The USA game was such a bummer!

  29. definite bummer about the game, but what an awesome spread you had! and now i’m craving a quesadilla 🙂

  30. i was so bummed about the game. they announced the score at the wedding i was at yesterday. there was a collective sigh of sadness amoung the guests 😦

  31. Poor Kodi 😦 Make it the best summer yet then!

    I loved Valentines Day, when I watch a movie I don’t like to think too hard.

  32. […] am not going to lie, last night’s dinner was an exact repeat of Saturday night’s feast! BBQ Chicken Quesadillas. I couldn’t help it. I was craving them again so badly and I thought well why not?? Who cares […]

  33. a movie where you don’t’ have to think too much? sounds perfect for me!! i was wondering about that one. i was afraid they used so many celebs bc the plot sucked. might check it out 🙂

  34. Quesadillas are fantastic and surprisingly filling! I recently made them with cheese, black olives, black beans and leftover chicken from the rotisserie chicken we had the night before. it was gooooood!

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