What Are YOU?

Thanks for all the great comments this morning on my test run! I really appreciate it. PT went really well. He worked out some knots in my groin and then focused on my knee. He said everything feels good and just keep positive. He reminded me that running 5 miles today at 8:40/pace is not too shabby and the fact that I didn’t have any pain was a good sign. He said the fact that my knee felt “loose” was exactly how it should feel. He said he has been working on it for 3 weeks now and trying to loosen the grip my muscles have at the knee insertion point. So…he gave me the green light to run 5 miles again on Wednesday. Tomorrow will be a no-impact swim and yoga day. So…I am trying to roll with it. 😉

 So…on to more interesting information: are you an extrovert or an introvert? Do you even know the difference? Before doing some research I would have immediately said I was an extrovert. Here is what I learned:

Extroverts tend to love the limelight: they are born performers. Their brain chemistry makes them forthcoming, open, and energetic. Extroverts tend to want to be on the go. They thrive on activities, both physical and mental. The key to extroverts is that they gain their energy from the outside world. Things outside of these people stimulate them, or energize them. This includes other people and outside, exciting activities. Extroverts become more energetic or charged up by social events and large group activities. They enjoy being busy and surrounded by people.

Introverts are often misunderstood. They can appear to be shy and aloof, or calm, or even unfeeling. In actuality, introverts are driven and energized by their own inside equilibrium. They are the calm, collected group. Introverts work within their minds and excel at such tasks as writing, composing, engineering, and researching, and in disciplines such as design, diagnostic imaging, psychiatry, and radiology. Introverts feel the most energized and complete when they are peacefully thinking or working in their minds, or by being calmly stimulated by the outside world. Large, loud parties, thrill-seeking, and too many people drain introverts.

Extraversion (70-75% of population) Introversion (25-30% of population)  
Energized by what goes on in the outer world Energized by what goes on in the inner world
Need to talk to clarify what they think Need to reflect before they talk
Can be seen as accessible and understandable Can be seen as subtle and difficult to know well initially
Difficult for them to just sit & listen Work quietly without interruption
Often work to change he world Often work to understand the world
Interests often have breadth Interests often have depth
Interaction Concentration
Sociability Territoriality
Multiplicity of relationships Limited relationships
Expenditure of energies Conservation of energies

After reading all of this…I don’t think I am an extrovert so much. I think I was more of one when I was younger. I think I fall into both categories and can see qualities of both sides in myself. I think as I have gotten older, though, I have become more of an introvert. Keith is hands down an extrovert and he knows it! He recharges and energizes off other people. I do not. I value and love my alone time. Neither is right nor wrong but interesting. I do tend to be very outgoing and talkative but some of my deeper emotions are so well hidden that I am not entirely sure that I put my real self out into the world. This causes me to sometimes feel like a fraud but maybe it isn’t fraud so much but a protection mechanism. I don’t think there is really anything wrong with that. I tend to keep my deeper feelings inside. So sometimes what you see isn’t necessarily what is going on on the inside. Don’t you love it when something makes you think…I mean really think about who you are?!

Are you an Extrovert or an Introvert?

Did you opinion change after reading the above information?


55 Responses

  1. Oh, this is easy! I’m totally an introvert!

  2. I’d hate to label myself, so I’ll just say I’m reserved and not-outgoing but enjoy having people think I’m the opposite 🙂

  3. i am absolutely sure that i am an extrovert. not a single thing on the introvert list is me! haha.

  4. I’m definitely a combo. I love people and parties and I can be outgoing, but I am not someone who likes to always be on the go. I love downtime. I am also a very calm, quiet person.

  5. I think I am an Introvert. I am outgoing, social and can talk to a wall, but I have my shy moments and definitely think before talking.
    I’m glad to hear about your knee. Sounds like things are improving. Have fun at yoga tomorrow!!!

  6. Socially I’m an extrovert. I love parties and being around friends! Everything else I can definitely see myself being an introvert for sure.

  7. I am a major introvert which often gets mistaken for snobbery.

  8. I am 100% extrovert every way!! The older I get the more extrovert I become I guess it’s about me being more myself. I like your post and it made very clear, once again, that I am extrovert. I believe people should be valued for what they are and neither of these two is better than the other.

  9. I’m definitely more of an extrovert! I thrive off of my interactions with other people and love to socialize. My boyfriend is the introvert of this pair.

  10. I am somehow both. I am an introvert but I display extrovert characteristics. Internally I identify with being introverted but others describe me as friendly, outgoing very social and fun.

  11. I am an extrovert, but I am becoming more introverted as I “age”. You know, at my ripe age of 25, lol 🙂 Glad to hear you’re running, and pain-free while doing so! Woot woot!

  12. have you ever done the myers briggs personality testing? it’s so interesting & i think you’d really enjoy it!

    • I have done one but it was a long time ago (like 10 years) and I think it would be interesting to do it again to see if things have changed. I think I know myself better now and would be able to more easily and honestly answer the questions.

  13. Total introvert! I realized in college that being on my own allowed me to recharge and think a lot more clearly. I am definitely one who needs alone time around my own stuff to recharge and recenter. My husband is the only person I don’t mind being around constantly.

  14. ive been told a lot that im an extrovert…judging from your description, i can say i definitely fall into that…

  15. I’m a lot like you. I live being and working with people, but I sure do love my solo time!

  16. This is really interesting! I see parts of my personality on both sides, but when it comes down to it I am probably more of an introvert. Honestly I feel like it depends on the situation and the people around me, etc!

  17. I’m definitely an introvert, and much like Melissa it often is mistaken for snobbery or I’m told I’m unapproachable. A very interesting book “The Introvert Advantage” by Marti Olsen Laney really talks to being an introvert it helped me come to terms with it and help me approach the world in a way that works for me. It’s not about being shy it’s more about how you recharge yourself. I work in a job that I love but it’s a very social outgoing job and at the end of the day I’m usually exhausted and fortunately my husband understands I need some quiet time to recharge and regroup

  18. I really think there is something in the middle that they need to name. I am a little of both so right in the middle! How about a Midrovert! That actually does not sound very good…..LOL

  19. Yay on the good news from the PT! I am totally an introvert. I’ve always been one and there’s never been any doubt on it LOL

  20. I am an introvert for sure!

    Glad you are progressing through PT 🙂

  21. I think I’m mostly an introvert. I am definitely not the center of attention, but I do enjoy being around people.

  22. I’m definitely an introvert, though by those descriptions I do have some characteristics of an extrovert- though I doubt anyone would label me that way 😉

    Glad PT went well!! Yay!!

  23. I’m like you in that I think I used to be more of an extrovert, but I’ve become much more introverted as I’ve gotten older.

  24. Extrovert 10000% And Matt’s an introvert. We work well together.

    That’s why we’re having the big wedding, where everyone can stare at ME in a big white dress, and he can stand off to the side. 🙂 This is what i tell him.

  25. Sweetie – an 8:40 pace is friggin’ awesome! I’m an introvert I guess – but I’m definitely going to be “Changing” ? to an extrovert more…I think all the qualities of both are great…but sometimes I think that reflecting too much on things, thinking too much, being too alone with your thoughts…it’s asking for alot of trouble.

    Don’t think. Just Do.

  26. I’m glad you are going to the PT and doing it! It is beneficial. I was lazy and didn’t do my PT like I should after a surgery and I regret not doing the exercises now.

  27. i think i am an introvert!

  28. I was an extrovert in my mind until I read this. Though I can talk all day long (and do for a living) I’m happiest when things are settled and quiet. I don’t like large crowds or parties and have a select few of very close friends rather than a large number of just good friends. I like alone time and in fact NEED it once in a while. Introvert in extrovert’s clothing, i guess 🙂

  29. I am an introvert and my boyf is such an extrovert I’ve noticed recently… I tend to be the quiet confusing one who people may think is aloof…but really I am just shy until you get to know me. He is such a people person and I am, just in a different way! I tend to have a small group of good friends over a large amount of acquaintances, connections.

    • I definitely think that introverts get labeled incorrectly as aloof or stoic. When really that isn’t it at all. Sometimes I am really quiet just because I am soaking it all in!

  30. I took the Myers-Briggs personality test and was outraged to find out I was an introvert. Not sure why I think of it so negatively, it is really just a reflection of where you get your energy from.

    Like Hilary, I NEED Katie-time. A lot of it.

    I think people view introverts as boring and un-social, but that isn’t how it is.

    • I totally agree that an introvert has a more negative social stigma than an extrovert. Yet both are just as acceptable and needed in our society! Can you imagine is everyone was an extrovert?! Look out! haha! The world needs more of us! haha!

  31. I’ve done a lot of “research” on introverts and extroverts…I think it is SO fascinating! I am 100% an extrovert, and my husband is 100% an introvert. We could not be more opposite, and while it sometimes creates problems – it keeps us both from going off the deep end in our respective directions. 🙂 Before we were married, I had a TOTAL stigma about introverts, but now I WISH I had a little more of that in me – very thoughtful, observant, peaceful, and focused individuals.

  32. I’ve had numerous personality tests, including Myers Briggs, and I always score as an extrovert, but close to the borderline.

  33. It’s hard to label myself because I can be either depending on my mood or situation, but I guess I tend more toward introvert.

  34. I’m with you – definitely a bit of both. I also enjoy my alone time (Hello, Sunday mornings!), but I also love being around people and feeding off their energy.

  35. Extrovert all the way! I feed off the energy around me, can’t sit still , always like to be on the go and need to have a lot of friends or people I can turn to, not just a few.

  36. i honestly beleive i am split 50/50 between the two. Depending on the situation and the topic, i can be either. Am I cheating by not picking one 🙂

  37. Oh, I’m totally an introvert. My husband is an extrovert, though. I like it that way. So when we are at get-togethers with people we don’t know well, I let him do all of the schmoozing.

  38. I’m the opposite of you. I thought I would be an introvert, but I do have a lot of extroverted traits. I’m kind of an extroverted introvert. I thrive when I’m around people but at the same time, I’m shy.

  39. oh i love stuff like this! personality colors and recently, i found a “which font type are you” it was the coolest test!

    anyway, i think i’m an extrovert but i definitely fall into both categories. just like with the personality colors. i’m more blue than red but definitely a little of both.

  40. I’m definitely an introvert, but I display qualities of both at different times. Also, I feel that if I’m going through a difficult time, such as the layoff I’m going through now, I become even more introverted than usual—if that makes sense. Once I get it together, I come out of my shell and socialize more. I DEFINITELY feel more energized and recharged when I look inside myself. Others really don’t energize me or motivate me–which is a good thing. I never had to have a friend to go to the mall with or to a movie with 😀 I think because of this, I tend to rock on interviews and short bursts of friendliness towards strangers and so on.

  41. That’s great news!!!

    How does he work out knots in your groin? Haha, I had to ask… it put a weird picture in my head. 🙂

    I am totally an introvert.

    • Um yeah…that weird picture is probably VERY accurate as to what he is doing! I was so embarrased the first day but now…eh…whatever! haha!

  42. 🙂 I think we all shy away from our extreme extrovert tendancies a bit after growing up. I was totally an extrovert as a child. A huge extrovert! But then things happened, and now I’m an introvert. I NEED hours along each day to regroup. I can spend my whole weekend alone and be ok.

    But, maybe I’m just an extrovert with extreme social anxiety.

  43. Hands down, introvert! 🙂

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