My Favorite Fruit

I love apples and thankfully they love me (and you) too! Apples are so versatile and quite an amazing little fruit. We’ve all heard the old adage that, “An apple day keeps the doctor away,” but guess what? It’s true! Apples can help you be healthy in the following ways:

• Healthy Bones: apples provide boron, an essential trace element that helps harden bones. Strong bones help prevent osteoporosis.

• Asthma Help: apples have shown up in several studies as a significant way to lower asthma risk. In fact, apples have stood out amongst other fruits when it comes to general support of lung function and lung health. Flavonoids unique to apple – including phloridzin – are thought to play a potentially key role in the special ability of apples to support lung health.

• Memory Protection: new research from the University of Massachusetts Lowell suggests that consuming apple juice may protect against cell damage that contributes to age-related memory loss.

• Cholesterol Lowering: the pectin in apples lowers LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Studies show that people who eat two apples per day may lower their cholesterol by as much as 16 percent.

• Cancer Prevention: apples in some studies have shown to help lower certain cancer risks. Reduced risk of lung cancer in women, for example, has been associated with daily consumption of apples, and apples were the only specific fruit that showed this beneficial association with lung cancer. From a fairly large collection of laboratory studies and studies on animals, there is good reason to believe that apples may be helpful in reducing risk of colon cancer and breast cancer as well, even though it will take a series of human studies to see if these benefits hold true for people and under what circumstances. (

• Appetite Control: the complex carbohydrates in apples give your body a longer, more even energy boost compared to high-sugar snacks. Snacking on apples can keep you going throughout the day. One apple provides as much dietary fiber as a bowl of bran cereal. That’s equal to one fifth of the recommended daily intake of fiber.


When buying apples, whichever variety you prefer, always look for those that are brightly colored and firm and always avoid bruised and mushy apples. You should store your apples in the refrigerator. Cool storage keeps them from losing the natural moisture that makes them crisp. It also keeps them from turning brown inside. To prevent browning when slicing apples for a recipe, simply put the slices in a bowl of cold water to which a spoonful of lemon juice has been added.  For use in future recipes, sliced apples freeze well in plastic bags or containers.

Hello pretty little things!

Do you like apples? What is your favorite?

I am a pink lady snob! Seriously those are the best! Keith disagrees; he is a granny smith lovah!


44 Responses

  1. I’m with Keith. Granny Smith is the best!!

  2. Apples are a frequent mid-morning snack for me. I love gala apples, pink ladies, and fuji the best.

  3. Granny Smith for me too! My favourite fruit is piña 🙂

  4. Honey crisp is a #1 for me. I’m not sure what time of year they come out, but they’re always the most expensive, but SO worth it.

  5. I ADORE apples!! They are by far my favorite fruit…well besides right now because for some reason I don’t want apples and only bananas will do. I am all about gala and pink lady apples.

  6. Honeycrisp apples top my list of favorites. Second would probably be pink lady or fuji.

  7. I’ve been on a Pink Lady kick lately. I love chopping them up with some cinnamon and raisins. I have to stop myself from eating apples multiple times a day. I love picking them fresh, too!

  8. Wow– I love apples even more now! I didn’t know any of that stuff! Honey crisps are my FAVE…mmmmm.

  9. I like pink lady apples! Granny Smith is too tart for me.

    I love when bloggers have posts like these, giving us the 411 on certain foods 😀

  10. Gala are my favorite although apples make me sick. Must be the sugars?

  11. Pink Lady or Honeycrisp! More expensive than the more common ones but I don’t care; they’re delicious (unlike the poorly-named Red Delicious…)!

    And I never knew apples froze well! That’s awesome. Although I guess it makes sense; I’ve frozen homemade apple pies before. Just never put two and two together I guess. 😛

  12. Pink ladies or Honeycrisp are my apples of choice but I prefer granny smiths if I’m baking with them for some reason.

  13. LOVE apples! My favorite is Fuji 🙂

  14. Um, wow. I knew apples were good for you but I didn’t know HOW good. I may go eat one now!
    I have too many favorites! I would go to the farmer’s market at my college in Boston and just point at what looked good cause there were so many exciting new varieties! Honeycrisps, Macouns, and Gingergolds are all pretty amazing.

  15. I just love apples!! I love the fall when it’s apple pickin time!! My favorite ever are honeycrisps, but they’re always overpriced. I usually get the fujis most of the time. Pink Lady’s are great too!!

  16. I love apples, but they’re only my favorite fruit in the fall. Off-season apples are just too sweet for me. I love macouns and stayman because they’re tart, but those are only grown during apple season. When the time comes around, I always pick my own.

    I’m so sick of the gala and pink ladies that are at the grocery store lately.

  17. Gotta love organic gala apples!

  18. honey crisp is on top but they are so dang expensive. i love a crunchy gala. i LOVE apples!!

  19. This makes me feel better for all the apple recipes I’m going to start cooking and eating over and over again since David’s an apple snob! Haha, his favorite are Honey Crisp. To me…an apple is an apple is an apple. Don’t get me wrong, I can tell the difference between the flavors, but it’s not that big of a deal or difference to me.

  20. Oh I love apples – Royal Gala all the way!! I can eat 3 in a day no problem…and the really big yellow ones are awesome too 🙂

  21. honey crisp!!!!!!

  22. I am a pink lady fan with gala coming in a close second.

  23. I’ve gotta agree with you, pink ladies are the best!! I buy them from costco because I eat so many of them…

  24. Thanks for the tip re: the refrigerator. I always thought that apples, like tomatoes, should be stored outside.

  25. Golden Delicious ALL the way! 😀

  26. I LOVE apples, any kind. I eat one or more every single day..

  27. I’m obsessed with apples. I love them plain, with almond butter smeared on top, in fruit salad, in salads, sauteed ,grilled….now I sound like Forrest Gump! 🙂

  28. LOVE apples! I have at least one a day (usually around 3P for an afternoon pick me up) and just feel weird if I dont have one. I used to be all about the yellow apples but have really been diggin Granny Smith lately

  29. I’m with you! Definitely love the Pink Lady apples. Thanks for all the interesting stats on them!

  30. I used to eat an apple almost everyday. Now I finds it can make me hungry. Unless I pair it with some PB.
    I’m a red apple girl all the way! Eating some Gala right now, but I do like those Braeburns.

  31. I love apples and apple picking….a family tradition every year! My faves are Granny Smith, Golden Delicious and Mac.

  32. My favorite apples (in order) Honeycrisp, Pink Lady, Fuji! Granny Smiths are best for baking!

  33. I have to say I am a Gravenstein Apple fan myself. We have a couple of trees around my house and use the apples for baking and eating.

  34. My favorites are galas. Pink ladies come in second. In my opinion granny smiths are only for making pies 😉

  35. You know I wish I loved apples too.. I mean I love apple pies.. but I have noticed that when I eat an apple as a snack it like all of a sudden I have a hole in my stomach… I am starving for the rest of that day.. regardless of whatelse I eat…

  36. slowest week ever for sure!

  37. […] Posted on June 10, 2010 by Kelly Since everyone enjoyed yesterday’s post on apples I thought I woudl stick with that theme and move on to my second favorite fruit…the […]

  38. I just re-read most of these comments, and I’m so glad a lot of people are on board the honeycrisp train! I only heard about them last summer from Iowa Girl Eats blog and have loved them since. Yummies.

  39. Pink ladies are the best, but unfortunately apples don’t agree with my stomach. I found that out the hard way one winter when I was all about the apple a day. turns out that saying isn’t accurate for everyone…an apple a day sent me to the doctor!

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