Monday Miles

Happy Monday. Today is a day of miles! I swam 2 miles and then sat in the steam room for 15 minutes! Have you guys ever done that?! WOW! Dr. Jeff said to try it. He said steam rooms and saunas were excellent! Well, okay if the doctor insists who am I to argue? hehe! Then I banged out 5 miles (45 minutes on the trusty elliptical)! Sweaty mess…I am! I don’t think I could find a better way to start a Monday! 🙂

How was your day yesterday? Holy crap it was HOT and HUMID here! I heard on the news that it was actually 102 but the heat index was 112!! Hello…summer…thanks for introducing yourself. I’m Kelly…nice to meet you! 🙂 I also watched quite possibly the dumbest movie ever made. Has anyone seen, Have You Heard About The Morgans? If you have…I am SO sorry! If you haven’t…I am SO envious! 🙂 Really guys…it was bad with a capital B! I have also found a new obsession. I download the NY Times Crossword Puzzle app onto my blackberry. Holy crap…you may never see or hear from me again. I am so addicted!

I was reading an article in a fitness magazines about what motivates women to go to the gym. My favorite response was: “I keep my blow dryer at the gym.” She said she only owns one blow dryer and she keeps it at the gym. She swears that is why she goes every morning! I thought that was a classic response! Can you beat that one?

What motivates YOU to go the gym or workout everyday?


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  1. I don’t know how you could sit in the sauna THEN run! It always wipes me out and relaxes me, I have to do it after all exercise.

    Just knowing how great I’ll feel afterwards is what motivates me!

    • haha…well I don’t really know. I swam and then sat in the sauna. Then I stretched and came home, drank a ton of water and then hopped on the elliptical.

  2. I’m pretty sure I can’t even come close to beating Ms. Blowdryer! How funny is that! I love how the steam room just seems to open everything up and leave you feeling super refreshed.

  3. Dang girl! You should try a Triathlon. 120 laps in the pool is insane!


  4. I love the sauna. It’s so good for you. I can’t do the steam room though – they put eucalyptus in ours and it hurts my eyes. I’m super-protective of my eyes since I had LASIK last year. Plus, I can’t stop thinking of how moisture facilitates growth of certain things and then I get all icked out and…yeah, I have issues.

    Hmmm, I get to see my Yoga buddies, so that keeps me going. 😀

    Love you pookie!!

  5. Woops my bad, more like 70 laps. LOL! Anyway, still awesome to swim that far! IRONMAN swims are 2.4 miles so yeah, wish I was there!

    • Yeah…but I have a feeling that I am not fast! I am pretty sure any ironman would laugh at my pace. It took me 68 minutes…and truthfully I have aboslutely no idea if that is or is not good! 😉

  6. I’m sorry, but there’s no way that movie was dumber than Kickin’ it Old Skool. I felt my brain melt when I watched it. I’m not sure I’ve ever fully recovered from the trauma of how numb it made my brain. 😐

    Feeling good is what motivates me. Sometimes I hate it but I always go if I’m really up to it because I feel better afterward. 🙂

  7. I told my boyfriend about your swims this weekend. He’s like “Yeah, that’s pretty intense.” So – I guess you’re a natural! 🙂 Way to go Kelly, that’s incredible – you’re not tired out after a few laps like I’d be, obviously lol.

  8. Keeping your hair dryer at the gym is a pretty clever idea!

    I’m motivated to work out most mornings because I love how much more energized and alive I feel throughout the day. On days I skip my workout I often feel lazy and sluggish.

  9. Haha that is good motivation to get to the gym!

    • That is what I thought! I have that kind of hair that 100% HAS to be blowdried…so if I ever lose my motivation I am going to try this! haha!

  10. Great workout! So glad you have a couple of other options since you can’t run right now.

  11. Ugh… I saw that movie in theaters with my mom. I felt like I’ve seen that kind of movie 100 times before. It was horrible.

    Of course my mom loved it….

  12. Funny because my motivation to go the gym is to use the steam room. Nothing beats the combo of an intense workout, a great steam and then a cold shower. I’m left feeling refreshed and calm- and my skin feels like silk. I consider it my weekly “spa” visit!

  13. OH my gosh. All that exercising you did. I don’t have that kind of energy. I’d feel like Sasquatch sludge right now had I done all that. But I do applaud you exercising awesomeness.

    ….and this morning I decided to join a gym. I’ll go there this weekend to sign up. KA-BOOM!

    • YAY Josie! I am excited you are joining a gym and I know you will have tons of blogworthy stories that only you could tell! 🙂

  14. Whenever Monday comes around, I always think of you & try to have your AWESOME positive Monday attitude 😀 It’s working so far…I hope it continues.
    And I couldn’t agree with you more about that dumb movie!! I hated it…wasted a good 2 hours of my life. LOL!

  15. Hot and humid for sure this weekend, this AM has been surprisingly pleasant. 2 miles swimming?! I would need floaties. That is awesome girl!

    This morning the power was out at the gym, thank goodness for curly hair.

    NY Times puzzle way to intense for me, plus I would totally cheat and Google.

    My motivation is knowing it’s done for the day. If I don’t do my workout first thing in the morning, my afternoon can get away from me and I’d miss a good workout.

  16. My motivation is checking it off of my list. If I don’t go first thing I am antsy the rest of the day thinking about how I am going to fit it in! It is crazy hot here in Arizona too. Is it fall yet?

  17. I read somewhere that one lady stopped by the gym on her way to work and dropped her house key off there in a locker. That way she had to go to the gym on her way home or wouldn’t be able to get in her house. Haha! Whatever works.

  18. hahaha omg i cant believe hse does that!!! idk, i guess i just am motivated because i know it is worth it b/c ill feel so much better afterwards. Right now i’m feeling very little motivation though, not going to lie. & yay for your swimming!!


  19. I go to the gym because I love the high I get after a great workout!

  20. I have a friend who is in competition prep and she has twice a day cardio. So, in the morning after her workout, she lives her gymbag locked up so she HAS to go back after work and get it :).

  21. Yes, I’ve seen it. lol. And, yes, you are correct, it is a lil dumb.
    You are also correct that it was hotter than Haitis in Texas this weekend! OUCHY!
    I love going to the gym for my group fitness classes! I know how awesome I will feel when I’m done and the end results are so worh it! It’s short shorts, strappy dresses and swimsuit season!

  22. Good job on the swim! How long did it take you? I love sitting in the steam room after the pool. It feels great.

    I am motivated to workout because I love EATING. 🙂 And I also know I feel 10x better than when I don’t work out.

    • It took me 68 minutes and honestly I know next to nothing about swimming and pacing and I have absolutely no clue if that is or is not good. Do you?? haha!

  23. What a workout…WHEW! 😉
    I think I would be too nervous to leave my hairdryer at the gym…you never know about an emergency!
    Quickly approaching summer + bathing suits is keeping me motivated to keep sweating. 😉

  24. Good for you!! Great workout!! Remember how I told you I was going to dedicate my next run to you? That run was yesterday, and it was my first training run for my first half marathon. What a great run to dedicate!! I was reading a running book that made me think of you. The endorphins released during exercise are quite similar to morphine, and studies have shown that people really do become addicted to exercise. There was a nice chapter in my book about how important it is for sports medicine doctors to care for the psychological impacts of an injury. As much as you run and as much as you love running, I hope your doc paid attention to the psych impacts. I think not being able to run affects you more than it does the average runner.

    Love the bit about the blow dryer! I wake up and go because doing so helps me start my day the right way. Exercise makes me feel good!

    • That makes me feel so special that you decicated your run to me! I am so proud and honored! Really!! I agree with that book too…my PT is awesome and he is trying really hard to help me find other ways to “run”…he is thinking of introducing me to water running! Sounds like something I would really like. I will keep you posted! 🙂

  25. Lol..that movie did look pretty bad 🙂

    Ahhhhh, saunas and steams are my weakness– I LOVE them. So glad you enjoyed a good workout this morning!

  26. Hah, the blow dryer would not work for me..I rarely do my hair! LOL!

    I am motivated because I enjoy pushing myself physically and I love breaking a sweat. I feel more accomplished! I also love the “me” time it provides. That’s all the motivation I need! 🙂

    Glad you had a GREAT workout! You impress me with your workouts, you are in amazing shape!

  27. You couldn’t pay me to watch that Morgans movie.
    Great job on the elliptical!

  28. that movie is pretty horrible, although i will admit that i liked that they stayed together in the end…i thought that was a really good thing to show people that marriages can be saved!

    i don’t go to the gym, but i have a pair of pants that are my workout motivators!

  29. I am motivated simply by thinking about how much better I feel during and after my workout. I’m much more cranky and stressed out if I don’t exercise and I HATE feeling that way!

  30. Walking outside lately has been a giant slap of heat in the face.

  31. Ugh, that movie sounded horrible. Glad I didn’t rent it. Maybe I need to store my blow dryer at the gym. That, or my makeup. I’d never miss a morning.

  32. Just catching up on your blogs after a crazy weekend. So sorry to hear about your running delima. I am sure you will conquer the art of swimming and the eliptical : ) Go Kelly!!! Congrats on the article, yum I think I will make that chicken tonight, thanks for that! Didn’t see the movie, but my 16 year old said it was awful.

    My morning workout motivation is seeing the faces of all the 5.30am peeps and feeling soooo much better after the workout and knowing I have my whole day ahead of me… : )

  33. I need to start keeping a bottle of wine at the gym.

  34. haha I love that blow dryer at the gym idea!! My motivation is my dog. She needs her walk everyday anyhow, so instead I run. That way we BOTH win!!

  35. Swimming is so hard!! Good job with 2 miles, I’m very impressed.

    My husband is a personal trainer, so I go to the gym to see him! I guess I could say “I keep my husband at the gym” – sort of. 🙂 It works.

  36. Awesome workout! I think Biz’s challenge has really kept me going lately…I LOVE being able to write exercise on my calendar each day! I feel more accomplished, even if it’s just a little workout…I’m working on consistency.

  37. Nice job on the swim and elliptical! I know it sucks not being able to run right now but you’re sure making the best of it! As for what motivates me to workout? I have the HARDEST time answering that for some reason, I just DO because I love how it makes me feel and I quite honestly feel lost without a good workout everyday (which is why rest days are so hard for me!).

  38. Haha, I definitely can’t beat that! I don’t need any special motivation since exercise is my passion. And it’s so hard for me to understand why so many healthy people son’t exercise.

  39. hmm I used to be a big gym person but now I find it hard to motivate myself to get there. What motivates me to work out in general though? A tight tummy ? lol

  40. A two mile swim?? You are crazy with your workouts. How is your leg feeling? I hope okay!

    What motivates me to go to the gym??? Honestly the biggest motivation is the hour of time just for ME away from being mommy. I love my daughter, but NEED that time as often as possible. I honestly credit the gym daycare for my sanity the tough few months post baby…and getting in the best shape ever within 9 months of giving birth. 😀

    • The leg is feeling good…the pool and elliptical are pain free so that is good…but I will be honest I feel like I am walking around on egg shells…totally terrified that all the sudden it is going to start hurting during those exercises too!

  41. You are so freakin’ positive it kind of kills me. In a good way of course 🙂 So my question for you is, how do you really challenge yourself on the elliptical? I try to do high resistance, but I never feel like I’m getting a kickass workout when I do it…I tend to zone out. What’s the trick?!

    And to answer your question…working out is pretty much a habit for me at this point. My motivations do vary though…sometimes I’m actually CRAVING a run (love those days!) and others, well, I’ve gotta an ice cream habit…what can I say? 😉

    • I always thought the elliptical was easy too but I have been upping the resitance and just making sure my heart rate stays up. To be honest…it kills me! My heart rate gets higher than when I run! Today I was on there for 45 minutes and I averaged 160 heart rate!!! Averaged! My ellipitcal doesn’t have the moveable arms so I don’t hold on either. I force my core to do the work to keep me upright while still pumping out RPM’s between 85 and 90. It is tough…either that or I am an elliptical wimp…which could be true too…haha!

  42. How the heck do you swim 2 miles?!?!?! When I trained for my sprint triathalon, I decided that swimming is by far the hardest sport known to man-kind!! That sounds like a great workout!

    • Haha! Honestly, the worst part for me is the biking. I have done a tri too (it was a mini) and the bike was seriously the hardest thing I have ever done!!! 🙂

  43. Should I be slightly embarrassed that I liked that movie?

  44. I’m jealous you have an elliptical at home! I get motivated to go to the gym or workout because of how I feel after. It makes my day so much better!

    • It is nice…we have an ellipitcal, a treadmill and a bike trainer…I love not having to go to the gym if I don’t want to! But sometimes I need a change of pace and now I need their pool!

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