Sunday of Champs

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone had a great Saturday. The weather here was gorgeous…HOT…but pretty. Unfortunately, after my PT session yesterday morning I tried to spend the majority of the day close to home icing my leg. Ice  = faster recovery! I am supposed to ice 20 minutes on/40 minutes off and I did this for close to the entire afternoon. This morning, I STILL look like someone took a bat to my leg but really I don’t care. I don’t care how it looks as long as it is getting better and the scar tissue is breaking up! 

Last night “Operation Cheer Kelly Up” resumed with PIZZA! I mean really how could you not be happy with Pizza? We tried a NEW gluten-free pizza crust out but just in case we didn’t like it (because really gluten-free items can definitely be hit or miss) we also popped a CPK BBQ Chicken Pizza in the oven as well. So we had a plethora of pizza! Again, I am failing to see the problem! hehe! Leftover cold pizza is best anyway! 

Taste Testing: New GF Pizza Crust

The Back-Up Plan

My plate with the CPK pizza

The Gluten-Free Pizza

The winner? Definitely the CPK Pizza. I love homemade pizza but that crust will not be a buy again in our house! 😦   

I also watched the second Twilight movie: New Moon. I read the entire series a few months back and LOVED it! So I am finally watching the movies in an effort to get ready for Eclipse that is coming out pretty soon. Book 2 was my favorite book so I definitely liked the movie. I will say that I know 99% of people don’t like Kristen Stewart but I LOVE her! I think she plays the part of Bella perfectly and I also think that there is something kind of bad-ass about how she is so hands off and stoic with the media and her newfound fame. Anyway…I know I am pretty much alone in my thinking there, but I am okay with it. 

So all-in-all yesterday was a pretty darn good day. Today I have laundry, laundry and more laundry to tackle. I am NEVER going to be able to figure out how me and Keith manage to dirty enough clothes for 4 loads of laundry each week! I am blaming Keith….hehe! 🙂 

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!


26 Responses

  1. That’s too bad about the gluten free crust, but at least you had a delicious back-up plan! Enjoy your Sunday!! 🙂

  2. Ugh I HATE the 3rd book, so I am not too excited about the newest movie coming out. I am a hopeless romantic, and I like my romance to stay between the 2 people it should be…there should NOT be a 3rd party!! Just my opinion tho 🙂

  3. I read Twilight, and watched Twilight and New Moon. I’m a sucker for them too! And…I think Kristen Stewart plays Bella fabulously. The next one (Eclipse??) comes out at the end of June already! CPK Pizza does not disappoint. There is one close to me, so I usually get carry-out as opposed to the store bought.

    Have fun doing laundry 🙂

  4. I think pizza is a perfect food to cheer up with! And I am anxiously counting down until June 30 when the next Twilight movie is released.

  5. I like Kristen Stewart too! I hope she keeps doing well once Twilight is over and makes some good film choices.

    We made it safe to Croatia…thank you for worrying about us 🙂 I hope you had a great Sunday, girl!

  6. I love CPK. Can’t go wrong with anything on their menu… especially the pizza! But I’ve never tried their frozen pizza before- only at the restaurant…

  7. Hi Kelly! i’ve been out of town but wanted to thank you for your advice on fat loss and strength training. Also, I really loved your post on carbohydrates…thank you! As far as carbs such as triscuits, tortilla chips, pretzels, etc…how often is it healthy to incorporate these into our diets? Most importantly, I am so sorry to hear about your injury! I suffered from the very same injury 2 years ago and, unlike you, did not take PT seriously and ended up having to have surgery. Hang in there and you’ll be pounding the pavement before you know it 😉 You inspire so many people by the countless miles that you run…now is your time to inspire us by your ability to stay fit (both physically and psychologically) when taken out of your comfort zone and temporarily stripped of your passion! Thanks for such a great blog 🙂

    • Thanks Beth! I am hoping I don’t have to have surgery. PT is hopefully going to help!!

      As for your carbohydrate question…I think it is best to get your crabs from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. But processed and more refined carbohydrates are okay in moderation. Not everyday…maybe a few times a week. It is unrealistic to say that you will never eat that stuff. So just put it into your diet as you would other non-essentials. Make sense?

  8. I AGREE! I think Kristin Stewart does a perfect job of playing Bella. I don’t know how well she acts in anything beyond that, but if people have read the books they should see she does a perfect Bella. I can’t wait for the Eclipse movie to come out. I’m actually really excited. A dork like that. LOL

  9. The concept of too much pizza is definitely unknown to me too! I like Kristen Stewart too for the role of Bella. With the exception of the screaming in bed, I think she does a great job of bringing Bella to life. I can’t wait for Eclipse!

  10. haha I didnt know people actually liked Kristen Stewart. Im not a big Twilight fan though, so thats probably why Im not a fan of hers.
    I have been considering reading the books though . . . I havent yet because I didnt want to read them just because of all the hype. But lets be honest, the hype isnt for NO reason right? I dont want to miss out on something just because Im stubborn.

    • Don’t miss out Leah…you HAVE to read them…they are SO good! I was skeptical at first too and put off reading the books for years but I am so glad I finally caved and read them. The movies are good but as always the books are SO much better!!! 🙂

  11. Dude, I wonder the same thing about laundry with Bob and m. I can’t figure out how we create so much. I know my workout clothes are part of the issue, it’s not like I have work clothes on top of it.

  12. I haven’t had pizza in so long. what is your favorite kind in the world?

    • Wow…favorite pizza in the whole world? I am going to go with Brick Oven. It is a restaurant here in Austin and that make hands down the best pizza ever. I love to get it with fresh squeezed garlic, lean ground beef and mushrooms. The crust is thin and crispy….oh it is so flipping good!!

  13. hey girly, so sorry about your injury but way to look at the positive. if you need to wallow some more, go for it. im sure you will excel at the other workouts you adjust to…. just like your 2 mile swim!!

  14. The GF pizza looked better, too bad it stunk! I like Kristen Stewart as Bella EXCEPT for her constant twitching/eyelash fluttering/weird noises she makes. I know Bella is a jumpy/clutzy person, but KStew does something weird… Ha!

  15. I’m a Twi-nerd too, and I really liked New Moon. Eclipse comes out soon!

  16. Cold pizza is the best and how could pizza not cheer someone up??

  17. Pizza and Twilight sound like a great “happy Kelly” plan!

  18. Is is hard to beat CPK pizza although I like it a lot better in the restaurant than frozen.

  19. Sorry about the pizza 😦 At least you had a backup though!

  20. oh yea, pizza does it everytime!

  21. I actually like Kristen Stewart as Bella as well. I remember watching Twilight and wondering what everyone was talking about…Bella’s character is supposed to do all the things Stewart is acting! And as for the laundry, I’m with ya! Between work clothes, casual clothes and gym clothes, David and I always have at least three loads per week too!

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