Renewed Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone! First off I have to say THANK YOU for the amazing comments you guys left me yesterday. I was 100% blown away by the love and support you showed. I think every comment made me either tear up or straight up cry. It was a very emotional day in my household and I have the puffy eyes today to prove it! Here’s what I learned from you yesterday:

  1. I CAN still exercise
  2. I am going to have one sexy back from all that pool work
  3. This is an opportunity to explore new forms of exercise that I might (gasp) enjoy
  4. Some of you have had some very traumatic injuries yourself and are better people and athletes for it
  5. I have an AMAZING support system and a lot of love in the blog world

I also learned that my husband will do anything to make me smile when he sees me cry. I got 2 presents: kombucha + flowers = much happier Kelly.

Original Kombucha!

My favorite flowers...yes carnations are my FAVE!

Hello pretty things!

So like I said yesterday, I do believe in allowing yourself time to wallow. Well, wallow I did! But today I am picking myself up by the soles of my cross-trainers and putting myself in all-out crosstrain mode. The running shoes are sitting nicely in the closet and they are going to enjoy their little break. My plan is to swim on M, W, F and do other crosstrain activities and weights on T, TH and Saturday. So I did 8 “I don’t feel sorry for myself” elliptical miles in 70 minutes. I am POOPED! Do you think they have elliptical Olympics? I am all in! (I kid I kid) Now I am jumping in the shower because I have a PT session at 9:00. I am not gonna lie…PT hurts like nothing else I have ever experienced. My left leg seriously looks like someone has taken a baseball bat to both sides. But I don’t care how ugly it looks as long as it is working!!! 🙂

I love you all and I can’t promise that I am going to be a bundle of joy everyday while I am not running but I can promise to try. I will lean on you guys and count on you to help me get through this. I have a support system…I am not alone…and in the end I AM going to be a better athlete for this. I AM!

Tell me your Saturday plans!


26 Responses

  1. We’re all here for you!! How sweet is that Keith!! Pretty flowers!! Have a lovely Saturday!! 🙂

  2. Love the positivity!! My hubby brings me flowers and chocolate dreams peanut butter when I am down 🙂 You are so right that you will be BETTER after this! Of course there will be days that you are going to crazy and just want to hit the pavement, but stay patient! In the end it will work out perfectly!

  3. just read the post about your injury too 😦 you are strong and have a great attitude. both of those things help immensly in healing!

    kombucha = happiness in a bottle!

  4. That’s great you are feeling better, flowers always help too! Have a great weekend girl!

  5. Love your attitude Kelly! You’re so inspiring for getting out there and working your heart out despite your injury.

    I hope you have a great saturday!

  6. Lovely flowers! My bf’s family owns a flower shop and I worked there for 6 years…it’s all about the carnations 🙂

    Great job on the elliptical! You continue to impress me with that drive and determination.

    My run for the day is done…time for a mani/pedi!

  7. “No matter how cold the winter there is always a springtime ahead” That’s what I think when the tough times hit me. Lot’s of hugs and love to you girl! If you feel down remeber that the feeling won’t be there forever.

  8. You’ve got support outside the blogworld, too. ‘m HERE! 🙂

  9. I’m a day late and a dollar short but I’m sorry that you are having a rough time! I can relate more than you know. I thought my life was going to come to a grinding halt when I couldn’t run anymore but I have embraced swimming and yoga and even walking. I miss running but I survived and you’ll be okay too! I promise.

  10. Hang in there! The elliptical really isn’t all that bad as long as you pretend that you are running 😉

  11. Kelly – you have such a great attitude. Sounds like you are the kind of person who “makes lemonade out of lemons”. Good luck with therapy today. Those people (usually!) know their stuff!

  12. So glad you’re feeling better today…YAY! Smiles always work 😀 And flowers don’t hurt either 😉
    I’m off to a WEDDING today!!!

  13. Girl, you are one of the happiest people I’ve met- if you have one “off” day every once in awhile, you’re soooo allowed! lol. We all do! 🙂 Have a fabulous day!

  14. Awww, just catching up now…so sorry you’re injured, I know that SUCKS! But, you’re taking it in stride (sorry, no pun intended). I love how you find the positive in anything that comes your way.

  15. oh i am so sorry i missed that post………so glad you are feeling better. your husband is the best!

  16. Awww what a good husband!! I love carnations too – and they last so long! 🙂

    Im glad you’re looking on the bright side of all this – makes all the difference!!

  17. i know being injured is awful. Like ir emember when I got hurt last summer for a very brief time (only a couple weeks) & couldn’t run and thought it was the end of the world. I think it actually ended up being such a good thing for me bc i realized running isnt the oNLY good form of exercise, u know? you are so positive & strong!!


  18. You are strong and have alot of support. I think you really need to put things into perspective…there are alot of people who can’t even x-train…and/or who are “out” for the rest of their lives…I know it’s all relative and we can (and should!) all “wallow” …but I see people everyday who are in wheelchairs…or a lady that was an all-star athlete – now 47 years old with Multiple Sclerosis living in long-term care with 70, 80 and 90 year olds…including her mother…and she thinks she will get well enough to be out one day…she won’t….

  19. And to clarify, that statement is meant as a Reflection for us all to put life , ANYTHING, into perspective…from the clothes we wear, to the cars we drive, to the houses we live, – to what we do and don’t have…

    It is in NO way meant to minimize anyone’s situation. EVERYONE is entitled to their feelings and EVERYONE is entitled to be upset, mad, angry, etc…about not being able to exericse or do anything they love.

    ANYONE. It’s perfectly normal and expected. It’s not “wallowing”.

    I just meant to say from my former post that we all need to look at life and really, really bless what we do have…cause you never know what tommorow brings…

    That’s all . Because apparently it was really taken the wrong way and felt that I was saying something “Bad
    towards Kelly – when I totally wasn’t and don’t see that at all…not if you read my comment.

  20. Love those carnations! They are such happy flowers!

    You’re exercise plan sounds great! I’m so glad you had a good workout on the elliptical today…Your positive attitude about seizing the opportunities (aka becoming a better athlete through cross-training) brought about by your injury is truly an inspiration to your readers!

  21. I’m glad you are starting to feel better! You will be a better athlete when you return, and reinvigorated and ready to roll. I came back from a 6mos running hiatus stronger than ever and BQed just 5mos after returning. You will be ready to rock it out xo e November at nycm!

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