My Heart Is Broken

Good morning everyone. I hope everyone is having a good Friday. Mine started out with a swim. I swam 2 miles in 69 minutes and then followed that up with 40 minutes on the elliptical. Feeling pretty good.  But, let’s cut to the chase because I know the title of this post has you all wondering. So here goes…

I KNOW you have noticed a change in my workouts lately! I used to be a 10+ mile a day runner and lately I have been using the elliptical a lot more, running less, and I just introduced swimming into my life. Why? Because I am hurt. Officially. There I said it. It is real. I have officially been put on a “no running” directive for the next 10 days. I know 10 days doesn’t sound like a lot but for me…it is. Plus it has been KILLING me to be running only 30 miles a week (as of late) versus my usual 60. So this has been something that has been building and I knew it was coming.

What is wrong with me? I have “Patella Femoral Tracking Syndrome with muscular imbalance between my quads and hamstrings.” Basically, my quadricep muscle and my hamstring muscle are not equally strong causing a lot of tension and pull on my IT band. All of these muscles come to an insertion point at the knee cap (the patella) causing a pull on my knee. And to makes matters worse to compensate for the knee pain I have unconsciously altered my running gait causing a hip imbalance that has forced a groin pull.

I am allowed to swim, elliptical and bike all to my heart’s desire. Just no running until we can get this under control. Who is we? Well I have been seeing a Chiropractor/Sports Rehab doctor named Jeff Martin. He is nothing short of AMAZING and he is working on me three times a week…and has been. (I have just been mum about it) Like most of you know I have qualified for the NYC Marathon this November and I am hoping to BQ there. Dr. Jeff says I WILL BE READY AND I WILL BQ! So I am trying really hard to focus on the big picture and not get sucked into the nitty-gritty of today. Dr. Jeff is making real progress and whoever said PT didn’t hurt obviously hasn’t ever been! haha! But it hurts in a way that I know it only going to make me a better athlete.

I am sad. And I want to wallow. I knew (deep down) that at some point no running was going to happen. I cut back and cut back and cut back and I just wasn’t improving. I know this is the only way. But for someone who lives and breathes by her next run…I am devastated. I have been dealing with this privately for a while but now I can no longer avoid the truth. You needed to know. I am sad. I am scared. I guess my fear is that after 10 days I am still not going to be any better off…this has been brewing and hurting me for a while now…close to 6 months.

I am down but I am not out! I am going to take a few days to wallow in my self-pity and cry but I am going to fight through this! I am going to be the BEST swimmer and ellipticaler there is! I will run NYC and I will BQ and I will be a better runner for having gone through this.

My favorite quote is, “One Day I will not be able to do this, today is not that day.” Unfortunately today is that day. Sorry to be such a downer. I love you all and I am glad to get it out in the open. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday and send some smiles my way! 🙂


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  1. You can get through it, girl. You are a running superstar. I am confident that you will pick up right where you left off when you can run again!

  2. Lots of hugs your way Kelly. You will come out on top of this and you will do everything you have set out to do. Hang in there.

  3. oh kelly, your feelings are normal – and you have every right to feel them. but try not to fret so much.

    trust me…once upon a time, i was all about running, never would have imagined a life without…its taken me a full year and more to adjust to NO running at all, and acceptance that i am simply different now.

    u are incredible and positive and smart . so u will be FINE, keep your chin up. you still have so so so much, so don’t disregard it 🙂

  4. There is nothing worse than not being able to put your all into something when you have the over achiever gene.(i mean that in a good way)

    I love your go get em attitude. Most would really wallow and give up but not you. Just think of the awesome back muscles you’ll have after all the swimming 😀

    • Thanks April…I am counting on that…I sure as hell better have a sexy back. Swimming 2 miles was A LOT harder than running 2 miles, that is for DANG sure!

  5. Aww, I’m sorry! I can empathize, though. I started a walking/running routine last year and stopped in the fall after my foot started hurting. It turns out I had a Morton’s neuroma in my foot (AKA a pinched nerve). Pinched nerves hurt a LOT and if you don’t treat your foot right sometimes they get so big they have to be surgically removed, so I had to stay off it for the most part until I got better, and I got really out of shape because instead of resorting to only biking or something like that, I just stopped moving. When my foot got better I started going back to the gym and walking around my neighborhood, but I didn’t run at all. After a couple of months of just doing the elliptical and biking, I decided to try the treadmill and ran a good 20ish minutes (I was watching the House season finale and I could so have run more with all the adrenaline pumping through me but I just ran until my dad picked me up) and then of course when I got off I discovered I pinched a nerve in my OTHER foot… 😐

    Don’t worry, though. You’ll get to the marathon and kick ass. 🙂

  6. Awww! Hope you have a speedy recovery. I hate when something like this permits me from doing what I love. A change in your workout plan will be good though and you will be back up and running in no time!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear that 😦 Hopefully taking the time off now will get you back in action sooner. Good luck with the PT!

    You are also a swimming superstar!!

  8. Let yourself wallow for a bit, it’s totally natural. Something was taken from you. But then put all of the energy you would have put into running into your PT. That’s how you’ll heal. And I’m sure you’ll heal, though it’ll take time. Anything more than a day feels like eternity, but remember that in the grand scheme of life you’re not benched for too long. Just long enough to make sure you don’t do irreparable damage.


  9. Oh love, we’ve all been there! And 10 days is rough- even 2 days seems like a long time if you can’t do what you want to do! But you’re still able to go and keep your endurance up- so that’s something! And by getting to do everything else, you’ll be ready to go when it’s time to run again! Hell yes!

    I’m sorry it had to happen- but no worries!!! 🙂

  10. Hugs girl. We all wallow – but you even do that with a positve attitude! Remember that YOU are more than your running – running is a huge part of you , yes, – but look at what an athlete you are. Be grateful to be able to MOVE and use your body at all…this will be over before you know it!

  11. Oh no so sorry! I know its a terrible feeling knowing you can not do what you love to do. Sending you fast healing vibes!

  12. hey there lady – i’m super sorry to hear about the injury, but i’m so proud of you for taking the doctors orders and doing what you need to do to get back to running asap. it’s ok to be sad, and even angry about it. haha when i was in my no-running months it was ROUGH and I was mean, not gonna lie. There would be people out running at the lakes and I’d be on my bike, and I basically wanted to take everyone’s running shoes and make them STOP. Totally irrational, but at the time, if I couldn’t run, I didn’t want anyone else to either.

    I have complete faith that you’ll come back from this just fine, and pull an amazing run at NYC. If you want some swim workouts or pool running, let me know. I also have some swim workouts posted on under my “train on top” page!!

    • Awesome! That is just what I need. I am going to check out that page ASAP! I will probably email you later too with some questions!!

  13. I came across this quote the other day.

    “As runners, we each have a duty to accept the role as a mentor to a slower runner, new runner, or someone who doesn’t think he or she can walk around the block.” – Bart Yasso

    I actually thought of you! Through your blog, you inspire and empower so many new runners, like myself. Dealing with this injury is another facet of running. Your acceptance and positive attitude will help you get through this. Your information and accounts of this journey to recover will help all the other runners out there, too!

    Cry your tears and then knock ’em dead in that pool!

    • Oh Beck…thank you. It makes me feel so good to know I do inspire others and I hope that even this injury will be able to help others as well. If you were here right now I would give you a HUGE hug! You just made me smile so big!

  14. Girl I’m so sorry to hear that. Even 2 days is too long when you can’t do something you love. I hope you heal up easily and properly. It’s amazing how one thing affects another affects another when it comes to the body and muscles. Take care!

  15. Oh no. That’s too bad. I hope you heal quickly and completely and in time for your marathon. It’s terrible to be told you can’t do something you love so much.

    I’m dealing with a shoulder problem and ordered no upper body workouts for 4 weeks. It’s driving me crazy! And amen to what you said about PT hurting. The pain actually made me dizzy at one point yesterday.

    • Um yes…I definitely cry during PT and my leg looks like someone has been beating me with a baseball bat. It is so bruised!

  16. Oh, that stinks! I know how much you love your runs. But just remember how important it is to allow your body to heal so more damage doesn’t happen. We have to care for our bodies and sometimes rest is exactly what they need. Have you considered resting for the entire 10 days? Maybe that will help yourself heal better so it doesn’t have to be extended?

    I hope things get better for you quickly.

  17. I’m so sorry. I can relate. I have a pelvic/groin pain that is most likely pregnancy related. It will most likely not resolve itself until after our baby is born….in October! I miss running so much. I’m grateful to be able to use the elliptical pain free. But its not the same.

    Fell better!

    • Yes…honestly it is the groin pull that has sidelined me not the knee. The knee pain was bearable but the groin pull is making running impossible.

      I hope that yours doesn’t last until October…I will say some good prayers for you!!

  18. Hey Kelly,
    So sorry to hear about your injury. I so empathize with you, been there, done that! I ran for ooohhh a few months on a fractured foot…ignored it…until I couldn’t walk at ALL and found myself with such a massive injury the only thing that would repair my foot was a permant pin…a very large one too…ugh! I understand your need to keep active, after the cast came off I was in a full leg brace/boot and I bargined with the doctor about what I could do…the recumbent bike,eliptical…and I walked on an indoor track, funny side note, I would speed walk and watch my pace too..trying to out walk other walkers on the track…CALL ME CRAZZZZYYYY!
    That was five years ago.
    Today, it seems like a distant memory.
    You will survive this, yes, you will, The strong overcome and move on…the wise do it with a greater sense of self self…in body,mind and soul.
    Keep the faith Girl! You can do it!

    • Thanks Chris! I appreciate it so much! Knowing that people like you are rooting me on makes me feel like I will be okay! 🙂

  19. Oh, Kelly, I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this! You are totally allowed to mope and be upset; I can’t even imagine how frustrating it must be! But you’re absolutely right that you will be a better runner for this – it will only make you stronger in the end!

  20. You are so determined! Sports medicine doctors and chiro’s are amazing people, and they just don’t give you a diagnosis and be done with it – they HELP you get better. You’re going to be a stronger runner and swimmer after this 🙂

  21. Aww Kelly I’m so sorry! That stinks! But taking 10 days to take care of yourself will get you right back on track and in good shape- then you won’t have to take anymore time off to deal with a persistent injury!

  22. poor kelly. i know how much running means to you & imagine this is very hard. 😦 when i’m feeling down i always tell myself this: “will this even matter in a month? in a year?” most of the time the answer is no, and it’s just a small hurdle we must overcome. you’re doing a great job of taking your body through some new exercises, too!

  23. Kelly,
    Luv ya girl. Feel your pain. I’m out for 6 weeks with an inflamed ankle tendon. Got 2 more weeks to go. I’m still wallowing if that’s any consolation. There is just nothing that takes the place of running. The ellip, the bike, swimming, NOTHING gives me that high that running does. I’m bummed and I know you are too. BUT, we WILL RUN AGAIN – God willing and so we just have to suck it up and get on with it. Time will pass and hopefully we will learn something from this dreaded time away from something we love. 😦 Let’s do this together…we will be stronger & faster when we run again. I just know it! 🙂

    • Jamie…YES! Thank you for such kind words on encouragment! We will definitely do this together! Why can’t we live in the same city?!?! haha!

      • Because we’d be DANGEROUS if we were in the same city!! LOL!!! 🙂

  24. Oh no! I have heard that women tend to have problems with their knee caps (inner thighs not being as strong as the outer thighs, etc.) Hang in there! Good for you for finding another activity and not just throwing in the towel!

  25. So sorry you are hut right now!! But you totally have an awesome attitude about it. When I had knee surgery, those 2 months of PT were KILLER. I seriously wanted to go out and kick a ball already (soccer player here), Thankfully my therapist got the memo and brought a ball into the facility for me to play with. It was awesome And now I am stronger than ever! Just think of it that way…once this is healed you will be UNSTOPPABLE!!

  26. AW! Hang in there girl!! I had a knee injury that sidelined me last summer for a couple months which was SUCH a bummer but by listening to the PT and doing what they asked of me, I’m much stronger now and feel confident I won’t re-injure myself. So – I’d tell you to do the same, focus on improving and listening to their advice and you will be JUST FINE! Promise!

  27. Oh no! I’m so very sorry. 10 days will fly by. Insanity is on it’s way though!

  28. Oh hun, this is terrible! Feel free to mope and then turn your frustration and anger into energy for your PT sessions. By taking adequate time to get better, you will come back even stronger than you were before. 10 days in a long time, but if you’ve been hurting for months, resting for 10 days is soooo worth it to get back to “normal”.

  29. Oh…my sweet Kell-bell…I’m so sorry. I know what it’s like to be sidelined. I am wishing for you that these 10 days are the quickest of your life and you’ll be much better for it when you lace up once again. (Btw – nice swim…you nailed it.)

    Love you girl.

    • Thanks Beck! I was thinking about you the whole time…I couldn’t get 62 minutes though…haha! I will though! I will! 🙂

  30. Aw I’m so sorry Kelly, believe me I know exactly how you feel! But better to get help now where you only need to take 10 days of rest instead of months and months like dummy me over here! You’ll get better fast and BQ at NYC no problem!

  31. Oh Kelly, I’m so sorry! I know how much you love your long runs. I don’t think I’ve ever known a runner who hasn’t had to take a break due to injury. Take this rest now and you will bounce back and be a stronger runner than ever!! Have you seen Spirit of the Marathon? Deena Kastor has had her share of injuries and she has always been able to bounce back beautifully. You’ll be fine. Sending lots of hugs your way!! 🙂

  32. Aww I’m so sorry to hear this but it’s something you WILL overcome

  33. aw, I am so sorry, I know how much running is your passion!

    I have the SAME injury and have yet to find a specialist who can truly help me, it’s such an annoying thing to deal with. It is very common though too, so I hope your DR can help!

  34. Oh Kelly I an so sorry! I think we’ve all been there to some degree and it always sucks. Its HARD. I tried replacing my running with biking – its not the same. So I know how you feel. But I’m sure you’ll be back up and at it before you know it!

    • It definitely is NOT the same! Agreed! The swimming and biking has been fun but it isn’t running and dammit I am a runner! 🙂

  35. Oh girl I have been there. Last summer I was off running for 6 weeks due to injury. It sucked and I can understand how frustrating this time is! However, this will give you a chance to explore a few other different exercise moves and focus on some other things. I realize that probably sounds cliche but I am being totally sincere. 🙂

    • I agree…maybe this is a good thing. I mean I have let myself become so dependent on running that maybe this will allow me to explore other forms of exercise and appreciate those as well.

  36. Dear Kelly I am SO sorry to hear that!!! My heart is broken for you. I can so well understand how you are feeling. I was 2 months off from any exercise in March and now I am allowed to do some soft moves and MAYBE in two months I can start to workout normal. But itäs still maybe. You have been supporting me so now count on all the support you can imagine from me. I know it’s so hard but you will make it. Let the negative feelings come and then send them off. It will be tough but you will get true this and you will run again. Appreciate the positive things you still have and be patient. Lot’s of love and positive encoraging thoughts from me!

  37. Ohh Kelly – I’m so sorry this is happening to you right now. But better now that a month away from NYC right?! This will give you time to heal a bit and figure out the best training method to ensure that you maintain your speed and BQ WITHOUT really injuring yourself.

    Most of us runners have to deal with this injury stuff at some point. It really sounds like you are in good hands though and that Jeff understands who you are and your need to run and will work with you to make that happen. I have all the confidence in the world that this short break is going to have you back afterwards with renewed energy and passion and you will rock your marathon training and the race in November.

    It’s hard to take a break, but you will have this newfound and amazing appreciation afterwards. I’m really sorry though – any injury is frustrating. I’m trying to put some sort of positive spin on it. But you are the queen of positive and you will find your way through it.

    • Lindsey…THANK YOU! I know, of all people, you really get it. Marathon training is no joke and realistically I need to start in about 6 weeks for my NYC. It scares me to think where I will be in 6 weeks. Jeff TOTALLY understands my needs…he specializes in athletes…he used to be the Sports Rehab doctor at UCLA…so I know he knows his stuff. I am just really scared. I have never wanted anything so much (a BQ) and I feel like I am in real danger of not getting it. But I am a positive person and I will work through this. I know you understand….

      • I completely understand and empathize with your situation. During the training for my first marathon I twisted my ankle terribly about 4 weeks into it. I almost quit my training altogether. It seemed like a sign that I wasn’t meant to run. But I was, and I think the time I took off actually strengthened my ankle (and my resolve). Once the thought enters your head that something other than your will to run a marathon might hold you back, your desire to do it becomes insane.

        I know it will be the same for you. Something holding you back right now will make you that much more determined when you actually start training. Your training is soon, but I think 6 weeks is a good amount of time to get where you need to be with this injury. Just trust Jeff, yourself and your body and fight like the champion and true runner you are!!

        Plus – physically you are already in a REALLY good place. I don’t think you’ll have to work anywhere near as hard as I had to to get that BQ – it’s just sitting there waiting for you to take it. 🙂 You got it – no problem.

    • Thank you. I guess my problem is that I have ALWAYS lacked confidence in myself. And this just reinforces those stupid doubts that I have about my ability to BQ. But I am going to try to squash them out and just do the best I can. I guess in the end…a BQ would be amazing but it will be there for me to get another time too.

  38. I hope you feel better! I bet the 10 days will just fly by and you will be better than ever when you can start running again 🙂

  39. From someone who has known Kelly all of her life(literary), I can tell you that Kelly will prevail. This minor setback is tough. Kelly is a competitor. She is the strongest, mentally toughest person I know. ( Well, we have to throw her grandpa in there too), but seriously, Kelly is a survivor. There is nothing she cannot do once she set her mind to it. We all wish her well as she recovers from this setback. And come next November, we will all revel in her accomplishment in NY.

  40. I know this is so hard right now but you are doing the right thing by looking at the big picture. Maybe taking this time off will not only give your injury time to heal, but maybe some other muscles that needed a little break before they OWN the NYC marathon!!! You’ll be back and better than ever before you know it! Lots of hugs!!

  41. OOOH I am truly crushed to hear this. Everything, I mean everything, works out for a reason. Please keep that head up and know that you still have many other ways to feel a rush, consider it a challenge to do something totally different.

    Sending all the best wishes your way!

    • Thanks girl…I am definitely going to be challenging myself in the pool! 2 miles today in 69 minutes…next week I will get under 65 minutes…I WILL!

  42. Oh Kelly, I am so sorry to hear this 😦 And to persevere and still get in killer pool workouts…wow. You are so strong. This is a speed bump, not a dead end. Take care for now and you’ll be back at it 🙂

  43. Kelly, I’m so sorry to hear about your injury. But remember, it’s only a temporary setback. I know running is obviously your passion, and you will get back to it. But for now, take this time to enjoy the challenge of something new. Swimming is something I’ve always wanted to get into, but never had the courage to try (besides doing the doggy paddle up and down my pool) 😉
    So here’s some smiles for you!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  44. aw i’m so sorry about the injury. You obviously needed to slow down for a while, so just be happy you are doing it now and not causing it to be an even bigger deal.

    I’ve heard that a lot of women suffer from an imbalance btwn their quads and hamstrings!

  45. Ohhhh, Kelly 😦 I feel for you, girl!! But you are SO right– you are going to get through this, and be stronger inside and out because of it!!! Hang in there, girl!!!

  46. So sorry to read this! Everything will get better and you will be there for the NYC Marathon, there are no doubts in my mind! 🙂

  47. Kelly, I am so sorry to hear this. I know how devastating that news is right now. November is a ways away and I know your cross training and a little rest should do some good. Sending you healing vibes. I know you will be able to get out there and do your marathon!

  48. Oh Kelly I have so been there and done that. I actually had a similar issue and I wasn’t on top of it like you and ended up having to have knee surgery and YEARS of IT band issues. Much better to take the time off now than to suffer through literally a year and a half of no running. No fun there. You will ROCK the NYC marathon!

  49. Kelly, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re dealing with thispain. It’s such a heartbreaking thing, to have to put your passion on hold for a little while. I’m keeping your leggies in my thoughts and praying that you get better as soon as possible. I know how much you love to run, and I know you’ll get back to it. Keep your chin up, love! But it’s ok to cry too!

  50. Sorry you are hurt!! Injuries are the quickest way to feel sad and negative about life. The good news is that you can swim and do other things!

  51. oh kelly i am so sorry! i know how much you love running but am proud of you that you are doing other things instead… will get better!

    • THANKS! I am not one of those people who just throws in the towel. I want to run but if I can’t I am definitely going to do something else. If I don’t exercise I am not a fun person to be around. Ask Keith….

  52. Love you honey. I know that running is your Yoga. I would be devastated if I was told I couldn’t do Yoga right now.

    I know that you don’t want to hear, it’s all going to be fine, it’s all going to get better. I think it will – but right now, that is not how you feel about it and so I’m not going to say those things.

    This sucks and you are allowed to wallow.

  53. I feel your pain, with my myriad of injuries. Just be patient and take the time off so you can still run the marathon. Though I’m not nearly talented as you, I didn’t find my overall marathon time to be detrimentally affected by running fewer miles/week. My 3 day/week running plan works for me, and it keeps me injury free, more importantly.

    I can’t believe you swam 2 miles like it was nothing (and that is fast, too!!). You are a stud!

    • Well that definitely makes me feel good that you didn’t see too much change in reducing your mileage! That gives me hope!

      And thanks for the kudos on my swim. I honeslty know nothing about swimming and have no idea if 2 miles is a lot and if that is a decent time…I need to do some research this weekend. It looks like this may be my new hobby for a few weeks!

  54. Oh Kelly, I’m so sorry! You’re so wise to take care of yourself though :). You’re a super athelete and I’m sure you will find a hobby that you love, even if it can’t be running…

  55. So sorry to hear that you are injured. I hope that after your 10 days of rest you can get everything back to normal and begin running again. Meanwhile, enjoy the change of scenery in your workouts 🙂

  56. Oh, no! I figured something had happened. I’m so sorry to hear about your injury, Kelly! Gosh, thank goodness you can still exercise! I think you would seriously go nuts if you couldn’t exercise at all. 🙂

    The swimming you are doing sounds amazingly intense. Girl, you don’t just exercise; you totally kill whatever you do. Your workouts are always kick-butt amazing. I think you’ve found a new strength in swimming.

    Big, BIG hugs!! I’ll dedicate my next run to you. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I swear I am the most emotional person today…every comment is making me cry! I sincerely appreciate this! I am SO SO SO thankful to be able to exercise, definitely. Thanks for dedicating your next run to me…I already feel better! 🙂

  57. hoping for a speedy recovery!

  58. Aw Kelly, I am sending you lots of love and a speedy recovery from New York City!! You will def come out on top, I know it.

  59. Sending you love and smiles and good swimming vibes. You’re being smart about this, which is very admirable, especially since I know how much it is killing you. Counting down the days with you!

  60. girl- i am praying for you like crazy. you are A STRONG WOMAN! you have been through so much, God is going to let so much good come from this! HAVE FAITH and keep your head up!

  61. i’m sorry you’re injured! believe me, i know how it feels 😦

    BUTTT, there’s still 5+ months till the marathon, you have plenty of time to get over this and train to kick butt.

    have a great weekend and try to enjoy this mini break!

  62. Oh Kelly, I am so sorry to hear this. I know how HARD it is to be forced to take a break from running. Your mind and legs scream, “I want to run!” 100x’s a day, and it’s a real challenge to deny that urge. But you are so RESILIENT, and I have no doubt that you will get through this with flying colors. And who knows…Maybe the break will make you even MORE determined than ever to rock that marathon!

    Last fall I was over-training and fractured my pelvis…I had to take a six-month break from running (I couldn’t even walk for a month!) which was torture, at first. But it also forced me to explore other forms of fitness (like you’ve been doing), and now I feel a bit more balanced. I just started running again last month and enjoy it more than I ever had in the past. I think that’s the saving grace of an injury…Once you’re completely healthy, you appreciate your health more than ever!

    I’m praying for you, girl! ❤

    • Thanks you Sara. Hearing your story gives me hope and I will admit that I am unbalanced when it comes to my forms of exercise. Maybe this will help break me out of the running is everything mindset! Thanks for your prayers and kind words! 🙂

  63. Awww I feel for you! You will come back faster and stronger than ever. Just let it heal, injuries happen, and keep up with cross training. Remember…change is good.

  64. That really stinks but your attitude about it is great and you will get through it! Go get your swim on!!

  65. GIRL!! You need to sign up for a freaking ironman because with your running & swim talents I’m sure you could nail the biking too & kill it (after you’re better of course)!!!!!! Keep on doing your thang & keep your chin up.. your bod just needs a bit of time to rest/heal! xoxo

  66. so sorry kelly!
    when i was in jr high and h.s. i had “Patella Femoral Tracking Syndrome” and had to have bilateral knee operations. as a kid/teen, i didnt know any better, but as an adult i would have never allowed the knife and would have worked to rehab it non-surgically as i know you WILL be able to!

  67. aww kelly i am SO sorry to hear that you’ve been put on a strict no running regieme! on the bright side it is only 10 days and im pretty positive you won’t loose any endurance!

  68. I can soooo understand how an injury can literally make your world feel like it’s falling apart…but here is the thing… Being a nurse, I see so many causes for immobility, and it makes me thankful for every day of free movement, (even if it doesn’t include being able to run)…You have a healthy body that will take on other forms of exercise movement! Stay positive girl! 🙂

  69. […] Saturday everyone! First off I have to say THANK YOU for the amazing comments you guys left me yesterday. I was 100% blown away by the love and support you showed. I think every comment made either tear […]

  70. You will be back at it in no time! Like you said, focus on the big picture and when you are back, you be come back strong!!

  71. Kelly — I’m so sorry about your injury!! I know how frustrating it can be. i’ve actually suffered from many, many running injuries — some which have caused me to miss all/parts of track seasons. So I know how frustrating (and even depressing) it can be to have running taken away from you. But hang in there! You are doing a smart thing by getting it taken care of NOW, before it turns into something that could keep you from running forever. I know it’s hard to not want to just “push through” things and keep going, but sometimes taking a break can be the best thing for us (even if it doesn’t seem like it now) The best thing I have heard about putting running injuries into perspective and taking care of them is this question: “Would you rather run today, or run for the rest of your life?” I know that maybe sounds a little dramatic but I do think it’s a good reminder that you ARE doing the right thing.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that these 10 days go by quickly and you come back feeling healthy and healed!!

    • It doesn’t sound dramatic! It sounds RIGHT! That is what my husband has been saying! I am really trying to focus on the postive and realize that I will get through this and I will be better for it! Thank you for these kinds words! I am blown away by all the support and love that everyone has been showing me!! 🙂

  72. Aw, Kelly, I’m so sorry that you are having to take a break from running. I know how hard it can be, but you’ll come back healthy and stronger than ever. Until then, cross training is great for you!

  73. […] I ran my first double digit run since my injury! HOLLER!!!! 10 miles @ 8:47/pace. Not super fast but today I was much more concerned with distance […]

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