Snacky McSnackerson

Are you a snacker? I am a snacker. I typically eat a snack in the morning (between breakfast and lunch) and then another one in the afternoon between lunch and dinner. I usually eat every 3 hours so this works perfectly for me. My snacks are usually between 150-200 calories so anywhere from 300-400 calories of my daily calorie count.

A friend recently sent me an article from CNN Living called, Attack Of The Snack is Spreading. The basic run down was that menu items with the vocabulary “snack,” “snackable” or “snacker” have increased by 170 percent since 2007. This is true for fast food chains, like McDonalds and KFC, and restaurants, like The Cheesecake Factory. Surveys show that the average adult in the mid-1970s consumed approximately 200 calories from snacks. In the mid-1990s, the number jumped to 360 calories. Today, it’s more than 470 calories. Research also found that children now eat upwards of three snacks per day, accounting for more than 27 percent of their daily caloric intake. Coincidentally, nearly 34 percent of adults are obese, and childhood obesity rates have more than tripled in the past 30 years.

I personally think snacks are important. I think it is important to eat constantly throughout the day because it keeps you from being ravished at each meal time. I don’t think the idea of snacking is what is causing the obesity crisis but more the type and size of the snack being consumed! A snack should be just that…a snack..not a meal. I don’t think a snack should be upwards of 500 calories. I am sorry but that is more like a meal than a snack!

What do you think? Are you a snacker? Do you think snacking is a good or a bad thing?

Also are you ready for a challenge? Head over to Good ‘N’ Weird to join her 30-day Hard Core Challenge! I am going to do it! YAY!


45 Responses

  1. I’m definitely a snacker and have a snack before lunch then before dinner like you. I found that it keeps me from over-eating at the main meals b/c I’m not starving to death and it keeps my mood in check. I get really grumpy when I’m hungry!

  2. I think it depends on your definition of snack. I snack, but that means some almonds or an apple with peanut butter. When my husband says he’s having a snack, it might be a full sandwich. Yes, he’s even called a double cheeseburger a snack. (Long, slow eye roll.) That’s where the problems start.

  3. I’m definitely a snacker. But my snacks are (mostly) healthy and an appropriate portion. Without snacks my blood sugar levels get really crappy and I am not a happy girl to be around!!

  4. yup, total snacker…especially when im bored!

  5. I eat 3 huge meals…and then 3-4 big snacks…i go big apparently…cute title.

  6. I lovvvvve snacks, but I always try to keep them 150 calories or less (because I like a lot of snacks!).

  7. HUUUUUGE snacker. i love eating too much to only do it 3x a day. i LOVE my morning & afternoon snacks & look forward to them every day.

  8. i love snacking, but i’ve found that i almost consider (for whatever reason) snacks to be “calorie-free” regardless of what they are, and then end up overeating later on because of that. i’ve been trying to eat more well-rounded meals 3 times a day and not snacking and have found that i have a better gauge of what i’m putting in my body when i do that. i think snacking is one of those things though where you just have to listen to your body and do what’s best for you!

  9. I usually do one snack in the day… after lunch before I go workout so that I make it until dinner. But it can be hard if you look for quick snacks- finding something below 200 calories can be a challenge!

  10. I did a post about this not too long ago too! 😀 I’m actually not a snacker. Three meals a day is good for me. I eat pretty decent sized meals as well so that keeps me full. Occasionally I’ll need a snack and honor what my body is telling me. Weekends I do have evening desserts and look forward to that as something special!

  11. Such a snacker. Sometimes I don’t even eat “meals”, just snacks. I try not to do that a lot though!! My snacks usually consist of something with fruit…just because I love it so much!!

  12. I’m definitely a snacker. I have 2-3 snacks a day. I agree that it’s the types of snacks people are having that are making them unhealthy…not the act of eating a snack. It’s crazy how much news and articles will discuss the rise in obesity and how much more we are eating in today’s society but don’t ever truly look at the way of eating behind it.

  13. I am big-time.

    But yeah, it’s funny how McDonalds now has “Snack Wraps” and the “Mc-Mini”…not so cool…

  14. I am such a snacker! I just had some apple with pb for the afternoon pick me up…I always need one or I get cranky!

  15. Great post on snacking! I don’t think I would be nearly as happy if I omitted snacking from my day 🙂
    2 questions:

    1. What are your favorite things to eat for snacks?

    2. I have lost some weight on the scale but it hasn’t resulted in a better looking figure. What are some ways to avoid and/or stop the loss of muscle?

  16. I’m not too much of a snacker, but I do need one in the afternoon or I am starving by dinner and that is never good.

  17. I’m a snacker for sure. I agree, it prevents me from overeating at meals but I think the word has been abused. Some snacks are so high in cals that they may as well be meals!

  18. My snacks are around 500 calories sometimes and I am not fat 😉 It all depends on what an individual needs.

    • Totally agree! My husband makes 700 calorie shakes/smoothies for snacks and he has less than 4% body fat! It is definitely all about what an individual needs!

  19. I am a total snacker, but my snacks are fruit based and nut butter/oatmeal based. I don’t do the processed thing with my snacks. I don’t think there is a problem with an occasional big snack, but you should counter that with a healthy meal. I completely agree with snacking keeping you from getting to the point of starving. It definitely helps me. Although I snack like a 3 year old…I have to have it on time!

  20. I love snacks! I would rather eat smaller meals just so I can snack in between. At the end of the day, I feel most satisfied when I have eaten lots of different foods, so building in snacks allows me to enjoy a wider variety.

  21. I’m definitely a snacker. It’s where my “extra” calories come from. Especially in the afternoons! 😦

  22. I’m definitely a snacker. Definitely. I cannot make it more than 4 hours without food…I’d be famished! And being around kids all the time, it really HELPS them to have SMALL snacks in the morning and afternoon, but I totally agree – you have to draw the line somewhere. Sometimes my kids would bring in two slices of pizza for morning snack, or a huge candy bar and I would ALWAYS tell them that those weren’t “good snack choices” – haha…

  23. I’m a HUGE snacker….it’s the only way I get by! I’m a big fan of snacking obviously, but I think it really depends on the person and how they best operate.

  24. I really don’t have a set way of eating…some days I eat large meals and I don’t need a snack in between. And other days I graze and snack ever couple of hours. I just go with the flow 🙂

  25. I’m a snacker but I’m like you…I keep my snacks at about 150-200 calories….every now and again I’ll splurge and snack on something that has 250!

  26. Snacking is what kills me! I don’t do it everyday, but if I’m especially tired, upset, etc,I snack…and its not as controlled as yours seems to be…ugh, snacks!…hahah

  27. LOVE this post. I’m definitely a snacker, but hate when people attribute snacking to a mini fried chicken sandwich! Whatever happened to an apple and a tbsp of peanut butter?!?

  28. I consider myself a “natural snacker,” in that eating snacks throughout the day is how my body functions best. Ever since I was a kid I’ve preferred smaller meals with snacks in between over large meals. I think that everyone’s body is different; some people are snackers while others aren’t, and we shouldn’t try to force our bodies to be one way or the other. If we just listen to our hunger cues, it all works out!

  29. Mmm, I love my snacks! I have one or two snacks on an average day. Sometimes I need the extra energy between meals, and sometimes I just really want a yummy treat (treat = yogurt and an apple). Snacks can be part of a healthy diet, or they can be meal-sized portions of candy and chips and other such things.

  30. I’m definitely a snacker but I see 200 calories (which is what the norm was back in the 70’s—eek!) a good number. I cannot stand how McD’s and KFC and making snack sandwiches, too me that’s kind of a meal item, not a snack item.

  31. Man, I don’t know how some people go without snacks! I need one between lunch and dinner otherwise I’m hangry (in a cranky way 😉 )

    And yeah, I think the purpose of snacking has changed over the years. I personally snack to take the edge off my hunger but I know a lot of people who snack when they’re not hungry just because “it tastes good” or they’re bored

  32. I’m a total snacker!! Truely, I think I would rather just eat snacks allllll day long and skip meals! 🙂

  33. I love to snack. But I try to vary my snacks based on the size and health factor of my meals. HUGE meals = no snacking. Small meals = tasty snackie snacks!

  34. I am such a snacker! I can always be counted on to have an apple and some baby carrots on me!

  35. Great post! I usually have 1-2 snacks between lunch and dinner and after dinner. I find my meals are smaller to compensate, I just prefer eating less at a time.

  36. Great post! I am such a snacker, and really need to lay off of it. I am terrible at night and trying to get away from that. I am now trying to eat every 3 hours so snacks get to be thrown into the mix. My brother is pretty huge, and he use to come home from fast food places with multiple “snacks” and then eat a meal because those things said “snackers” so apparently that meant they were not meals.


  37. I am absolutely a snacker! I try to eat at least a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. Occasionally I will also have something in the evening. I think the difference today is that are eating schedules are so different from way back when. People are living much busier lifestyles so when you normally ate meals less than 4 hours apart, there wasn’t as much need to snack. NOW? People aren’t getting home until well after 6 or even 8 pm…considering their last meal may have been 11, 12, or even 2pm…we need snacks!

  38. I’m such a HUGE snacker. Right now I am trying to hold off on eating my snack for another 30 minutes. I sometimes snack too much when I’m bored and I think that’s what is happening now. I just think there are too many new “snacks” available that are way high in calories. Fresh fruit, veggies, yogurt – those are snacks. A processed snack pack is just more fuel for more snacking in my book.

  39. I’m definitely a snacker – mostly because my blood sugar DOES drop if I don’t eat something every 3-4 hours or so. I try to keep them healthy and filled with protein and fiber which usually works wonders. Won’t lie and say a piece of chocolate doesn’t sneak in now and again too 😉

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