Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Monday! I hope everyone gets to enjoy the day off but also remembers what this holiday is really all about! Today is to remember all the people have died for our country! It makes me a little emotional to think of the selfless men and women who have died for a country that sometimes does not seem to appreciate their (and their family’s) sacrifice. So whatever you do today, please take a few minutes to remember why this day is so special!

I started today with an awesome workout. 8 miles of running just for me. I laced up the shoes, hit the pavement, left the IPOD at home and just enjoyed it. Once I got home I cooled down with 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by some core work. I feel really good! Coffee is definitely in order. Keith always tells people, “that post workout nothing better come between Kelly and the coffee pot or else it aint pretty!” So true! That boy knows me well! 🙂 Breakfast is a ginormous bowl of oatbran! I LOVE this stuff! I mixed in a little brown sugar, flax seeds, and some cinnamon. YUM!

Breakfast of THIS champion!

Today, Keith and I don’t have much planned. We are probably going to head over to my Dad’s house to frequent his pool! My shoulders are finally not peeling anymore after the “I don’t need sunscreen because I don’t burn” debacle at the beach two weeks ago! So I am finally ready to sun it up again. This time with SPF 30 safely on! I promise!

What are your Memorial Day plans?


31 Responses

  1. Happy Memorial Day, Kelly! Enjoy your pool time!

  2. Thank goodness for pools! I love being tan – and have to admit I’m not the best about sunscreen. I have used spf 4 all weekend though (at least it’s something ,right?) and am a nice shade of blush 🙂

  3. Already off to the best start on this fine day, Kell!! I’m so glad you have plans to be outside and enjoying the sunshine. I have rain here in SEattle so I’ll be channeling your positive energy here!! Love big bowls of oatbran too!

  4. My boys are playing Modern Warfare, going to see Iron Man and then having sh*t on a shingle…I am doing laundry and packing for my kids to go to their grandparents house while we are on a work trip. Enjoy your day!

  5. have a great day 🙂 i’ll be packing (i hope) and maybe a little reading outside! already got my bike-run in, so i feel like the world is my oyster, lol.

  6. Enjoy your holiday! It isn’t one here. Pool sounds stellar.

  7. Happy Memorial Day!

  8. NO run, but going to the gym to swim today. Thanks for the reminder to remember those who sacrifice for us and for our country.

  9. Enjoy your day!! I don’t usually burn either but it still happens.. and you definitely learn your lesson when it does!
    I’m spending my day packing! I’d love to go to the pool but it’s raining here 😦

  10. I’m doing nothing today! Thank goodness because I feel like crap. But I do have to say I am very thankful for those that fight for our freedom. Thank you for noting what the day is all about. 🙂

  11. Hey Love! I hope you are enjoying your long weekend 😉 I could go for a dip in a pool today! I wish it was a tad warmer here…..ugh It is cloudy and not so warm!

    I hope you are well 🙂

    PS. when you try commenting on the blog, what does it say to you? This is so strange!


    • It just says “there was an error with your submission” and it won’t let me post a comment. But I am still reading!!!

  12. Have a fun time today! I was planning on getting some pool time in but it is raining cats and dogs—boo!

  13. Heyy girly! I just found your blog and am absolutely loving it! You have a new follower!

    Have a fabulous day!


  14. Enjoy the day and possible pool time! We are having a family BBQ.

  15. Yeah… I learned my lesson after a run over the weekend and I spent the entire day with bright red shoulders! Bumping up the protection to 30 spf… which required a shopping trip because I was totally one of those people who never used lotion either. I’m correcting my ways!

  16. Nice on the run. I did weights and some boxing, bit of patio time, now in the kitchen trying to get some veggie burgers cooked to freeze and trying out my hand at seitan again. Oh, yard work too. Another busy one LOL. Take care!

  17. Hey gorgeous run sis!
    Love this post..I’m so thankful I grew up a military baby so I could have a first hand experience at witnessing the self-less acts of those we are remembering today.
    Running just YOU without the pods and wires is so freeing and refreshing! I try to get in atleast 1 FREElizzy run a week!
    Ahhh and NO SHAME I’m the same way about the CoffeePot love! 🙂
    I was so sad to come back to the dorms after my run without fresh coff waiting for me! (I’m visiting my sis)..
    I hope u enjoy the POOL! Plans for me are to surf and beach all afternoonn! Wahoo!
    Loveees to u chica! Xoxo!

  18. hey beautiful!
    have a super day! taking a packing and workout break, wanted to say hi 🙂

  19. Have a great day. I’m spending the day unpacking.

  20. I really love running without my ipod every now and then. Its nice to be alone with my thoughts sometimes 🙂

  21. Haha, is it bad that I giggle when people burn because they say “they don’t burn” 😉

    Happy Memorial Day to YOU! And Keith! Hope you guys have a wonderful day.

  22. Great workout! Every time I run, I think of you! Tips from that post you did on treadmill running a while back stick with me! I think I’m going to post about your post soon, actually, if you don’t mind. You’ve been great for my running form and for my experimenting with the incline. 🙂

    • Thank you…that means so much to me. Definitely do a post on treadmill running. It makes me so happy to know that I am somehow helping other people! Thanks for making my night! 🙂

  23. Your mileage always impresses me! You’re a rock star, Kelly!!!

    We drove from Lincoln, Nebraska back to Tulsa and we both went on runs and had an awesome dinner in between. No complaints 🙂

  24. I hope you enjoyed soaking up the sun and some time with your hubster!

  25. i didn’t do anything for the holiday, so thanks for taking some time to remin me why it is so important. sounds like a great run too!


  26. My dear Kelly!
    Uh, great pool plans, I likie 🙂
    Remember I’ve been telling you how bad I’v ebeen feeling..well now I am feeling better. I have been able to turn all the difficulties into something positive (learning, understanding, appreciating my life more). I even lost my dog which was so devastating but now I am planning on having a new pup 🙂 I always get energy from you and I look up to you! Even if you are across the Atlantic and we haven’t ever met you are very important to me 🙂 Thank you for that ❤

    • YAY! I am so glad that things are getting better for you! That makes me grin from ear to ear! I am truly happy for you….

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