Sunday is MY day!

Happy Sunday everyone! Mine has started off beautifully. I slept in (albeit only until 7:00) but considering I wake up at 4:30 every morning, 7:00 feels like a TREAT! Sundays are my rest days from working out so I have lounged around and made some deelish coffee and am considering breakfast…but first I have a date with the LA Times crossword! And I would like to present you with last’s weeks edition:

My best crossword accomplishment!

HOLY YES, I FINISHED IT, 100% IN PEN!!!!! (okay so it might have taken me 3 days but I actually finished it! Alone, by myself, finished! I can die happy! I kid, I kid, But seriously this is a HUGE accomplishment in the life of Kelly. So I am excited to delve into today’s!

Do you have any weird obsessions? Mine is definitely crossword puzzles!

So yesterday, I saw Sex in the City 2 with Hilary and I really liked it! It was LONG (I warn you) and there were a few scenes I thought could have been left on the editing room floor, but all in all I give it a solid B+. Also after seeing it I am now 110% sure that the character I am most like is Miranda! I loved her…and I loved her in the sequel!

Today Keith and I don’t have too much on the agenda. I am truthfully kind of missing my husband. I know that sounds odd but I feel like we are always both running around in a million different directions that we hardly see each other sometimes. So today I am hoping to get some good wife and hubby time! 🙂 This week was crazy busy for both of us!

What are you doing on this fabulous Sunday?

Last, I just want to say that I KNOW I don’t say it enough…but I love all you faithful readers! I tend to forget sometimes that it is a choice for you to read my blog and I am really thankful and glad that you like me enough to do so! 🙂


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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever even attempted a crosswords =-O I’m much more a sudoku/numbers person

    • Just like my husband! He is a Sudoku freak! The harder the better! He does all those crazy ones too…have you seen all those variations? It is nuts!

  2. I can imagine 7 must feel like sleeping in until 11 when you’re used to getting up at 4! I hope you have a fantastic relaxing day. I have another busy one planned, but all good.

  3. I love crossword puzzles too…the New York Times puzzle really intimidates me!!! I can usually only get four or five clues on that one before I give up, lol.

    Have a great day with your hub!!!

  4. Enjoy your rest day!! Very impressed with your crossword puzzle! 😉 I suck at those!!

  5. I so know what you mean about missing the hubby. Mine works so much, that everytime we get a chance to spend time together we try and take it just because we mis eachother so much!

  6. I’m obsessed with crossword puzzles! I do the Washington Post ones every day (and WP Magazine ones, which are WAY harder, every weekend). I don’t always get them and sometimes I get so frustrated that I give up, but I love filling in the boxes and working out the clues.
    I also really like word search puzzles. I have this HUGE book of word search puzzles that my sister bought on a road trip in 2nd grade (I bought The Picture of Dorian Gray; gave me nightmares. I don’t know why my mom thought I’d be fine reading that when I was 8…) and she barely touched it so starting last year I’ve been working on it and I’m almost done. I just plain like word puzzles in general. 😛

    I’m making some jap chae today. And tomorrow. Busy, busy. 😀

  7. My last weeks have been crazy but I always try to catch up with your blog even if I don’t have time to comment 🙂 Love u too

  8. Hey Kelly!
    First I love your blog..perfect mix of great information,inspiration with just a hint of snarkyness…love hearing about your life.
    Wish I could say I love crossword puzzles, not so much, however, my husband is like you obsessed with them. And btw, it seems to be genetic, our 10 yr. daughter loves them too…I have to tell you that as a mom, I love hearing about how you were raised and hearing about your deep love and respect for your mom, it gives me hope for the future! Again, love your blog!Keep up the great work. Chris

    • Thanks Chris! That is so sweet of you! My mom and I definitely went through a rough time period when she and my Dad got divorced (I was 20 at the time) but in the end I realized that no matter what she will always be there for me and fight in my corner! There is always hope! 🙂

  9. I’m glad you liked the movie! I’m holding out until my girls and I can get together… which will hopefully be sooner than later.

    And way to go on the crossword! I used to attempt them, but being as how I get distracted easily, it never works out… lol

    Enjoy your beautiful Sunday!!!

  10. I LOVE crossword puzzles! I am good a memorizing so once you’ve done a few they get easier 🙂

    We’re having the family over tomorrow for a cookout! My dad still hasn’t seen the place.

  11. I like attempting the crossword puzzles, but I don’t usually get far. I do have an obsession with this PS3 game P has. It’s kind of like Tetris, but it’s two player so we battle against eachother. Every time I get to blow up a section of my screen, they dump onto his. I can play against him for hours. Well and win of course! 🙂

  12. Beauty and brains? What ISN’T there to love about you? 😀

    I am a big ol’ dud this weekend since my tooth is making very me very unhappy. I am just sleeping as much as I can to get away from the pain. So much for time at the pool this weekend!

    Love you girl!

  13. Awesome job on the crossword. My mom and my boyfriend do them together. She’ll start one, he’ll add a bunch of words, and then she finishes it and feels all proud. Lol

  14. I think it’s great that you acknowledge your readers.
    Holy crap – those puzzles are HARD…I would definitely have to “cheat”…do you look up answers ? ;)…or are you just brilliant?
    Wait 4:30 a.m…every morning? Do you work late hours?

  15. theres a reason we choose to read your blog : YOU

  16. wow that is such an accomplishment – I don’t think I have ever filled out an entire crossword! Sodokus are another story though 🙂
    yay for sleeping in!

  17. I am a crossword addict also, but I am also a cheater. It’s bad, I know. But I don’t like to pick up a half-unfinished crossword. So, unless I want to sit there for 72 hours straight, I cheat. 😀

  18. I love crosswords too but can only do the easy ones! I have a weird obsession with trees. I like to walk around different parks identifying types of trees….

    Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  19. Mine would be Scrabble. I LOVE it! Crosswords are hard for me. 😉

  20. weird obsessions? i am a magazine JUNKIE. checking out in the grocery store is torture for me. it’s like an alcoholic in a liquor store.

    so, i went to the movie with my girls last night too and i have to say, i thought it was absolutely awful! scenes were way too long, it felt like a rated R disney movie with all of the whimsical sound effects. oh and the sex scenes were terrible! i tried hard not to giggle the whole time, one of the girls we were with was really into it. i didn’t want to ruin it for her! lol d+, that’s all i can give it. thank g carrie still has a rockin’ body to covet.

    our sunday? the zoo. the weather was sensational.

  21. i love that you challenge yourself with crossword puzzles! how fun….i could never do it though-too hard 😉 it was a lovely day here and i went on a great bike ride. i hope to sleep in tomorrow too like you did today!

  22. I’m the exact opposite, Sundays are my EARLY day. During the week I sleep in with my son until at least 9 (dont hate me lol). But on Sundays I get up at 6:30 to walk 6 miles with my friend. Its a nice change for me since I usually run/walk/workout at night.

    Have a great week!

  23. Crosswords make my brain hurt! I’m much more of a numbers person!

  24. The whole crossword puzzle in pen is mighty impressive! I used to work for a newspaper a long time ago and would do the crossword every day (in pencil!)

  25. I love doing crossword puzzles, too. I just never find the time for them.

  26. I agree that there were several scenes that could and should have been chopped out of SATC2. Karaoke what?! I wanted to laugh out loud at that. I’d give it a B. I definitely didn’t like it as much as the first.

  27. I soooo wish I was a crossword person, but I can never finisht hem! My aunt and I used to do them together when I was in college and living with her. That makes me sad and nostalgic. 😦

  28. i freaking LOVE crossword puzzles!!! so much! and golden girls. hhaha im 80!!

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