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So I am usually VERY brand loyal. Once I find something I like I rarely change it up. This goes for most things in my life. I usually order the same things at restaurants, wear the same colors, use the same toothpaste, etc….you get the idea. This is no different for my running attire. I am actually quite picky about my running shorts. Certain qualifications have to be in place! They are:

  • They need to be short…I not talking booty shorts or anything but I can run in long shorts
  • There has to be built-in panties!
  • There needs to be a pocket somewhere for me hold my keys and usually a piece of gum
  • They need to absorb sweat because I am a sweaty (REALLY SWEATY) runner

My running shorts of choice have been the Synergy Runner by Moving Comfort. I can’t like to them because, sadly, last year they were discontinued! SO SAD! I have 5 pairs so it wasn’t like I was in a shortage but I have been on the look out for something that I like just as much ever since. And today I dare say, I might have found it! Enter theΒ Lululemon Groovy Run Speed Short! These to be exact:

LOVE! They are light weight and perfect! My ONLY draw back is that I usually like the pocket to be on the inside of the shorts and this one is in the back but it closes with a zipper and hold what it needs to! I definitely recommend these!

Are you picky about your exercise clothing?

Any product recommendations that you have…please share!


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  1. So cute! Caitlin has a pair too. They’re not too short? Do they ride up?

    • They are definitely short but I like my running shorts to be short. They do NOT ride up at all! Love it…the panties stay nicely in place!!! πŸ™‚

  2. I’m picky about the prices for exercise clothes! I just like to wear black running tights or compression shorts in the summer for running, and padded bike shorts for biking is a must!

  3. those are so cute! i am not super picky about workout clothes, but i do need them to be comfortable and FEEL comfortable in them!

  4. Cool, thanks for sharing. I am fairly picky too. I like Nike tops and I also found a new top I like by Champion (much cheaper). I haven’t found running shorts that I just love though.

  5. You sound like me. πŸ˜‰ I agree with all those requirements. I need pockets for storing my work badge. I sweat A LOT too. I’m partial to the Nike clothes because they seem to be the most flattering on my body. Everlast is cute but never fits right.

    I also chew gum when running. That’s a must!

    I don’t know if you have REI where you live, but I love their running shorts!

  6. I am not too picky about my workout gear, but if I think about it, most of mine is Nike. I like their tempo running shorts because they have the little pocket and are short enough but lose enough around the legs (if that even makes sense) ha.

    Also we are moving to San Antonio! Not too far from Austin, maybe well have to plan a blogger meet up πŸ™‚

  7. I recently bought a couple of pairs of Under Armour running shorts at Academy and love them! They meet all your requirements, too πŸ™‚

  8. I have three pairs of these shorts and they are my absolute fav – crazy plaid and all! I am still searching for the perfect running top. I can’t seem to find the right length….and I’m picky, too!

    • Ironically my favorite running tops are from Target. The racerback dry fit tanks…they works the best for me. Not too short, not too long and they absorb the sweat really nicely!

      So confession…seeing you in these shorts on your blog was what inspired me to order my own! haha!

  9. I def prefer built in panties. My soccer coach got us uniform shorts with them and we all HATED them at first, but now I don’t like them any other way!!

  10. YEEEEAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Lululemon is pretty spot on and I haven’t had an issue with any of their clothing line just yet. Right now I’m obsessed with their Zoom Crops (I have 1 pair) and I wish I found out about them sooner before I bought (2 pairs) the Empower crops.

    I have yet to wear a pair of shorts with built in undies! I find that SO weird lol…I suppose you’d have to get used to it, huh.

  11. Oh I like those! I wish my budget allowed me to be pickier with workout clothes. I have a crazy mix of workout stuff. I would love to have a workout wardrobe full of Lululemon. I love their stuff!

  12. I LOVE those– I have them in white- I really wanted to the color in your picture though! I’m too poor to afford both right now πŸ˜‰

  13. I love form fitting capris, I usually get them at TJ Max or Target. And if I wear shorts, I like you perfer the built in underwear. I don’t wear underwear when I exercise! haha!

  14. yes, i NEED tech shirts and shorts. cotton SOAKS up sweat and leaves me feeling sooo gross. i can’t work out in anything but shorts either. i hate capris and pants. i also need sleeveless shirts. i need that range of motion!

    • Oh I HAVE to have sleeveless too! I can never workout in sleeves. But I can run in tights or capris but they have to be tight…not the loose fitting kind.

  15. I have to have properly fitting athletic clothes. I love the Nike Pro sports bras and how they come in a million colors πŸ™‚

  16. They look cute. I love Lululemon clothes…to look at haha!! Unfortunately it doesn’t fit my budget!! …and actually I find it too self-conscious – they hug you everywhere and make me TOO aware of how I feel – which is usually quite full…

  17. When you work for a brand you tend to be crazy brand loyal… But I LOVE Pearl Izumi’s infinity split shorts and the new fly split shorts. I have seriously given everything else away!

  18. My favorite exercise clothes are from Lucy and Lululemon. Honestly though, Lucy is cheaper and just as good so I definitely shop there more.

  19. Those are so cute!! I would love to buy Lululemon, but I am not into their sizes yet.

  20. those are SO cute. but i am a cheap skate and own nothing lululemon πŸ™‚ with that said.. no, i am so not picky about my workout wear. today i found out that forever 21 carries workout stuff and i bought a bunch! yesss.

    have a lovely weekend, my dear!

  21. I never really run in shorts because I hate my legs. when i do the short are long. I LOVE the shorts you picked out though. They’re so cute and will look awesome on you.
    happy weekend!

  22. I cannot find a pair of running shorts that don’t ride up. I usually end up wearing capris, even in the summer.

  23. i hate it when they discontinue your favorite stuff! express did that to my favorite jeans back in high school and i almost cried.

    i am a big fan of lucy tank tops. they are a little longer which is perfect for my big boobs and longer torso. i never have that oh so attractive exposed belly when working out.

    • I have my eye on some Lucy’s pants….they are on sale! I want them so badly! haha! πŸ™‚

      And yes…I totally wanted to cry when Moving Comfort discontinued those shorts! I mean they didn’t even ask me first! haha!

  24. My favorite running shorts are definitely Nike Tempo shorts! They are the only ones I use to run in, they have built in panties, a pocket on the inside for my key, are made of dri-fit material (I sweat a lot too!). They may seem long when you first wear them but you can fold them over and I think they get shorter as you wash them…

    okay I sound like a Nike sales person but I really do love them..I also like RRS velocity shorts (but no pocket)…love your blog by the way!

    • Thanks Nicole! I appreciate that!

      I have tried the Tempo shorts on but I haven’t bought a pair. So many people like them though…I might have ot try them out. I am glad to know you think they shrink a little because the reason I never bought a pair was because I thought they were too long.

  25. Love the shorts! I like my under armour shorts but the lulemon ones are super cute! hmmm…. I might have to try a pair!

  26. AGH! I just saw these the other day on their site and thought they were so adorable! I love all things lulu.

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