Today is my Daddy’s 56th birthday!

Me and My Dad! Isn't he adorable?

My Dad is an awesome guy and I have always been a “little daddy’s girl” for sure! My dad has always been a huge support to me and cheers me on through thick and thin. I am blessed that he only lives about 10 minutes from me and so I get to see and spend time with him often! I love you, Dad and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! 🙂


27 Responses

  1. Happy birthday to him! I’m a daddy’s girl too. 😉

  2. Awww…your parents both look so sweet!! Happy birthday to your daddy!

  3. Happy birthday to your dad.

  4. Happy B-day! Good looking guy there…

  5. Happy Birthday! He IS adorable!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your daddy! Tomorrow is my daddy’s birthday!

  7. your family are very young and good looking! happy bday.

  8. Happy Bday Healthy Living Dad!

  9. Happy Birthday to your dad!! He is very handsome! 😀

  10. Happy birthday to your dad!!

  11. aww happy bday daddyio!!

  12. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  13. Happy Birthday to your dad!!!!!!! 🙂

  14. Happy Birthday to Dad, enjoy the day with him!

  15. Happy Bday to your Dad!

  16. So cute! I’m jealous you live so close to your family! I need a get rich quick scheme so I can fly my mom to NYC whenever she wants! Got any suggestions?? 😉


  17. Love the picture of the two of you! Happy Birthday to your dad!

  18. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  19. Happy Birthday to your dad…what a sweet picture.

    And I am totally with you on Keri Russell…she is beautiful in a very wholesome way.

  20. oh he is so handsome! and you two are so beautiful together 🙂 happy bday Dad!

  21. Happy birthday to your dad! My brothers’ birthdays are today too! And I am also a daddy’s girl.

  22. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, your dads a hunk,

    glad you had a great trip!

  23. […] last night, to celebrate my Dad’s birthday, his girlfriend Jann planned a surprise bowling party for him! It was so much fun and he was […]

  24. What a great picture! 🙂 Happy B-Day to your Dad!!!

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