Sing Me A Saturday Song!

HAPPY SATURDAY! This day has been great! I started the morning with a 10 mile run (I averaged 8:11/pace) and now I am all SMILES! Do you have a song that has lately been pumping you up? I do! I am obsessed with Lady Gaga and this song is rocking my IPOD lately!

What song have you been rockin lately?

Today I am going to be super busy!!! Why, you ask? Well that is a SURPRISE and I will tell you tomorrow! Isn’t that so mean of me? Don’t hate!

What do you have a planned for today?

In case you missed it, I finally posted my running story yesterday. And I have to say thank you to everyone who left such amazing words for me! I had no idea that I inspired so many of you and that makes me so happy. I am working on the whole “role model, inspiration, I am a good runner” idea. So thank you for helping and encouraging me along! I have the best readers and I truly love you all! 🙂



20 Responses

  1. Happy Saturday! I’m about to get on my bike to ride for Reach the Beach! 55 miles to the beach. It’s beautiful out today. 🙂

  2. Have a great Saturday with your surprise!!! Can’t wait to hear what it is 🙂

  3. Kelly shiny girl! I used to be happy almost all the time, but now due to so many setbacks in my life (at the same time) I am one very sad girl 😦 Do you have any cure?? I can’t run and exercise used to be my cure. But I am always happy to see you are well, maybe I am too someday..

    • I am so sorry that you are not in a good place right now. But believe in yourself and believe in this life and one day things will turn aroud. I truly believe that we get back what we project out into this world. So send out the postive vibes and ones day you will get them back! 🙂 Hang in there honey!

  4. You are SUCH an inspiration, I loved hearing your running story 🙂

  5. Happy Saturday to you too. I am in serious need of some new tunes! Today is weights and probably some kickboxing. Too nasty to get out for a run unfortunately.

  6. Loved your running story! Happy Saturday to you too! Hopefully we will be getting outside soon to just enjoy a little fresh air!!!

  7. Can’t wait to hear about this surprise!
    I’m loving that song “BulletProof” by La Roux (…not sure how she spells it…)…but it definitely gets you you a Rawr type of mood…

  8. I’m on my way there soon! Working a little overtime and then I am going for a 400m swim, 40min bike and 20min run. Can’t wait!

    I love the high!

    Happy Saturday! Woot!

  9. Lady Gaga’s Telephone has been exploding on my iPod recently!

  10. Music is such a motivator when running. Sometimes instead of singing in my head I accidentally sing out loud during runs. Ooops!

    I love Alicia Keys and Beyonce “Put it in a love Song” and B.o.B “Airplanes”!

  11. I am going to get out and enjoy this sunshine! Have fun whatever you’re up to!

  12. I just download new songs to my ipod, already had Lady Gaga, she is great to run to!
    I am running a 10K tonight at 6:30pm, wish me luck…..oh I think you already did. 😉

  13. Can’t wait to find out what the surprise is! I’ve been jamming out to Jay Z’s “Young Forever” lately.

  14. Without even knowing it, I looked at my recent playlist and said, “wow, Katy Perry apparently rocks!” Not so much “I Kissed a Girl” (hello- can we say overplayed to death still- even two years later), but more “California Gurls” and “If We Ever Meet Again” (with timbaland).

  15. I have a busy day too – tons of stuff to do before vacation extravaganza starts! I better get on that!

  16. I have been rockin’ out to Lady Gaga, too! Bad Romance is a definitely jam on my iPod!! Awesome pace on the 10-miler! I just read your racing story! I’ll bet your dad is so proud of your running accomplishments!! You’re an inspiration, Kelly!

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