Happy Friday! I swear after we get through Wednesday, I feel like the week flies and Friday always creeps up on me. I always find myself saying, “Gosh, is it already Friday?!” In any event, I am not complaining! HAPPY FRIDAY!

My workout this morning was great…10 miles that looked like this:

  • 2 miles @ 7.5
  • 1 mile @ 6.5
  • 2 miles @ 7.5
  • 1 mile @ 6.5
  • 2 miles @ 7.5
  • 1 mile @ 6.5
  • 1 mile @ 7.0

Woot…love it! Big smiles all the way around! And now I need to work for a few hours (and do my running group) but by noon I am hanging it up! Working past noon on Friday just not sound like a good thing to me! 😉

So yesterday, I heard on my favorite morning show a very interesting story. The DJ has a friend who works full-time and his wife stays at home with their 2 children. Every week, he deposits “X” amount of money into her bank account for her own frivolous spending. BUT here’s the catch. The more “nookie” she gives him the more money she gets! The DJ didn’t have specific numbers but said there was a substantial difference between a one time a week deposit and a three times a week deposit. A substantial difference. The radio station then opened up the phone lines for people to call in and give their opinions on what they thought about this martial arrangement.

What do you think? Is this okay? Normal?

My opinion is that this is SICK! Really?!?! You are basically paying for sex and treating your wife as a prostitute! I mean as the husband, would you really want to know that the only reason your wife is giving it to you is because she wants more money? I would be insulted! And how do you even bring this topic up? I mean how, as the husband, do you suggest this “arrangement” with your wife? I was completely appalled! I have no words. I am actually speechless (and that NEVER happens.) Am I missing something? Is it because I have only been married for 4 years and don’t have kids that maybe the “spark” is still there? I mean…maybe? But I can honestly say that the day Keith tells me he will give me more money every month if I “put out more” is the day that he will have not 1 but possibly 2 black eyes! 😉


49 Responses

  1. Happy Friday back at ya!

    I have to admit, I started laughing out loud when I read about this DJ story.

    Its funny, but at the same time, the husband is paying for sex… but doesn’t really seem right in a marriage. I could go on and on about this. I’m interested to read the other comments!

  2. If my husband ever suggested paying me for putting out, not only would he have a broken nose but he’d also be going a very, very long time without any action. I’m stubborn, so I think I could hold out for a long time. And he’d deserve that!

  3. Ick ick ick!!!!!!!! I don’t get that either. And how can she stand for that. I thought the same thing. It is basically being a glorified prostitute. I also don’t like the thought of being paid by my husband. I stay at home and even though he is the main one working and all I bring in is tutoring cash, we still share it and will use it for things we need and trust the other’s use of our money. I don’t get an allowance. That to me just puts too much power in his hands when marriage should be a mutual place. There are so many things wrong with that!!!

  4. Um, yeah. That’s kinda disgusting, almost verging on abusive in a way. Very controlling!

  5. I wonder how long they have been married, because I can not see that lasting very long. Marriage is about having a partner to go through life with, not being an employee of your husband! Totally disagree with that arrangement, it wouldn’t never happen in my marriage!

  6. Well, I think that as long as they’re both happy with the agreement, I’m not going to judge. I mean, if I was her I would NOT agree to that and it doesn’t seem like they have a very healthy relationship, and honestly if they’re married she doesn’t need a frigging allowance. But, if she’s okay with it I can’t really say much about it. I can’t imagine someone actually being okay with that, though. o.O It does kind of make you wonder how he even got her to consent to such a thing, if it’s her money, too.

  7. Oh, by the way, that chicken-taco-crockpot recipe of yours is DEEEELICIOUS and a new fav in our house!! Thank you! Thank you! I made it again yesterday and can’t wait for the left-overs today!

  8. That is really gross! Maybe he was just saying that to get a reaction haha!

    Hope you have a great Friday 🙂

  9. Um wow! I would feel so insulted, hurt, and unappreciated if my Husband ever gave me an allowance. I don’t work outside so I know how it can be an adjustment going from having a paycheck to not, but having an allowance that revolves around the amount of sex? Umm no way.

    I think everyone handles their finances differently but an allowance and feeling like my Husband’s employee would not work for me. He wouldn’t dare suggest it.

  10. Seriously, I think that’s just insane and really sad.

  11. Whoa – the first thing I thought was exactly what you said – that is SICK.

  12. I agree…that’s totally sick!

  13. Yep! This is sick and very disgusting! If I were that women, I would feel like a piece s**t everyday for allowing my husband to have that much power over me. It’s sad to see that men can still control women even to this day.
    On another note, congrats on a great run!

  14. Yeaaah that doesn’t sound like a healthy marriage to me, and definitely not how I would want mine to go. But maybe if it works for them? It really is like a form of prostitution though, kind of insane.

  15. I think this is crazy to me! You’re right. Just like prostitution. Both parties should be feeling the love. Not the money!

  16. Happy Friday! Ok, I have been with my husband for 16 years and have 2 kids…trust me, there is still a spark! That being said, I think a lot of people let the spark go. It actually takes a commitment to each other to keep that going because life can get in the way of anything. I totally disagree with this whole thing, but I don’t think the husband has all of the control here. She gets what she gives. She is holding sex over him. She is prostituting herself.

  17. That is totally like prostitution. But legal… Wow…

    They’re both doing something so not right…

    I wonder if she still even loves him or just considers him a sugar daddy? Thanks for setting the women’s movement back…

  18. What station was that? I’ll make sure to avoid it when I move to Austin…which is in 8 days!!! I can’t wait!

  19. Ooooh….no, that is a BAD idea. I think that starts a really dangerous precedent in the marriage. I feel like that would make both me AND my husband mad at the other person!

  20. Ok, that’s messed up. Way to build a strong, healthy relationship eh?
    I’d my boyfriend tried to pull something like that he’d be in some serious trouble.

  21. nooot healthy. you’d think he’d want his wife to want to sleep w/ him b/c she WANTS to… not for the extra $$$. icky.

  22. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Not the right tone for a marriage!

  23. Wow, that’s insane. Not okay at all. I’m kind of speechless. I wonder how she feels about it?? I can’t imagine any woman feeling like that is a fair, loving way to be treated but it would be really interesting to hear her take on it.

  24. Yep, that definitely qualifies as treating your wife and mother of your children like a prostitute! Also, the feminist inside me definitely cried a little merely at the fact she gets an allowance! I got an allowance when I was 7!!

  25. My fist issue is the allowance-type situation. even if she isn’t working, she is raising his kids which in my opinion is a full-time job. She should be able to spend what she wants within reason just like he does and not have an allowance like a child. Second, it does seem like a prostitute situation to me. i’m all around appalled!

  26. um, hell no that’s not normal. he’s basically turning his wife into his own personal prostitute! if nate (and he never EVER would) but if he ever tried to suggest an arrangement like that i’d probably slap him. no, not probably, i just would. and then i’d go get a job that brought in more money than him, just to rub it in.

  27. How degrading! Is she his wife or his live-in hooker? I wonder what other things he pays her for. Eww.

  28. That is absolutely disgusting and appalling. I thought a husband was supposed to respect his wife?!?!! And if a couple makes a decision for the mom to stay home with kids, she shouldn’t have to get “paid”.

  29. Oh man there are so many things wrong with this but it also falls into the stereotype of marriage where the husband wants action and the wife loses interest after having kids. Clearly we know this isn’t always the case but this doesn’t help break that stereotype.

    We’ll skip over the issue of her having a bank account that her husband has to deposit money in for her to use instead of them having a joint account that everyone has access to. No control issues there at all (sarcasm).

    I’m sure this is an unspoken arrangement. One week they probably had more sex and he gave her more money. After a few incidents of this happening, wife probably caught on and now when she wants extra money she gives him more nookie. It’s disgusting on several levels. Not just the fact that this guy is treating his wife like a paid mistress but also the fact that the wife is going along with it. This marriage has Jerry Springer written all over it.

  30. That is seriously messed up, I think if my partner in crime suggested something like that he’d be cut off until he recovered his mind because clearly he would have lost it to suggest that to me.

    At the same time thinking about that situation though she’s an adult and is a participant in this arrangement, barring emotional or physical abuse she is accountable as well for taking part in that arrangement.

    • Oh agreed….they are BOTH to blame for this. I mean I guess it obviously works for them but I think it is sends the WRONG message!

  31. First of all, great job on your workout! I wish I was only working until noon today – get this, we have a company meeting that STARTS at 5. Ridiculous…

    I am completely in agreement with you on the more sex/more money thing. That’s so screwed up for both of them – it takes away the “enjoyment” of the whole thing because now you’re just working for more money!

  32. hope this doesn’t offend anyone but WTF!!!!!!! is she his whore?????????sorry……i had to say that……..excuse me for being too honest 😉

  33. I am totally disgusted! Seriously, what? I am SO open minded but I cannot even believe that there are such bizarre people in the world who think this is a good idea.

  34. That’s pretty outrageous! I’m all for fun exchanges of favors, but that’s just too far! Although I found those “sex coupons” to be redeemed anytime, and they are soooo cute! oh but I digress here. Yeah the money thing is just awful and soo control-freak!! I’d feel like a hooker!

  35. Wow I think that is DISGUSTING.

  36. UMM WHAT?!?!?! WOW!! what is this world coming too!! that is FOR REAL sad!!!!
    baller run!

  37. I have to agree with you. Although the wheels were turning in my head when I read this (JK lol), the more you think about it the more disturbing it really is.

  38. […] to back up to this morning! I was happy to see that everyone was just as appalled as I was by the marriage arrangement I heard about on the radio yesterday. So to follow up, here is the even more SHOCKING part. Yes, […]

  39. I wonder about the woman, honestly. Who would do that to themselves?

  40. Sickers!!! Why do they do this?

    WOW! I admire you and your running! I need to start but it is so hard for me. I am a walker who wishes she could run. I can do 3 min before I am sick of it or tired! LOL…but I can walk fast for a long time!


  41. That would soooo not be cool with me… Maybe this is their way of keeping the romance alive…but, it’s a very…different…approach.

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