Saturday Smiles


Are you smiling now?

This morning has been awesome! I started my Saturday (and last workout day of the week..holler) with a 9 mile run that looked like this: 2 miles @ 7.5, 1 mile @ 6.5, 2 miles @ 7.5, 1 mile @ 6.5, 2 miles @ 7.5, 1 mile @ 6.5  followed by 10 minutes of elliptical cool down. Happy Legs? Check! Happy Heart? Check! Happy Kelly? CHECK! CHECK!

Did you get your workout in today?

Yesterday afternoon, Keith and I went to the Our Body Exhibit and it was AMAZING! It was really neat to see how our body works together to be human life. Because the bodies were real human specimens it was like nothing I had ever seen before. I had no idea how small some of our organs are…for example the gallbladder is tiny!!! No cameras were allowed (bummer) so I have no pictures but here is how it was broken down:

  1. Muscular System
  2. Skeletal System
  3. Circulatory System
  4. Nervous System
  5. The Digestive System
  6. The Respiratory System
  7. The Reproductive System
  8. The Excretory System

My favorite was the Reproductive System…it was really neat and amazing to see what a baby grows in. Jaw on the floor amazed! The entire exhibit was awesome and if it does come to your city I HIGHLY recommend it! It is worth the money! And I know it sounds a little squeamish to see real preserved human bodies but it is done so tastefully that it doesn’t even seem “real” if that makes sense! I WISH WISH WISH I had been allowed to take pictures! 😦

Have you ever been to this exhibit?

Today is going to be a FUN day for us. I have a date with my laundry basket…um boy! And Keith and I have some serious yard work to do! REALLY….our yard is awfully long! Keith is the front yard mower and I claim the backyard! I personally LOVE to mow the yard. I am so anal that I love to see my straight lines and my progress as I work. Keith does all the weed eating and edging though…I am not THAT good! Then late this afternoon we are heading to my mom’s for a Mother’s Day (1 day early) BBQ! It will be my mom, Great Aunt, Grandma, me and Keith, and my brother and his girlfriend! Good food, Good family and some board games…the perfect Saturday night in my book! I am making a YUMMY salad…stay tuned for pictures and the recipe tomorrow! Trust me…YOU WILL WANT THIS ONE!!! 🙂

What are you doing today?


36 Responses

  1. Yes I’m smiling!!!!

    I’m glad you liked the exhibit- I went a few years ago and LOVED it- I wish I could go again!

  2. Have fun at the BBQ! We’re relaxing all day, and then going to a fun wedding tonight!

  3. did bootcamp with Zach this morining, he kicked my butt. In a little bit I am taking the girls to swimteam and after that to Borders so they can go to a book release party for one of their favourite writers, they are both big time readers so it should be fun. No other plans for the weekend, hopefully I get some ME time tomorrow! Have fun yardworking, looks like it will be a cool day today here in Austin.

  4. p.s. love that smiley coffee face 🙂

  5. coffee requires whipped cream and chocolate no?
    the exhibit sounds awesome. i should check it out if it ever comes around again…

  6. I might steal that run workout for this morning! I have been to that exhibit and it is SO freaking cool! Of course, I was a human biology major, so I geek out on that kind of stuff!

    • Steal away…it was good. I will probably do it again on Monday but 4 times through to make 12 miles. Honestly, the hardest part is the slow miles in between at 6.5. It is just hard to run that slow…haha!

  7. I have not seen the exhibit, but some co-workers of mine saw it last year and loved it. I would love to see it sometime!

    Nice run, you are so fast!!

    I got my walk in this morning with the dogs. Thats it for workouts this weekend! (I take the weekends off from the gym).

    Have a nice time at the BBQ!! 🙂

  8. Hey girl – I too have a date with the laundry basket and my swiffer vac. Hope you have a great time at your BBQ this evening!

  9. have a nice nite kelly!

  10. I’ve heard that exhibit is amazing but I’m not sure i can handle it. For some reason I feel like the insides look like roast beef. not sure where that idea came from. enjoy your yard work!

  11. Yes I got a good little 5 miler in 🙂 Sounds like a fun night, once you get past the laundry and yard work!

  12. I really like the sounds of that run – I think I might have to steal the idea for my next treadmill attempt. I’m always impressed at your ability to run on the treadmill. I went out for a planned eight mile run today and got caught in a thunderstorm! It made me want to stay in sweats all day 🙂

  13. I have seen the “Bodies” exhibition! Andrew and I saw it together about 4 years ago when it was in Atlanta and found it absolutely fascinating!! And like you said, my favorite part was the reproductive system, must be a girl thing, haha! 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend!! 🙂

  14. I also have a date with my laundry basket. And I”m going to my friend’s daughter’s birthday party later in the afternoon.

  15. I will be doing Body Combat this afternoon, other than that I’m just workin away! Not the best Saturday, but what can you do!

  16. Have a great day, I hope the weather holds up by you. Here it isn’t too nice. Happy Saturday!

  17. Can’t wait for the salad and the exhibit sounds awesome!! Mr. KD and I are taking my mom out to dinner tonight to also celebrate a day early! I hope your BBQ is lovely. Have a great Saturday 🙂

  18. I saw the Bodies exhibit in Portland. It was amazing! But way too crowded. I wish I could have gone back a second time to spend more time really seeing things.

  19. Half the workout down and yoga to go. About to head out in fact.

    have fun at the BBQ!

  20. […] morning I stole Kelly’s treadmill workout- 2 miles @ 7.5, 1 mile @ 6.5, 2 miles @ 7.5, 1 mile @ 6.5, 2 miles @ 7.5, 1 mile […]

  21. The Body exhibit was here in Detroit for a few years, I wish I would have gone. Especially now that I’m so focused on taking care of my body. Sounds like you have a fab night planned, sounds perfect in my book too!

  22. ive seen the body exhibit in san diego…SO COOL!

    have a great weekend kelly!!!!!

  23. I wasn’t smiling until I read that, and now I am! You are so cute!

    I went to body world and I think the reproductive system was my favorite too. But I loved all of them.

    Board games…yes!!!!

  24. That did make me smile 🙂

    I watched Mike kill his mini marathon and then we went out for lunch!

  25. I’m definitely smiling! No workout for me today. We’re visiting P’s parents. We have done a ton of walking though so I’ve burned off a little energy!

  26. Have fun at the Mother’s Day BBQ, sounds like a good time. And yes, the picture did make me smile!

  27. Hey Doll! This sounds super interesting! I am glad you learned so much and thank you for explaining it all to me 🙂

    Have a great weekend love!!


  28. Ohhh I’m jealous. I wish they’d open up an exhibit in DC. It looks so interesting! I’m glad you had a great time. 🙂

  29. I hate when they don’t let me take pictures places! Do they not understand blogging? That sounds like a really cool exhibit though! Hope you had a great Saturday!

  30. I saw “Bodyworlds 3” when it was here in 06, which Im pretty sure is the same idea and it was awesome.
    My friend brought her little neice who was probably 3 or 4 and she said “Auntie, I know how you can tell which ones are boys and which ones are girls!” Pretty sure everyone wanted to die when she said that, but then she goes on to say “the girls have smaller heads than the boys do”. lol she was so cute!

  31. I haven’t heard about that exhibit–I need to see if it’s in that area! And my saturday nice is consisting of a hot double date with my laundry basket and dishwasher–talk about steamy!!! lol

  32. ugh. i so got my workout in. all 4 hours of it. 🙂 and then passed out.

  33. glad you enjoyed body worlds. i was in awe after seeing that exhibit. i think it should something that we all are required to go to. i think you have such an appreciation of the body after you know what is all inside of it.

  34. I’ve been to The Bodies Exhibit in NYC – it sounds very similar, I wonder if they are the same and/or related. It was a great exhibit. The smoker’s lung really got to me. Yuck!

  35. […] 9 miles of intervals. I ran two miles at an 8 min/mile pace and then one at a 9 min/mile pace (a Kelly workout taken to the […]

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