Food Memories

Thanks for all your great comments on diet pills from this morning. All of your comments were awesome and some of them very personal and I thank you for sharing! I think it is helpful for people to see what other people have gone through. Do you agree? None of  us are perfect and I think sometimes knowing that other bloggers have tried diet pills is almost (dare I say) comforting?

Do you like learning about blogger’s pasts….good and bad?

Okay moving on the lighter subjects! Could you tell the story of your childhood through food? I think I could and I think it would be fun to try. So here you go, my childhood through food!

My first food memory is of my mom washing my bottles in the sink. I remember them being pastel (pink, blue and yellow) I learned later in life that I started my life as a picky kiddo…I would ONLY take the pretty pastel bottles!! haha! My mom should have known then that I would be difficult. (I am sure she is nodding along right now…STOP SMILING MOM! 🙂

I remember my Mammaw making roast and it smelling up her entire house with a rich and thick aroma. All my meals would be served in dishes with pictures on the bottom. It was how my Mammaw got my brother and I to eat all of our dinner. We had to see what picture we got at the bottom of the plate! 🙂 Tricky Tricky! I remember eating a bowl of Rice Krispies and losing my first tooth! I was so excited!

I remember my mom making pancakes on the weekends on the electric griddle. It was fun to help! My mom was never at a lack for additional stirring hands! (Or beater lickers…when cookies where on the menu!!) I remember having “Rock-n-Roll” dinners. My Dad would make spaghetti and homemade meatballs and we would put on rock music and dance and eat! Think Aerosmith, David Bowie, Midnight Oil, Joan Jet…the classics! We begged for “Rock-n-Roll” dinners!

I remember camping at Guadalupe State Park and searching for the perfect tree limb to make the perfect marshmallow roasting stick for smores! I would light mine on fire and let the marshmallow char before mushing it between 2 graham crackers and Hershy’s milk chocolate.

I remember my mom making homemade shrimp creole and thinking she was the best cook in the whole word. (By the way I still think this!) I remember making “ants on a log” (celery with a smear of peanut butter and raisins on top…ants on a log) and I remember the first lie I ever told was over apple slices. I lied and said I had eaten them all but really I had thrown them away and didn’t think to hide them under anything! Ah the naive liar I was! 🙂

I remember my Dad taking us trick or treating on Halloween and then coming home and dumping out all the candy and making “trades” with my brother! And I remember my Dad eating most of it! haha! 🙂

I remember family dinners every night in which we talked as a family and connected at the end of every day. I remember having to set the table every night and groaning the whole time! I now the see the value in that lesson. I remember going to the beach every summer and one of the highlights being we got to eat at Wendy’s! (wow…we were easy to please!!) And I remember discovering a love for coconut at a young age!

But I think most of all…I remember the smells of food. For example, whenever I smell coffee I think of my Dad. I am sometimes stunned into shock when I catch a smell of something and I am instantly transported into a memory I didn’t know I had and it always makes me smile.

Tell me your favorite childhood food memory?


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  1. I think sharing the good and bad just shows that you’re human like the rest of us! Some of my favorite memories around food are being in the kitchen with my mom period. I loved helping her bake – lemon pies were my fave!

  2. Oh wow, how do you pick just one. I think food is intertwined with a lot of people’s memories. But for me I guess the strongest would be my grandfather’s turkey. To this day, it’s the best turkey I’ve ever eaten, and even as grown-ups all the “kids”—me and my sister and cousins—gather around while he slices it on Christmas day.

  3. I prefer reading the blogs of people who have struggled like I have. I can relate to them more and don’t feel quite as alone.

    In response to your post about diet pills–I did use diet pills for about a week. They made me sick and I had insomnia REALLY bad….it was like speed or something. It was the worst feeling in the world and I through them away and decided to lose the weight on my own.

  4. A funny food memory: My stepmom was helping us make my dad breakfast in bed for Father’s Day. My little brother dropped a sausage link on the floor- which had a good amount of dog hair. With no one noticing, he put it back on the plate and handed it to my dad, announcing in his 3 year old words: “don’t wowwy dad, der’s no haiw on it” [don’t worry there’s no hair on it]. Nothing like a suspicious qualifier! Side note- just realized this was probably 15 years ago, OMG.

  5. I don’t know why, but this comes to mind…

    When I was about 4 years old, I sat down at my aunt’s house for a spaghetti dinner. For no rhyme or reason at all, I blurted out very rudely, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!!!!” Yes, I was FOUR. I have no idea what in the world possessed me to say that, but instead of getting mad, everyone in the room burst out laughing… haha!! 😉 I think I ended up eating the spaghetti and liked it too, haha!

  6. I remember stuff with my grandmother. Cheese & crackers, jam and buttered toast, hard buttery chocolate-chip cookies, and the best slices of frozen gum-drop cake and boiled raisin cake. All with lots of tea in little quaint cups loaded with sugar and lots of canned milk….the good stuff!
    grandmothers always have the basic and best things, no?

  7. I definitely prefer reading blogs of people who struggle with same issues that I do. I feel like I can relate to them more and therefore don’t feel quite as alone.

  8. I remember my grandfather making yorkshire pudding…nobody has ever made it nearly as well as he did.

    I like learning about bloggers, the good, the bad and the ugly.

  9. I love this post! My mom was a prankster in the kitchen! She’d occasionally dye our milk a funky color so that when we’d pour it out of the paper carton we’d be in for a little surprise. Once, she made us pancakes and put a small piece of cloth on top of the pancake, then covered the rest with more batter. When we tried to cut it, we found ourselves sawing into cloth!

    At Halloween we’d make quesadilla jack-o-lanterns. We’d top one tortilla with cheddar cheese and then cut eyes, a nose and a mouth in another tortilla. We’d set the second tortilla on top of the first and pop it in the toaster oven…Voila! A cheesy jack-o-lantern!

  10. i remember helping my grandpa make salad dressing…of the GARLIC variety (heaven!)

    i definitely love learning about blogger’s pasts…it makes them relatable!

  11. Such a great idea! And wow, so many. Standouts: Baking homemade bread with my grandma and great-grandma, Mom’s “slide cake” (chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, frosted before complete cool down) as a breakfast staple, Smurfberry Crunch and Saturday morning cartoons, family brunches at Five Crowns.

  12. Ohh such a fun idea! So I totally don’t remember this, but apparently I loved milk so much when I was a baby that when I’d finish my bottle, I’d chuck it across the room so my mom would know I was ready for more! And so of course I LOVED cereal. I remember my grandmother letting me eat four bowls of Special K for dinner one time and thinking it was the best thing EVER. I also remember hating peas, and making a big dramatic scene swallowing them at the table. I think I also snuck some in my napkin. In middle school I remember my mom letting us go to our favorite bakery after school and letting us pick out two treats each. I always got a mini mince pie and a chocolate chip cookie. She encouraged us to eat healthy (hence the peas), but never restricted us too much. I think she was trying to teach us about balance, which is something I still struggle with but always strive for.

    • I LOVED cereal for Mom would let us do that too when my Dad would be out of town for business. It was her way of making us not feel sad that my Dad was away!

  13. I think hearing about bloggers’ pasts is all part of getting to know them. I love it.

    As for food memories. I was just thinking about this today. I went to a local high school to visit and walked through the cafeteria. I have no idea what the smell was coming from, but it was the EXACT same smell I remember from my high school cafeteria. Why is it that they all smell the same? And what is it?!?!

  14. I have the WORST memory in the world, but I do remember my mom making me “banana pudding” when I was little– it was literally just a banana mashed in a bowl, but it was the only way I liked to eat bananas!

  15. I remember my brother and I sitting in our garden in the backyard eating strawberries right off the plant!

    • No way…my brother and I used to do that too!!! And apples from our apple trees! I had completely forgotten about that! 🙂

  16. applesauce and mac and cheese! I always had this!! (yes together) it was amazing and to this day i still love it….I remember my brother and I having ‘manners’ challenges at the table..who had the best manner would win a toy–hey it worked!?

  17. My favorite food memories are of my mom making a huge pot of tomato sauce on Sundays and enjoying pasta and meatballs. We still do this every couple of weeks and it is by far my favorite meal 🙂

  18. spaghetti Wednesday at my house. routine- gotta love consistency right?

  19. I was going to write about this topic soon myself!!! I remember SOOO much – meat and potatoes and peas, etc…with ketchup ;)…fish and pork (literally pork fried) , veg casseroles with hamburger meat…
    I also remember though driving to our cottage and always being sooo excited because we’d get to stop for a plain hamburger at some joint (with pickles) and a coke…and later we’d go out for slurpees…;)

    yes i’m aware this is all horrible…but it’s just so warming in a way…

  20. My favorite childhood food memory is ‘fried spaghetti’ my mom would cook it 1/2 way in the pot and fry it the rest of the way with oil and Parmesan! I think that is where my love for Parmesan comes from! 🙂

  21. i remember making strawberry jam and pickles with my grammy! she is by far the best cook i know. she shared all of her “famous” recipes with me as they cleaned out their house to move into assisted living. i have yet to try and make any. i need to get on this!

  22. Awesome post. I remember birthdays with all sorts of different cakes depending on what the person who’s birthday it was liked best. Yum.

    On another note I definitely like hearing about bloggers past even if its good or bad. We’ve all made mistakes.

  23. My mom made me ants on a log too! And APPLE SMILES!!! I miss those. They were two apple slices arranged like lips. They were smeared with PB and marshmellows were stuck between the lips like teeth.

  24. What a great post girl!! I love thinking back on my childhood and all the wonderful food. Lol, I don’t eat that way anymore so it is nice to think back on it!

    My mom is an amazing cook and I always loved the days she made roast and a warm pie…..mmmmm…..No what i liked better was Taco Tuesday! That was the bomb 😉

    While watching sesame street I used to eat apple slices with cheese….yum!


  25. I loved family dinners too!! We used to do it every Tuesday night. We also used to watch the Bulls games a LOT during their championship days.

    I do love hearing about blogger’s past. I consider bloggers as my friends so I love hearing about their stories 🙂

  26. I love this! I do love hearing about blogger’s pasts, absolutely! Your memories are cute!

    I remember my mom used to put cream cheese and cheese in quesadillas…which were on flour tortillas and nothing low fat. My dad would over-salt everything…still does. He has a heavy hand with the salad dressing, too. Since becoming an RD, my family has changed a lot, though! I can’t help but wonder if they purge the bad before I get there, though 😉

  27. DYING for a watermelon one, hot August day and my grandpa walking to the store to get me one. Just one of the many reasons he was the best person in my life 🙂

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