A Tuesday Give-a-Way!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I will fully admit that I am still dragging a bit from our weekend out-of-town. Actually to be fully 100% honest, I am kind of in a funk! I haven’t really felt like my usual “chipper Kelly self ” since last week. What is my deal? I am usually pretty good at pulling myself out of a mood but I can’t seem to shake this. (BIG SIGH) Oh well…I am sure it will pass! This morning’s workout was 5 miles at 8:10/pace followed by 45 minutes on the elliptical. My calves are screaming!!! 🙂

Dinner last night was orange ruffy (my ultimate favorite fish) sandwiched between an Arnold Sandwich Thin and green beans! Twas yum! 🙂

Kelly's Happy Dinner!

Yesterday I also made, quite possibly, the best steel cut oats EVER!! Strawberry Vanilla Oats!!! Into the crockpot went 1 cup steel cut oats, 4 1/2 cups water, 4 Tbsp brown sugar,  and 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract. Cook on HIGH for 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally. When they are finished I stirred in 1 cup chopped frozen strawberries and we are set for the week!! Per 8 servings: 113.7 Calories; 1.3g Fat (0.3g saturated fat); 0mg Cholesterol; 6.3mg Sodium; 26.3g Carbohydrates; 2.8g Fiber; 11.1g Sugar; 3.2g Protein.

Strawberry Vanilla Oats

Okay now why you are really reading….I have an awesome local give-a-way for you! I am opening this up to everyone but keep in mind that this is an Austin event…so if you want to come to Austin for a get-a-way then been all means enter! If not…then all you local Austin (and surrounding area) readers it is YOUR day!!!

How many people have heard about the exhibit Our Body? Our Body The Universe Within is a breath-taking exhibit that literally and figuratively goes under the skin revealing the complexity of the human body.  The exhibit consists of over 200 specimens including whole bodies and anatomical displays.  Everything has been preserved by a process called polymer impregnation.  These are REAL…HUMAN…BODIES!

Our Body: The Universe Within allows people to learn about their own bodies and, ultimately, teaches them how to take better care of their health and make positive lifestyle choices. The exhibition enables them to see and understand the medical conditions friends and family members face in a whole new way. The exhibits cutting-edge MicroWorld display features high-magnification images of healthy and diseased skin, organ and cell samples. The images under extreme magnification allow visitors to investigate otherwise invisible cell levels that impact our health.

As you enter the exhibit, you will have the opportunity to examine the human body as a whole. Continuing throughout the exhibit, you will journey through each of the body’s major systems allowing you to see first hand how they function and relate to other systems.

The exhibit is now open (thru September 22nd) at the brand new STARK CENTER located inside of DKR-TEXAS MEMORIAL STADIUM (enter thru gate 16 of the new North End Zone) at THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN.

HOW TO ENTER: Leave me a comment telling me why you most want to attend this event and I will pick 2 winners (each will get 2 tickets) to be announced on Friday!! GOODLUCK!


52 Responses

  1. That oatmeal combo sounds fantastic. YUM. Sometimes we all just get in a bit of a funk. I’m sure you’ll snap out of it soon. Trying to get back on track after being out of town never helps either. Sounds like the cardio hasn’t suffered!

  2. I saw that exhibit in DC and it was SO fantastic!!!!

  3. Ooooh, strawberry vanilla oats? Yum. I’ll have to think of this on the weekend. I don’t make steel-cut oats during the week because my mornings are a bit more rushed that than. But I love them even more than their quick-cooking counterparts.

    I’ve heard that exhibit is awesome. I don’t want to enter your giveaway because I can’t make it to Austin, but I’d love to see this when it heads back east.

    • I don’t have time either. That is why I make a big batch on Sunday and then we have them all week to eat on. I just microwave them the next morning.

  4. I hope you get out of the funk soon, hate those!

    I would love to go to that exhibit it looks so neat, of course can’t make it to Austin 😦 Boo. Love that it’s at the Horns stadium too, HOOK EM’

  5. Oooh… I would totally enter if I lived anywhere remotely close to Austin!

    And those oats look delicious. I need to get to making steel-cut oats again.

  6. Sounds like the Body Worlds thingy that was here in Philly, I didn’t get to go but it looked neat.

  7. That Body Worlds exhibit was in Ontario back in like 2006 or something! Scott and I went…it was nuts, but SO cool. I wasn’t grossed out as I thought I’d be.

  8. It really does sound like Body World. I got to go while we were in Vegas. It was so intriguing. Our bodies are designed so intricately! It was amazing to see

  9. I got to go to something like this in Boston and it was INCREDIBLE! Of course, I was a human biology major in college so it’s right up my alley!

  10. i cant attend the event. but good luck to the others.

  11. I have been in a funk, too, and am blaming it on the post-marathon blues! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  12. SIGH…if only i lived in Texas again! i’ve been wanting to see that exhibit for years now…and I even bought the book of it all on amazon! that person is going to be one lucky winner!

  13. I’m sorry you’re in a funk! I spent a lot of April that way… hopefully it’ll pass soon!

    And green beans! I haven’t had them in sooo long. Probably because I”m picky and really only love the ones that come straight from my mom’s garden.. 🙂

  14. I wish I lived in Texas!

  15. I saw Body World in Chicago and it was so amazing! It was in high school though, so I’d love to see it now that I’ve taken a ton of Anatomy & Physiology. Too bad I’m nowhere near there 😦

    I hope you’re feeling like your usual self again soon!!

  16. I missed the exhibit while we lived in Germany. It was in Frankfurt about 2 hours away from our home. I was full time military and it was too hard to break away. Now I have settled down in Austin to spend quality time with my two sons. I would love to take my middle schooler to the exhibit. He is very curious right now and what better way to teach him about the miracle of the human body. I think it removes some of the mystery. He will understand why he should eat right and exercise. He will be able to visualize the consequences of failure to take care of his body. And who knows, maybe it will influence a future career choice.

  17. I would LOVE to go to the exhibit. I am a graduate student at UT, studying speech language pathology. We work with occupational and physical therapists, so we learn a little bit about anatomy and physiology of fine and gross motor movements, as well as A LOT of A&P of the speech and hearing parts! Of course, as a grad student I have no extra money – so free tickets would be awesome!!

    P.S. – Sometimes when I’m running at Town Lake I wonder if I will ever “run” into you.

  18. I went to that when I was living in Cleveland and thought it was great! I’m not even a science minded person but I think it’s one of those things everyone can appreciate :).

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  19. I saw the Bodies Exhibit when it came to Portland. It was an amazing exhibit! Way cool! The most shocking were the lungs of smokers.

  20. I love oatmeal, really love vanilla, and really really love strawberries, those oats are a must ASAP!
    By the way, I love your last post, great info!

  21. i saw body worlds when it was in mn. super cool exhibit!

    send you some good vibes! hope your funk lifts soon 🙂

  22. Love the oats idea! Never tried Orange Roughy…or heard of it!
    Good luck to Austin “applicants”!

  23. In my undergraduate studies as a Nutrition major and my current Nutrition Master’s program- we have always had many courses on Human Anatomy and Physiology. It was my favorite class and I would love to see the exhibit, because I think it would be cool to piece what I have learned on textbook pictures to real life. Might sound boring, but I love it! That oatmeal looks delicious by the way. I will have to try that with my certified GF oatmeal! 🙂

  24. It’s a great exhibit! Good luck to everyone, and I can’t wait to make the strawberry oats!

  25. saw this in vegas-it was awesome…..so sorry you are not feeling it this week. it actually makes me realize you are human-you are always so motivated-it can be intimidating! 🙂

  26. I just bought steel cut oats for the first time this past week. I will definitely use your crockpot method on them! Yours sound delicious!

  27. I love my crockpot so much and love steel cut oats, yet never make them because of the time required. *slaps self on forehead* DUH! This is going on my to-make list!

  28. Sorry to hear you are in a funk… be happy you can run. The PT told me yesterday 4 weeks before I am on a bike 6 weeks before any running.. I am not a runner but still 6 wks sounds like a long time.

    We went to see teh our bodies exhibit in Boston couple years ago.. Very very intresting.

  29. hey beautiful! i miss you!…i’ve been in a funky mood-ish too, i blame it on too much school work and interning! at least summmmer is near! 80-degrees this entire week over here! come visit, we’ll get outa the funk with a buddy-Run! 😉
    i heart you chica! headband coming as soon as I can get back to my sewing machine and give it some love!..(don’t think that I forgot!) 🙂

  30. […] forget to enter my Our Body Give-A-Way! You have until Friday to get in on this awesome […]

  31. The oats sound yummy, will drag out the crock pot to try that!

    I SOOOOO want to go to the Our Body display. I almost got to see it in 2007 in Miami but my family thought I was crazy and that it would be gross so sadly I was outnumbered : ( Then it came to Houston and I wasn’t able to see it then either so third times a charm. Plus my kids are older so they would appreciate it now. I think it would be facinating to see how all our body parts are connected, thank goodness!! I can also see why keith is alway making me put my shoulders back and telling me to use different muscles for different exercises!! Ha ha.

    Hope you get out of your “funk”. Life is good and you are blessed, Smile : )

  32. When I was in Dallas at the Coopers Institute for my personal training certification class it was there in Dallas. I really wanted to go to learn more about the anatomy I was studying to be a personal trainer. I didn’t get to go because we were in class most of the time it was open. I would love to see it here in Austin! Barbara B.

  33. I went to this exhibit when it was in Boston and it was amazing. I was completely mesmerized by each body on display. On the National Geographic Channel there is a show called Taboo and they talked about death on episode which featured a segment on this exhibit. They spoke to the man responsible for creating the exhibit and showed how they transform the bodies. There are already 10,000 people on a wait list to donate their bodies when they die! This exhibit is a must see!

  34. I went to a Bodies exhibit a few years ago! SUPER cool and totally worth the $$.

  35. I’ve seen “BODIES: The Exhibition” when I was in NYC, and it was so cool and gross all at the same time 😛 It was definitely spendy, but it was so cool.

  36. […] am now enjoying the heck out of some coffee, egg whites and my strawberry oats before heading to running group. I am trying to get this “funk” out of my […]

  37. I want to attend to get some ‘spice’ back into my life and also because im really interested in things like that 🙂

  38. I went to the Body Worlds exhibit here in Philly last month- it was really interesting 🙂

  39. I’m sorry you are still catching up from the weekend away, I always find it a little hard to get back in the peppy swing of things after the post-vacay let down.

    However, I’m really feeling the need for a vacay as of late. I pretty much never want to work anymore…sigh.

    Anyway, wish I was in texas to enter the giveaway! I’ve wanted to go to the bodies exhibit every time its in ATL.

  40. […] don’t forget today is the last day to enter my Our Body give-a-way! Winners will be announced tomorrow […]

  41. I would LOVE to attend the Our Body exhibit! I homeschool my kids, and we have been studying the human body since August. This exhibit would be a great way to end the school year!

  42. […] all week most of you know I was running a local give-a-way for tickets to see the Our Body exhibit in Austin. Well I have the winners…drumroll please….they […]

  43. […] Posted on May 7, 2010 by Kelly Happy Friday afternoon!! Keith and I are headed out to the Our Body exhibit (I will definitely give details tomorrow!)so I thought I would leave you with this fun […]

  44. […] on what I would like to shovel into my hungry mouth after that monster workout! I am thinking strawberry vanilla oats (I made another batch this weekend) with an egg white omelet stuffed with lots of veggies! […]

  45. […] Strawberry Vanilla Oats […]

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