I’ll Take A Tuesday!

Good morning peeps! Did everyone get through their dreaded Monday? Hope so! And here’s wishing everyone a HAPPY HAPPY week! So today I did a workout I copied from this awesome runner!

  • 1/2 mile warm up @ 7.0
  • 3 miles @ 8.0
  • 1 mile recovery jog @ 6.5
  • 3 miles @ 8.0
  • 1 mile recovery jog @ 6.5
  • TOTAL: 8.5 miles

I followed that up with 15 minutes on the elliptical and I am already feeling it!!! HELLO LEGS! 🙂 Awesome workout…definitely try it! 🙂

I sadly do not have pictures of dinner from last night…my computer crashed…dang it…and so I am using Keith’s and his is like 1900’s SLOW!!! Seriously writing this post is taking a lot of patience on my end (definitely NOT my best virtue and I am being tested big time) so uploading pictures is definitely not going to happen! Thankfully my computer is still covered under warranty and someone is supposed to coming to the house within the next day or two to fix it. Sheesh…so until then I leave you with this: AHDJDJFJGIKGHIRHGINK*&%(%(DENFKDFN!!!!!! Catch my drift?! haha! 🙂

But where was I, oh yes, dinner! Dinner was easy…mahi mahi (that I baked with lemon pepper seasoning) with fresh steamed asparagus…it was pretty…ah…use your imagination! 🙂

Today’s agenda is just work, more work and uh… more work! Good thing I like my job huh? Tuesdays always seem to be busy days for me. I guess Mondays are not popular “meet with your nutritionist” days…hum…wonder why! But Tuesday always seem to be pretty popular! 🙂 haha!

I want to talk a little bit about negative commenting on blogs. I want to know how you handle it when people leave you nasty words.  I personally just try to roll with it and try not to take it so personal. Having a public blog does open you up to public opinion and sometimes those opinions are not the nicest. While we (as the recipients) may not have control over the comment we DO have control over our reactions. I think people who leave hurtful comments are really just angry and upset with themselves and are therefore finding external things/people in which to express that anger towards. It doesn’t make it right but on some level it actually makes me feel sorry for that person. I have gotten my fair share of negative comments and sometimes they definitely hurt. But I try to remind myself that I AM a good person and just because someone is taking their anger out on me doesn’t mean I am to blame.

How do you deal with rude comments on your blog?


54 Responses

  1. I have heard that it is best to not engage negative commenters. Luckily, I only got one a few months ago, but if I get any more, I would not even respond, no matter how rude it was. If it started to become an ongoing thing, I would either delete or block!

  2. Hey girl, nice job on the run this morning! I totally understand the computer crash. I had that happen about 2 months ago and I swear I was almost in tears out of frustration using our 1900’s PC!!!! Thankfully, I have not had anyone leave any rude comments yet. I totally agree that when people do leave negative comments, it’s typically their own problem and nothing to do with you. I can’t imagine someone leaving a negative comment to you though!

  3. I don’t have a large enough following yet to have gotten a comment from someone I haven’t engaged with previously, so I haven’t gotten any rude comments yet. My comments are moderated and if it was just their opinion (like, “I don’t agree, because…” or “I would never eat this”) even though it’s rude I would still publish it because I want to be open to everyone’s opinion. I don’t know how I’d respond to it (or if I wouldn’t). If it was particularly vulgar and mean I would just delete it and not allow it to be published because no one benefits from that except the person who was rude enough to say something like that.. 🙂
    I can’t believe you’ve gotten rude comments, though! o.O

  4. I agree, people who leave egative comments must be REALLY unhappy with themselves.

    Happy Tuesday to YOU!

  5. I haven’t gotten negative comments yet (and I would try to take it as a sign of blog popularity!, lol), but if I did, I would do my best just to ignore it, or address it and move on. Although I have to admit, that would be pretty hard!

    Sorry about the computer problems, girl!

  6. I think there’s a difference between being argumentative with the blogger and being downright mean. For the former, I’ll publish it, feel bad about myself, and then not reply to the comment. For the latter, I won’t publish. I once had a woman reply to my post about how my flat feet contributed to my knee pain this: “You don’t have flat feet, you have a flat brain.” Apparently I wasn’t taking personal responsibility for my knee pain and was instead blaming my feet. Whatever. That comment hurt so much I couldn’t publish it.

    Thankfully, that was my only nasty comment. I think those trolls do it to get a rise but don’t realize how they affect someone else.

  7. You always inspire me with your morning runs!

    I haven’t really gotten any negative comments (knock on wood), but I would NOT engage them. There’s a difference between constructive crticism and staight up rudeness!

  8. Luckily I have not received many negative words- but a few misunderstandings. I think the best way to deal with them is to either comment back and try to better explain your position or mention it in your next post. I guess not getting overly defensive is key… unless the person is just being ignorant. Then there’s allowances to just delete their ass in my book…

    People just need to be aware it’s your blog and your opinion… debate is fair, just don’t get nasty!

  9. I’m not a blogger but I’m a high school teacher so I’ve gotten my share of negative comments from students. I think you have the right idea – you have to just let them roll right off of you. It’s important to develop a thick skin and remember that the person saying the negative comment obviously has his/her own issues. I usually respond by acknowledging their frustration and then trying to get to the root of the problem. Plus, everyone has a right to their own opinion. Sometimes I have negative thoughts about something but I try to figure out WHY I’m thinking that way. We’re all human…

  10. I haven’t gotten any rude comments on my blog. But I have this one visitor that likes to leave saucy ones, trying to make me re-think my post and thinking I’m contradicting myself. lol I’m like AHHHHH!!!!

  11. I have been getting a ton of rude comments lately, which is why I moderate them now. If someone is being a jerk, I hit delete. If they have something negative to say, THEN DON’T READ MY BLOG.

  12. Sorry about the computer issues, I know how annoying that can be! I agree with the other comments about negative comments, it’s best to not take it personal and just roll with it and not respond. As hard as that may be.

  13. Great run!!

    Who would say something mean to you??? you are so sweet! Let’s go beat this people up! Haha 🙂

    I agree: Those who leave mean comments are angry and uncomfortable with themselves. Why take the time to type something mean and potentially ruin a stranger’s day? That really says a lot about the mean person.

  14. I haven’t really gotten any negatives, yet, since the blog is still a baby, but I hope I would be able to just brush it off. I figure people who attack you personally are just trying to make up for some insecurities or shortcomings of their own. If it was just disagreeing with my opinion and not nasty, I would be ok with it, I think.

  15. I haven’t gotten any negative blog comments, but I certainly have dealt with my share of negative rela life comments. I am pretty good about brushing them off, but yeah, some are hurtful. Like you though, they mostly make me feel bad for the person. I know when my comments start to become negative, it is because I am in a bad mood or am feeling less than happy.

  16. Kelly, I get a lot of negative comments. It really hurts I think because its like “wow — you so are misinterpreting everything…over-assuming…misjudging”…it really really bothers me…then it angers me.
    I can’t imagine you getting negative comments though, your blog is so good (not sucking up, i am serious).
    I guess we all just have to roll with it…it sucks…a lot…I often don’t know what to do anymore…give up blogging, make a private address, what i don’t know.
    I already “restrict” myself tons and tons on the blog (i.e. would love to show more pics or details or this or that…but afraid to).
    But I know what you mean: it completely reveals something about THAT person (their reality and their insecurities).

  17. Thankfully, I haven’t really encountered any negative comments on my blog yet. But I started my blog last October, so I am totally prepared for the fact that they could and probably will still come my way at some point. I agree with your sentiments. It reflects more about the commentor’s state of mind than anything else. Still – if it’s all the same, I’d rather not deal with any negative comments. A girl can dream.

  18. thats so funny you mention that…i have a ton of responses for that exact question on my blog from last night! i think the general consensus is to delete if it’s truly offensive and block the person if it’s a continual thing. we’re all allowed to say what we want to say, but there’s a classy and mature way to handle stuff. it’s just sad that there are so many people out there who don’t know that!

  19. Nice job on the workout! I love it when I can really feel my legs after a good workout! As for negative comments…I have only gotten one and it was weird because they were mad I put meat on my blog. Seriously, it is not a vegan blog! I just left it alone. I did not respond directly, but I did clarify in a general way that my blog is not vegetarian. I don’t get negativity on comments.

    • I totally remember that comment you got! I didn’t understand it at all because I knew your blog wasn’t strictly vegetarian. Oh well…roll on, right?

  20. Rockin the run as usual! My legs want to be just like your legs. HAHA! 🙂 I squeeked out 2.5 miles this morning, it was more of a post-ride recovery run that was supposed to happen yesterday. Hmm…whooops!

    I agree with your take on the negative comments. I’ve only received a handful and if they’re really bad I delete them, but I never let it get to me.

  21. Sorry if you got nasty comments! Rude people should keep it to themselves. 😦

  22. That run workout looks awesome! I had someone send me a snarky email a couple of weeks ago, but I just let it roll off my back.

  23. I havent received a negative comment yet, which actually quite surprises me. I guess its a good thing though – but I dont think I would let it get to me. When its someone I dont know its just not worth it ya know?

  24. yeah, i don’t get why people leave negative comments. there is so much other, more important, stuff going on in the world to get angry about. do you really need to be snarky about someone’s workout? thankfully i havent gotten any yet. i hope i will handle it gracefully when i do!

  25. i delete them!

  26. Perfect post! No way you get negative comments though girl! Averie says she gets them too – I don’t see how…weird.
    Anyhows – you know I’ve gotten a lot of bad comments…especially weird when it’s anonymous people or random emails…I’m trying to just ignore them and focus on the good…automatic spam?

    LOL to the comment about Monday Nutritionist meeting not being popular!!!

  27. I write a weekly column for a financial website and I occasionally come across people who disagree with me quite directly (mainly when it deals with politicians or taxes). I’ll read them all and then just move on. I accept that some people have different opinions. That’s cool. Some people try to provoke me into an argument. I don’t give them what they want. I just read it and move on to the next.

    Personally, I can’t see why anybody would have anything unpleasant to say about you.

  28. Hi! This is a funny topic for me. With a tiny blog readership I don’t get any negative comments, but I write for a newspaper where my and my coworkers’ writing gets skewered ALL THE TIME. The only thing you can do is laugh at it (sometimes it’s funny!). I just figure people are really, really bored to be posting that stuff.

  29. Great run!

    I leave negative comments on my blog (unless they’re REALLY nasty) because that person is the one who looks foolish, not me. I don’t even reply to it either. I’m not going to give them the attention they’re so desperate for.

  30. Luckily, my blog is newer so I have not had any negative comments.

    But I’ve seen other negative comments on others’ blogs, and I think it’s so rude and distasteful. If someone has a real issue with someone about one’s health or whatever else they’re concerned with, they should email them or say something in a more constructed and kind manor.

  31. I have only been blogging for a couple of months so I haven’t gotten any negative messages. I did however get a nice comment from someone that linked it to a terrible webpage with a horrible picture!!! It wasn’t nice, but I didn’t let it affect me, actually laughed about it.

  32. I don’t think I have enough followers who really disagree with anything I’m doing (yet…) but I am sure I will piss someone off…and when that happens, I’ll put on my NY hat and whoop some butt!
    If you’ve gotten some nasty comments I am so sorry, you’re one of the kindest people I’ve met blogging. You’re always so friendly & I know that we’re going to be friends once I move to Austin!! (25 days!)

  33. your workouts inspire me and so does your enthusiasm! i cannot believe that someone would comment rudely to you or anyone for that matter. so far i have not experienced it but imagine it will happen at some point. i would just ignore it. most people say or comment mean things when they are most insecure in themselves.
    keep up the positive energy girl!
    i love it!

  34. I think if I got negative comments I would try to have the same reaction as you. It makes a different though. If they are annoymous, it’s like “whatever” (etc., they have issues like you said) but sometimes, my blogger friends will leave a weird/rude comment because that is their personality… and that irks me more for some reason.

  35. what a timely question!!! since i got the negative comment of a lifetime on sunday night, i found it best to address it, though in the future i think i will probably delete comments like that one that included curse words and were extremely inappropriate.

    • That HORRIBLE comment you got was what sparked me to write that! I was beyond shocked because that was probably one of the worst ones I have seen in a long time. But beautiful you…just rolled with it! I love that about you…happy birthday rockstar JULES!

  36. Great job on the run. Also, thanks for the link to runnerskitchen blog, I will enjoy reading it.

  37. Ha! Your run puts mine today to shame. Awesome job!

    And I agree about the negative comments. How we can’t control them, but we can control our own reaction. I think it is best to just ignore/delete it or approach it gracefully if it is something that needs to be clarified (like how Julie recenlty did).

  38. No negative comments for me yet but I know that when you put yourself out there sometimes you come across some people with really bad attitudes. If it was somewhat constructive criticism I’d probably just leave the comment and reply if necessary. If it was just mean or abusive then I would just delete it.

  39. […] it is Wednesday I did manage one awesome workout. Guys I am not going to lie…that workout yesterday kicked my butt! I was hurting like no other today. So as a recovery I did a chill 10 miles at 8:35 […]

  40. I love this post. Im going to try to include those foods for my night time snacks! I love munching on pop corn!
    Im new to the blog world so I havent had to many comments yet. I hope when I get more readers nobody is rude! But I guess thats life and ill just ignore their comments with a smile 🙂

  41. So far, no real negative comments. I think because I don’t allow anonymous comments, either. I think I would just roll with it. It’s that person’s issue, not mine.

  42. BUT if someone goes after I care about? I let them have it!!

  43. I can’t understand why people would leave rude comments on your blog–seriously, I think you have one of the best blogs–very positive and very well rounded. Very upbeat too, not just focusing on ONE thing, rather, you dabble in everything. I love it. Like I said before to you in an email, you are very inspiring, you make me want to feel better about myself, make myself more healthy and more.

    Screw those negative commenters! 🙂

  44. It still blows my mind that people leave negative comments. I mean, why are you even reading a blog if all you have to say is something negative…right?

    Anyway, AWESOME workout!! 🙂 Way to go lady! You are going to kick some booty in nyc in november…and we will get to run Boston together next year!

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