Sunday Cleaning!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone had a good Saturday! The weather is fabulous here and soaking up tons of Vitamin D has definitely been on the agenda! 🙂 Today is a clean day (blech) but it needs to be done. So here’s my to-do list: 

  • Laundry
  • Dusting…we seriously have some dust bunnies up in here!
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping (note to home builder: whoever decided that stark white tile in the kitchen was a good idea was WRONG!)
  • Toilets

UGH..have I mentioned that I HATE cleaning?! I mean I truly hate it! But once I get through that I am going to log some major hammock time! 

So last night I think I officially failed as a healthy living blogger! haha! But whatcha gonna do? I was craving the heck out of a Hot Pocket. Don’t ask…but I went with it! I have learned that sometimes you just have to throw caution to the wind and go with the cravings! 

Pizza Lean Pocket!!


And yes...I enjoyed every cheesy bite! haha!



30 Responses

  1. Enjoy yourself after cleaning! I think lying in a hammock sounds like the perfect day!

  2. Hope the cleaning happens quickly. I’ve got lots of cleaning to do myself!

    and that lean pocket made me crave one, haha, it looks so good!

  3. Have fun…uh… cleaning…. 😉

    And I used to eat those Lean Pockets ALL THE TIME. Seriously… I think I would buy the big box and have them for lunch every day for a week! Maybe one here and there is alright, but I think I was participating in artery clogging festivities…

  4. I actually like cleaning, well sometimes. I’m weird though! ha.

    As for the hot pocket, everyone deserves an “off” night!! You are a workout queen and you def deserve it.

  5. I am going to have to clean today too – after my blogger meet-up though!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 So excited!! About the meet-up, not cleaning, haha! 😉

    I used to eat those lean pockets all the time!

  6. mmmm Lean Pockets!!

    Cant be perfect all the time right? Plus, theyre good! 🙂

  7. Cleaning sucks after a long work week. We need housekeepers. 😉

  8. Sounds like my sunday…lots and lots of cleaning…but, I love cleaning. I have a major problem…once I start I cannot stop. 🙂

    Hope you have a little fun cleaning!

  9. We have WHITE counter tops. It’s a pain in the hole to keep clean! :/

    I agree with the comment above – I’ve love a housekeeper lol

  10. I had to clean yesterday and it definitely sucked. I’m already dreading the massive car clean out I have planned for next weekend…

  11. I cleaned all morning too. I don’t mind it though…helps that my house is small. Onto the relax portion of my day!

  12. I have to clean today too. Definitely laundry, floors, and bathrooms! But I gotta work a little also…
    Good luck cleaning!!

  13. Aaah, I had an ice-cream craving on Fri and ate a lot 🙂 But no worries sometimes it’s good to follow those cravings. I am postponing my spring cleaning untill… spring?

  14. I ate a Lean Cuisine for dinner a few weeks ago and felt totally guilty. DON’T! It’s not a big deal, processed foods taste good and that’s what matters. It’s not like you eat them every day. And…the Lean Pockets are way better than fast food 🙂

  15. I think the day you can’t just eat a darned Lean Pocket without guilt is the day you know you are taking yourself waaaaayyyy too seriously (and you means EVERYone) ;)…Happy Sunday – I have been completely unproductive, big surprise!

  16. I hear ya on hating cleaning. Unfortunately Jason does too so our house is not the tidiest.

  17. We all have our moments! I am pretty sure I ate 3/4 a bag of tostitoes this weekend, so I can’t judge you or anyone (not that I ever would)! I hate cleaning as well, but my husband is a clean freak, so we ended up having big cleaning sessions more than I would like.

  18. I think you just passed with flying colors as a healthy living blogger. You showed that sometimes eating those things that we really crave despite them being chemical laden and not very nutritious is STILL a healthy thing to do if done on occasion. Glad you enjoyed it.

    And cleaning = ICK!

  19. Sometimes you gotta just go with it, girl! And, I HATE cleaning too!!!!

  20. Sometimes you just gotta go with a frozen meal! Frozen pizzas are my achilles heel!

  21. I hope your cleaning went well! I hate knowing that I need to clean… it’s just a looming rain cloud over my head but it’s great when it’s all done and finished! And hey, I’m sure you’re burning some major calories while you’re at it!

  22. I hate cleaning too – bleh!! But I love myself some lean pockets! 🙂

  23. I hate cleaning too! Yuck!!

  24. I am not a fan of cleaning either, but I get stressed out when things are messy so I have to do it just to keep sane, haha! Way to follow your cravings, treating yourself once in while is always healthy 😉

  25. Ew…toilets are my least fav…I make the boyfriend do those!
    I love Lean Pockets! I’ve never looked at the ingredient list…and I don’t think I ever will haha.

  26. I am not a fan of cleaning either, ugh! I crave microwave meals too – it usually just takes buying one to solve that.

  27. Cleaning on the weekend 😦 boooo! Just kidding, you gotta do it! I did do laundry today too!

    I have never had a lean pocket, but they look very tasty!

    I hope you had a nice weekend??


  28. lean pockets used to be my go-to lunch when i first graduated & entered the working world! i thought they were healthy! 😀 they ARE delicious, though!

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