Finally Friday!

Good morning guys! So sorry I am skipped out on you yesterday afternoon…but I had a really rough day and I didn’t have a chance to get back to you. 😦 But rough day or not, I did manage to throw in a great crockpot meal before the craziness hit! I revisited my Maple Mustard Chicken. When I asked Keith how it was (as we were both stuffing our faces) I got a mouthful of “Amazing.” That was all this girl needed to hear! 🙂

I am really glad today is Friday…Keith and I have some fun things planned for the weekend so that is always nice. The weather is crappy though…60%-80% chance of rain and thunderstorms from now until Tuesday. Ah, I love thee. 😦 As long as it doesn’t hail I will try to make the best of it. I just feel like the weather greatly affects my mood. I am a much more sunshiny person when the sun is actually shining.

Do you feel like the weather affects your mood?

Last night after dinner, Keith and I saw the commercial for Subway now offering breakfast. I had seen it before but this was the first Keith had heard of it. He thought it was ridiculous and didn’t think there was a market for a breakfast menu at Subway. I disagreed. I think there is a huge market for it…especially if they offer healthier options than a McGriddle or Egg McMuffin. Keith doesn’t think that people would be willing to park get out of their car and go in. He said the convenience factor is a bigger deal at breakfast than lunch time and he just doesn’t think it will work. Yet, how many people park and get out of their cars for Starbucks?  I totally think this is a smart move (business wise) fo Subway.

Do you think it is smart for Subway to enter the breakfast market?

Okay guys, that is it for me for now. I will be back later today (promise) but until then enjoy your Friday morning!


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  1. I agree with you. There’s absolutely a market for Subway breakfast. In fact, I’ve been thinking about what I’d get on my sammie for days now and I’m determined to make it to a Subway early enough to actually get one sometime soon.

  2. Hey girl – I totally agree that weather affects the mood! I hope today is a smoother, better day for you. It is Friday after all!!

  3. I thought they always had breakfast?? I recall deli sandwiches like on smaller rolls being marketed and a special till 10 a.m or something when I worked across from one.

  4. I think there’s a market for a Subway breakfast crowd– I’d much rather eat breakfast there than at McDonald’s, and would be willing to go in to get a healthier meal!

  5. My sister mentioned this to me the other day about Subway offering breakfast. I was like WHAT?
    I guess I am not a big big fan of fast food breakfast, unless they serve oatmeal. So, Subway breakfast for me is a no go as I think of them as a sandwich place, however I do think it will work as people love Subway due to its healthy nature. I guess we will have to sit back and see!
    Weather affects me too. I love a rainy day, but a rainy day on the weekends its a bummer!

  6. I wouldn’t get it, but a Subway breakfast is smart. They already have the market as healthy fast food (not saying it *is* healthy, just that that’s the way they’re perceived/marketed) so this is natural. Now they can be the healthy breakfast place.

  7. I think I would enjoy the SUbway breakfast. Some Subways actually have drive- thrus!

  8. I think the weather sometimes affects my mood…

    I don’t know too much about Subways breakfast menu just yet. As long as they stay with the healthy market, I think it should be okay.

  9. I feel like rain affects my mood moreso than snow! I’m hoping for no rain tomorrow, because I’m going to Toronto!

  10. i don’t park and get out for fast food ever…especially in the morning. I mean, I don’t do fast food often…but still, I will drive out of my way for a drive thru starbucks so I don’t have to get out of the car. I’m lazy when it comes to that stuff…

  11. I do feel that weather affects my mood. It’s so nice right now i’m loving it!

    I think Subway will make a big profit from breakfast because people THINK Subway means healthy.

  12. I think Subway entering the breakfast market makes total sense. It seems the market for fast breakfast is getting ridiculously big- and they’re going to be able to market their “healthy” choices right alongside starbucks and dunkin’…

    But seriously people… a bowl of oatmeal is less than 50 cents at home… and twice as healthy… sigh

    • I cannot belive all the people who BUY oatmeal at Corner Bakery to eat in the office! It’s crazy expensive! I just keep a big container of oatmeal at my desk and pop it in the microwave.

  13. Weather definitely affects my mood too. My husband told me about the Subway breakfasts – I think its an interesting idea, but I probably won’t go there to eat it.

  14. Hope today is a better day for you!

    I think the weather affects my moods, but sometimes, when I feel moody, I want a rainy day and the sun annoys me!

    I think this is a smart move for Subway. I won’t eat it, but I bet there will be a huge demand!

  15. Of course weather affects my mood! It is a chemical reaction in the brain. Healthy food is needed at all times of day.

  16. Some Subways have had breakfast for awhile, I just don’t think they have really advertised it until recently! I agree with you, I think it’s a good “non fast food” fast food option for people who need something in a hurry in the mornings.

  17. I think it’s an interesting move for Subway to make. While I’ll probably never get it, I’m sure people will. Like my bf, who lives on Subway. He made sure Lexington, VA had one before committing to his law school.

  18. Weather always affects my mood! I need the sun!

  19. Every fast food chain offers breakfast now. Its funny though…I mean they offer everything else, I guess its no different. There could be worse places to go for breakfast 🙂

  20. I love the idea of Subway and breakfast! I rarely eat breakfast on-the-go, but if I had to, i’d like a healthy option. Only a few Starbucks have drive-thrus and their stores are PACKED in the morning as is Eisntein Brother’s which usually has no drive-thru. Take that Keith :).

  21. I absolutely think the weather affects my mood! CO is sunny almost every single morning and it always makes me want to get up and out of the house when the weather is nice. Plus, when the weather is good it’s easier to get out and exercise, which also definitely affects my mood. Hope you have a great weekend despite the weather!

  22. The weather totally affects my for subway offering breakfast-great idea! I’d much rather eat there than mcdonalds (for breakfast)

  23. I’ve been in a weird mood lately too! Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend.

    Also, I must say Keith and I sound exactly the same on this topic. I think people want a drive through breakfast and I wouldn’t think Subway breakfast would do that well. Also their nutritional stats are funny because, for instance, in the egg mcmuffin thingy they have the stats as if you got it with a whole wheat bun and egg whites only. The thing is, you have to special order it like that, it comes completely different. Tricky bastards!

  24. Seasonal Depression! For sure. When I lived in Syracuse I’d get SD every winter…when you’re used to the sun shining everyday and then its gloomy & rainy your mood will DEF be affected! Good luck!

    & as far as subway for breakfast? I’ll keep my 6″ turkey, thanks.

  25. maple mustard chicken? sign me up! that flavor combo is AH-MAY-ZING 🙂 i think it’s fine if subway wants to enter the b-fast market, but i’m not sure if i’ll ever go for it…

  26. Sorry the day went down hill! Our moods here have been so off too. I am in need of some good news! Anyway, I do think it is a good idea for Subway. They do well with people getting out of their cars for lunch. I have also noticed a lot more gas stations that have Subway in them. I would think this is a large part of their market! I have also seen more Subways with drive thrus…so hopefully people will start to make better choices. I still question the health factor with their food.

  27. HEY gorgeous sissssta!
    I am so sorry to hear about your rough day! blah! I am right here with you in agreement that THANK GOODNESS IT’S FRIDAY! 🙂

    ~I hope your day is SO MUCH BETTER than yesterday! (if you need to vent, let me know! I am ALL EARS and not EYES!) 🙂
    …I’m pretty sure you need to send me your mailing addy so that I can send you a super sweet headband! hehe!
    …I heart you girlie! xoxo!

  28. I think it will be good for Subway, I’m not a fast food breakfast fan though. Yuck!

  29. The weather DEFINITELY affects my mood. Winters in the Northwest can be pretty hard to take. Endless grey, rainy days. My mood always gets better when the sun finally comes back!

  30. ive been wanting to try the subway breakfast sandwich but havent gotten around to it yet! ill let ya know how it is when i get it!

  31. That chicken sounds divine. Hope you have a better day today!

    I think it’s great Subway is wanting to put a healthier breakfast sandwich out there, not too many healthy options out there .

  32. I went to Subway for breakfast this week. It does take some time to go in but I didnt mind because it is a healthier option. I DO NOT eat at McDonald’s so I like the fact there is another option besides Starbucks.

  33. Oh the weather totally affects my mood! Im ok with rain and grey because I live in BC and its always raining here. You get used to it.
    But when the sun is out its like I just smoked some crack. I turn into an over the top, super perky, super happy person. I love it.

  34. Weather totally affects my mood. Although, some days I just want there to be rain and thunder, and it makes me happy.

    I think we live in parallel universes. I ate an almost identical dinner. Sweet potato, asparagus, chicken, but I had broccoli too. Simple is so good.

  35. I’m sorry you had a rough day–I hope the weekend stays nice for what you have planned! But yes…bad weather totally bums me out!

  36. Oh yeah, the weather affects me. And living in Ohio, where we have more cloudy days than sunny, it can be very rough. Winter is especially hard.

    I think I might invest in one of those sun lamps for people with SAD.

  37. what a great dinner even though you did not have time 🙂
    sounds like you will have a nice weekend. yes, weather defintely affects me mood!

  38. I don’t know if I would ever eat Subway for breakfast but I do think its great that there are healthier options for people by them serving breakfast.

    Sorry you had a rough day yesterday. Try to get some R&R during those storms.

  39. girl the weather TOTALLY reflects my mood!!! I am sorry you had a bad day-get some rest and take care of yourself, lovely!

  40. to be honest, I cant stand subways reagular meals so i can only imagine how their breakfasts will taste. Whenever I have ordered a sub, it hasnt been what i ordered and teh bread is always stale, so teh breakfast? not a huge fan of the idea!

    weather is a TOTAL mood effector for me! when its crappy out all I want to do is sleep!

  41. the weather definitely affects my mood! i had a serious case of the feb blues this year!! xx

  42. I’ll have to try the Subway bfast sandwiches and get back to you on that! If they’re good, then yes I think it’s a smart idea. I LOVE oatmeal from Starbucks, but some of their bfast sandwiches have a lot to be desired (at least the “healthier” options) and I just don’t think it’s really worth having them. The quality needs to be there…there’s just too much competition these days!

  43. I will get back to you on the subway breakfast after I’ve tried it 😉
    That chicken looks delicious. I am putting this on my menu for next week!

  44. I think it’s awesome! Breakfast is one of my favorite meals, so this would definitely be a plus for me. It would be so nice to actually be able to grab something like that when I don’t have time or feel like cooking for myself 🙂
    I’m excited to try that out! I wonder if they’re going to be doing this at my local Subway 🙂

  45. I think Subway breakfast was a great idea for them! I’ll probably never eat it…but I know a lot of people that would!

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