Happy Birthday

 TO ME! Haha! That’s right today is my (gulp) 29th birthday! I seriously am not sure how I got to be 29! But in an effort not to think about that number (I am not a fan) I will share 29 fun facts about me:

  1. I have an unhealthy addiction to Orbit Sweet Mint gum
  2. I always “knock on wood” even when I say the phrase
  3. I have married the man I had a crush on when I was 15
  4. My favorite candy bar is a Twix
  5. My dream car is a Lexus IS 250
  6. My favorite soda is Cherry Coke
  7. I am extremely competitive in every aspect of my life
  8. Asparagus makes my pee smell
  9. I have been to Paris and seen the Mona Lisa in person
  10. My Hawaiian honeymoon was my most favorite vacation to date
  11. I have a SEVERE aversion to the number 3
  12. I am a professional football junkie (ahem…go Colts!)
  13. My favorite color switches between red and blue…depending on the day
  14. I love Kombucha, but only the original flavor
  15. I want to (and will) run the following three marathons: NYC (this November), Boston and Chicago
  16. My favorite TV show of all time is Felicity
  17. I can’t carry a tune but I sing really loudly all the time without shame
  18. I hate baths and the faster the shower the better
  19. My biggest pet peeve it to be wet with clothes on (other than a bathing suit)
  20. I have freakishly small feet for my height (5.5 shoe….5”6 height)
  21. I live about a 90% Gluten-Free lifestyle
  22. I, ironically, don’t consider myself an athlete or a real runner (odd, huh?)
  23. I am extremely close to my parents and talk to them both every day
  24. I am a sucker for British accents
  25. My favorite TV station is ESPN (yes, Keith is a lucky man)
  26. I don’t know how to apply make-up aside from mascara so I don’t ever bother with it
  27. I think boxer shorts should be acceptable errand-running attire
  28. My perfect pot of coffee is 10 cups brewed with 4 scoops of coffee (I like it weak!)
  29. I will always buy Viva paper towels, Tampax Pearl tampons and Cottenelle toilet paper…no compromises

Tell me a fun fact about you!

Want to see something really funny?! Go HERE! (I am warning you in advance that I am very easily amused!)


93 Responses

  1. Happy birthday, girl!! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! Check my blog for a birthday present, hehe! 😉

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!!!!! Hope all your birthday wishes come true!! 🙂

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! This was such a funny little post. Im glad to hear I have another small footer around! I am size 6 and 5’6″ also! The good news is it lets you be able to easily slip on those sample sizes they have displayed in shoe stores!

  5. happy birthday!!! lol! my mom has a is 250! i get to drive it- it’s awesome!

    i too am a sucker for British accents! AUGH! =D

    hmmm fun fact? i refuse to wear pants. i only wear pants WHEN I HAVE TO. shorts all the way!

  6. Happy birthday! I love your fun facts. My Hawaiian honeymoon was my favorite vacation too 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday! That video was so funny. Keith’s was great! I’m sure every husband right now is jealous of Keith since you actually enjoy ESPN. Lucky man. I can’t stand it!

    As for a fun fact about me: The Revolutionary War started on my birthday. But, you know, hundreds of years earlier. 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. happy birthday, u deserve to have a good day. i watched some of the Felicity shows in the past , but never had chance to really follow it. Weird that u are adverse to the #3….I like that number for some reason.


    I hope you have a fabulous birthday. Very funny video! We went to Oahu and Maui for our 3rd anniversary and I think about it everyday. It was the best ever trip, the islands are truly beautiful and I am dying to go back!

  10. Happy birthday girl. Love that last. And 5.5 shoe?? I wear 5.5-6 and I’m only 5’2″!! My fun fact: I’m addicted to gum period.

  11. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

  12. Happy birthday!


    Ok…the pee thing..same here. Why is that??

    When you run Chicago, we have to meet up. I think we’re long-lost sisters. 🙂

    For number 27 – TOTALLY agree!

    • There is some enzyme in asparagus that makes some people’s pee smell. I am the only one on my family that suffers from that!! haha!

      I would love to meet you!!!

  14. happy birthday!!! i’m so sad you don’t like the # 3 – that’s my FAVORITE number 🙂

  15. Happy Birthday Kelly! I hope it’s wonderful.

    I want to hear more about your love story now. Your feet will grow when you have kids 🙂 Mine grew almost a full size I’m in a 7 at 5’2″ and now I have lots of pretty shoes I can’t fit into 😦

  16. Happy B-Day, I hope it’s wonderful. By the way, love JibJab, my family does that every Christmas.

  17. Happy Birthday!!

  18. Happy birthday pretty lady! I hope you have an absolutely fantastic day!!!

    Welcome to 2-9…

    Hope you have wonderful day 🙂

  20. Happy Birthday little lady!!!! 🙂 I hope you have a fabulous day!

    And I suck at “painting my face” too. I have one look that gets either lightened or intensified depending on what I’m doing… ha

  21. Happy Birthday, Kelly! That means you’re almost exactly 6 months older than I am. By the way, when you run Boston, let me know and we can meet. After reading this list, I feel as if we’d get along PRETTY well. 🙂

  22. Ohmigosh! It’s your birthday? Awwwwww!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    Happy Birthday, tooo yoooouuu!!! I thought of you on the treadmill today! How’s that for something else. I didn’t even know it was your bday. Hey, are you a rockin’ taurus by the way? I am. My bday is coming up in May. Uehg…

  23. […] It’s Kelly’s birthday today! Go on over and wish her a happy 29th! […]

  24. Wait wait waiiiiittt a minuteee.

    I wished you a happy birthday before even going through your blog entry. lol. Oops.

    Okay. So since I read it, omg we have tons in common (like you mentioned on my blog post once before – the 25 facts or something?).

    I HATE the #3 toooo!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL. If I was given that number to play on a team I’d throw it back and ask for a different one. Hilarious. Also? The Boyf loves the IS 350 (or maybe it’s the 250 as well. idk. But didn’t they stop making the 250? Maybe they stopped making the 350.) I can tell this is going to be another long comment of mine. Apologies in advance. Stop reading if you wish – it’s your birthday and all. You can do whatEVER you want. hahaha

    Want to know something? I totally wish I had your shoe size. Okay, maybe not that small. But we’re the same height and I have an 8.5 shoe. Which, I mean – is fine. But I’d like to be a 6, or 7….

    Okay. I’m done. You can go about your day now. lol jk!!! 🙂

  25. Happy Birthday to You,
    Happy Birthday to You,
    Happy Birthday Dear KELLY,
    Happy Birthday to You! 🙂

  26. Happy B-Day…I’m so scared of the big 2-9…LOVE TWIX!! And I so want to go to Hawaii- it must be amazing. Have a great day and eat some cake 🙂

  27. Happy B-day!

    There is a prezzie over here for ya. Call me later.

  28. Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

  29. Happy Birthday girl! I hope that you have a fabulous day! xoxo


    Fun fact: Favorite candy is Black licorice (think good n plenty’s) SO GOOD!!

  31. haaaaaaaappy birthday!!! i LOVED your fun facts. when i read the one about the #3 i immediately looked on your list to see if you excluded it! 😉


    fun fact…when i was younger (think 12, lol) my dream car was a pink convertible. just like elle woods. lol. not so much now.

  33. Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

    Something funny about me is that I need to have a glass of water on my night table every night, always. Usually I don’t drink from it but it has to be there.

  34. I love reading all the fun facts!!! Hmmm a fun fact about me? I cannot get anything pierced. My body rejects piercings buy PUSHING them OUT. I have almost ripped my earlobes from piercing my ears and my body not being happy before. LOL

  35. Happy birthday!!! 29 is ok…just wait til 30! 😉

  36. Now, now, young ‘un, 29 isn’t bad!! It was a good year for me anyway.

    I thought I had another week until your birthday! I really wanted to get your dress to you before then…and I have a special treat that I got just for you. Sorry, your present will be a little late! 😀

    You and Keith have some great moves!!!

    • Oh please…you didn’t have to get me anything! Too sweet! 🙂

      Oh thanks…Keith and I take lessons! haha!

      • Did you know that beig able to smell asparagus when you pee is genetic? I’m lucky and don’t smell it!

        We seriously may have been separated at birth. I just went through your list and COMPLETELY agree with 1, 2 7, 9, 17,18,19,22,26,27

        I thought I was the only weird one who hates wet clothing. And, make-up? I don’t even own any. Takes me 10 minutes to get ready, shower and all. I also don’t own a blow dryer!

  37. happy birthday! I completely agree with you on #18 and 26!

  38. Hey! Already emailed you my wishes…even before I read your blog!! 🙂 Happy birthday sweetheart!

    Fun fact…drawing a blank.. 🙂

  39. Happy Birthday Kelly!!! Have a wonderful day 🙂 🙂 🙂

  40. Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂

  41. Happy Birthday Kelly! Hope it’s the best one yet 😀

  42. Happy birthday!!! I hope you dig in to some gluten free cake and cupckaes!(But lightly frosted because apparently that’s not a part you like, I’ll take it though!)

  43. Woo hoo! Happy Birthday!!

  44. Happy Birthday!!! I love Jib Jab! I do those all the time.
    Who’s NOT a sucker for a British accent???hehe, oh and I totally knock on wood too.

  45. Happy Birthday!! Have a wonderful day! I love your 29 facts. I can beat your shoe size – I wear a size 5! And I can actually wear a girl’s 2.5 size shoe as well. I’ve definitely been known to buy girls payless shoes before. 🙂

  46. Happy Birthday!! have great day! and just think, next year you will be 29 again 🙂

  47. Happy birthday!!!

    (I’m also a sucker for British accents 😉 )

  48. happy birthday kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you’re so old. kidding!!!!!!!!!

    oh wait, im older 🙂 im about to be gasp! 34! in a month!

    Here’s to looking hot, taking names, and getting wiser as we age, not just getting old 🙂

    love ya!

  49. Happy Birthday! Oh twenty nine is the best 🙂
    My fav candy bar is twix too!
    I am freakishly large feet-hate them and could drink wine all day long 🙂

  50. Happy Birthday!

  51. Happy Birthday! You don’t look a day over 21!

  52. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
    I was wondering why you don’t consider yourself a real runner?

  53. Happy Birthday!
    That was a very fun post to read and I enjoyed learning those tidbits about you.

    Here are ten things about me:

  54. Happy Birthday!! I am also obsessed with Sweet Mint Orbit and I miss Felicity all the time. I just recently re-watched the entire series. So. Dang. Good.

    Have a great day!

  55. Happy Birthday Kelly!! I hope you have an AWESOME day!
    Thank you for the birthday wishes as well. You’re very sweet! 🙂

    Im a horrible singer too, but I sing pretty much all day at work. Drives my coworkers nuts – you’d think I would care, but I dont!

    Random fact about me, my eyes are 2 colors.

  56. love it! i think you and keiths story is SO cute.

    heres a random fact about me…

    I dont care if my socks match. no lie.

  57. Happy happy birthday! A fun fact about me is I am very weirded out by collarbones!

  58. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂 i’ll be turning 29 this year too, eek! and we’re alot alike, except i’m for the other manning (well, the giants more than eli) 🙂 have a fabulous day!

    • Haha…well that is actually good that you like Eli because that means we won’t have to fight for Peyton! haha! Love you girl!

  59. Happy Birthday Kelly!! Loved every single fun fact you shared with us, and there are many we have in common 🙂

    Here’s a fun fact about me:
    I don’t like going in the ocean because I hate the way my hair feels once I am out of the water!!

    Hope you have an awesome day and go crazzyyy!


  60. Happy Birthday Kelly!
    I think you may have sent your stomach bug via the internet to me 😉 I’m feeling a bit better now but whoo…it was rough!
    Funny but the number 3 on my keyboard has been giving me problems …I have to like punch it to make it work…so I’m not so fond of 3 right now myself! 😉

  61. oh and 29 is so young my dear…and from seeing pics of your Mom I think you will age nicely~

    • You are too kind…I happen to think my mama is really pretty so that makes me feel a lot better about this getting older thing! haha! I hope your tummy feels better ASAP!!

  62. […] 12, 2010 by Kelly Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! And I am so glad you like my 29 fun facts!! haha! So, a bunch of you made comments and emailed me wondering about my aversion to the number […]

  63. Happy birthday! And ugh, I hate wet clothes too…I washed my car yesterday and HAD to change pants afterwards because that wet pant leg feeling was driving me crazy!!

  64. Happy Happy Birthday Kelly!!!! Have an amazing day; you deserve it!

  65. Happy Birthday! Love the 29 facts! I’m turning 29 at the end of the month too, but I won’t steal your idea!

    Enjoy your day!!

  66. Happy B-day! I absolutely loved reading all your fun facts. I feel like big foot with my size 8 foot and I am only 5 foot one. eek! 🙂 So how will the number 30 work next year? Is it only birthdays that end in 3? Just curious… Don’t want to jinx you or anything but I had to ask.

    • Truthfully, that entire decade scares the crap out of me…and espeically 33!! I have 1 year to make peace with that pesky number!!

  67. Happy bday and i’m so glad you admitted to hating baths and taking quick showers…me too 🙂

  68. Happy Birthday!!! Guess what? Your 30’s will rock! Enjoy this last year and look forward to the 30s.

    Asparagus is a stinky pee veggie for most people I think. I used to think it was just me and I had some horrible reaction in my system to asparagus. I asked my dh and his does the same. Glad to know it’s not just us 2!

    Viva all the way. They are like towels.

    The Mona Lisa was kinda small. I was a little let down. Of course the mob in front of it kinda took away the awe factor.

  69. Kelly!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that I almost missed your birthday!!

    Happy Birthday to my darling friend, my sistah from anothah mistah who I haven’t met in person yet, but whom I feel as though I’ve known forever.

    Love you girl!!

  70. Happy Belated Birthday, Kelly! I’m glad I’m not the only Felicity lover in the house – great show! Have an amazing year!

  71. […] Kelly Hey Tuesday lovahs!! How is it starting for you?! Me? Well it has been just FABULOUS! This 29 thing might be okay! haha! I had a great run this morning…11 “I love every step of this […]

  72. I’m a horrible horrible horrible horrible friend!!!! I’ve been so busy with my own crap that I am just now getting to this post!!
    Happy belated birthday!!!!!
    Asparagus makes everyone’s pee smell 🙂 lol. I had some today actually, haven’t peed yet though 😉 lol.
    I love tampax pearls 🙂 I do buy the little compacted ones in addition to the regular though because it’s more convenient (especially when I try to sneak them out of my purse and into my apron at work!)
    I also hate to be wet while wearing clothes!! That whole getting out of the shower and getting dressed thing drives me nuts lol.
    Fact about me: not wearing underwear makes me feel like I constantly have to pee. I just can’t do it! haha

  73. I love your list—so nice learning new things about you. I hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

  74. Happy Belated Birthday!!! We actually learned about the pee smelling thing in genetics class. Apparently some people have a gene that makes their pee smell after eating asparagus and some don’t.
    A fun fact about me: I cannot lick Popsicle sticks.

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