Tuesday Trooper

Hey guys…thank you all so much for the well wishes you sent my way yesterday. I have no idea what happened but it was much worse this time around. I finally started being able to hold solid food down about three yesterday afternoon. Today, I am exhausted and dehydrated but trying to hold my head up! 🙂 Today is definitely going to be a day of recovery. I am a little frustrated but I know that a negative attitude won’t help anything.

Keith was, as usual, amazing! He took such great care of me and was also quite the kitchen worker! He made such a yummy dinner for himself (and he made me a plate for today that I can pick me way around) His meal was black beans, brown rice, steamed asparagus, and salmon. It looked so pretty and I wish I could have enjoyed it all with him! 😦

Keith's a CHEF!

One good thing I guess about being sick is that I started and finished New Moon (the second book of the Twilight Series) and I loved it.  I read the first book about 6 months ago but have been putting off book 2 because everyone talked about how slow it was. Personally, I like this one better! I am only too excited to read book 3 and 4 now!

What was the last book you read?

I do hope that everyone is enjoying their Tuesday and hopefully spring is peeking its head out wherever you are! I am here…moving slowly…but moving at least. 🙂

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43 Responses

  1. Glad you’re feeling a little better. I am currently reading Angels of Destruction by Keith Donohue.

  2. Glad you are doing better. I’m impressed with your hubby’s meal, since mine would have made frozen chicken or something. 🙂 A great book I recently read was Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah – kinda chick lit, but a great story on monthers/daughters/friendships.

  3. So sorry to hear about your sickness 😦 I’m glad you’re starting to feel better…keep resting, lovely lady! Sounds like your sweet hubby is taking good care of you!

  4. So glad you are feeling better! Let me know if you need anything.

    Book 3 and 4 of the Twilight series are really good. They were all good, but things start to really speed up in the last two.

    I’m reading “The Queen’s Fool” by Phillipa Gregory. She also wrote “The Other Bolyn Girl.” which I’ve also read. In fact, this is the 4th or 5th of her books in a row. Once I get on an author or series, I tend to stick with it.

  5. The last book I read was “hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet” it was a good, quick read!

    Hope you feel better soon…yuck!

  6. Glad you’re feeling better! The 4th book is my favorite, I can’t wait to see how they make it a movie!

  7. Its so nice spending an entire day reading; sorry you were sick when you did it though!

    I need to start a new book too, but I’m not sure which one to read.

    Take it easy today, and drink lots of water!

  8. oh i am so sorry you were sick last night…….are you okay now?
    how wonderful of keith-he seems like a great guy!
    i am currently reading and loving the art of racing in the rain-highly suggest it and i also loved all of the twilight books as well 🙂

  9. I’m glad you are doing better. It’s always nice when you have a boy to take good care of you 🙂

    I just finished Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential this weekend. It was pretty entertaining. I’m a fan of his style.

  10. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better today. So sorry you had to go through that yuckiness again. Let’s hope this is the end of it. And glad you have a good guy to take care of you!! 🙂

    I haven’t read any books in so long. But I did read one called Firefly Lane back in the summer that was pretty good.

  11. Glad you are feeling better! I just finished Twilight #4. It took me about 6 months to pick it up from #3, since I’m cheap and didn’t feel like buying it in hardback.

  12. oh man, i hope you get a million times better today! let’s see…the last book i finished was “French Women Don’t Get Fat” for the 20th time (but really!) i just love how i feel transported to French culture just by reading!

  13. Glad you’re better! Mondays for you are starting to seem a little rough!

    The last book I read (and just recently finished over the weekend!) was Chelsea Handler’s “Are you there, vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea!”. Not quite a classic of any kind, but her humor is right up my alley…

  14. So glad you’re at least able to pick up your head today. Hope the day of rest helps you recover quickly! The last novel I read was The Road by Cormac McCarthy. So freakin’ good.

  15. I’m reading a romance novel and a science book. I like being in the middle of a few books simultaneously so I can jump into whatever depending on my mood. Today I’m reding the science book. It’s about time and space and all sorts of other great things. I think it’s called ‘The Birth of Time’

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  16. Glad you’re starting to do better again and have a good helper around the house! I’m looking forward to reading about those 10 mile runs again.

  17. So glad you’re on the road to feeling better!!

    The last book I read what “Something Borrowed by Emily Giffen 🙂

  18. hope u are better.
    i read a sophie kinsella chick-lit book last..just about all i can concentrate on!

  19. Glad you’re feeling better!! I just read the newest Jodi Picoult- House Rules and now I’m in the middle of The Help. I haven’t read Twilight yet!

  20. The last book I read was “Committed” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was just ok. I’m now reading “The Happiness Project.” 🙂

  21. Im glad you are feeling a little bit better.

    Last book I read was Darkly Dreaming Dexter (the TV show Dexter was based off it)

  22. Glad you’re feeling better! I’m reading Julie and Julia right now and then I’m reading The BabySitters Club Prequel that just came out. Yeah, I said Babysitters Club.

  23. oh my goodness I am sorry to hear you weren’t feeling good again yesterday. Glad to hear you are up and going today.

  24. Glad you are feeling better! And how great to have finished New Moon. I really liked that one too. But books 3 and 4 are by far the best. You will love them. 🙂

  25. Keith is so good, Todd can only manage pasta if left top his own devices. I’m reading Scarpetta. And I loved book 2 as well (of the Twilight series!) Hope you feel better sweetie. 🙂

  26. Glad you’re doing better. I think I mentioned before that we got it three times in our house this year! I was lucky enough not to get it each time though everyone else did.
    I just finished reading Best Friends Forever, Jennifer Weiner. I read all the Twilight Books. My favorite was definitely the first but I liked the 2nd. It was so emotional! I really liked all of them I suppose. The movies are not as good…at least I didn’t think so…but the movies usually aren’t as good.
    Keith’s meal looks delicious!

  27. So glad you’re feeling better. Being sick sucks!
    Im impressed with Keiths cooking, it looks fabulous. My boyfriend when left to his own devices eats things like plain noodles with ketchup.

  28. glad you are feeling better lovely! GO KEITH! that is one AWESOME meal right thurr!

  29. Hey! Back in action, I see….. mostly. Glad you’re feeling better and got some reading time in. Definitely let your body rest up!! I’m sure you’re jonesin’ for a run.

    • Definitely!!! But I am trying to be smart and let my body fully recover…maybe that it is why I got it again so soon after the first time. I am not the best at recovery! haha!

  30. Fav books– Anything by Wally Lamb

  31. SO glad you’re feeling better – and seriously what a great hubby, his meal looks pretty darn good too 😉

  32. Glad to hear you are feeling better! It sounds like Keith has been taking great care of you! The third Twilight book was by far my favorite! I’m actually on my way to the library as soon as I hit “submit” on this! I just finished reading Jodi Picault’s new book

  33. Glad your feeling better. Has Keith been sick? I liked New Moon better as well. But strangely not the movie.

  34. oh my gosh, i’m so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well again 😦 hope you kick it soon!!! *hugs*

  35. glad to hear that you are feeling better. sicky = icky 🙂

    i am currently reading eat, pray, love and loving it. haven’t picked up the twilight yet but hear super good things. i shall add it to my list!

  36. hey chica!!
    i thought you were singing Vanilla Ice to me….”ice ice baby!…I’m like stop collaborate and LISTEN!…dun dun dun dun” hehe! I hope you are feel 100x better today!! i’m not happy when my RUN-BUD is sick, and our b-days are around the corner!! 🙂
    last book I read for fun=No Limits by Michael Phelps (for reals! I read it to get inspired to coach swimming!!)
    i heart you girlie!

  37. Glad you are feeling better! What a great hubby – taking care of the cooking. Book number four of the Twilight Series was my absolute favorite!

    I just finished Sarah’s Key, which was okay. I read The Help before that and it was great. Next up: The Year of Living Biblically.

  38. Like you, I liked New Moon better too! I think you and I are the only ones, haha!

  39. I have been trying to read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo forever, but just can’t get into it. I might give up soon.

  40. Thank goodness you’re feeling better!

    I just read (on tape) The Chosen One. It’s a young adult book, but it was sooooo good!

  41. I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling better and you had time to finish the book! I have to say, I did think the beginning of New Moon was slow haha! but I’m glad you liked it.

    I just finished Life of Pi (great book!) and now I’m working on What is the What (by Dave Eggers) which is a biography about a guy’s life, beginning as a refugee in Darfur. It should be interesting at least!

  42. Aw! So glad you are feeling better (and got in some lovely reading in the meantime)! You know, I love to read, but I am usually so tired by the time that I sit down with a book that I fall asleep within the first five pages…but right now I’m slogging my way through Eating Animals.

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