Saturday Sunshine

Good morning loveys! It is Saturday and it is glorious! Sunshine Saturday…could it get any better? NO! I have rocked out a feel great Saturday run…10.2 miles (with a few garage sale stops thrown in for frugal shopping…hehe) still averaging about a 7:54 pace. Not too shabby peeps! Showered and happy…coffee cup in hand I am eating egg whites and gluten-free waffles (Vans Frozen variety…not homemade…seriously we NEED a waffle iron!) 

Last night dinner was good. I made a pizza on a Flatout. I topped mine with tomato sauce, spinach, cheddar cheese and Boca meatless crumbles. It was a cheeseburger pizza! It was tasty and totally hit the spot. 

Cheeseburger Pizza!

Yes Yes Yes!

I had big plans to meet Hilary at her house around noon to go to lunch and do more shopping! But duty calls and the hubs needs me to help him with some office work stuff! 😦 So I am gonna suck it up and be a good wife! Then maybe I can get outside for some more sunshine later this afternoon. 

What are your plans for today?  

Tonight we will be basketball watching fools! My March Madness bracket is shot; I, like 99% of the country, had Kansas winning. However, the hubs actually took West Virgina so tonight is a big game for him! I see hear lots of screaming in my future! haha! 

Are you still involved in the March Madness craziness?  

Dr.TriRunner has a Mystery Box Giveaway going on. Don’t go enter, because I want to win… but at least check it out.


35 Responses

  1. There are plans to make pizza next week and I’m so excited! Yours looks awesome….

    I’ll be watching the games… but really have no team that I’m rooting for in particular to win it all… maybe Butler? I’m still a little sore at WVU beating my Mizzou, so I’m afraid your husband and I will be cheering at different times in the game tonight… lol

  2. Yummy pizza. I had pizza last night too. Pizza Friday rocks. I’m about to head to my sister’s house to have lunch with the family for Easter. They all live an hour away. It’s a gorgeous, sunny day here too! Have a great day girl,

  3. cheeseburger pizza sounds great!!! and tomorrow i can eat meat again!!! woohoo! my weekend is just going to be hanging out at barnes and noble and then going to church tomorrow morning to celebrate with my friends 🙂

  4. I want some of tha pizza! I’m dragging my boyfriend grocery shopping, and to the mall today. 🙂

  5. hey pretty chica!!
    I am sooooo jealous of your weather! it’s icky here in cali 😥
    homemade waffle-iron gluten-free waffles are sooooo delicious…definitely worth the investment in a waffle iron, an just might land you a trip from your “running-buddy” 😉 hehe!
    props to you for being an awesome wifey!
    today I’m possibly embracing the outdoors for a recovery run…dyeing eggs with my mama!…churching it…and having an easter-eve dinner celebration! wooo! (i love holidays!)
    I hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  6. wow you are so fast! i hope to grow up and be as fast as you 🙂
    very nice wife to help the hubby-sometimes duty calls!
    i am relaxing today and getting rested for my 8K trail race tomorrow!

  7. Your cheeseburger pizza looks really good!! Great idea!!

    I need a waffle iron too! I mean, frozen waffles are quite delish, don’t get me wrong, but real homemade waffles just can’t be beat, yum!! 🙂

    Have a fabulous Saturday!! 🙂

  8. I am a massive KU fan so after they lost I kind of checked out of the tournament!

  9. I always eat the Vans or Kashi frozen waffles. If we had a waffle iron I would make and freeze a big batch of my own, but I’m too cheap to go get one. LOL Too bad you couldn’t find one at your garage sale stops. Although that would have been a pain to carry back with you on your run. 😉

  10. I’m happy to have stayed out of March Madness entirely 🙂 Instead, we’ll be eating raw tonight–yahoo!

  11. My facebook status pretty much sums my day up: “17 miles — condo showing — coffee with my mentor — martha stewart easter crafts — easter vigil mass”

    A very perfect Sunday 🙂 That cheesebizzy pizza looks pretty phenomenal! I need to pick up some wraps….

  12. p.s. GIVEAWAY. And I want you to enter. 😀

  13. Yum, cheeseburger pizza looks good.

  14. Congrats on the run 😀 You are SPEEDY!
    I love tortilla pizzas. They’re so easy (and tasty, obviously 😉 )

  15. I used to see those wraps where I used to live, but they don’t sell them here. Oh well. Enjoy the office…I guess it’s easier on your wallet? ;)…i know, little constellation…

  16. I’m totally out of the final four stuff, but its still fun to watch! have fun 🙂

  17. Darn wifely duties! Always getting in the way! Oh well, hopefully you got out for a little while! We are doing pizza tonight! Definitely a favorite here too!

  18. My hubs is a die hard WVU fan, so looks like I’ll be pulling for them tonight….

  19. I got my waffle iron at a goodwill for about $2. I see them there all the time.

  20. I love garage sales, thrift stores and all things frugal so yay!

    And double yay for hubs picking WVU—I officially love him lol!

  21. You were missed today! Hope everything went well.

  22. CHEEEEESEBURGER PIZZA! reminds me of my old elementary school days! hah i loved it!

  23. Ohhhhhh…good luck to Keith! I hope you guys have a FABULOUS Easter! Chat with you on Monday 🙂

  24. Hey!!! Ok, when I see pizza I feel the need to eat one. I love pizza but can’t have any of the traditional pizzas….no wheat, no cheese….stinks! My “allergy free” pizza’s don’t cut it!

    I hope you have a wonderful easter my love!


  25. I made cheeseburger pizza with Boca once, too! Not the biggest fan of Boca, but it still tastes pretty good on pizza.

  26. cheeseburger pizza! yum, I wanna make that and enchilada pizza!

  27. yummy pizza and girl, i worked on my tan, yoga’ed, ran, just took it as easy as i take it 🙂

  28. Wow, that pizza looks amazing, yum! I wish we had Boca products here, they sound awesome.

  29. Hey Kell,
    I wish I knew enough about basketball to have a bracket. Unfortunately I’m clueless. Hope you had a great weekend.

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