Sing Me A Song

According to CNN Health , Dr. Mike Miller, a research cardiologist, tested the effects of music on the cardiovascular system. “Turns out music may be one of the best de-stressors — either by playing or even listening to music,” said Miller. Using high-tech imaging, Miller measured blood vessel size as people listened to music. The results did not surprise Miller. “The inner lining of the blood vessel relaxed, opened up and produced chemicals that are protective to the heart,” he said. But when participants listened to music they didn’t particularly enjoy, Miller said, “the vessels actually began to close up.” But be careful what you listen to. Whether you like Beyoncé or the B-52s, Chopin or Johnny Cash, Miller found that listening repeatedly to the same tune diminished the music’s effects on the body. “You just don’t get that boost if you listen to the same song over and over again,” he said. “You need to vary your songs, so when you hear the song fresh, it brings back the sense of joy and opens up the system.”

Does Music affect your mood?

It definitely does mine! What are some of your favorite songs that boost your mood and why? Here are 5 of mine:

1. Maroon 5: She Will Be Loved: I love this song because it came out when Keith and I first started dating and it reminds me of us. I had just been through a really bad break up and felt pretty broken and he came in and although he DIDN’T save me…he helped me save myself.

2. Prince: Party Like It’s 1999: The reason this song makes me laugh is because I graduated high school in 1999 and it was our graduation song! haha! It just brings back a ton of high school memories for me! 🙂

3. Nikki French: Total Eclipse of The Heart: This song (version) was super popular the summer of 1995 and I was about to start high school. I had a huge crush on this boy, Jared, that summer and he was my first kiss (insert…AWWWW) and whenever I hear this song I think about the summer of completely innocent childhood love!

4. Metallica: Enter Sandman: This song reminds me of high school track. I would listen to this song on my discman (yeah remember those?!) over and over before my races to pump me up! The introduction is exactly 55 seconds long and I always visualized myself running my 400 meters in those 55 seconds!

5. Kelly Clarkson: My Life Would Suck Without You: I love this song because it is my favorite workout song. I save it for when I am having a hard workout or get to that mile where I just want to quit and as soon as I hear this song I am TOTALLY GOOD TO GO! I don’t know what it is about this beat or this song but it puts a fire under my arse! 🙂

Tell me some of yours!!

Also I leave you with my backyard…isn’t it gorgeous? Love spring time in Austin!

Backyard Bliss


35 Responses

  1. Oh yes, music totally affects my mood. When it’s sunny out and I’m lounging in my pool, nothing fits the bill like a little Jack Johnson.

  2. Music TOTALLY affects my mood! It’ll calm me down in no time flat. Speaking of good workout music, I love, love, love Kardinal Offishall’s “Dangerous.” Best workout song ever!

  3. haha, i don’t have a ton of examples, but just about anything lady gaga makes me want to get up and run, i LOVE champagne high by sister hazel (makes me very pensive), and jack johnson and dave matthews could sing me to sleep any night because I just get so relaxed!

  4. Beautiful backyard shot!!! I want to be in that hammock right now!

    I agree that music totally affects my mood. I love artists like Iron and Wine, Gillian Welch, and Neko Case to totally relax me after a long day. Many of their songs are sad, but not in a depressing way, if that makes sense 🙂

  5. Music most definitely has an effect on me!! Just play any Van Morrison song and I instantly get butterflies b/c Andrew and I love him!! We have tickets to go see him when he comes to Atlanta in May!! Our first dance was to his song “Sweet Thing.” 🙂

  6. I love Since You’ve Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson, another great workout tune. I’m right with you on #2 and #3!!!

  7. Hey Kelly, thanks for your comments 😀

    That’s so cool about blood vessels + music. I love Metallica’s Enter Sandman (they play it at the begining of all our football games!)

  8. “Once upon a time I was falling in love… now I’m only falling apart…” LOVE that song! lol.

    And sounds like I’ll be destressing alot on my roadtrip home tonight! he he he

  9. Music definitely effects my mood. I have mostly upbeat and catching songs on my ipod when I run. The slower songs make me slow down.

  10. My mood can definitely change with the right music. Enter Sandman is up there on my list, along with I Will Survive, Manic Monday (The Bangles!), Can’t Hold Us Down (Christina Aguilara…don’t judge, it’s a great workout song!), and anything by Johnny Cash.

    Random list…

  11. great songs! i love that kely clarkson song! also “behind these hazel eyes” thats a good one! music DEF effects my mood! i LOVE music, I have so many different types on my ipod 🙂

  12. George Michael is good for me. I swear “Faith” and “Freedom” do wonders for me…and that is saying something!

  13. I love “Lose yourself” by Eminem when I’m in a spin class…the chorus is so perfect for sprinting. It just makes me want to go as fast as I possibly can, not sure why.

  14. Music totally changes my mood.
    It also brings back SO many memories for me. Mr Lonely by Akon reminds me of an ex of mine (the one that hurt me the most actually and I’ll probably never fully recover from it). That song came out when I had finally had enough and given up on him. The last time I talked to him he apologized to me, and told me to listen to that song and it was exactly how he felt.
    I smile every time I hear it because if nothing else I know he’s sorry.

  15. I cannot run without music! A few of my exercise faves are:

    10 Years- Through the Iris

    (And I have so many more, but I can’t think of them right now!!)

  16. Music really affects my mood…anything George Michael or Sade especially gets me in a better mood! Prince rocks too…love your list!

    Pretty crazy about your housekeeper…seriously how nuts!! I don’t understand how she though you wouldn’t find out she was stealing your pills??

  17. Justin Bieber – Baby and MGMT – Electric Feel are two really awesome song. I have so many favorites I’ll not even get into it, but I love different song for different things I’m doing:working out, driving, studying etc

  18. Music TOTALLY effects your mood!

    1) “December 1963” by Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons because it’s just fun

    2) “Roll With It” by Steve Winwood because it reminds me I can’t always be in control

    3) “Midnight Train to Georgia” by Gladys Knight and the Pips because I like to sing it like I have a good voice 🙂

    4) “Shake Ya Tailfeatha” by P Diddy, Nelly and Murphy Lee because I heart rap music and anything I can dance to

    5) “Respect” by Aretha becaus I love, love, love female power!

    More about me than you ever wanted to know 😉

  19. I totally agree that music is good for your heart! I definitely feel different when I listen to different types of music! Your back yard is screaming for you to come relax in it!

  20. I love listening to hip hop and rap when I run or work out cause it pumps me up big time! When I’m out for a walk and feelling meloncholy I love listening to mello, slow and sad songs.
    There is a radio show called “bed time majib” on a radio station here in Boston and they play nice, slow, mellow music at bed time (duh) and it’s so soothing! I love it! The DJ is legendary around here for his sultry voice.

  21. Music has such an effect on my mood! Its amazing what it can do!

  22. Wow your backyard is gorgeous. Totally love the song Stay With You by John Legend, and any song by Taylor Swift. I want the John Legend song to be the song I have my first dance to at my wedding 🙂

  23. Music definitely affects my mood! I’m surprised to hear about varying the music though, that’s good to know!

    I love your list – good stuff! Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson always make me happy too. If I need a mood boost, I also like to listen to Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, or Jack’s Mannequin (wow random combination). For some reason a lot of later 90’s songs never fail me either!

  24. Music can get me in the mood for anything. I love it! If i wanna relax before bed, i will listen to something like “somewhere over the rainbow”

  25. I blast the tunes like whoa in the car and while I’m making breakfast in the morning. It never fails to get me ready for my day!

  26. what your songs mean to me
    #1 first moved into a my gorgeous house on a canyon in san diego and listened to that song blaring while i would go for glorious runs. childless and so free
    Prince-saw him live and listened to that song all thru h.s.
    Metallica-Enter Sandman – memories h.s. makeout sessions with boyfriend 🙂

  27. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Something Corporate. Their music just sounds so powerful and I love it 🙂 Plus, I know every word to pretty much every song so it’s fun to sing along!
    I need to start listening to music more often!

  28. Not sure what I’d do without music! Just to name one, No One…Alicia Keys…always puts me in a good mood! Heard it at body pump this morning!
    Your back yard looks cozy!! We are just starting to get spring weather here and I can’t wait to get my back yard all spruced up and ready to go! Enjoy your shopping with your Mom!

  29. Wow, you are so right, I had forgotten how important music and I think I need to listen to it more often! Especially while working out.

  30. I’m stuck on Black Eyed Peas. I play Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night over and over again at the end of a long run.

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