I’m JAVA for Friday!

Holy Moley…it is Friday! WOOT! My Fridays aren’t usually any different than any other day of the week but simply knowing that it is Friday makes me instantly happy! This morning I polished off a 10 mile run (no surprise there) but I added some additions to my run. I played with the speeds and the inclines. I had to treadmill it because I have my running group in about an hour and I didn’t want to run in the dark this morning. Anyway…I ended up bouncing around the whole time with speeds between 7.0  – 7.5. It was HARD, FUN, and SWEATY!!! 🙂 Now I am drinking my java and thinking about what I want for breakfast! Waffles would be good. But do we have a waffle maker…no…do I have any frozen waffles…no…so will I be eating waffles for breakfast…again…no! haha! 🙂 

Speaking of coffee…do you have a favorite coffee cup? I do. I love drinking my coffee out of this baby! Isn’t it cute and I swear that my coffee even tastes better from this bad boy! 

My favorite coffee cup! I got it at Starbucks on clearance for $3.95!!

 Since I am obviously on a coffee kick this morning; how do you like yours? Keith swears I am really just drinking coffee flavored water because I brew about 10 cups to 4 scoops (regular not jumbo) of coffee. Plus I also buy the mild breakfast blend (from Whole Foods…it is the best!) What can I say…I like it weak!? 

The best coffee EVER!

 How do you like your coffee? STRONG or WIMPY?  

Moving on from coffee…yesterday, Julie posted a link to an awesome blog that I want to urge you guys to visit. It is called Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project. It is a teacher, Mrs. Q who is taking on the crappy lunches served in American schools. She writes, “It’s very challenging to teach students when they are eating school lunches that don’t give them the nutrition they need and deserve. Oftentimes what is served barely passes muster as something edible. And after a meal high in sugar and fat and low in fiber, they then must pay attention in a classroom. I’m going to attempt to eat school lunch everyday in 2010. As a teacher it’s available to me as well for a few dollars. Most of the students at my school get free lunch or reduced. I’m going to take pictures of the school lunch and post them. Normally I shop for organic fruits and veggies. I avoid processed foods and food high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup, but I normally eat food brought from hom including leftovers, sandwich, or a “healthy” microwave meal for lunch with yogurt and a piece of fruit. The reason I’m eating school lunch every day is to raise awareness about school lunch food in America. ” 

Let’s all support Mrs. Q on this journey and follow her blog!!

The Votes Are In…

Thanks to everyone who weighed in with their swimsuit vote this morning! I kind of already had an idea of which one I liked better before posting…and I am proud to say that after all the LOVELY comments (thank you for all the sweet things you said!) I am going with bathing suit number 2!!

Option 2

I love the color and I think it will look good. I definitely have a runner’s chest…(think A cups here) so I am not expecting to be over flowing! haha! But I am hoping this will be flattering to my leaner athletic frame. We’ll see!!

Next question, does anyone subscribe to the magazine Real Simple? My mom gets it for me and I love it. This month there was a reader’s poll result on What is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten for dinner in the name of saving time? Listen to some of the responses. Some of them will make you laugh and others might make you gag! haha!

  • A whole bag of beef jerky
  • Salami wrapped in a tortilla
  • An avocado with a hunk of Brie
  • A beer and a pudding cup
  • A honey bun and a piece of sausage
  • One bag of microwave popcorn and two peanut butter cups
  • Laughing cow cheese and a pickle
  • Wine
  • A sandwich made of ranch dressing, bacon bits, and a deviled egg
  • A spoonful of peanut butter and a glass of milk
  • Rice with Heinz 57 Sauce
  • A pile of peas and a piece of toast

So I ask you the same question; what is the weirdest thing you’ve eaten for dinner in the name of saving time?

Mine wouldn’t be all that weird because when I am in a serious time crunch I usually still eat something “normal” and usually go for a sandwich. I mean how long does it take to make a PB&J sandwich. I bet that would be faster than most of the randomness above! But hey it made for fun reading…and now I want to know yours! 🙂

It Is NOT Thursday…Is It?

Somebody pinch me…is it really Thursday?! I truly feel like it was just the weekend and now Thursday is upon us. Sheesh! Well in any event this has already been a happy Thursday for me. I am such a morning person…I swear. I ran 10 happy, every step is for me, glorious miles this morning! That felt pretty darn good! You know the drill…Body Pump in a few hours…HOLLER! Which I must say this week I have had one sore bootay after Tuesday’s class. But personally I can think of a lot worse than having a sore butt. In fact, I LIKE IT! 🙂 It is almost swimsuit season! What a perfect segway!

I personally love Victoria’s Secret for bathing suits. They seem to fit me really well and I usually get a new one every other year or so. Well it is time! So help me pick! (note: I am typically not a flashy bathing suit sporter) These are the ones I am liking:

Option 1
Option 2

Leave me a comment with your vote: Option 1 or Option 2! 🙂

Dinner last night was another really yummy hit. Keith and I split a ginormous sweet potato…seriously check this thing out:

HUGE! We each ate some for dinner AND Keith even put some in his breakfast container for the morning!

 And he had steak (um…yeah not me) while I opted for orange ruffy. Now pair that with some steamed mixed vegetables and HOLLER…dinner was served!

Dinner...minus the sweet potato. It was in bowl on the side...we just shared the bowl! 🙂

 Happy Thursday peeps…and help me out with the bathing suit!

Don’t Be A Chicken “Nugget”

Hey guys…Keith has been insanely swamped this week and so Work It Out Wednesday is going to have to take a week break! He will be back next Wednesday with more kettlebell tips and demonstrations, but in the meantime…guess you are stuck with me on this fabulous afternoon. I hope it is pretty where you are…for me it is 71 degrees, no humidity and a slight breeze! Love me some springtime in Austin! Check, check, check it out:

The view from my backyard!

So has anyone seen this article: McNuggets—on the Weight Watcher’s plan? Basically, “As part of a broader effort to shed their unhealthy food reputation, in Australia and New Zealand McDonald’s is teaming up with Weight Watchers to market some menu items as healthy options that fit into the diet program’s points system. The collaboration means that McDonald menus will bear the Weight Watchers logo on certain meals—currently chicken nuggets, the Filet-O-Fish and a chicken wrap are included—and in turn, the weight loss program will promote those meals as options for its dieters.

How do you feel about this?

I am not sure how I feel exactly, just yet. One one hand I think it is unrealistic to think that just because someone is on Weight Watchers that means they won’t eat fast food. So at least this way they are able to make choices that falls into their point range.  But what I think I have a problem with is this sentence, “…and in turn, the weight loss program will promote those meals as options for its dieters.” I don’t necessarily think I agree with Weight Watchers promoting McDonald’s as a “healthy option.” Fast food should be eaten in MODERATION for EVERYONE and I feel like this could potentially lead people to eat there more often because it is “Weight Watcher endorsed.” So it is now easier to justify. “Of course, I can eat McDonald’s everyday for lunch…it’s on the Weight Watcher Plan.” Thoughts?

This Wednesday NEEDS A Thank You

Good morning. First, before I say anything else, I have to say THANK YOU to all the amazing comments I got yesterday about my running confession post. You guys are amazing and absolutely made me feel so incredibly lucky to have the support system you provide! And after reading each comment I have decided that…gasp….I am a RUNNER! I think that the problem just lies in the fact that I hold myself to a different standard that really isn’t fair. Everyone made such good points in their comments that basically boiled down to this: I run, therefore I am a runner. I love running and do it for the sheer joy of running, therefore I am runner. I might be kind of good at this running thing, therefore I am a runner. There, I said it: I am a runner! And you know what…it feels good!

I also was completely shocked and blown away by all the people who said they use me as inspiration or brag about me to co-workers. Okay, jaw on the floor, awed! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I think we all use one another for motivation because I know sometimes when I am struggling on that tail end of I a run I will think about some of you running by my side. Sometimes I see a recipe or a funny quote and it makes me think of a certain blogger friend. You are all never far from my mind and I thank you all for the true love and friendship you have shown me! I am going to repost my “Monday Kiss” picture for all of you because it definitely seems appropriate today too!

So with that… this runner ran 10 miles this morning. 3 miles @ 8:30 pace, 4 miles @ 8:20 pace, and 4 miles @ 8:10 pace. I am feeling good. I have my beginning run group in about an hour and today will be a recovery 2 mile run so it should feel nice on my legs! I am doing my regular thang and drinking my joe and eating my breakfast! Ready to tackle this Wednesday!! 🙂

Dinner last night was an easy stand by! I put boneless skinless chicken thighs in the crockpot with a jar of salsa on low all day. Then we shredded it up and served it over brown rice and black beans. It may not look the prettiest but believe me it was tasty!!

Salsa Chicken!

And the best part is there were tons of leftovers for lunch today! HOLLER! 🙂 Keith I don’t have to rock, paper, scissors to see who gets them! That is how we settle most things….who gets the empty PB jar for oats, who gets leftovers, who has to walk back downstairs to turn out the light we forgot to turn off before crawling into bed…you get the idea. Let’s just say I have not mastered the “rock paper scissors” game yet…much to Keith’s enjoyment! 🙂

Do you and your partner have a “fun” way to settle disputes? (KEEP IT CLEAN PEOPLE…haha!)

 Oh…and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Are you wearing GREEN?! I am! I am! 🙂

A Confession

Good afternoon. How is Tuesday treating you? I am G-O-O-D! I can honestly say that I am already feeling body pump…really I must have the weakest triceps ever because I am always immediately sore! Oh well…means t is working and who wouldn’t love that?!

Okay…confession time. This is a deeply personal topic for me and lately it has been weighing on me BIG TIME! So Here goes. Do you feel like the people’s blogs you follow religiously are your friends? Averie posted about this last week…asking us how we define friendships. I can honestly say that I do consider “you” to be my friends. I think about “you” when I am making choices about working out, food, fashion, etc. And I love that…and no shame! You are my friend even if we haven’t ever met or spoken on the phone! Too bad…sorry…you’re stuck with me! 🙂 And it is with friends, that I share this. I don’t consider myself a runner. This girl…yup a runner. Her? Yes she is too. Oh and her and her and her and him…all runners. Me…I don’t see it. I don’t see anything that I do as amazing or spectacular…it is just something I do. End of story. I HATE THAT! I want to look at myself and think “runner” and I want to look at my race accomplishments and think “runner” and I want to give myself permission to think I am good. Not just okay…but good. I want to see it. I want to taste it. I want to believe it.

Does this surprise you?

I love to run. Love it. Love it. Love it. I truly feel at peace when I run and I truly feel like a million bucks when I finish. And every so often the thought crosses my mind that maybe I am pretty good at this running thing. But I guess what is hard is that I am not a “professional” and so I have a hard time considering myself a runner. But what is so ironic is that all the fabulous people I mentioned before aren’t professionals either. So how come, in my mind,  they get to be considered runners but I don’t? Is it me holding myself to a standard that is both impossible and unrealistic? YES! Is it me self doubting on myself? YES! Does it drive me (and Keith) crazy? YES! How do I change that way of thinking? I DON’T KNOW!!!

Does anyone else struggle with holding themselves to standards that they don’t apply to other people?

Shamelessly, soliciting for advice!

Take 2 Tuesday

Good morning! How is everyone?! I am feeling pretty darn good…I rocked out 12 miles this morning at 8:20 pace and will be heading to Body Pump in a few hours. But first I suppose I should get a little work done, right?! Good thing I love my job and work doesn’t ever feel like “work.”  

Do you love your job, hate your job, or are generally just apathetic? 

But first, I am going to sit right here and eat my breakfast, drink my coffee, and blog with you for a few! Sounds perfect right?! I sure think so! 🙂 What do we want to talk about first? Dinner…you want to know about dinner? Let’s go with Pecan Crusted Tilapia shall we? SO GOOD! 

Yum Yum Yum


1/2 cup dry breadcrumbs (I used gluten-free) 
2 tablespoons finely chopped pecans
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 cup low-fat buttermilk
1/2 teaspoon hot sauce
3 tablespoons flour
4 (6 ounce)  tilapia fillets
1 tablespoon oil, divided
lemon wedge 

Combine breadcrumbs, pecans, salt, garlic, and pepper in a shallow dish. 

Combine buttermilk and hot sauce (such as Tabasco) in a medium bowl. 

Place flour in a third dish. 

Dredge 1 fillet in flour, dip into buttermilk mixture, then into breadcrumb mixture. Repeat with remaining fillets. 

Heat 1 1/2 tsp oil in a large skillet (non-stick works best) over medium-high heat. 

Cook  fillets for 3 minutes on each side or until fish flakes easily. Serve with lemon! 

Serves: 4 

330 Calories; 12.4 g Fat (2.3g saturated fat); 86mg Cholesterol; 525mg Sodium; 16.9g Carbohydrates; 1.5g Fiber;     2.6g Sugar; 38.3g Protein 

SO…onto Sports! Is anyone else interested in March Madness? I am not usually a basketball follower but I gotta be honest I like March Madness and my conference (GO BIG 12…I am a Texas A&M Alumni) is kicking butt this year! Plus…Keith and I each fill out a bracket to try to beat the other one. I know, I know, first football and now this? What can I say we are competitive freaks! But you love us… 

Who is your pick to win March Madness this year? 

I gotta show some love to the BIG 12…YEAH KANSAS!! 



Turn That Frown Upside Down!

I was reading in my Women’s Health Magazine about bad moods and how to beat them…naturally! Check it out:

1. LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE: If a Miami mini-break isn’t an option, seek out a light box. A strong one that emits at least 10,000 lux can have the same effect as basking n the early morning sun – minus the cancer causing UV rays. Place the light  box on a table near you – you only need 30 minutes of exposure to increase your serotonin levels and leave more alert and energized.

2. DEVOUR CHOCOLATE DAILY: It’s true: one small square a day can keep the blues away. Chocolate contains a pleasure-promoting, mood-regulating neurotransmitter called phenylethylamine, which stimulates a rush of endorphins, the same compounds released during an orgasim. When snacking, stick to dark chocolate that’s at least 70% cocoa; it’s healthier than the milk-infused variety.

3. FIND BLISS IN THE BEDROOM: During foreplay, your brain gets a healthy dose of the natural chemicaldopamine, which boosts your feelings of desire. So a quickie can be an upliftng double whammy. (haha…this one was my favorite!)

4. GO FISH: People who eat foods containing omega-3 fatty acids – like salmon and tuna – have a better handle on their emotions and are more likely to be upbeat and agreeable. Walnuts and flaxseeds are also packed with the get-happy proteins, which have also been proven to prevent heart disease.

Are you a naturally happy person? What is your sure-fire way to beat a bad mood?

I am typically happy but every so often when I feel really overwhelmed I can turn into a raging madwoman! Usually, I know it sounds cliché, a GOOD cry helps! It lets me release those emotions and I almost always instantly feel better!


Love My Mondays

Good morning! How is everyone on this great Monday morning? Remember…I am the annoying Monday morning happy person…oddly it is my favorite day of the week! So for all of you Monday haters who hate that person (a la Me) then I apologize!! Ha…well not really…c’mon people…show some Monday LOVE!

Today has started out great! I ran 9 miles + 10 minutes on the elliptical I and feel fabulous! My legs always love Monday morning runs after the lazy Sunday love they get! 🙂 After a run I love to lay up against a wall with my compressions socks on and stretch out my legs. This definitely helps with soreness and the elevation of the legs helps with the blood flow after a tough workout. Check my tired legs out. (NO LAUGHING AT MY SOCKS!!)

All Legs...Am I REALLY posting this for the world to see?!?

Feels so good...I could do this is ALL day!

Somebody wake me in an hour! haha!

I am loudly slurping (seriously I am a slurper…which I didn’t realize until someone pointed it out to me) my coffee and eating my new breakfast fixation…hot Quinoa “oatmeal” sprinkled with some cinnamon, coconut flakes and Stevia. Goodness…I might lick the bowl when I am finished…ssshhh don’t tell! 🙂 Then I am headed to my beginning running group…today’s agenda is 3 miles around the golf course…lovely! Are you ready Janet?! 🙂

Last night was a good night. Keith made it safely home from Dallas and we got to log some good snuggle catch-up time! I love having weekends alone sometimes because I can just kind of piddle around and have me time, but I always love it when he comes home! Truthfully, as much as I may complain about him snoring I really sleep better with him by my side! 🙂 I definitely recharge by being alone and sometimes a girl needs that weekend!

Do you enjoy having solo weekends every once in a while?

Okay people…enjoy your Monday morning and SMILE! 🙂  I leave you with a Monday morning kiss!

Lazy Sunday Love

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope every one had a great Saturday! I DID! I DID! Want the recap? Sure…why not! First, I met up with my mama and we got pedicures! Look at those CUTE feet: 

Pretty toes!!My mom is the one with the cute shoes! haha!


Then we picked up my step-dad, Jim, and headed downtown to the funky part of Austin: South Congress!! We went shopping and there were tons of outdoor vendors It is SXSW here in Austin this weekend and so it was crazy crowded(in a good way) and we saw some characters!  didn’t snap a picture but there was a woman in a black bathing suit walking around playing a flute! haha…don’t ask…that’s Austin for you! 🙂  It was a lot of fun! Then we went to Perla’s Seafood & Oyster Bar!


My mom and Jim!




Now to the FOOD! We started with “Mom and Daughter” glasses of Prosecco and Jim had Guiness! 

The Cocktails


Then of course we had to have some appetizers. All that shopping can makes some peeps hungry! We had a jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Grilled Octopus and Tuna Tartare. I had bites of all! 🙂 

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail


Grilled Octopus


Tuna Tartare...check out the quail egg on the side. (I did not try that...haha)


Then we had dinner! I had the Scallops with a side of Grilled Brussel Sprouts. It was so good but the brussel sprouts were easily the best part of the meal! 

Scallops...yum yum yum!


The star of the night!


Overall it was a GREAT Saturday! And then today is LAZY SUNDAY! Woot Woot! I slept in and am currently doing my most favorite Sunday morning tradition: drinking java and working the NY Times Crossword! One of these days I am going to finish the entire thing…in pen! 🙂 Not much else planned for today…just chilling and resting my legs! I hope everyone has an awesome Sunday too! Cheers! 🙂