Weight Loss THAT IS Fat Loss

Based on my post, Body Fat Decoded, it was requested that I do a post on weight loss that was actually fat loss! Sometimes people lose weight but it is muscle mass they are losing and not fat. Here are a few things that I believe will ensure that your weight loss is fat loss.

There is no way to pick what part of your body you want the fat to come off of. (Although wouldn’t that be nice?!?) Whether you have excess body fat in your midsection, thighs or arms, the procedure is exactly the same:

First, let me start by saying that eating foods that have fat in them will not necessarily make you gain body fat. The only thing that will make you gain excess body fat is excess calories. Carbohydrates and protein can equally make you gain just as much weight when consumed in excess! The only way to lose body fat is a combination of reducing calorie intake through your diet and burning calories with exercise (also known as a caloric deficit) The best exercise to create a caloric deficit is something that will burn a lot of calories such as running, biking, swimming and most team sports. Basically something that will get your heart rate up and get that metabolism burning HOT! But wait, at rest muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does. Therefore, you also need to include a good strength training routine in your workout to build more muscle that will help you burn even more calories throughout the day. Especially for those who have sedentary jobs! So when it comes to exercise the BEST thing to do is to combine cardio (to burn a lot of calories and create that calorie deficit) AND weight lifting to build muscle tissue to burn more calories after your workout is over! And most importantly BE CONSISTENT and don’t skip your workouts. Consistency is vital to reaching your fitness goals. Make the choice to invest time every single day to work on your body.

Lastly, check out this table to see body fat guidelines:

Do you think knowing your body fat percentage is important or valuable to know?


30 Responses

  1. Great post. I think so many people (especially women) fail to include the weight training for fear of being bulky.

  2. I think body fat is important to keep in mind for any weight goals. Mine’s not where I’d love it to be but just being mindful is important enough

  3. I’d love to know what mine is! Great to remind people that just losing weight isn’t any good if it’s only muscle!

  4. I’ve never been checked for what mine is. I’m curious, but don’t stress over it…

  5. so how do you measure body fat?

    • Usually a gym trainer or your doctor can do it. They use calipers to take certain skinfold measurements and then can determine from there….

  6. I got evaluated once at health spa, and my body fat percentage was high. I believe it too, because I have a roly poly belly! Always have…and probably always will! I’ve just kind of learned to accept it, since I know I’m healthy.

  7. I would love to have an accurate test of my BMI. I’ve had it done a few times and it didn’t seem accurate to me. But I think my body fat % is less even though the scale says I weigh a little more than I “should.” I’m pretty muscular and I think that skews the scale!

  8. I think knowing body fat percentages is especially important for women. They may feel the need to be extra skinny but they have to realize that they NEED more body fat to function. I already told you I love the table, but this is a great post and should be considered when someone is losing weight because then they can set realistic goals. So many people fall into the trap of losing TOO much weight. I actually touched upon this in my post today. Have a great weekend!

  9. I think it can be a very useful tool if used properly- body fat can be a very risky topic for certain people, especially younger girls. It’s so important to emphasize you need a certain amount of body fat to function!! 🙂

  10. I do think BF% is important for reasons such as BMI being a bad indicator of fitness. Even at my “ideal” personal weight, my BMI is at the top of the range. Yet, my body fat % is on the low end. I am naturally muscular and I do think it’s helpful for this reason. I am NOT a fan of scales and cheap tools at the gym that try and measure body fat %. It’s a really difficult test that should only be performed by a trained professional (in my humble opinion). Research shows that the body fat scales are inaccurate and can under/over-estimate by up to 20%! Great topic!

  11. You are quite the researcher!
    I think you should learn what you want…just don’t “go to hell with it” – if you know what I mean.
    Live life….some chub isn’t going to matter at the end of it all….

  12. Hi Kelly! Great post! How are you able to maintain a healthy body fat despite running so much and having such incredible lean arms, midsection, and legs? Where are you hiding it?! hehe

    • The last time I had my body fat tested (about 2 months ago) I was at 16%. Muscles baby!! 🙂 Keith is at 7%…he is amazing! 🙂

  13. Yeah, I’d like to know what mine is — and of course, I’d want to get dunked in one of those hydro-tanks or whatever the gold standard is. I’m a big proponent of knowledge, so I am curious what I’m “made of.”

  14. I really suck when it comes to weight training. I know I need to do more of it, especially because I sit at a desk all day, I just dont.

  15. I love interval training! My favorite combination of cardio and weights! Great post! I am such a geek cause I love reading this kind of stuff!

  16. interesting post. i do think it’s important to know body fat percentage because the amount of body fat a person has can have an effect on health issues and it can put things into perspective. I’m should find out what mine is, but I’m a little afraid to know!

  17. I think it’s just another thing that can help assess your fitness level and how your workouts and meals are working for you (or not). I should really check with my gym and get mine tested. I think it’d be helpful to have a goal to shoot for. Thanks for the info!

  18. These body fat post are very interesting. Thanks for sharing! I’d love to know what mine is, but I also make an effort not to focus on the numbers too much because I tend to get caught up in them. I also need to remember to beef up my strength training!

  19. Great Info Kelly! Thanks for the post 🙂

  20. […] Weight Loss THAT IS Fat Loss « HEALTHY LIVING WITH KELLY […]

  21. My nerdy love of numbers really makes me curious. I was tested a few years ago, but would love to have it done again. The scale at the gym I used to belong to had a “body fat measure” option, but it would change by 3-4 % within a few days. I was skeptical.

  22. enjoy your weekend!

  23. thanks for all the info! i dont want to get tied up in my body fat % bc itd prob stress me otu but im sure it would benefit a lot of people to know



  24. Thank you for amazing post 🙂

  25. Very interesting. I have a scale that measures body fat, but I don’t know how accurate it is. It says anywhere from 14-17%. I would love to know for curiousity’s sake exactly what it is. The scales seem to fluctuate depending on hydration and time of day.

  26. Great info Kelly! I totally agree that consistency is key. And that we can’t demonize one food group as the leading cause of weight gain. It’s excess calories overall that makes us gain. And I do think its important to know body fat percentage, I just don’t know mine.

  27. My body fat is important to me since I’m at a healthy weight. It is a wake up call to me. My body fat is 23% and I want to get it down to 17%.

  28. Very good advice. I come across a lot of overweight women who are busting their butt in cardio workouts to lose the weight, but neglecting lifting weights until they are skinny…I try to explain the term “skinny fat” to them and the benefits of weight lifting – including the fact that lifting weights will not only help them lose weight but will ensure they hold on to their lovely muscles while doing so!

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