It’s Raining 4’s and 0’s Around Here!

Happy Thursday everyone…and most importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HUSBAND!!! Keith is 40 today!! (Yes I snagged me an older man! Actually he is bragging that his wife is 28!! haha) But seriously looks at this guy? 40 looks good on him: 


Okay truthfully this picture was taken last summer…so he was 39 but still close enough, right? I feel so lucky to be married to this amazing man and I hope he has a fantastic birthday! Tonight I am making a yummy dinner and I ordered him his favorite cake from Baskin Robbins: a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake! He is really excited about that! But we are doing our MAJOR celebrating on Saturday night and it is all a surprise to Keith so I can’t spill the beans now…but I promise details will be forthcoming after the surprise! 🙂 Keith knows we are doing something special on Saturday night (so I haven’t ruined anything by saying so above) he just doesn’t know what! 🙂 

Happy Birthday, Baby…I love you!  

** regular blogging will resume this afternoon…but I wanted to dedicate this morning solely to Keith!

55 Responses

  1. Happy birthday to Keith!!! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Keith…wow he is in amazing shape! Holy smokes.
    How often and when do you typically blog Kelly? Does it take up alot of your time? In the a.m, at work, evening?
    I don’t have much time and am going to be getting busier and busier…and I think it’s good to “unplug” sometimes, but I love to write when the feeling hits…so I’ll be sporadic for sure…lose readers I guess, but oh well…

    • I usually post twice a day…once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Some posts take longer than others depending on what the topic is. I think blogging should be fun and don’t let it stress you out. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to your Hottie!!! Wow! He’s is incredible shape!

  4. Happy Birthday Keith!!!

    That picture— Yowza!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Keith! May it include many a fried food. Or steak. 🙂

  6. Ice cream cake sounds like a great way to bring in the big 4-0. 🙂 Tell him happy birthday for me! Have a wonderful day!

  7. 40 looks amazing on him! Happy Birthday Keith!

  8. Aww happy b-day Keith! The only benefit of having a summer birthday when I was younger (no balloons or cupcakes at school) was getting ice cream cake every year! I still continue the tradition.

  9. Happy Birthday Keith!!! Have an awesome day together and enjoy the cake!!

  10. Happy Birthday Keith!! He makes 40 look good 🙂


  12. from Jensen too

  13. Ohhh HOT DAMN! He is sexy haha! With that beach bod, he’ll live until he’s 100 so don’t worry about being 12 years younger!

  14. Happy Birthday Keith! He is a hottie! WOW!

  15. Hottie Husband alert!!!
    Happy birthday to your hubby:)
    Have fun!!

  16. Happy Birthday to Keith! I’m an Aries as well.


    He’s super in shape Kelly! Way to go Keith!

    I’m dating a guy almost 3 years younger than me, and he always brings up how much “older” I am than him. lol.

  18. Yay!!! Happy Birthday Keith!
    I never would have guessed he’s 40! You got yourself a nice older fit guy! Good for you! 🙂
    I hope you two have a great time celebrating!

  19. Thats very sweet of you.

    Happy Birthday Keith 🙂

  20. he looks like one of those hunks from the top gun volleyball scene in that pic! 😉 happy birthday keith!

  21. happy birthday keith. he’s quite the hunk.

  22. Happy Birthday, Keith! You’re one lucky gal, Kelly. 😉

  23. Happy birthday, Keith! March birthdays are the best 🙂 Ok, Ok, I’m biased

  24. Happy Birthday Keith!!

    He is a Hottie McHotterton. And I love older men – FH is quite a bit older than I am. 😀

  25. Happy Birthday to your hubs! He proves that us, “older people” can still look good! 😉
    Ice cream cake rocks!!! Having a summer birthday and being an ice cream junkie, I almost always go with Ice cream cake!

  26. wow… hottie at 40… he looks amazing! have a great bday with him!

  27. awwww HAPPY B-DAY to you and your Hubby!! you two might just be the most BEAUTIFUL couple on earth!!! yep you most definitely are! He is sooooo LUCKY to have you as his amazing wifey! I hope you both have a special day together, doing the things you LOVE! loveeeeeee you pretty lady!

    • whooops I meant to say to your Hubby…(not you and your hubby!) I just get so excited when I read your posts I guess I want my comment to be all about YOU! ahahah!!!….and GOOD CHOICE on the CAKE…iceCreamCake= TRUE LOVE! 😉

  28. I snagged an older one too. lol. My hubby just turned 43 and Im 32. Happy Birthday to your hubs!

  29. Dang, look at his arms! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEITH!

  30. wow, he looks great for any age, let alone 40! happy birthday to your hubby – i hope y’all have the BEST weekend!

  31. Check out those guns!!

  32. Tell Keith Happy Birthday from me! I like having a husband that is 10 years old. Its funny to see peoples reactions when they find out how old Scott is. He said that at work they always ask the new guys how old they think he is and they guess about 23. He’s 38!

    Hopefully Keith doesn’t have to work TOO much today so you two can celebrate!

  33. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your hubby!!!!!!! Older men are sexy 😉 hahaa

  34. D.A.N.G. – look at that bod. 🙂 Happy birthday to Keith!!

  35. happy birthday tp your hubby! MMM baskin robbins sounds perfect!

  36. Awww! So cute! Good job on snagging yourself a smokin’ older man, Kelly! Is it bad that I said that? 😀

    Happy birthday, Keith!

  37. awww, happy birthday to keith!! he is one fit man 😉

    – Beth @

  38. Happy Birthday Keith!! I would have never guessed your age…like fine wine…;)

  39. […] him read all the comments and he was blushing! haha! I totally agree with ALL of you…he is a hottie!! HOLLAR for […]


    He does NOT look 40!

  41. Happy Birthday Keith!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, 40? Really?!?!!!!! He does not look 40!

  42. DAMN he sure is a hottie, love it! Have an awesome time celebrating!!

  43. Ahhh I love the Top Gun volleyball scene photo! I hope he has a nice birthday and y’all have fun celebrating!!

  44. I LOVE This post!
    This was my childhoood too:
    “But the value they placed on eating dinner as a family at the dinner table was never overlooked no matter how tired they were or how hard their day was. We didn’t turn on the television usually and the answering machine took the phone calls ”

    and now w/ skylar, and let me tell you there are days where some crackers with a slab of peanut butter and a bowl of popcorn would make me feel like dinner was served but I NEVER do that. Even if i dont want to cook, to even eat, to cook for scott/skylar, do the dishes etc b/c i just want an american idol kinda nite, i NEVER ever do that. 100% of nights we eat dinner as a family, period. And my hubs travels on work 1 week per month so it’s just her and i and it’s hugely important to me to have quiet, peaceful meals. no tv, phones, etc. GREAT POST kelly!!!!

  45. DANG youve been feeding your man well!!

  46. […] is here?! Wow…this was a fast week but I had a ton going on! The tasting at Fion’s, Keith’s birthday, and then some mucho birthday celebrating tomorrow night! Oh Sunday’s post will be F-U-N!! I […]

  47. Happy Birthday!

    I’ve missed a few posts, but I’ll be back to regular reading and responding soon! Have a great day Kelly!

  48. Happy Birthday to Keith. Wow he is in great shape. That pic may be forward to my boyfriend as motivation. LOL. I wish he’d hit the gym more often!

  49. Happy Birthday to your hubby!! Hope he had a great birthday and enjoyed that cake 😉

  50. Happy Belated Birthday Keith!!!!!!!!

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