Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday is here! Woo hoo…my least favorite day of the week! I figure if I try to make it sound positive it won’t be so bad! haha! Actually I can’t complain yet because today has started off great! I would like to note that my ass (yes I said ass because right now butt just won’t do) is ON FIRE!  I am almost positive that is has to do with the 10 mile run yesterday at 1% incline followed by body pump…um…yeah that was probably it! So today I did 10 miles at an easier pace…8:34 averaged and I opted for the route by my house that is relatively flat with no major inclines! I am also meeting my favorite runner, Janet, in a few hours for a nice 2.5-3 mile run. What a great day!

So I know what you really want to know about is last night’s tasting, don’t you? It was AWESOME! Thank you so much for the AMAZING comments everyone left me! I am once again awed by your kindness and enthusiasm for me! So, for those of you who missed the post (shame on you), I have been working with a local restaurant in Austin, Fion, to design a healthy lifestyle menu. Each entrée contains less than 700 calories and is being offered as a part of their new program to show people that healthy eating can taste good and not be a sacrifice! Here (again) is the menu:

  • Grilled flank steak with roasted tomato vinaigrette, walnuts and fresh blueberries over a parsley mescaline salad mix
  • Grilled chicken wrap with tomatillo salsa
  • Pan seared salmon with Israeli couscous and chopped parsley with lemon vinaigrette grilled asparagus
  • Skillet seared tenderloin on a bed of Mediterranean grilled vegetables
  • Tuscan style lamb bolognaise with red and white kidney beans
  • Pan seared tilapia on a bed of Israeli couscous and sautéed spinach with apple rhubarb chutney
  • Turkey meatloaf with pan Asian BBQ sauce with sweet potato mash wilted spinach
  • Grilled whole wheat summer squash pizza

Now remember this was a tasting so it was served buffet-style rather than actual portions. And with that, here are the food-porn pictures:

Grilled flank steak with roasted tomato vinaigrette, walnuts and fresh blueberries over a parsley mescaline salad mix

Grilled chicken wrap with tomatillo salsa

Pan seared salmon with Israeli couscous and chopped parsley with lemon vinaigrette grilled asparagus

Skillet seared tenderloin on a bed of Mediterranean grilled vegetables

Turkey meatloaf with pan Asian BBQ sauce with sweet potato mash wilted spinach

Pan seared tilapia on a bed of Israeli couscous and sautéed spinach with apple rhubarb chutney

Tuscan style lamb bolognaise with red and white kidney beans

Grilled whole wheat summer squash pizza

It was a great success and I am so proud of the menu and the work that went into it! I also want to note that if you are a member of Wild Basin Fitness you get a 10% discount off the menu! Woot Woot!

Before I let you go…sorry for the lengthy post! I want to give you one product review. Keith LOVES the Namaste Brand Gluten-Free brownie mix. He eats a brownie every single night for dessert. He loves it. But this week I decided to give the new Betty Crocker Gluten-Free line a try.

The result…we will be buying Namaste from now on. Sorry Betty, I really wanted to like these because I think it is cool that a main stream company is coming out with gluten-free options but they just kind of fell flat for us. Now, with that said, had I not found the incredible Namaste brand these might have been great! And to be fair, we haven’t tried any of the other Betty Crocker GF baking products so I can’t say how I feel about those. I am not above trying them out though…I am thinking the vanilla cake might be next. Stay tuned…

What’s you latest product you bought that was a disappointment?

54 Responses

  1. Those dishes all looks so amazing! Initially I had said I’d pick the flank steak, and while that does look delicious, the chicken wrap and squash pizza are calling my name!

  2. How exciting!!!!!! All of those dishes look incredible, but I stand by my decision to order the summer squash pizza!! If only I lived closer… Wow, that looks amazing!! 😉

    Andrew likes the Betty Crocker cake mix, but it was a little dryer than I would have liked. I’ll love all of Pamela’s and Bob’s Red Mill GF products. They never disappoint. I’ll have to check out Namaste!!

    Have a great day!! And to think you didn’t call yourself a runner… 😉 You are running more than anyone I know of!!

  3. Great pictures!!! All that food looks fantastic! It must have been such a proud night for you, girl!

  4. Beautiful menu and dishes!!!

    I bought a fake meat product that I’d really wanted to be good, but it just tasted like feet!

  5. congratulations Kelly!! looks like I will have to go to FIon’s multiple times to try out all your dishes, they all look fabulously delicious!!

  6. wow – what great dishes…the coucous and the pork and sweet potato dish look great…and the bolognese one too…and that pizza is yummy—just needs more cheese! (I am a dairy fanatic –oops).

    the senate is discussing the whole school lunch thing today.

    usually when i am disapointed with a product, i just eat it anyway…meh..

  7. You are a running machine!!!!

    So glad the tasting went well! All the food sounds delicious!!

  8. How awesome! Thanks for spreading the word that food that’s good for you can taste & look awesome too! I wish I could come try it all!!

  9. Oh it looks like everything went well! Way to go!

  10. The food for the menu looks amazing!

  11. That pizza looks so good. Sounds like you literally had a kick-ass workout yesterday!! LOL Um don’t ever buy the Kroger brand caramel rice cakes. Disgusting.

  12. Now that I see it, I’d definitely order the pizza first. That looks sooo good!

  13. That pizza looks gooood! I wish more places offered a wholewheat pizza, I never seen that offered anywhere in the UK

  14. The dishes were fabulous! Congrats Kelly!

  15. Well I chose the salmon dish last night and it looks amazing! But i think if i was there, it would take me a half hour to decide what to Actually eat haha! Glad you had a good night though!
    I recently bought a kombucha and i didn’t really enjoy it but i chugged it because thats what i am used to doing with liquids and the heavy carbonation didn’t settle well. It was my first one so i will still try it again and try some others. Sometimes i think its necessary to give foods a second shot because when i go back to foods, i notice that i really do like them! Weird but does this ever happen to you? I don’t think every good food is love at first site lol!

    • WOW…chugging Kombuca would make me not like it either!! It think it something to be sipped! haha! But yes I agree with you that foods do deserve second chances. And like I said, had I not already found the best brownie mix ever (Namaste) these would have been great! 🙂

  16. Why do you dislike Wednesday’s so much? I think Thursday is my favorite day of the week, because I’m anticpating the weekend, and it’s the last workout at the gym of the week for me, haha!

    It’s rare that my butt feels on fire. I love that feeling though. Tighten those buns! ow owwww!!

    Also? I can’t stop looking at those food photos. Oooooh my lord.

    • I don’t know…there is just something about knowing that I am at the midway point that I don’t like. I don’t usually like the halfway point of anything. Not races, not road trips…to me as soon as I get past the halfway mark I am GOOD to go!!!

  17. Wow! If I ever make it to the restaurant, I think I’ll just have to order one of everything. Wait. That defeats the whole “healthy menu” thing, doesn’t it? 🙂

  18. Everything looks delicious! I’m not so excited about my most recent cereal purchase….I hate when things disappoint!

  19. All those meals look so fantastic! I change my vote to wanting to try the salmon with the asparagus!

    I’ve been meaning to try the Namaste foods mixes (especially the brownies!) since going GF due to intolerance. Glad to know that’s a winning brand! I will definitely be picking up a pack 😀 Thanks Kelly!

  20. YUM! Everything looks and sounds delicious! What a great night!!! I have not tried the brownies yet, but I have a couple of boxes (they were given to us) of the Betty Crocker GF chocolate chip cookies. I was thinking about making soon. I have not really bought anything lately that I have not really liked, but I did a review of some quinoa cookies that were pretty sad.

  21. Seeing all the pictures of the food actually makes it harder to choose. They look yummy.

  22. Okay -Yum. I wish I lived closer to that food 🙂 And I’ve been pretty fortunate – everything that I’ve tried lately has been pretty darned good!!!

  23. Your the second person to give Betty Crocker a bad review on the gluten free product. I think they should reavaluate their recipe.

    The tasting sounds delicious!

  24. I’m so excited for you! All of those dishes look incredible.

  25. Kell this is sooo exciting. I’m so glad to see such delicious and healthy items on restaurant menus! The flank steak with blueberries, tilapia with apple chutney, and turkey meatloaf with mashed sweeties really made my mouth water! I’m so glad you’re involved with this- sounds like an amazing experience.
    And I’ve been kind of disappointed with all brands of almond butter except for Maranatha Creamy Roasted. It’s my favorite, but in an attempt to not pay $14 for a jar, I try other kinds and don’t like them as much!
    Happy Wednesday my dear!

  26. Great job on the menu – the dishes look wonderful! I wish more restaurants around Detroit would offer healthy options, since we are one of the fattest cities in the country. I would totally help plan a menu like that! Great job on the run – hope your booty soreness starts to fade 🙂

  27. Those meals all look so great! And I love hearing about so many different restaurants taking steps to improve menu items and make them a bit healthier. How cool to get the chance to be involved with that.

  28. The food looks so good! It is so awesome that you were part in creating such a creative and healthy menu, YOU GO GIRL!!!

  29. Wow, that turkey meatloaf, sweet potato mash and wilted spinach has my name on it. All of the food looks incredible.

    Last product I was disappointed in? Trader Joe’s Spicy Peanut salad dressing. Way too sweet and just meh. I usually make my own salad dressing, so bottled dressings tend not to wow me.

  30. falafels from the box. blech. barf inducing. never again.

  31. Congratulations, Kelly! That menu looks awesome. I think my first choice will be the pizza (it soo pretty! ), but I definitley plan to try them all 🙂

  32. Wow, it looks like your menu turned out great! Congrats, you should be proud!!

  33. Kelly, I am so impressed with your menu!! I’ll have to tell my brother who lives in Austin. 😀

    I don’t buy many processed foods, so I can’t think of anything that’s been disappointing!

    Happy Hump Day!

    • YAY! Tell him to come check it out…if you email me I will give you directions! And secondly…come visit your brother so I can meet YOU!! 🙂

  34. Yum!! That menu looks so fantastic – I would eat there FOR SURE. I might just have to take you up on that offer to move to TX…for the warm weather AND the food. 🙂

    Last disappointment, some cheap hummus that tasted sour. I feel like it’s pretty hard to mess up hummus, so I was really bummed.

  35. Sorry didn’t respond yesterday. But I think the meatloaf or the bolognese look DELICIOUS!!

    By the way, here’s an article from CNN Health today:

    It reminds me of your passion (and mine) regarding childhood obesity. I just cannot fathom how this happens to such an extent. So lucky to have my parents and their encouragement to participate in sports/activities. It makes me think so much about what will happen with my own children.

  36. Seriously Kelly, all that looks AMAZING!! Not like I ever had any doubts, but still. Amazing!

    I bought pumpkin seed butter. That was awful! I was expecting something not gross, and well, I was disappointed!

  37. oh heavens, i KNEW the food would be great, but it looks gorgeous too! isn’t it funny how the prettiest food is the healthiest food? wouldn’t that make people eat better? way to go girl, you guys did a GREAT job!

  38. Holy amazingness with that menu!! I started drooling looking at those photos. I would have loved to have ALL of those dishes at my wedding and would love to be able to choose any one of those at a restaurant. Just beautiful – great job.

  39. Dang girl, everything looks so good, I would have left STUFFED! You amaze me!

  40. OMG the salmon with israeli cous cous and asparagus and teh turkey meatloaf !!! everything looks so mouthwatering its incredible! this is such a graet project you are working on 🙂 people will be amazed that healthy food can taste this good!!

  41. I’m so glad I found you – those eats are amazing and it’s great to see another gluten-free baker braving the world of boxed mixes! I’ll be giving those a try 🙂 I haven’t had a brownie (or any baked goods, really,) in years!!!

  42. I feel good about my decision yesterday to choose the turkey meatloaf but EVERYTHING looks so good. If I am ever in Austin…. 🙂

  43. All those dishes look as good as they sounded yesterday!! Congrats Kelly 🙂

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  44. Oh, wow, those eats seriously looks delicious! I love the way that fruit was incorporated into most of the dishes. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring 🙂

    Thanks again for all of your sweet comments and well wishes about the race 🙂

  45. Oh wow everything looks so good! Now I have to go eat dinner, haha.

  46. Holy crap—that IS food porn at it’s finest! All of it looks amazing and want to try every single dish. What a cool gig you got!

  47. […] Woot…Friday is here?! Wow…this was a fast week but I had a ton going on! The tasting at Fion’s, Keith’s birthday, and then some mucho birthday celebrating tomorrow night! Oh Sunday’s […]

  48. […] eats her green food daily (and posts about it, nasty comments be damned!), Kelly came up with a steak salad with blueberries for an Austin restaurant , Gena wrote a fabulous post a couple days ago about how to build a […]

  49. Holy moly, those dishes look amazing! Making me super hungry just looking at them (maybe it’s lunch time…). Congrats on working the the restaurant! That is awesome. I think every restaurant should have someone helping them with their food items! Koodos to you!

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