Give-A-Way WINNER Is…

Happy Tuesday everyone! It is my 2-a-day! I rocked out an awesome 10 mile run (averaging 8:20 pace with a 1% incline) and am heading to body pump shortly! I love my 2-a-days! I feel so great from my runs and then I love getting in the weights! It just sparks a good mood in me! 🙂

First, I want to start today by saying THANK YOU to everyone who clicked on the link I provided yesterday to send letters to your state representative in support of the Child Nutrition Act. That is so near and dear to my heart and I appreciate all your support and the fantastic comments everyone left! It warmed my heart! 🙂


Second, as promised I am going to announce the Celestial Seasonings Give-a-way winner!! WOOT WOOT! Drumroll please….and the winner is:

HOLLY who said: 

Just came across your blog, I’m loving it!
My favorite Celestial Seasonings tea is the Bengal Spice!
Crossing my fingers that my number will be selected!

CONGRATULATIONS HOLLY!! Send me an email with you information and I will get your information over to Celestial Seasonings so you can get your Wellness Kit! 🙂 ENJOY!

Dinner last night was just me all by my lonesome! Keith is STILL feeling sick so I just ate some of the awesome ham and cheddar breakfast casserole from this weekend. It is SO good!! I was in breakfast heaven!

Okay…sorry this post has been all over the place this morning. Welcome to the mind of Kelly! 🙂 But come back later because I will have fun NEWS!! yaya!

Random Question: Most embarrassing moment? C’mon spill it!

Mine is a comment. I was driving with my roommate my freshman year of college on I-10 to the beach for Spring Break and I said, “Wow, it is confusing around here…there are a lot of roads named Frontage.” haha…yes that is an EXACT quote! Ah…gotta love those airhead comments that just come out every so often!! 🙂 SMILE IT’S TUESDAY!

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  1. I have sooooooooo many embarressing moments that I could never just pick one. Let’s just say that the majority of them begin with me falling. Falling up stairs, falling off a stage, falling in a club, FALLING JUST WALKING NORMALLY – I think you get the clumbsy picture 😉

  2. Oh man…I have a lot. I once pulled a pair of underwear from my pants leg….WHILE I WAS TEACHING MY CLASS.

  3. Way to go with that run. You totally rock, so impressed. Hate to hear that the hubs is still sick. Not good. I’ll have to get back to you on the most embarrassing moment. Maybe table dancing to show off new pants on my bday one year?

  4. Wait, so how big of an airhead am I then for not getting your embarrassing story?

    • No…I probably didn’t explain it right. We were driving on the highway and every mile or so there would be an exit sign with the words “frontage” and an arrow. Meaning exit to the frontage road to the highway. After seeing this for about an hour I made the comment that it sure was confusing to have so many roads named “frontage”…make sense??

      • Ooooooh haha, ok! I get it now. Don’t worry, I used to think this one road sign near me was saying University Doctor and pointing the way, no, it was University Dr.

    • LOL, I thought the same thing… 🙂 I’m like “gosh, I am a dumb blonde…”

  5. My most embarr-a*sing story took place a place you know well. Body Pump. I wore a new pair of workout pants and got in myusual place on the front (VERY front) left. After finishing the class, squats and all, i came home, bent over to pick somthing up in from of my fiull length mirror, and turned to see the pants were see-through when stretched!

  6. My husband is sick too. Hope Keith feels better soon!

    I wish I had a really funny embarrassing story right now but I can’t think of any. Not that I never embarrass myself. More like my brain hides the memory of it somewhere deep and hidden. Thankfully.

  7. Sorry Keith is still sick, what a bummer!

    I walked into a pole once. Like a sign pole on the street. And that probably isn’t the most embarrassing thing I’ve done, it’s just all I can think of this morning!!

  8. Get well Keith!

    My most embarassing story is from 6th grade. I used the bathroom pass to go to the bathroom during class and when I came back, I had my skirt tucked into the back of the tights. I had to walk from the back of the class to the front to put the pass back and I had my skirt tucked in the whole time!

  9. I hope Keith feels better! I can’t believe that delicious casserole didn’t cure him- it looks like a miracle worker!
    And my most embarrassing moment…hmmm…so many. I once slipped in my cafeteria and dropped my whole tray of food on top of me. Gosh there really are so many more stories like that. I am Embarrassment 101.

  10. i can tthink of my most embarrassing moment on the top of my head, though i know i have had MANY. & congrats to Holly!! the breakfast casserole looks delicious 🙂


  11. maybe kieth should have some of that tea you got 🙂 hope he feels better.

    i cant think of an embarassing moment right now, but trust me I have a TON of them…..i should email my BFF she probably remembers all of them.

  12. congrats to holly!! hmm I had this HUGE crush on thsi kid when i was 15 and i was abotu to sit down in a chair and missed and fell over, that sucked haha

  13. When I was in high school my friends and I were big into truth or dare. My best friend and I were dared to go through a drive through naked. All was well and good (free milkshakes from the very appreciative drive through guy) until my friends dad, who happens to be a cop and had stopped to get a cup of coffee, saw us… Yeahhhhhhhh

  14. Probably when my handlebars fell out of my spin bike and off I went. hahahh!
    Can’t wait to hear the news.

    Oh and another time I was macking on this guy and I totally ripped one—didn’t even see it coming. That was the last I saw of him. hahahaha. Clearly Im making myself laugh over here.

  15. Poor Keith!! I hope he feels better soon!

    Hmmmm, gosh, there are so many, I am trying to think of just one.

  16. oh Lord, that’s a loaded question! i have pantsed someone i didn’t know (long story), fallen OVER the handlebars of my bike on the busiest street in my college town, and thought that my little cousin was my other cousin’s lover…oops!

  17. Ok, so I think I have erased all of my most mortifying moments from my brain, but I can recall one from high school. I was walking towards my crush in the hallway (like, stalked him for two years, memorized his class schedule crush) and I saw he started smiling as we got closer and then *gasp* he enthusiastically said HI! I responded with a HI! What’s up…oh right…you’re talking to the girl with the 34D sized bra. I know it sounds like something silly from a 90s teen movie, but at the time I was SO embarrassed. There’s something about saying hi to someone and getting no response that just makes you feel shitty. Even now, when I wave or say hi to someone and they don’t see me (or are too bitchy to glance my way), it makes me feel so stupid!

  18. I didn’t know what frontage meant either until I read the comments.

    Once I asked a man who worked in the grocery store where they had the whipped cream that squirts. (I meant as opposed to cool whip) and he told me that I needed to watch how I phrase that. What’s worse is that I was with my mother.

  19. Dang girl, you are on fire!!
    I wish I could just *bang out* a 10 mile run! I have my first 10 mile run planned for this Saturday, and I’m pet-ri-fied!!

  20. Hahaha omg that’s so funny.

    I have tons of embarrassing moments, but for some reason I am drawing a blank. My embarrassment has really gone out the window as I get older.

  21. I must block out my embarassing moments, because I honestly can’t think of one right now…but they exist. Oh, I know they exist…

  22. I am loving your energy… I can feel it through my screen, but I have to ask, how do you find time for all the things that you do. I feel like I am always on a go and never close to the end… That’s why I had to sacrifice sleep for a while.. but learned that’s not the way to handle the situation…

    • Well my day starts REALLY early. Keith and I are up at 4:30 everyday so I get quite a bit done before lunch! haha! But I am usually in bed every night by 8:00 and asleep by 8:30. I am such a morning person that I don’t mind at all though. I typically make a list and just start ticking things off!! 🙂

  23. I hope you don’t catch what Keith has.
    Congrats Holly !

  24. I embarrass myself daily. But once I was watching an Egg commercial (you know, Leggo my eggo) for about the thousandth time, and I said, Oh, I get it! Let Go of my Eggo!! Yep, this was after the commercial had been on the air forever!

  25. My worst: At cheerleading practice, I told some of the guys, “I can’t stunt with clothes on!” meaning I couldnt stunt in street jeans and a sweatshirt. but obviously it got taken WAY out of context. Haha, pretty embarrassing!

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