Literally: My Healthy Passion

Okay guys…you all know my passion for beating childhood obesity in this country…well I am at it again: Childhood Obesity: I am COMING for you!! More than 31 million children participate in the National School Lunch Program.  Helping schools serve more fruits and vegetables and fewer processed foods may be the most promising way to end child obesity and teach good health but it simply can’t happen unless Congress passes a strong Child Nutrition Act later this month. Can you send an email to your legislators to help schools serve healthier food?  Click on that link and it will automatically send you to the Time for Lunch website where all you have to do it type in your zip code and a letter is already drafted to YOUR state senator asking them to help pass this act! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the 5 minutes to do this. It is so important and our kids need our help!

What’s your passion? Leave me a comment and what I can do to help and I PROMISE to follow through! 🙂

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  1. Did you see Jaimie Oliver’s Food Revolution last night?? It was disturbing what they were feeding those kids!!

  2. Done! Thanks for posting this!

  3. I just did it! Thanks, Kelly!! I think it’s great that you’re so passionate about this!! 🙂

  4. that is such a beautiful thing to do kelly. i am canadian though…so guess it doesnt apply !

  5. Kelly, as a kid myself I can tell you it’s kind of ridiculous what we’re being fed. When they TRY to make it healthy, they make it so disgusting that of COURSE no one wants to eat it! I still remember the whole wheat spaghetti they served in middle school… it was either really dry or REALLY overcooked and the sauce was way too sweet (who knows what they put in there?). Nothing was ever fresh and nothing ever tasted good. In 6th grade a friend stuck her fork in her macaroni and cheese, held the entire tray of mac and cheese upside down, and EVERYTHING stayed in the tray. It was nauseating.
    Have you seen Jamie Oliver’s Ted talk? You can look it up on YouTube if you haven’t, it’s really interesting. Jamie Oliver is a hero of mine (and I watched Food Revolution last night too… TWO servings of bread? Seriously?). 🙂

  6. already done 🙂

  7. the link wont work for me. bumer. says something about a string missing and then has -1 at the end. odd.

  8. I love seeing people take action! Will be clicking on the link you provided shortly.

  9. Done! 🙂 This is definitely a great cause to speak out for.

  10. Looks like we share another common passion. I am in the process of writing a series of posts on tips for parents in preventing obesity. Thanks for your post!

  11. eep. the link is not working for me?

  12. This is so important. I don’t have children myself, but I’m hoping that if kids eat well at school they’ll take the lessons they learn there back home and teach their parents and siblings the right way to eat and the importance of being active. It’s sad how stuck in their unhealthy ways some people are, but at the same time, encouraging and inspiring to see other parents (and non-parents) taking action!

  13. I LOVE your healthy passion! My school has had a BIG turn around in school lunches, lately. However, the kids don’t pick the fruits and veggies – even when it’s the majority of what’s available! I TOTALLY agree that having the options is a HUGE step in the right direction – but it takes a lot of education, too. I make it a point to talk about “healthy choices” at least 3x per week in my classroom.

    I clicked on the link and sent the email! Thanks for making it so easy! 🙂

    • Thanks Katie…and I LOVE that you are trying to teach your kiddos that healthy eating IS important! 🙂 You are the kind of teacher we need more of!

  14. DONE! One of my passions is breed specific dog rescues. Both of my current fur babies came from breed specific rescue groups (cocker spaniels).

  15. Good for you, chica!! I have a lot of passions, but animals are way up on the list. So is juvenile diabetes, as two of my friends have children with this.

  16. Kelly this is fantastic! Thanks for spreading the word! I share your passion for fighting childhood obesity- it’s near and dear to my heart!

  17. Done! Thanks for posting this!

    I get so sick when I sub at the school and see what the kids are eating. I’ve been reading the Fed up with Lunch blog too. I’m glad to see there are so many people passionate about this issue – hopefully things will start changing soon!

  18. thank you for sharing this! i am clicking on the link now 🙂

  19. wooohoo! the linked work and I definitely sent a message a health!!…although I don’t think school lunches have a huge impact on childhood obesity…I think most of a child’s nutrition actions and beliefs come from home. If my child’s school did not pass this act than I would send my child to school with a packed lunch…I think parents need education and more guidance on how to healthfully attack childhood obesity!!! I hope you are having a great day my lovvveeeaaaa! I am so excited about your passionate involvement in this serious issue! YOU ROCK CHICA!!…xoxo!

  20. Hah…I WISH I knew what my passion is…bah pathetic…you are an inspiration girl…hope my find myself again soon. I used to be alot like you at one time…;)

  21. […] out Kelly’s blog.  She has a really cool link on her blog where you can write your government reps urging […]

  22. Hey, Girl – Just sent my message along!! I am also wildly passionate about this topic. If money weren’t an option, I’d quit my job and be a guest speaker at schools around the country. I think it’s SO important to get the word on good nurtition out there!

  23. Great post! Done and done 🙂

  24. I love that you are passionate about this! I am as well and hope to get more involved in helping combat this important issue! I tried to click the link a couple of times but I got a weird message, but I’ll keep trying.

  25. So glad you posted that Kelly!!! Already emailed ’em!

    And your casseroles from this am look fantastic. I am a sucker for a savory breakfast.

  26. I agree with you Kelly, it is awful what they are feeding kids today. Done and done, I missed Jamie Oliver’s show last night but I can’t wait to catch it.

  27. Thank you so much for providing the link!

    I watched the Jamie show last night and couldn’t believe how the dj and cafeteria peeps were treating him.

  28. Kelly, great post, I am passionate about health & physical fitness, too. how do you think i feel when i see moms at the playground cracking sugar laden juice boxes and having their kids munch of processed carbs. And that’s not the worst of it. the fast food, lack of FRESH food, you name it, it kills me. People are so far from normal in their attitude as to what constitutes food and they are killing (or diseasing) their children. It’s horrible out there as a mom…you should try to say no thank you 10 times to cheetos or fried this and that. Other moms think this is ok!

  29. I am passionate about childhood obesity, as well. When I see parents for their children’s weight problems I always talk about the science behind obesity in childhood carrying over to adulthood. It always helps. I will definitely look into this link! Thank you for raising awareness!

  30. Kelly you are so admirable. Way to go!! I love you for your passion and dedication. THanks for bringing this up. It’s something I believe strongly in.

  31. It’s great that you are doing this. I remember all of the disgusting foods we were served for lunch when I was in school. It didn’t gross me out then but looking back it makes me angry they serve kids such crap, teaching them such bad nutrition and then wonder why there is a childhood obesity epidemic.

  32. It literally took me 30 seconds to make a difference! Look for this link to be mentioned on my blog tomorrow – you rock!

  33. I think this is great Kelly. I personally think its really important to teach kids how to eat properly. I remember when I was little I told my parents how jealous I was that my friends parents let them eat as much candy as they wanted. My dad just said “yah well that’s why they’ve had so many cavities”. Common sense always worked with me. Still never had a cavity.
    I sidetracked myself a little (shocking I know). My mom teaches grade 4 and she teaches her kids all about health and exercise – they soak it all in. Knowledge is key I think. When you know why you should do something, you’re more likely to do it.

  34. Thank you for posting this link- I share this passion with you. I try to teach my kindergarten kids to be active and eat healthy. Unfortunately the cafeteria does NOT help me. I swear they have like 3 different options of fried “chicken” every day and thats about it. Yuck!

  35. […] I want to start today by saying THANK YOU to everyone who clicked on the link I provided yesterday to send letters to your state representative in support of the Child […]

  36. Thanks for this! I teach kindergarten and the school lunch plans are atrocious. Today was bbq chicken–swimming in a thick gelatinous grease on top sauce OR a fried chicken patty. The only buns were white. The side was tater tots. The salad bar was shredded iceburg and some pale tomatoes and grapefruit wedges.

    13 our of my 19 kids eat this lunch everyday. It makes me sad to see that their best nutrition is probably what they get at school–and it’s terrible for them.

    We are doing what we can as teachers. We get told that the government gives them more fattning food so that the kids will actually gain weight since some of them are malnourished. That’s ridiculous and we’ve demanded more answers on this comment. They’ve cut PE to next to nothing. On one hand, it’s hard to teach starving kids. On the other hand, the high sugar and white carbs put them to sleep after lunch. Something’s gotta give.

  37. Kelly, I think that you are amazing! You are so positive and passionate. I agree that childhood obesity is a passion of mine, along with education for everyone. I have been very lucky to have such a great education, while I know that others do not.

  38. […] and their weight. I am a huge supporter of having healthier lunches in the school systems and so is Kelly. Please visit her website and take 30 seconds to send an email (its automatically generated & […]

  39. Thank you for the link! I am really excited about Michelle Obama’s new plan to have healthier lunches/beat childhood obesity. It’s a cause I want to get behind!

  40. […] protect the others kids out there.  Visit this teachers site and follow fellow blogger and friend Kelly’s passionate request to send an e-mail to your legislators to support the Child Nutrition Act they […]

  41. I don’t think I’ve ever actually commented on your blog before! I agree with you wholeheartedly! I was a school counselor for 6 years before heading back to school myself this year to be an RD. I worked with so many kids with health issues. My hope is to work with this same population as an RD. It is just so sad. I actually talked to the kids a lot about what they thought about their school lunch choices. Most wanted fresher options, and most said they would buy something healthier if it were there. I am newly pregnant, so this issue is even more important to me now!

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