Sunny Sunday

Well today is sunny…yay…much better than the rainy day we had yesterday. Although yesterday after I got home from my workout I put my pajama pants on and stayed in them ALL DAY LONG. You know what? It felt freaking fantastic! Keith wore his too and we got to be pajama partners! haha! He is feeling much better today! Which is good…a happy husband makes for a happy Kelly! ๐Ÿ™‚

Plans for today? I am going to be a cooking machine! Keith works every morningย from 5:30am until 12:00 and so he is forced to eat his breakfast at the gym. And he is sick of hardboiled eggs, plain steel cutย oats, and turkey bacon. (his typical breakfast every. single. morning.) So he requested something new and I was all too happy to come to his rescue! I am going to be making flavored steel cuts in the crockpot plus 2 breakfast casseroles today. These will be easy to make and freeze so he can add some variety to his normal routine. I am going to be making Tropical Steel Cut Oats, a Turkey Sausage Breakfast Casserole and a Gluten-Free Ham and Cheddar Casserole. I will definitely post pictures and recipes later!! So stay tuned!

You know today is lazy Sunday…so no workouts for me! Which is cool because my booty is still insanely sore for some reason and is currently thanking me for the day off. To which I am saying…if you will make me look good in my new green bikini…anything for you, bootay! ๐Ÿ™‚ After my adventures in the kitchen, I plan to get outside and power clean out patio!! It needs it now that spring is peeking its pretty head out! So with that…I leave you with a Sunday to enjoy!

Tell me about your Sunday plans!

Oh…two more quick things. Remember to send out all those good luck wishes to everyone who is racing today (probably as I type this): Megan, Penn, Richard, Lee, Heather…ah…everyone else I am missing!! ROCK IT!! ๐Ÿ™‚

And don’t forget to enter my awesome Celestial Seasonings give-a-way! It closes at midnight on Monday, 3/22!!


50 Responses

  1. Every single morning? I don’t think I could always eat the same. Although turkey bacon… has me drooling
    I think I”m going to run and meet the fam for brunch ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes…every single morning. Poor guy! It is just because it is easy and portable and he doesn’t get a break in-between clients so he needs easy breakfasts.

      Have fun with the family…brunch is my most favorite meal to eat out!

  2. Happy Sunday my friend!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Sounds like a fun and relaxing Sunday! I’m off to a 5k and then back here for my PJ’s ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. You’re booty is going to look good in that suit! ROAR! Such a good wifey.

  5. Jama days are amazing! I am about to head back to college now! Have a good one

  6. Staying in bed in pjs sounds fun! I’m studying and working tonight… Boo:(

  7. Sundays are my rest days too! we are sitting on the couch reading and then will go do some family visits later! enjoy!

  8. wow – u are a cooking machine.
    if i ever get my own place (hopefully in 2011) i want to spend lots of time baking and relaxing — baking and movies, great pasttimes to distract oneself from the horrors of work!

  9. Your breakfast dishes sound yummy. My Husband could eat the same things over and over again, he actually did before we got married. I would go nuts.

    I am going to get a work out in and then take it easy the rest of the day!

  10. My boyfriend eats the same bowl of oats every morning no matter how many times I offer to cook!

  11. So glad Keith is feeling better!

    We started off our Sunday with chores to get them out of the way. I cleaned bathrooms, the kitchen, and dusted while Jensen vacuumed and mopped.

    No real plans for the rest of the day, though I’m sure basketball will be a major part of the hubby’s day. It be relaxing and lazy I’m sure.

  12. Aww how sweet of you to be making new awesome breakies for your husband! That’s really fun and inspiring to switch things up! And good for Keith for realizing that he just needs a change, and not a breakfast off the dollar menu! Hey, I’m sure that’s the switch a lot of people make!
    Sunday sounds like a good day in your house! I’m just going to spend some time outside- walking, reading, playing basketball with Daniel.
    Have a great day lady!!

  13. Enjoy your cooking! I’m doing some cooking later too, my boyfriend has requested healthy cupcakes!

  14. Ha, I plan on staying in my pjs all day today! I have a ton of house work to do, so I am staying comfy to do it!

  15. Have fun in the kitchen! Wish I was doing the same, but I’ll be studying for some tests coming up! No where near as fun ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can’t wait to see the photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Hey gorgeous Sis!!! YAAAAHHHH for the GREEN BIKINI!!!….we need a matchy-matchy picture!! whoop whoop! I’m sooo excited warm weather is coming quickly! and HECK YES for PJ-days!
    You are the most amazing WIFEY to create such delicious b-fast items for your Man!..he is one lucky guy! hehe! I hope you are having a LOVELY Sunday…ahhh I love Sun’s! I’m enjoying a slow morning, then running, then working for a little bit at WF’s, then a Veggie Grillout with the Fam-Bam!! woooo!
    loveeeeeees to you chica! xoxo!

  17. Looking forward to your gluten free breakfast casserole recipes!! Sounds great!!

    Have a great Sunny Sunday!!! (Looks like we got your rain from yesterday, boo!)

  18. Wow–staying in PJs all day–that sounds great! Your recipes sound good too…let us know how they turn out. Enjoy your day of rest.

  19. ya know, I have never made a breakfast casserole and I imagine I’d love it. Can’t wait to see the recipes.

  20. hey love bug!! hope your sunday is off to a stellllar start! one recipe that came to mind the second you (OH MY GOD a bird just flew into my window. not kidding. sorry… back on track) talked about needing to take it to the gym.. and eggs and bacon and oats…

    egg muffins!! and i can attest that these are crazy good.

    SUNDAY: i have already churched, coffeed, finishing a smoothie, and am going to hit the gym soon to get some school work done. i have a kines. test tomorrow, and have to give a presentation on tuesday. what was your major in college? and what about keith? let me know if you try those muffins!!

    • I have made egg muffins before (I actually have the reciipe up on my ‘how I eat’ tab) and you are right….SO GOOD!!!

      My major in college was Business Management with an emphasis in HR and Keith’s was Business Marketing. haha…go figure! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Happy Sunday girly! It sounds like it is already rockin!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Ah sometimes days spend in PJ’s are theee best. Glad Keith is feeling better, my day is going to be exactly the same as yesterdays haha.

  22. Great idea for the breakfasts – I would get tired of the same thing everyday too! Can’t wait to see the results! Do you or Keith have to follow a gluten free diet?

  23. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! Mine will be spent catching up on blogs and doing some reading and relaxing since Sundays are a rest day, its raining outside, and my hubby took my daughter off my hands for the afternoon. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also, I love your blog!! I just found it and will definitely be reading more ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Today was a leg workout for me. It’s cold and icky so I’m staying in my sweats all day and trying to get chores done. But I’m not be overly eager about it.

  25. sounds like quite the feast you’ll be cooking up today.

    i feel like i eat about the same 8-10 breakfasts everyday but i never get sick of them. but i guess i do make little changes here and there.

    yay for sunny weather. it’s sunny here too and i really want to go run but this stupid knee…i just know i shouldn’t. ugh. sooo i’ll do a full body circuit workout at home.

  26. Sundays is visit my parents day! This college girl loves to visit home. Other than that I just did my normal run.

    I love that you cook meals on Sundays for the rest of the week…I need to get into that!

  27. Sunday*- this college girl can’t spell.

  28. Can I come over for breakfast? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Have a good day!

  29. I second Katie!! I am actually doing some slow cooking recipes today too…and from YOUR COOKBOOK OF COURSE!! I’ll post pics if it’s successful ;)…
    Do you work weird/hard hours too Kelly? Or typical 8 hour days?

    • I work whenever I schedule myself and so does Keith. We are both completely independent contractors through the gym and we get to make our own hours! It is ideal!

  30. I will be patiently awaiting the breakfast casserole recipe! That stuff is yummy…

    Enjoy your rest day!

  31. I would live in my pajamas if I could! My Sunday plans included running a half marathon and eating a bunch of food and vegging on the couch afterward. So far, so good.

  32. Ohhh…good idea on the casseroles for a busy work week. I’ve never thought of that and might have to copy you!! And so no sweat on the pb&j muffins. They WERE good. Just not exactly what I was expecting. Gluten-free white flour might be the way to go though. The wheat was really strong…almost made it seem like it needed sugar, ya know? I’m definitely going to give them another go!!

  33. great website..still exploring!! loving it!!!! wow that is a lot of miles on the treadmill!! AND FAST!

  34. I got back from Baltimore today and I couldn’t believe how cold it was here in Houston.. I am so ready for spring and some nice HOT weather

  35. Hope you enjoyed your lazy Sunday, girl!

  36. I made today a no workout day too. It wasnt going to be, but I just didnt feel like working out and so I didnt!

  37. Those oats sound good!!! And creative!

  38. Oats in the crockpot? Never thought of that. What did you add in to make it “tropical?”

  39. what a fun, relaxing sunday! hope yall had a GREAT day!

  40. ah love relaxing/lazy Sundays! they almost always are for me ๐Ÿ™‚


  41. […] as promised I said I would post all the breakfast goodies I made yesterdayย for this Keith this week. So without further ado here we […]

  42. Keith works at 5:30 am, EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING?! Poor guy!

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