Saturday Give-A-Way!

Happy Saturday guys!! Hope everyone is having a good one. For all of you at the Fitbloggin conference…I am secretly jealous of you! Hope it is awesome!! I started today (and ended my workout week) with 11 rockin miles on the treadmill (8:13 average pace). Why the treadmill you ask? Because it is rainin’ on my parade today!! ICK! But the good news is that is supposed to blow out of here and be sparkling gorgeous tomorrow! WOOT!

Did you have a good workout week?

Does anyone have any fun plans? Keith is feeling a little under the weather today so we might be a little low-key. But considering the weather that is fine by me! Tomorrow I plan to do some big time backyard cleaning!! With the gorgeous sunshine I am going to power clean our patio and work on some of our flower beds! I have been overtaken by weeds (consider that an understatement!) 😦

Okay onto what you are really reading the blog for…the give-a-way! haha! Drumroll please….

In the spirit of getting well naturally, Celestial Seasonings has created a “natural wellness kit” for one  lucky reader to put to the “sniffle” test! The Celestial Seasonings Natural Wellness Kit (worth $60) includes:

  •  Four wellness teas to ease  symptoms associated with the cold and flu including Sleepytime Extra, Echinacea Complete Care and Tummy Mint
  •  Two green teas to support a healthy immune system year round – Authentic Green Tea and Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea
  • A tea mug, soothing lip balm, honey sticks and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Bear and the book “Herbs for Health and Happiness” by Celestial Seasonings founder Mo Siegel and Nancy Burke

Seriously…this is a TON of stuff! So how do you win? EASY PEASY!! Just go to the Celestial Seasonings website and sign up to join their community (click here) and then leave me a comment telling me you did and what your favorite tea is. I will randomly pick a winner! The contest closes at midnight Monday night (3/22)…so hurry up and enter!!


Oh and want to know a little bit more about me? Jump over to Katie’s blog where she kindly asked me to do a guest post! Thanks girl!

41 Responses

  1. Nice run! I didn’t have a good w/o week but I am pumped for next week to turn things around! I’ll pop over to Katie’s blog to check out the guest post.
    I’m not interested in the giveaway but thanks anyway!

  2. So weird…after my run, I know feel under the weather too. I’m trying to push through it so I can enjoy this weather though! We’re going out to dinner tonight and then catching Alice in Wonderland in 3D. So stoked! Hope you guys have a nice, rainy Saturday. Sometimes it’s nice to just chill and hang out though, so enjoy it!

  3. I signed up and I freaking LOVE their tea! Growing up my mom would always read to my brother and I before we would go to bed and we all had big mugs of Sleepytime!

  4. You can delete my comment after you read it as I’m not into flavored teas (mm orange pekoe all the way).

    But I just woke up and immediately started CLEANING this morning. I did 6 loads of laundry (thats what you get for not doing it for two weeks I suppose), made some lunch, cleaned the bathroom & bedroom, and got my clothes ready for the next work week.

    I’m pooped.

  5. Sounds like a great run this morning. I had a really good workout week myself. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. your guest post on katie’s was great. i adore katie – she is so neat.
    that is a nice giveaway -celestial seasons is nice…recently i found the sugar plum spice & gingerbread spice teas! in wal-mart actually, weird.
    i wont enter though…thats the most “good” i can do for another today – ha! decrease the competition so they have a better chance to win! i am lame.
    movies for me all day!

  7. Hey
    I joined 🙂
    my favorite tea is absolutely lemon green tea 😀

  8. aww I am sorry about the rain!!! WHAT?? icky for sure! at least you hammered out 11-quick miles on the TM…you are a monsta! way to rock it!
    I joined the “tea-party”!!! haha! I LOVE celestial! my favorite of all time that they make is Sugar Cookie Sleighride…but that’s a winter edition, so i’d have to say either green or white tea! YUMMAY! I hope you’re having an awesome day, despite UGGG weatha! loveeeee u chica! xoxo!

  9. I joined their Website, and my favorite tea is Peppermint! I still have some from Christmas and i’m still loving it!

  10. oh great giveaway. i love CS. especially holiday flavors. i always mix it with chocolate 🙂 i love the gingerbread spice and nutcracker and bengal spice is good too. and i joined 🙂 i like the different font colors too – how do you do that lol !

  11. That under the weather thing is going on over here with the hubby, too. He’s actually better today, but the past several days he’s been feeling crappy. No fun! But you’re right, the weather is sucky anyway.

  12. Yay, for giveaways. I love Celestial Seasonings…and am all about green tea at the moment : )

  13. Hooray for giveaways. I joined! Awesome morning run, I had an ok work out week I guess. My favorite tea is maybe the Raspberry ZInge, but I like the Sleepy Time tea too!

  14. Hello, I am semi new to your blog, and I have to say I adore it and you!
    Anyways, I am a self proclaimed tea-oholic, but my favorite tea from Celestial Seasonings would have to be Honey Vanilla Chamomile YUM!
    Thanks for the great giveaway

  15. Hi Kelly!
    Tea…earl gray or green or exotic blends like jasmine or you name it.

    Going to check out your guestie!

  16. I just joined. I love tea, especially CS. I’ve actually been to their plant in Boulder. It is so cool – you get to tour the entire plant, and at the end you can sample anything you want! The peppermint room was INTENSE. te have to store it separately because it would permeate the other flavors! Crazy, right?

    Oh, my fave flavor is Candy Cane Lane. Or Mint medley. Or Madagascar Vanilla Red. or Pomegranate Green Tea. Or… 😀

  17. I signed up! I love their authentic Green Tea. Such a nice way to begin and end my day! 🙂

  18. Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride without a doubt! I love it and ordered a case of it when I was unable to find it anymore in the stores! I still need to try the Gingerbread Spice. I’m also a big fan of the Sleepytime Vanilla – so many good flavors:)

  19. I signed up! My favorite is Honey Vanilla Chamomile! Mmmmm It tastes like dessert!

  20. Green tea for me and I joined the Celestial Seasonings community! Going to read that guest post 🙂

  21. Horrible workout wk–my knee and foot have been bothering me since my run last wk but I need to get back on it starting tomorrow since I finally feel like myself again!

    I signed up for the CS community-red zinger is my fave.

    Hope the hubs feels better soon so y’all can enjoy the beautiness outside!

  22. Wow what a crazy long/fast run! I’m really impressed. I had a great week of working out (although my whole week of running was just over your 1 day of running!)

    I signed up on Celestial Seasonings and my favorite tea is anything fruity (I like their Wild Berry and Cranberry Apple).

    I enjoyed your post on Katie’s blog, btw 🙂

  23. Yeah I’m a sleepytime fan. Probably because I go to bed by 10pm every night 🙂

  24. I signed up! I love Green Tea – any kind is amazing and wakes me right up, caffeine or not! Have a great night!

  25. I signed up. I love their Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride.

  26. Great guest post! Wish you could be a professional blogger?? ….if you figure it out LET ME KNOW and take me away from this corporate, stressful lifestyle please :)….and wish we had this Cookie Sleigh Ride Tea here man…wowzers.

  27. Awesome guest post over on Katie’s blog!! 🙂

  28. Ooh tea! I love tea! I signed up for the Celestial Seasonings community and my favorite tea by them is…..[so hard to choose just one!]….either Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride or Candy Cane Lane (Christmas teas are best! Maybe just because they’re limited?)

  29. I keep trying to get to the page, but Celestial Seasoning’s webpage must be down right now!! It keeps saying “database error.” 😦 I promise promise promise that I’ll sign up as soon as it lets me! My favorite flavor of theirs (at the moment) is the Lemon Ginsing!!

    And I had a FANTASTIC workout week, followed by a rockin first race of the year. It has been an a. mazing. day!!

  30. hi kelly, i thought about you today on my run. you’ve probably already answered this question (sorry if so) but, i wondered, what do you eat before you run (if anything)?

    i am training for my first marathon and i am struggling to figure out what works for me in terms of eating before my long runs. i have my first 1/2 marathon next saturday and would love some tips. i usually run right after waking up and not eating works fine for shorter distances but i feel like i need to start fueling as those long runs get longer.

    any tips?

    p.s. i had a fantastic workout week. so good in fact, i realized i am burning way more calories than i’m consuming which also needs to be addressed. for example, today, i needed to consume at least 3500 calories after my run. i want these calories to be quality calories but i run out of ideas!

    • Hey Emily!! Thanks for thinking about me on your run this morning. When I get comments like that it always it always make me smile.

      As far as eating prior to running…yes I do eat. Depending on how far the run is going to be I will eat either 1/2 or a an entire powerbar about 30-45 minutes prior. For me that seems to work really well. Another trick I have found helpful is that if I know I am going to be rushed in the morning and won’t have time to eat I will eat the powerbar right before going to bed. That seems to work well too.

      I TOTALLY understand about needing to make up calories. For me that is especially important so I don’t lose any weight (I am already tiny enough). I find my calories from things like nuts (I make a lot of homemade trail mix with nuts, raisins, and mini chocolate chips, and shredded coconut) and nut butters (almond, cashew, sunflower seed and peanut butter), avacadoes (I add them onto sandwiches, in salads, with breakfast on my eggs), flax seeds (I sprinkle them in oats, cereal, protein shakes).

      Is this helping??

  31. Just came across your blog, I’m loving it!
    My favorite Celestial Seasonings tea is the Bengal Spice!
    Crossing my fingers that my number will be selected!

  32. I signed up! I like lemon zinger and have also been getting into orange 🙂

  33. I joined the CC community. I like the Goji Berry Green Tea!

  34. I LOVE TEA! I have about 6 different types at work… ton more at home. I drink it all… green, black.. herbal… actually I am going to make myself a cup right now 😉

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  36. Hi Kelly…I signed up over at their site and I’m interested in trying the sleepytime throat tamer. I don’t know if it’s my favorite but I’m going to say it is b/c I struggle with sore throats every time my body gets tired..I’d love to try it.

  37. I can never get enough of Tea. I love all kinds of it.

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